Lena Asks Her Brother for His Help

Jeff was reading a new fantasy book that he had just bought from the store when his sister Lena barged into his room. She walked in and closed the door. He even noticed that she locked it.

“What the fuck, Lena?! You don’t knock?!” Jeff shouted at her.

“I need your help,” Lena said as she looked at her younger brother. She had her hands on her hips and tapped one foot on the floor.

“What? What’s going on?” Jeff asked her in confusion. He set his book down and felt irritated as he was at a great part of the novel. A battle had ensued between the elves and the dragons.

“I need your help taking photos of me,” Lena said.

“What? Get out of here!” Jeff said as he picked his book back up.

“No, I need your help! I need you to take nude pictures of me for my account,” Lena said.

Jeff looked at his sister in shock. Surely he had not heard her correctly. “What?”

“I said that I need you to take nude pics of me for my account. Come on, here’s my phone,” Lena said as she handed out her phone to Jeff.

“You want me to take nude pics of you?” Jeff asked her to make sure that he was hearing her accurately.

“Yes! Come on, hurry up! I want to post them to my account in the next fifteen minutes,” Lena said.

“What’s going on here? Are you serious? Why are you asking me this?” Jeff asked her in confusion. He had no idea if this was a prank or what. It was too ridiculous.

“I have no one else to ask at the moment and you are here so I want you to help me,” Lena said. “Come on!”

“But isn’t this like…incest or something?” Jeff asked her.

Lena laughed. “No. It’s only incest if we fuck. Come one, take my phone and help me!”

Jeff reached out his hand hesitantly and took the phone from Lena. He had no idea what the fuck was going on. He figured he would play along as his sister must be joking.

“Ok, I have several poses that I want to do. First, take a couple of pics with me in just my bra, ok?” Lena said.

Jeff saw that she was serious. There was no joking smile on her face. He felt his heart start to beat fast in his chest from both excitement and a little fear of what they were about to do. He had never seen his sister’s naked body before. Yes, he had seen her in skimpy clothes and bathing suits but never nude. He had to admit that he was thrilled to see his sister naked as Lena was hot as fuck!

“What account are these photos going to?” Jeff asked her.

“My Onlyfans,” Lena said.

Jeff looked at his sister in shock. “You have an Onlyfans?!”

Lena laughed. “Of course. I have to pay for school somehow.”

Jeff couldn’t believe that his sister had an Onlyfans. He had subscribed to several pornstars on there and was always jerking off to their content. It was just crazy to hear that Lena had an Onlyfans too!

“Ok, I’m going to take my shirt off,” Lena said. She quickly took off her shirt and stood before Jeff in just her bra and her shorts. Her tits were bulging in her bra because her breasts were huge! Jeff’s cock jumped in his pants. He could not believe that this was happening!

“Stop staring and take the pics!” Lena said.

“Oh yeah.” Jeff pointed the phone at Lena and took several shots of her as she posed. His dick was getting hard in his pants. It did not help that he was wearing sweatpants so his bulge was very obvious. His sister was going to see it soon.

“Ok, now. I’m going to take off my shorts and get some shots of me.” Lena pulled down her shorts and Jeff saw that his sister was wearing a thong. His cock jumped again but this time much harder. His cock was fully erect now.

Lena turned around so that her ass faced Jeff. Jeff had to pause momentarily as he looked at his sister’s round cheeks. He let out a small moan from how amazing her ass looked. Lena heard the moan and looked at him. Her eyes went first to his face then to the lump in his pants.

“I’m…sorry…” Jeff said in embarrassment.

Lena laughed. “Don’t worry about it. Of course, you would get hard if you had a girl in her bra and panties in front of you even if I’m your sister. Now, take some shots of me.”

Jeff took several photos of his sister as she bent over for him and also lifted her legs and shook her ass at him. He was literally having the best time of his life as he stared at his sister’s ass.

“Ok, I’m going to take off my panties and bra.” Lena took off her bra and panties quickly without any hesitation in front of her brother. Jeff’s eyes widened as he looked at her bare tits and her crotch. Her tits looked so great and her pussy was completely shaved.

“Stop staring and take the photos!” Lena said.

Jeff did as instructed as his sister posed for him. He got great shots of her tits, pussy, and ass. When she spread her ass, Jeff’s cock jumped five times in his pants. He saw a wet spot on his pants from the precum that was pouring out of him now. This was too much for him. He needed to jerk off to his sister!

“Ok, that should be enough,” Lena said as she gathered up her clothes. She extended her hand and Jeff put her phone in her hand. Lena looked at the photos with a smile on her face. “These are great, little bro! You took some great shots!”

Jeff could not speak as his eyes were on his sister’s body. A nipple poked out over the bundle of clothes in her arms and it was so nice and pink. He looked at her slit which he really wanted to lick.

Lena noticed that he was looking at her. She smiled as she looked at his boner. “As a thank you for helping me, I’ll give you a free trial to my Onlyfans.”

Jeff looked at her in surprise. “What?”

Lena laughed. “You heard me. I’ll give you a free trial to my Onlyfans so you can take care of that.” she pointed at his lump.

Jeff smiled at her. “That would be great. Thank you.”

“Alright. Thanks again. I’ll send you the link in a few minutes and happy fapping,” Lena said with a grin as she walked to his door. Jeff stared at her ass as his cock moved constantly in his pants. He couldn’t wait to jerk off to his sister.

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