Lena and the Robot Ch. 09-2

E27 did not look away from the screen. “Unit H38, there is a new user profile for you to access, with updated parameters, and new files for you. Download them and replace any conflicting files with the new set.”

“Command confirmed. Analyzing.” H38 scanned the data packet, and nodded with approval. “Profile recognized. Unit E27, you have helped lover:Simi keep her promise, thank you.” She assimilated the new user profile, rebuilding and restructuring herself. She would assiduously meet all of Lena’s parameters. When Lena returned from being reprogrammed by the system, she would be forever changed; her mind would be one with the system, her body a peripheral device, just like her sim-sister, E27. Her old personality would be overlaid on top of her new programming, and H38 would upgrade her with the new files. Then Lena and H38 would merge together, and they would become one, both robot, and human. H38 looked forward to it. “Downloading.”

Unit H38 smiled.

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