Her Name Was Alice Pt. 06-1

Part 6 was going to be the last part, but it seems to have taken on a life of its own. I’m not too keen on stories that have too many pages so I have split the story and there will be a part 7 which will be the last one. A total work of fiction and apologies for any glaring errors which eagle eyed readers may notice. (I know of two myself which I’ve let go.)


Elizabeth made them all coffee. They had tidied themselves up and used the bathroom. Sitting in the lounge, Alice and Bob had claimed the two seater settee while Elizabeth and Jo nervously sat in the single armchairs.

Alice took charge. “Well’, she said, looking at both Elizabeth and Jo, “things are going to change round here, got it? I am a fixture in Bob’s life and you will be seeing a lot of me in the future. You two have to decide what you want to do about it, your options are very limited, but as with all things, you have a choice. You can choose not to like me being around or you can embrace it. I don’t really care either way, but it would be better for you if you accepted the fact that I am here to stay.”

Bob sat open mouthed. Alice seemed not to be the same person who he first meet not so long ago at the gym. Did he like her dominating persona? He supposed he had to make a choice as well. Did he like this new Alice or no? He decided he did. He liked her bossy attitude with him and she certainly put Elizabeth and Jo in their place. He thought of how quickly she got Elizabeth under her thrall, how she responded so eagerly to Alice’s kisses and how Elizabeth seemed to love being eaten out by Alice while she avidly licked and sucked her sweaty, juicy knickers.

His cock stirred in his pants as he also thought how easily Jo was made to suck his cock. It was almost as if she wanted to.

“Well, ladies, what’s it to be?” Demanded Alice sternly.

“We don’t want anyone finding out about me and Jo,” said Elizabeth, hands twisting nervously in her lap.

“Well, that may well happen should you choose to resent my presence, but I certainly don’t want you to accept me in your lives with bad grace. I want you to welcome me, make me a part of your little secret and it will remain so.”

“Mum, I think it could work for us all,” said Jo, still tasting her Dad’s sperm at the back of her throat. “I’m willing to accept Alice as one of us.”

Elizabeth’s thoughts were centered on the events in her bedroom. She couldn’t yet understand how she responded so eagerly to Alice’s advances. Yet she knew it was what she wanted. Maybe there had always been a latent streak of sapphism in her, maybe this was why it was so easy to enter into the relationship with Jo. She remembered Alice’s tongue and lips sucking and laving her sex, her sweaty, ample bottom nearly suffocating her as she responded in kind sucking Alice’s flavoursome juices from her knickers.

“Okay, Jo. I’m happy to have Alice in our lives.”

Alice inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Well, that worked better than I could possibly have imagined, she thought. She loved this new found feeling of superiority she had over Elizabeth and Jo, and felt the time was now to put their acceptance of her to the test.

“Thank you, ladies. I sure you’ve made a wise decision. Now, Elizabeth could you go to Bob and remove his no doubt aching cock from his pants and suck him off?”

“And Jo, I want you to come here and eat my hairy pussy with as much enthusiasm as you do your Mum’s.”

Elizabeth, having seen Bob’s cock, more hard and rampant then she ever remembered, quickly knelt before him. She undid his belt and pulled his zip down. Bob lifted himself up and Elizabeth dragged his trousers down round his knees. Freeing his cock from his underpants, she took it in her two hands, marvelling at the weight and the corded veins, the thick urethra running it’s length. She had all but forgotten what it was like. She tentatively poked her tongue at the slit in the purple helmet. It tasted slightly salty. Glancing up at Bob, he was looking at her in wonder, like he was thinking, who is this woman? I don’t know her.

And in truth, this was a different Elizabeth from the one Bob had known of late. He smiled down at her as he had done with Jo, and was rewarded with a small smile back. She took his cock into her mouth for the first time ever, not even in the early days of their relationship had she done that. She licked round the head, liking the satiny smooth texture. It slid along the roof of her mouth as she got a little too adventurous causing her to gag as it connected with the back of her throat. I’ll definitely need practice at this, she thought, acknowledging at the same time it would happen again.

Bob held her head, with some shock thinking this was the first time in years he had touched her. Her hair was softly silky in his hands and he twisted his fingers in her locks. He smiled at her obvious inexperience when she gagged and was content as she confined her administrations to his sensitive bell-end. He was watching Jo eagerly tongue lashing Alice’s juicy snatch with undisguised enjoyment. Alice was holding her head against her pussy, rocking her pelvis in accord with Jo’s tongue. She glanced at Bob and he saw the look of pure pleasure in her face, and something else, triumph.

Bob, being a giver rather than a taker, raised Elizabeth by her shoulders. “Lay down on the carpet, Liz, I want to taste you.” Her pet name sounded strange on his tongue having not been used for quite a while. Liz lay down and raised her knees, her stomach fluttering, her pussy juicing. Bob knelt, parting her knees he gazed with evident glee at seeing the crotchless knickers she was wearing. Lowering his head, the heat from Liz’s hairless pussy, the sight of her glistening labia, her smell, wrapped round him. His tongue tasted her, he savoured the taste, liking it. He dived in, holding her legs, his face buried against her crotch.

Liz gasped in pleasure, so different from Jo. Not just the roughness of his chin compared to Jo’s softness, but in a masterful, male way, hard and forceful, compared to Jo’s soft feminine caresses. She opened herself to him, inviting him to invade her love hole with his tongue, to feel him lap at the very core of her, to drink her juices. Bob licked her pussy from the bottom to the top, his tongue probed her fluttering anus one moment then was circling her clitoris the next. Her orgasm took her by surprise,, crashing through her, flooding her senses, blurring her vision. She screamed as she had screamed with Jo, except it was Bob’s name she was screaming.

Jo was busy eating out Alice’s pussy, licking her in places only women knew about and Alice was loving it. Jo had always been bi curious but had not really tested her curiosity, only with her Mum, so she reckoned somehow that didn’t count. But she knew what she liked when she got Her Mum to eat her and guided her tongue to the places where she would get the most pleasure. She applied her tongue to these same areas in Alice’s pussy, also using her fingers to find her spongy G spot which caused Alice to squeeze down on the fingers at the incredible feeling. Alice came, screaming and squirting her ejaculate over Jo’s face. Jo was delighted, lapping the salty liquid and loving the taste. A first for her, Mum didn’t squirt,

Alice now determined to do what she had promised herself earlier in the day. To have Bob come inside her. Bob allowed Alice to lay him on the floor. He waited expectantly for Alice to cover his face with her liquid gash, to taste her cum juice and delight in her tangy, pungent aroma. Liz and Jo were seated on the settee to watch as Alice dominated her position over them and finally consummating her relationship with Liz’s ‘husband’ and Jo’s father. Bob’s cock was pointed to the ceiling, rampant and twitching with anticipation. But Alice settled herself on his stomach, arms braced on his chest.

Alice looked at Bob, studying his strong face. She loved him and knew it wasn’t just the sex. A shadow crossed her mind as she thought about Terry. What would he do without her? But where did that notion come from, she would never leave him. But the thought had seeded itself unknowingly in her mind and would only grow and grow, consuming her feelings. She smiled down at Bob, and raising her ample bottom, and I with one hand, positioned Bob’s cock at the entrance to her sex. Slowly, she lowered herself feeling his hard maleness stretching her, filling her. She gasped as her pussy stretched to accommodate him, her juices lubricating his passage. He bottomed out in her and she sat slowly rotating her pelvis as she glanced at Liz and Jo.

Alice noted the range of emotions cross Liz’s face, a flash of anger, then envy, then raw need. Jo’s mouth hung open, her eyes fixed on the join between Alice’s and Bob’s body, watching his cock, glistening with her juice, appear as she lifted to disappear as she dropped back down again. Mum and daughter hooked their opposing legs over the arms of the settee, fingering themselves as they watched through lust filled eyes. Alice then gave herself over to the feelings of her own body, clenching on Bob’s hard cock, her second cock ever, which filled her tight vagina. It wasn’t long before in her heightened state of arousal she came, bearing down hard on Bob.

She lifted herself off and spun round settling on Bob’s face, beckoning Liz to take her place on his cock, still rampantly jutting. Liz sat astride Bob and lowered herself onto him. It had been a good few years since she had felt his cock deep inside her and never in this position. She bounced up and down like Alice had done feeling Bob’s cock nudge her cervix.. Eyes closed, her juices flooding, his cock feeling huge inside her. She came as quickly as Alice had and settled down on Bob’s cock enjoying the feeling of fullness. But Alice had other ideas. While still squirming about on Bob’s face, loving his tongue laving her gash, her flavoursome juices flowing, she told Liz to get back on the settee and swap with Jo. Well, Jo couldn’t wait to feel her Dad’s cock in her tight pussy and practically dragged her Mum off. She sank down slowly, savouring the moment. So much bigger than Clive, her Dad’s cock inside her.

Poor Bob could not keep up with events. Alice was totally in charge. In the space of fifteen minutes his cock had been deep inside three different pussies, Alice’s, Liz’s and his Daughter’s who was riding him now. Her tight pussy gripped and squeezed him, and her release came quickly, screaming to her Dad to cum inside her. But Alice determined she would be the first of the three of them to feel Bob’s discharge filling her and consummating their relationship finally. She hauled Jo off with a little struggle from her and quickly reversed her position sinking onto Bob’s cock as Jo took her place on her Dad’s face. To have his Daughters pussy flooding her sweet nectar in his mouth was too much for Bob. His hips jerked once, twice and the third time his cock erupted spewing thick, creamy cum into Alice’s cunt, filling her vaginal vault.

Alice came around Bob at the same time as she felt his cum filling her. She felt his creamy discharge filling her and delighted in the feeling. She lifted off his softening cock gently, squeezing her legs together. She wanted to keep his cum inside her, to release it later into Bob’s mouth where then they could share the taste of it together. As Bob was cumming so too did Jo choose that moment to have her own orgasm, grinding and squirming her bottom on her Dad’s face. The two girls collapsed on top of Bob’s supine figure to be joined by Liz who found Bob’s face between Jo’s legs and kissed him tasting her Daughters familiar juices on his lips.

It was getting late and Alice wanted some time with Bob alone before she had to go home. Liz and Jo were happy to go to their bedroom, no doubt to get their heads around what was happening. Alice took Bob to his bedroom, noting the rumpled counterpane and the scent of Liz and Jo’s earlier bout of sex there. She pulled this down, they both stripped completely and they lay together. Bob stroked her, he still marvelled at her body. Her ample breasts with their large areola and his first love, her ample bottom. She was anxious to know if he would be okay when she went, that his wife and daughter, especially his daughter who she reckoned was more dominant than Liz, wouldn’t try and turn him against her.

“Alice, my dear, you mustn’t worry. The fear of them being disclosed will keep them well in check and very compliant towards me, I’m sure.”

A pang of jealousy stabbed her heart. The thought of her Bob indulging in sex with his daughter which he might find more exciting than sex with her was a worry. Funnily, Bob having sex with Liz didn’t bother her. But she bit her tongue and kept her concerns to herself.

“I wish you didn’t have to go, Alice, but I know you have your life to get back to. When can you come back?”

“It’s the weekend and Terry will be around. I’ll try and get away but it might be difficult for me.”

Alice knew just how hard it would be on her. Surely Terry would suspect something in her demeanour. She was not good at hiding her emotions and part of her wished everything was in the open and done with. She felt her relationship with Bob was more real than with Terry which was becoming more of a pretence each day. The time was close when she would have to tell him rather than him find out for himself.

Reluctantly, it was time for Alice to go home. Terry would be there with his “hello, Dear, have you had a nice day?” Ordinarily, that and a cup of tea would be what she looked forward to, but now, she felt some resentment towards him for dragging her back to reality. Evenings watching telly, fish and chips on Friday night, pub lunch on Sunday, she didn’t it want any more. If only he’d been more adventurous in the bedroom. None of what was happening was his fault, he was a good man and she didn’t want to cause him the pain she knew eventually she would have to.

Alice showered with Bob and he knelt before her, his mouth latched over her pussy as she drizzled his sperm into him and then they kissed, sharing the cocktail of their combined fluids between them. Dragging out the time before she really would have to leave, Alice’s mobile rang, she glanced at the screen, it was Terry. She didn’t answer but she knew she would finally have to go. She would make some excuse why she was so late on the way home.

When Alice had gone, Bob went to his room, Liz and Jo were still in theirs. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he played over the events of the day again. His thoughts returned again and again to his daughter, how she was so quick to suck his cock and how good it felt when she settled herself on him, taking him deep into her tight pussy. His cock thickened. His own daughter! And it wasn’t Alice’s threat of disclosure made her do it he was sure. She loved it. There was a tap at the door, it opened and Jo stuck her head in.

“Hi, Dad, do you want some company?”

“Yes, Jo, come in.” Bobs cock surged some more, Jo had changed and was wearing her thin negligee. Loosely held together with a thin belt, it left not a lot to the imagination. Bob took in her deep cleavage and glimpsed through the sheer knickers she was wearing the shadow of the dark trimmed bush over her pussy.

“Mum’s asleep. I think she wore herself out today,” Jo said with a chuckle.

“Yes, it was quite hectic for a while, wasn’t it?” Bob replied, hoping Jo wanted more than just a chat.

“Err, Dad? I was wondering…” Her hands wandered to the belt of his dressing gown, “Your cock, do you think I could see it again? Alice was quite greedy earlier and I never had much of a chance to see it properly,” she pouted.

Jo had sucked him off and swallowed his cock deep into her tight young pussy, so Bob knew she had seen plenty, but was more than willing to let her look again. He helped her pull his gown open and he shrugged it off, his cock magnificently standing to attention. Jo pushed him back on the bed and knelt between his knees. Taking him gently in her small hands, her eyes wide, she stroked the length of him, feeling the corded veins wrapped around, the thick urethra running it’s length, the large slit in the mushroom head.

“If I squeeze here the slit opens and I can see right inside, all moist and pink. I can almost get my little finger in there!” Jo said, playfully teasing Bob’s cock head.

“Fuck’s sake, Jo” Bob had to grab her hand, what she was doing was so exquisitely sensitive.

“Tch, tch, Dad! I’ve never heard you swear before” Jo said grinning.

“There’s an awful lot we don’t know about each other, Jo. Don’t you think it’s time we found out?” Bob pulled Jo’s head onto his cock, her mouth opening eagerly, her warm tongue lapping round the head and teasingly poking in the slit. Jo’s juices were flowing, what they were doing was so wickedly taboo, but it felt so good. She loved the heavy thickness, the knarled veins, the male taste.

Bob wondered where she learnt to suck cock like that, surely not with Clive, her husband? She was able to take him deep, her nose buried in his pubic hair, she took his balls and rolled them round in her mouth, singly then both at once. He held her head as she bobbed up and down, her eyes looking at him the whole time. He wanted to taste her again, to feel her young pussy grinding on his face, smelling her fragrance and swallowing her juices. He indicated she should spin around and without taking her mouth from his cock, she quickly settled herself onto his face.

He pulled the gusset of her panties to one side uncovering her young, fragrant pussy with large dangling outer labia lips. Bob had only ever seen three pussies, all of them today and they were each so very different. Alice’s was plump, fleshy and very hairy. His wife’s was shaved and and what he thought of as neat and tidy and Jo’s nicely trimmed with large labia. They all tasted and smelt differently as well and as Bob inhaled his daughter’s fruity fragrance and licked her tasty juices, he couldn’t decide which of the three he preferred. He decided he liked them all with no favourites although if he had to chose it would be Alice first followed by Jo then his wife.

His life had irrevocably changed, with three women to share himself around. He did hope that Liz wouldn’t want to rekindle their ‘marriage’ to the extent of excluding Alice, but with Jo in the picture eager for her share of his cock, he didn’t think so. Anyway, he wouldn’t have allowed that.

Jo began squirming on him, grinding her sweet pussy over his face, her juices pouring from her. Bob eagerly lapped and swallowed all she could give, such deliciously tasty fluids direct from her young pussy. “Ohh, fuck, Daddy, I’m coming again! Come in my mouth so I can taste your hot creamy sperm again!”…

Meanwhile, Alice had arrived back home. Terry was at the door before she could open it. “Where have you been all this time, Alice? I’ve been calling you.”

“I was at the gym and met up with an old girlfriend who had husband trouble, I’ve been with her all day.” Alice lied. She had a chance to tell Terry but couldn’t.

“Okay, Alice, I’ll put the kettle on, you missed Corrie, but I’ve recorded it for you. I’ll pop out for fish and chips later.”

Oh, poor Terry, she wished there was something she didn’t like about him, but there wasn’t. So stable and set in his ways, so boring. Yes, she could see now how boring her life was. Fuck it, she thought, having an idea, I can’t stay here with him all weekend.

“My friend wants me to stay with her this weekend. Her husband has left her and she doesn’t want to be alone just yet. I know it’s short notice but we didn’t have anything planned, did we?” The lies coming more easily now.

“Oh, Alice, I was hoping we could go to that Historical Society meeting tomorrow but if your friend needs you, that’s okay.”

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