Her Name Was Alice Pt. 06-2

Alice wanted to cry. Poor Terry. “Ahh, sorry Terry but you go anyway. She wants me to come back to hers tonight. So I’ll just pack a few things go shortly.”

Back at Bob’s, having just deposited a large helping of sperm in his Daughter’s mouth for the second time and felt her cum flowing over his face, Bob was not surprisingly a little worn out. Jo lay beside him in their sticky state, her fingers twisting in his chest hair. He slept as Liz crept into the room.

“I thought you might be here, you little minx,” she whispered. “Have you tired him out?”

“He’s not a young stud anymore, is he?” Answered Jo. “He’s asleep.”

“Are you coming to bed then?”

“I’m quite cosy here, Mum. It’s a big bed. There’s room behind me.”

Mother curled up behind Daughter who spooned into her Dad. They talked about Alice, wondering how Bob had met her. “What do you think of her, Mum?” Asked Jo.

Liz thought about it. She did love it when Alice used her tongue on and in her pussy and sat her ample sweaty panty clad bottom on her face, her tummy flipped and flowed as she recalled it.

“I think I like her,” she said, “but then I liked our life before.”

“But Mum, Dad’s got such a lovely cock, bigger than Clive’s. And he knows what to do with it. I wouldn’t really like to go back to how we were.” Jo said, thrusting her hand down onto her pulsing pussy.

“Oh, yes, Clive. What are you going to do about him?”

“He’s never there, Mum. He lives for his work and I hardly ever see him. And when he is home, we’re almost like strangers.”

Liz held her Daughter’s breasts, feeling the nipples respond to her touch. “Let’s go to our room, Jo, while it’s quiet and let your father recover. I’ve a feeling he’s going to be a very busy boy tomorrow.”

“Good idea, Mum. And it’ll just be the two of us to fuck. Alice won’t be here until Monday, I heard.”

“Mmm, yes, baggsie first. And watch your language, young lady, I am still your mother.”

(Final part coming shortly)

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