Her Name Was Alice Pt. 07-1

Alice arrived back just after midnight. The house was in darkness so she assumed if anything was happening it would be in one of the bedrooms. What would Bob be doing, she wondered. And who with?. A pang of anxiety gripped her at the thought of him with his daughter. She made to ring the bell then thought about the key in the fake stone on the rockery. She retrieved this and quietly let herself in.

She tiptoed upstairs, and heard familiar noises and cries of passion from Liz’s room. She listened for a while, the mental imagery of what she was hearing making her pussy buzz and her juices flow. She deduced correctly that it was just Liz and Jo with a feeling of relief. Turning to Bob’s bedroom door she listened and heard his gentle snoring. Grinning, she slipped quietly in, stripped off her clothes and crept under the sheets spooning behind him.

Liz woke early the following morning and slipped out quietly so as not to disturb Jo. She thought she could have Bob all to herself for a while and her pussy clenched when she thought she would in a moment be sitting on his face as he laved her with his tongue while she had some much needed practice at sucking his cock. But she was too late. Alice, naked, ample breasts bouncing, was already sitting astride Bob’s face, her legs splayed wide. Bob’s hands were grasped on her thighs and the movements of his jaw and Adams Apple bobbing gave every indication he was enjoying himself.

“Morning, Liz. Take a seat,” said Alice, indicating Bob’s cock pointing rampantly towards the ceiling. She was about to go down on him herself but though she aught to give Liz a little slack. Too early in their relationship to antagonise her. Liz stepped aside Bob’s thighs and kneeling, lowered herself slowly onto his cock.

Once bottomed out on him, enjoying his thickness filling her she said a little peevishly, “thought you’d not be back until Monday. Jo and I were going to fuck him ourselves all weekend.”

“I’ll bet you did,” thought Alice, pleased that she had managed to get back last night. “Liz, there’ll be plenty of time for all of that. But what you have to accept is that Bob is one man and we are three women. Whereas we can and do cum multiple times, Bob will need recovery time. Fortunately though, he is a giver rather than a taker and will be quite happy using his tongue in preference to his cock. Not that it will be off limits, but willing as he might be, we don’t want to wear him out.”

“So, sometimes we’ll have to enjoy our feminine bodies, finding our pleasures with each other. And I’ve a feeling were going to enjoy ourselves very much indeed.”

Alice leaned towards Liz, her arms reaching. Liz in turn leant into Alice’s embrace and they kissed, tongue exploring each other’s mouths. Grinding herself on Bob’s face whilst Liz bounced up and down on his cock, Alice’s juicy pussy flipped and flowed coating Bob’s face with her tasty outpourings bringing her ever closer to orgasm. Liz squirmed and ground herself on Bob’s cock which was now thrusting into her in sync with her movements.

Jo stuck her head in the door at that moment. “I thought I heard noises, is Dad awake under you two? And hello, Alice, I wasn’t expecting you to be here.” She was secretly pleased, she liked Alice.

“Plans changed,” said Alice. “Do join us, Jo, if you can find room.”

“Mmm,” Jo pouted, “not a lot of room left, you two have got the best spots. Budge up Mum, and let me have some.”

Liz obliged and lifted off Bob’s cock and settled on his stomach, enjoying her passionate clinch with Alice. Jo quickly straddled her Dad and fed his hard jutting cock into her tightly gripping young vagina. She would never ever tire of feeling his hardness inside her, filling her. Maybe it was the taboo thing which made it so delicious. Her already flowy pussy squeezed and her tummy flipped. She cuddled into her Mum’s back reaching round and fondling her Mum’s and Alice’s breasts, marvelling at the soft malleability of Alice’s compared to the jutting pertness of her Mum’s.

Let’s not forget Bob under these three highly sexed women. He knew it was now his daughters pussy milking his cock and he tuned his movements with hers. Alice was in a constant state of flooding her juices into his mouth, her ample hairy bottom grinding on him as he grabbed what air he could, redolent as it was with her tangy ass and pussy juice flavours. His hands felt for Liz’s legs and sliding up he squeezed them under her ass cheeks spreading them and fingering her tight butthole. He had never thought about it before but he now wondered what it would be like to fuck her tight ass. Or Alice’s, or his daughters. That last thought made his cock surge and his cum jolted into Jo’s tight vagina.

As she felt his warm sperm filling her, it triggered her own orgasm. She screamed into her Mum’s back. The sheer eroticism of their positioning on Bob coupled with Jo’s scream caused Alice to cum also and Liz, not to be left out came as Bob’s fingers pushed past her anal ring. They collapsed in a sweaty heap around Bob who could at last breath normally.

Jo was the first to speak. “Wow, I wish I could wake up to that every morning from now,” she said, fondling her Dad’s now soft and sticky cock and balls. Liz was still buzzing from Bob’s fingers in her ass. That was a first for her and a bit of a shock but she came so hard. Who was this new Bob? She thought she knew him inside out. How shy and retiring Bob met up with outgoing, larger than life, domineering Alice was a mystery which no doubt would be made clear in time. But for now this new arrangement with the four of them was good and she was finding things about her own sexuality which surprised her.

Bob was content to go with the flow and a very varied flow it was. With three very different woman vying for his attention and no doubt, his cock and tongue, he felt like he was king of the world. Alice would always take first place, it was her who had shattered the shell of his previous knicker obsessed life, Liz, whilst a very different Liz now, would always take second place and Jo, well she was in a different class being his daughter. He loved her but not as he loved Alice. It was a father/daughter love in the closest possible way.

And what of Clive? Everything had changed now. The precarious somewhat skewed relationship between Liz, Jo and Clive worked to a point but now with Alice involved and Bob joining with Liz in the incestual liaison with Jo, the dynamics of that arrangement were no longer workable. Jo would have to deal with Clive. Bob had never liked him anyway.

Alice lay with her own thoughts. Whilst her outward demeanour didn’t show it, she felt on the outside. She was the newcomer, the usurper. Bob, Liz and Jo were a family and she felt keenly that until she sorted out her own marital situation, she would not belong. But once again, she put these thoughts behind her. Enjoy this weekend, the here and now.

Liz and Jo went to shower and get dressed as did Alice and Bob in the ensuite shower room. She hesitantly confided in him her angst over Terry. She had no idea how Bob saw the future. Was he happy with the present arrangement, only seeing each other when she could get away? She asked him obliquely how he felt. “Alice, I love you, you must know that by now. And it would be absolutely wonderful if you didn’t have to go home and stay here with me, but I do know you love your husband and I wouldn’t want to come between you and him.”

Alice’s heart soared hearing him say he loved her and wanting her to move in with him so she had make it plain that she did not love Terry as she loved him. “Bob, I know I’ve always said I love Terry but that is just words automatically said. Of course I care for him, but I accept now that I don’t love him. When I get home on Monday, I’ll have to tell him.”

“But for now, Bob, I want you to get down on your knees and use your magical tongue on me.”…..

The next day, Sunday, Jo got her wish when Alice and Bob crept into Liz’s bedroom early in the morning. The girls were lying in a tangle, bedclothes in disarray. Alice knew Liz liked her ample bottom over her face so chose to waken her in that way. Bob wanted to taste and suck his daughters fleshy labia. They untangled their still sleeping bodies. Alice settled her ample knicker clad bottom over Liz’s face as she slept. Her juices were flooding, adding to the flavoursome mix of her bodily fluids already soaked into the knickers.

Bob loved the look of his daughters labia. He rubbed them between his fingers drawing moisture from within making them slick and slippery. He peeled them apart gazing in rapture at the young flesh of her coral pink inner lips. His fingers probed inside her, sliding deep in her tight, hot love tunnel, his lips sucked on her lips savouring the tasty juices on them, inhaling the fragrance he so loved. He slipped his briefs off freeing his rampant, twitching cock, already drooling precum. Jo, still asleep, began to move under him, moaning quietly, her legs parting wider and her pelvis rocking.

Alice, gently sliding herself over Liz’s face, feeling her nose between her ass cheeks, caused her tummy to flip and her juices to flow freely. She had always known she had a thing for knicker fun since her school days, but until now had never had the opportunity to indulge in her fetish so completely. She looked the length of Liz’s supine body, her pert breasts and flat tummy, down to the neatly trimmed hair over her mons. Alice lent forward, parting Liz’s legs. She dipped her head further, tasted the tangy moisture and inhaled the intoxicating scent of a mature woman.

As Alice enjoyed laving Liz’s pussy, Bob had moved up his daughters body and was slowly introducing his manhood into her tight cunt. Her body responded, legs parting, allowing his hard member to slide slowly until it was balls deep. He glanced at Alice, obviously enjoying herself with face buried between Liz’s legs. He couldn’t think of a time when he had been happier now that Alice was going to tell her husband Terry the truth. He knew this would be very hard for her, though and wished there was another way. He pulled out from Jo, much preferring to enjoy her pussy with his tongue, he could spend hours lapping and licking, sucking and slurping, giving her orgasm after orgasm, revelling in the taste and scent of her young pussy.

Jo woke. “Fuck, Dad, I thought I was dreaming. Where’s Alice? Can she lick me now?”

Bob sensed Jo was developing strong feelings for Alice, he didn’t mind, it would serve to cement their relationship more firmly. Alice heard Jo and lifted her head from Liz’s pussy, her face gleaming with her juices.

“Morning, Jo. Did you like being woken up like that? Your daddy licking your sweet young pussy?”

“Oh yes, Alice, I love Dad eating me out. But he needs a shave so can you take over now, please”

Bob felt his chin, yes, it was a bit stubbly. Alice moved over and knelt in Bob’s place, her ample bottom deliberately high in the air. Bob glanced at Liz, she was still asleep so he turned his attentions to Alice’s bottom. He could see between her legs through her knickers made transparent with her copious juices her hairy pussy, the hairs also curling up round her butt hole. She was so incredibly hairy, he thought. Bob grasped her butt cheeks and kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed he was perfectly placed to bury his face between her ass cheeks. He inhaled her strong flavours, his tongue tasting the piquancy of her juices. Pulling the gusset of her knickers to one side, Bob splayed her cheeks, tongue flicking at her hairy butt hole before digging into her hot liquid love tunnel.

Alice loved Bob’s tongue licking her, digging deep inside her. Her pussy flooded, coating her thighs with a fresh squirt of her juices. Bob held her hips as she ground her ample bottom onto him. Jo loved Alice kissing and sucking her pussy lips, she knew just what to do and when Alice shoved two fingers into her, she came instantly, bucking her hips wildly and holding Alice’s head hard against her. Liz woke up as Jo screamed her release. She saw Alice with her head buried between Jo’s thighs, Bob in turn behind Alice, face buried between her ample ass cheeks.

Liz wanted to join in and she had a choice. Does she straddle herself on her daughters face or wriggle up between Bobs thighs and suck his cock? She could see it, hard and twitching under him, head glistening with precum. The cock won. Liz positioned herself behind Bob who opened his legs to allow her to slide between them. His hard veiny cock and dangling balls dragged across her face as she shuffled into place. Liz licked and sucked his balls, taking them into her mouth and rolling them around with her tongue before licking the length of his rigid member to take the large mushroom head into her mouth.

So we have Jo, eyes closed giving herself over to the pussy tingling, stomach flipping pleasures of Alice’s tongue, mouth and fingers bringing her to orgasm almost constantly. Then Alice, delighting in the sweet tastes and fresh aroma of Jo’s pussy and loving Bob’s face buried between her ass cheeks licking and laving her liquid gash with such dexterity, churning her stomach into exquisite turmoil. Next, Bob, lost in his favourite heaven, face coated in Alice’s flooding juices, savouring her tangy taste and her unique aroma. Finally, Liz, sucking on Bob’s cock, loving the taste of his precum, poking her tongue into the large slit in the head to extract more.

When they were all sated, they showered and dressed and decided to go to a local pub for some lunch. Alice told Bob she would have to go home later and talk to Terry. “Do you want me to come with you, Alice?” Asked Bob.

“No, this is something I’ll have to do on my own.” Replied Alice. “I’ll be a couple of hours at most.”……

I arrived home early evening. Terry jumped up to put the kettle on but I stopped him. “Terry, my love, I have something to tell you. Let’s sit down.” I said.

“Wow, sounds serious,” replied Terry, “what’s the matter, Alice?” Concern filled his voice.

“You know I love you, Terry, but I have done something to awaken feelings I thought were in the past, long suppressed. And I don’t want to lose them.”

“What on earth are you on about, Alice? You’re worrying me now.”

I’ll have to tell the truth about everything. He deserves that much, I thought. “When I was in school, I had a thing, a fantasy, a fetish if you like, for knickers. Me and my girlfriend would go to the toilets, play with ourselves, smell and taste each other’s knickers and play with each other until we got ourselves all wet and squishy down there.”

In my mind, I was reliving those times, and despite my extreme nervousness at coming clean about everything with Terry, my tummy flipped and my pussy flowed. I clenched my thighs together, twisting my hands on my lap but wanting so much to finger myself, feel my soaked knickers, smell my arousal and bring myself to a crashing orgasm.

“But, Alice, that’s just normal girly stuff, isn’t it? I imagine that went on a lot.” Said Terry, mouth open in amazement.

“Maybe it did, Terry, but we felt it so naughty we kept it secret. But let me carry on, please, there’s more to tell you, a lot more.”

I told him everything, from meeting Bob at the gym, finding out about his own knicker fetish which awakened my own secret desires. Flashing him my juicy, sweaty knickers, sending them to him while on that course. I told him about going to Bobs house, letting him touch me, smell me, how I took my knickers off and and let him look and smell my naked pussy. Then let him lick me. How I orgasmed over him…. I paused here, Terry’s face had crumpled, so near to tears.

“Terry, my love, I tried, I really tried to stop. But I couldn’t help the feelings that had been awakened in me. So I met up with Bob again and let him touch me. I orgasmed so hard I thought I would die. I did pass out for a second.”

I could not look Terry in the face as I continued. “I brought him back here, you were playing golf that day, not back till late. I let him touch me again, I let him lick me and eat me till I came over and over.” “The next day, I saw Bob at his house, he let me touch him, his penis, I mean. He licked and sucked my breasts, I was so turned on. I sat on his face which he loved me to do. I rubbed his penis till he came.”

Terry sat stunned by what he was hearing. His head was buzzing, he couldn’t take it all in. But part of him responded in a way that surprised him – he was getting hard, very hard. He squirmed in his seat trying to adjust himself, a movement not lost on Alice.

Kneeling before before him, I undid his belt and unzipped him. His small penis was straining in his pants. “What are you doing, Alice?”

“Shh, Terry, just lay back.” I freed his cock, cupped his balls in one hand and held him in the other. I licked the head, tasting precum. I had never done this before, Terry wasn’t one for foreplay. I took his whole length into my mouth and began fellating him. I heard him groan. Lifting my head, I looked at him, his eyes closed, a look of rapture on his face. “Do you like what I’m doing, Terry?” I asked. “Do you like me sucking your little cock?”

“Alice, dont leave me, will you? I don’t want to lose you.” Terry said, pulling my head onto him.

I instantly saw a way forward. Terry was obviously plainly excited by what I had told him and I didn’t want to lose him either.

“There is a way, Terry, that we could still be together, but things will change. Are you prepared to do as I say?”

“Alice, I’d do anything, but don’t leave me.”

I took his small but rigid cock in my mouth again, and sucked him to orgasm. For the very first time, I tasted Terry’s cum. It didn’t take long, he was so aroused. Tucking him back in and zipping him up, I told him we would go and meet Bob tonight, but be prepared for more surprises…..

When they arrived back at Bob’s house, Terry was extremely nervous. “Don’t worry, Terry” Alice told him. “They’re a friendly bunch.”

“They,” sputtered Terry, “I thought it would just be Bob.”

“You’ll see,” said Alice, taking his hand. She could feel him trembling and her heart went out to him.

Alice opened the door, she still had the key from the rockery. Bob, Liz and Jo were sitting around in the kitchen looking quite respectable, for which Alice was grateful. Terry would need to be introduced slowly into their circle. Bob leapt up, looking at Alice with a quizzical look on his face. Alice introduced Terry and Bob, catching on quickly, shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, Terry, I’m Bob, and let me also introduce my wife and daughter, Liz and Jo.”

They stood and greeted Terry, taking his hand and each giving him a peck on the cheek. Terry was gobsmacked. Alice hadn’t told him anything about Bob’s wife and daughter. He wasn’t stupid, though, and quickly deduced correctly that they knew all about Alice and Bob and were somehow agreeable with it, though the whole extent of their compliance was at the moment beyond his comprehension. He could only think that their situation was similar to his, that they didn’t want to lose Bob as he didn’t want to lose Alice.

“Sit there, Terry, and just watch for a while,” said Alice. “Don’t be surprised by what you see, there’s a love.”

Alice went to Jo and bending down, kissed her hard. Jo’s arms came round Alice’s head and responded eagerly. Alice unbuttoned Jo’s blouse pushing her hands into her bra and squeezed her breasts. She glanced at Terry who sat open mouthed but could not hide the bulge growing in his pants. Liz looked at him and noticed him squirming and went and sat next to him and put her hand on his knee. Terry flinched at the contact. “Don’t worry, Terry,” Liz said, ” if you want me to take care of your problem,” her eyes flicking to his crotch, “you only have to ask.”

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