Her Name Was Alice Pt. 07-2

Bob was watching everything. Alice now had Jo’s blouse and bra off and her own shirt and bra were being removed by Jo, leaving her magnificent breasts swinging pear shaped under their weight. Terry had never seen Alice act like this and he was getting extremely turned on. Liz stroked up and down his thigh, each stroke getting higher till she was connecting with his crotch. Terry squirmed, attempting surreptitiously to adjust himself, a hand coveting the bulge, a movement not lost on Liz. “You can get it out and rub yourself if you want to, Terry.”

Liz saw how embarrassed he was, this must be a totally new experience and her heart went out to him. She decided there and then she would take him under her wing, he would be her pet, her special plaything. “Do you want to come upstairs, Terry? Just us two? I’d like you to get to know me better.”

In Liz’s bedroom, she told Terry to sit on the bed. “Have you seen a naked woman before? Would you like to watch me undress for you?” Terry could only nod, he was practically drooling.

Liz slowly stripped for him. Her blouse first tossed onto the bed beside Terry. Then her skirt. Her matching bra and knickers were all she had on now. She stroked her breasts sensually before slipping a hand into her knickers and rubbing her pussy. “Do you like looking at me, Terry?” Terry was rubbing his crotch furiously, his reluctance to do so before the wider audience downstairs was no more. Liz sniffed her fingers, “would you like to smell them, Terry?” she said, holding them under his nose before rubbing them on his lips, which Terry instinctively licked. “Do you like my smell and taste, Terry?” “You can get to smell and taste me properly if you’re a good boy.” “Will you be a good boy for me?”

Liz turned round and jiggled her taut butt in Terry’s face. “Take my knickers off, Terry, there’s a good boy.” Terry reached out and with trembling hands pulled Liz’s knickers down over her rump. “All the way down to my feet, Terry,” as he leant further forward to comply his face pushed up against Liz’s naked buttocks. He tried to recoil but Liz moved back on him as he did. He fell back on the bed with Liz falling on top with her arse on his face. As she intended.

“Ooh, Terry, you naughty boy!” Terry wriggled as he tried to breath and Liz wriggled further squishing her buttocks on his face. Whether Terry realised his helplessness or not, he stopped wriggling. Liz continued grinding herself onto him, and it wasn’t long before she could feel Terry’s tongue hesitantly licking her. Mmm, Liz thought, he’s a quick learner. I shall have lots of fun with him, I’ll have him to myself in bed tonight and see what he’s made of. Leaning forward, Liz unzipped Terry’s pants and pulled out his small but rock hard penis. She was not at all disappointed at the size, she thought it looked wonderful and she would be able to take him all in her mouth as she got some much needed practice at sucking cock.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Alice and Jo had moved onto the settee. They had taken up a classic 69 position with Jo on the top. Bob moved over to them, he was stroking his cock having earlier removed his trousers. The sight of his daughters ass cheeks jiggling nearly made him cum there and then. Alice caught his eye and indicated with a beckoning wave that he should join in. He knelt between Jo’s legs, holding his cock and stroking it between her ass cheeks lubricating his cockhead with her juices.

Bob held her cheeks wide, her butt hole was fluttering as Alice tongued and sucked her young, sweet pussy. Do I dare? Bob wondered. Gently, he nudged her tweaking sphincter which immediately clamped tightly on him. Bob held his cock pushing gently against the restriction. Soon the puckered entrance, or should that be exit, relaxed against his insistant probing. As it opened, Bob pushed forward, pausing only when he felt Jo’s muscles clamp on him, he held her hips, drawing her back onto him and gradually, slowly the mushroom head of his cock lodged in his daughter’s tight, virgin ass.

Jo felt herself stretched beyond imagination. Her dads cockhead, lodged in her ass was clamped on hard by her sphincter. Bob held it there, allowing Jo to accept it. He held her hips, stroked her buttocks and gradually her tight ring relaxed. Bob gently, insistently pushed forward, sliding ever deeper into her hot, virgin ass. Once balls deep, he slightly withdrew to go deep again, each withdrawal longer than before until he was pounding Jo’s ass with long, smooth strokes. Jo was able to keep herself totally relaxed, now enjoying the strange feeling of huge fullness.

Alice watched Bob’s dangling balls slap against Jo’s ass cheeks inches in front of her eyes. She inserted her fingers into Jo’s pussy and could feel Bob’s cock through the thin membrane separating ass from pussy. She felt his cock surge as with a roar he shot a copious amount of cum deep inside Jo’s tight ass. Jo came herself as she felt her dad’s warm discharge filling her bowels and flooded Alice’s mouth with her own tasty nectar. Bob pulled his wilting cock from his daughter’s ass releasing a seeping of his cum which Alice eagerly slurped into her mouth. Such was Alice’s state of arousal, she came, squirting her salty discharge into Jo’s mouth.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Liz was introducing Terry to the delights of cunninlingus and found to her delight, he was a quick learner. His technique was somewhat lacking in finesse, but with a little training to take off the rough edges, he would make an ideal pet for her. His ramrod stiff four inch cock, smooth with a red shiny uncircumcised head, she could not take her eyes off. She was sure Jo would not mind if she took charge of him and trained him for her own delights. She was certain Jo was developing feelings for Alice and of course, there was also her father. Sleeping arrangements would no doubt take care of themselves.

Letting Terry work on his technique, Liz went down on his cock. She could take it entirely in her mouth alternately sucking on it and swirling her tongue around it. Her own technique in this area could be better but she didn’t hear Terry complaining, indeed, his hips were thrusting encouraging her to reassert her affords to make him cum, and it did not take long for him to fill her mouth with a surprisingly large amount of tasty, creamy cum and she rewarded Terry as she came into his mouth, pleased as she heard his grunt of delight.

When Liz and Terry had showered, and Liz spending a lot of time washing Terry’s cock and balls which had him squirming, they went downstairs to find the others sitting in the kitchen, already tidied themselves, drinking coffee. Bob and Jo looked at her questioningly, and Liz smiled, actually blushing. The thought flashed through Bob’s mind that if he’d realised Liz was this sexually needy person a long time ago, would Alice have happened at all? The thought was dismissed immediately, he would not want to change anything now. Terry went and sat by Alice and she pulled him into an embrace and hugged him.

With nothing being said, it was tacitly acknowledged that Terry would be with Liz that night, leaving Bob, Alice and Jo to share his bedroom. There was a third bedroom but unless one of them wanted a bit of space or was was not so well, it would seldom be used. Over the next few weeks, the five of them fell into an easy comfortable relationship, Terry in particular was a changed person which pleased Alice enormously.

It was during this time that Jo received a phone call from Clive. Plenty of shouting and screamed obscenities from Jo the reason for which was made clear when she tearfully explained afterwards that Clive was leaving her. He was having an affair with a work colleague hence the reason he was away for long periods of time.

“But that’s tied up that loose end, surely, hasn’t it?” Said Alice. “You were ready to finish with him, weren’t you?”

Jo was being consoled by her mother. “Yes it has worked out nicely, but I didn’t want to make it easy for him. I made him squirm. It was a bit of a shock though.” Replied Jo.

Bob didn’t say anything, just took his daughter’s hand and led her upstairs to his bedroom. He kissed her gently, thumbs rubbing the remaining tears away. They slowly stripped one another and fell on the bed in a 69 position. Over the next hour, Bob’s cock unloaded several helping of creamy cum into Jo’s mouth while he gave her multiple bed shaking orgasms. After resting up, Bob was recovered enough to fuck her sweet, tight pussy, giving Jo one of the best orgasms she could remember.

“Alice was right, you know,” Bob said, “you are really okay about Clive, aren’t you?”

“Clive who?” Replied Jo, licking and sucking on her Dad’s cock.


This is the end of my little adventure with Bob and Alice. Hope you found it enjoyable. Comments and criticisms and I’m sure there are many, welcomed. Myths.

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