Her Name Was Alice Pt. 05-1

Bob held Alice and Alice held Bob. They clung together, not speaking, each wondering where and how far they were willing to go from here.

Bob tenderly strokes Alice’s cheek, she could smell herself on his fingers. Taking his hand, she held it to her mouth and tasted herself.

After the longest time they broke contact and sat back in their seats. They both realised together where they were, in the busy gym car park where anybody could have seen them. They looked at one another, neither seeming to want to speak first.

Bob wondered what Alice was thinking, he still found women hard to read. Was just now a one off for her, an itch she needed scratching? If he knew that Alice was wondering how and when she could have Bob’s tongue doing wonderful things to her again, he would have had his answer.

“Well,” said Alice finally, “I, erm, liked you disrespecting me. I’ve missed you, Bob, so much. I had no idea the effect you’ve had on me. You’ve woken desires in me that I thought I would never feel again. I need you, no, I want you in my life, somehow. I don’t know how yet but we can work something out.”

“Oh, Alice, I feel the same about you and I’ve been so miserable this past week or so. When do you think we can properly see each other? We need to talk about Elizabeth and Jo as well.”

Alice had been thinking fast. She needed Bob again soon, her tummy was flipping and her juices were flooding. She was about to take such a chance but she didn’t really care. “Well, Bob, if you want, my husband, Terry, is playing golf today and won’t be back till quite late. Could you come back to mine?”

Normally, Bob would have considered Elizabeth. He has said he’d be a couple of hours. Should he phone with some excuse? Sod it, he thought, no, I’ll just get back when I’m ready. Doubt they’ll miss me anyway. “I’d love to come, Alice.”

They went in her car, she’d drop him back later to pick his up. It wasn’t so far to Alice’s house, a neat little semi in a pleasant street. She pulled in the drive, grateful for the high hedge separating her house from next door. She fumbled with her keys dropping them in her haste to open her front door. She giggled, the recklessness of her actions exciting her. She stood, opened the door and turning to Bob, kissed him hard, hands twisting through his hair. Bob responded wholeheartedly, mashing his lips on hers. Alice grabbed his lapels and hauled him over the threshold, kicking the door shut.

The kiss was long and deep. Hands roamed each other’s bodies. Bob’s coat was shrugged off and Alice pulled his shirt from his trousers, her arms encircling his bare chest. The first time she had felt it, she thought. Bob lifted Alice’s skirt and held her fleshy mound in one hand while the other dived down the rear of her knickers and kneaded her ample buttocks.

“Come upstairs, Bob.” Taking his hand, Alice pulled him upstairs and into the guest bedroom. She threw herself backwards onto the bed, legs wide and dangling over the side. She felt so wanton, so abandoned. “Eat me, Bob, eat me.”

Bob looked down at her, at the lust shining in her eyes. He knelt quickly. Raising her skirt, her blue knickers were darkly stained with her juices, her puffy lips clearly delineated. He leant forward, inhaling deeply of her so familiar scents, the tangyness of her wee mixed with her piquant pussy juices. His tongue touched the sopping material, licking along Alice’s slit, tasting the saltiness of her fluids. He pulled the gusset wide and gazed at Alice’s bare sex, her engorged outer lips glistening, her clitoris poking from its hooded sheath.

Alice felt she’d go mad. She wanted to pull his head onto her, to start licking her, darting his tongue deep, spreading her lips wide and fucking her with his tongue. But she reasoned Bob liked to look, smell and savour her taste first, but she ached for him to start eating her. At last Bob’s mouth covered her, sucking her fleshy lips and tasting the abundant juices on them. Her legs closed around his head, her heels on his shoulders, she was wide open to him. She lay back and waited for him to work his magic.

Bob was in his heaven, Alice was back, her tasty pussy under his mouth, her juices trickling down his throat. He lapped the smooth coral pink inner flesh of her, from her bottom to her clitoris, the outer lips giving way on either side of his stiffened tongue. And then down again, teasingly flicking at her anus. Time stood still, Alice’s tastes and smell suffused his senses, such musky, fresh feminine scents, and on his tongue so pungent yet flavoursome, so difficult to describe.

Alice locked her fingers in Bob’s hair, holding him fast to her. Her breath was coming in short pants. She felt so wantonly wicked, actually in her own home! She opened herself even wider, inviting Bob to thrust his tongue deeper, to lick where he hadn’t licked before. A warm feeling deep in her tummy, slow, rhythmic pulses spreading and increasing in strength. Tiny waves increasing to large combers bursting into a tsunami of pleasure as her orgasm crashed through her. She screamed, she shrieked, she flooded. Grinding herself onto Bob’s face, Alice held him firmly. She didn’t want him to stop eating her, his tongue to withdraw from her liquid gash.

Bob had no thoughts of withdrawing. He felt Alice come over and around him and reasserted his efforts. He loved the feeling that he, Bob, could cause such pleasure in a woman. It was still an entirely novel concept to him that his humble tongue, more used to licking the gussets of soiled knickers could actually engender such uncontrollable orgasms. His lips latched around Alice’s clitoris, his tongue flicking this hard little nub of pleasure. Alice rolled screaming straight into another shattering orgasm, her vision blurring. No longer in control of her own body, it bucked and writhed of its own accord, her copiously flooding juices filling to overflowing Bob’s mouth. Never before, even in the earliest days of her marriage had she experienced such happiness.

Alice lay there and let Bob do as he wanted, let him have his pleasure as she had hers. His tongue was tireless, laving her ceaselessly, licking her from anus to clit. Orgasms followed one after the other. So many of them, so powerful. She hadn’t considered herself capable of having more than one in such a short time. On the rare occasions she came before her husband, he withdrew immediately after his and should he cum first she would be left wanting.

The outside world eventually impinged on her consciousness. She realised that their time together was limited, whilst her husband was not likely to be home for a while yet, she did not want to run the risk that he might be earlier than usual. With a sigh, and very reluctantly, she pushed Bob’s face away and beckoned that he come and lay beside her. She tenderly kissed his face, glistening with her juices and tasted herself on him.

“Are you okay, Alice?” Queried Bob, nuzzling her neck.

“Just perfect, Bob. You have a magic tongue and know just what to do with it. Don’t you dare leave me, will you?”

“Never, Alice, my love, never.” Bob realised the difficulty they would have getting together. He knew Alice was taking an enormous chance in him being here in her home and it couldn’t happen often. He wouldn’t allow her to risk her marriage. His own position with his wife and daughter was different. If they found out, what could they do? He thought of all the varying scenarios in his mind and realised he didn’t care any more. Now they came to mind, he asked Alice what the plan was that she had.

“Well, Bob, it’s not really a plan, just an idea, but I do want to be fully involved, not just tell you what to do.”

“Okay, Alice, what did you have in mind?” Bob asked kissing her just under her ear while his hand cupped her sex, a finger gently circling over her clitoris.

“Ahhh, Bob, much as I love what you’re doing to me, I can’t concentrate,” gasped Alice squirming, “let me tell you my idea, then you can take me to heaven again.”

Alice outlined her plan, drawing lazy circles round Bob’s nipples as she did so…

Afterwards, Bob took her to heaven and beyond. But their time was drawing to a close, Terry could return home at any minute. Quickly tidying themselves up with a last minute thought to give Bob her cum soaked knickers, Alice drove him back to the gym to his car. She was mightily relieved to be away from her house, her husband would not suspect anything. She realised how tense she had been at home and knew she couldn’t have Bob there again unless it was 100% safe.

Bob’s house was a better option, his wife and daughter were often out for the day shopping together, and whilst she didn’t want to get caught by them before her plan came to fruition, she did need to look around.

The opportunity to meet again came very soon, the next day, in fact. When Bob arrived home, Elizabeth and Jo were upstairs. After about ten minutes, they both came down in the same negligees they had on in the morning. Bob thought that they couldn’t have gotten dressed all day.

“Ah, you’re back, did you have a nice day?” Said Elizabeth waspishly. That was her speak for “where the fuck have you been?”

“Yes, thank you, I’ve had a wonderful time. I hope you were able to amuse yourselves in my absence.” Replied Bob, enjoying the double talk.

Elizabeth was worried. Bob was acting totally out of character for him. She liked to know where he was every moment of the day. Just where had he been? It was so unlike him, normally so regular in his habits. She wouldn’t ask him, that would imply some interest. And despite assuring Jo that he didn’t know anything about them, she was sure now he had some inkling.

“Jo and I are going out tomorrow. Don’t know when we’ll be back. Maybe late. No doubt you’ll be able to amuse yourself while we’re gone.”

“Oh yes, Elizabeth, I’ll definitely be able to find something to amuse myself with.” Bob replied, smiling.

Damn, what is he up to? Grinning like that. Elizabeth was determined to find out. “Right then, we’re off to bed now. Rather tired. Goodnight.”

Yes, I’ll bet you’ve had a tiring day. “Goodnight Elizabeth, goodnight Jo.”

When they got to their room, Jo immediately asked her mum what was happening. “I really don’t know, Jo. But I’m going to find out. Tomorrow I’ve said we’ll be out all day, but we’ll come back early afternoon and whatever he’s up to, we’ll catch him at it. I bet he’s into porny videos, that’ll be it.”

If Bob did know about her relationship with Jo, anything she could get on him would serve to counter any exposure of her incestual activities, although she knew watching porn was minor compared with what she and Jo were up to, but she couldn’t think of anything else that would account for his strange behaviour.

“What if he’s out? What then?” Said Jo

Elizabeth hadn’t thought of that. “Then we’ll look in his room to see if we can find something, anything to explain what he’s up to.”

Bob went to his room shortly after the girls had gone up. He would phone Alice in the morning and get her to come over. He remembered he had her knickers in his pocket and pulled them out holding them over his face as he breathed in her scent, his mind playing over the fun they’d had at her house. God, he was getting addicted to her, he just couldn’t get enough of her. He rubbed himself off, spurting his seed high on his chest and stomach, wiping the sticky cum with Alice’s knickers, which he held under his cheek as he fell asleep.

The following morning, Bob stayed in his room, listening to his wife and daughter getting ready to go out. When the front door slammed shut and he heard Elizabeth’s car drive away, only then did he get up and hurry to phone Alice. She answered quickly. “Just a minute, Bob,” she whispered. After about half a minute, she came back. “Sorry about that, Terry was just leaving for work. He’s gone now. What a lovely surprise to hear from you so soon, I’ve been thinking about how we can tackle Elizabeth and Jo.”

“They’ve gone out for the day and won’t be back till late. Can you come over?”

“Oh, yes, Bob, but it won’t be till 12ish. I’ve got to wait for a gas man to service our boiler. He’s booked for this morning.”

“Okay, Alice” said Bob, slightly disappointed he would not have a full day with her, “get here as soon as you can, eh?”

Alice felt the familiar flipping feeling in her stomach and a dampening of her knickers. “As soon as I can, Bob. I love you.”

After hanging up, Alice wondered why she said she loved him. Perhaps she did and it just felt good saying it. She did feel a very strong affection for him and he was so good with his tongue. But would Bob have liked her telling him how she felt?

Alice loves me! Bob was euphoric although he knew she wouldn’t be leaving her husband any time. He knew he loved her as well though he hadn’t expressed that thought to her. He busied himself tidying up in preparation for Alice and it was only an hour later at eleven o’clock that he heard her walking up the drive.

Opening the door to her, they fell into a feverish, tongue twisting embrace. Bob’s hands found her breasts, soft and malleable under her blouse, just like her ample bottom. He realised he hadn’t considered her breasts before and wondered if Alice might just think this was another step too far on his part. But Alice eased his mind when she undid the buttons and slipped the blouse off to fall on the floor where they stood. Her functional bra was all that was between his hands and her bare flesh. Bob pushed the bra up over her breasts and stared at her magnificent orbs. He cupped them in his hands, feeling the nipples harden in his palms.

Alice felt his hands on her and trembled, spikes of desire shooting to her groin. Her only thought was she wished she’d worn a prettier bra. She reached behind and the bra joined her blouse on the floor. Bob bent his head and took her nipples one by one in his mouth, delighting in the feel of the goosebump like roughness of her areolae. Alice held his head, kissing his dark hair. Her tummy was flipping, her juices flooding, saturating her already soaked knickers. Her legs felt weak and she leant back against the front door. With no bidden thought her hands found themselves on his trousers, feeling his hard maleness.

Bob felt her touch and his heart, with his cock soared. He hadn’t expected her touch nor had he thought Alice would want to. He was happy enough in giving her pleasure and deriving his pleasure from that. Alice lifted his head from her breasts.

“Bob, I would like to feel you, to hold your penis. Can I?”

Bob felt his mouth go instantly dry. Whilst he wasn’t a big boy down there, at six and a half inches he didn’t think it by any means small. But what would Alice think?

“Yes, Alice, you can hold my cock.”

Slipping a hand down past his waistband. Alice held his hardness through his underpants. It filled her hand from the tips of her fingers to the ball of her thumb. It was as if her brain had moved into her fingers, she could feel his hardness, his heat, the clearly defined head. The second penis she had ever felt in her life. She wanted more.

“Bob, can I really touch it?”

“But you are touching it, Alice,” said Bob, acutely aware of the heat of her hand on him and the delicious tingling starting in his loins.

“No, I mean really touch it, bare I mean.”

“Please, Alice, hold my naked cock.”

Alice withdrew her hand partially and slid it back down under the waistband of his underpants. She first touched the tip of him, hard yet satiny soft, she felt the slit, smearing a bead of precum on her fingers. Continuing down his length, slowly, fingertips feeling every ridge and hard, veiny ripple till she got to the base. The hardness of his cock morphed in soft yielding folds of flesh containing his balls which Alice held in her hand, the head of Bob’s penis now past her wrist. It felt so huge, my God, halfway up my forearm! she thought.

“Alice, let’s go upstairs.” He was so close to cumming he wanted this distraction. He wasn’t sure how Alice would react if he came now. Withdrawing her hand, Alice instinctively sniffed it, smelling Bob’s male muskiness, her tongue tentatively licking the smear of precum on her wrist. Taking her hand, Bob led her upstairs. Alice made to go to the right where Bob’s room was but he led her to a room on the left.

“I thought I’d show you Elizabeth’s room, you wanted to see it.”

Bob sniffed the air as he went in, just perfume, feminine smells, was all. Alice gazed around, so this was the scene of the crime, she thought, all pink and fluffy, puffed up cushions on the bed and thick white sheepskin rugs on either side. She drew the curtains quickly, she was naked to the waist, then she threw herself backwards on the bed.

“Alice, what are you doing?” Cried Bob.

She beckoned with a finger, “Come here, big boy, I found a new toy a moment ago downstairs and I want to play with it some more.” Alice said with a grin.

Bob’s shock quickly changed to excitement. Alice was changing before his eyes. From innocent knicker fun to showing him her pussy, letting him eat her, allowing him fondle her breasts and now wanting to play with his cock. Just how much further would she go? He quickly dropped his trousers to his knees and knelt beside her.

“Closer, Bob, closer, that’s it.”

Alice slowly pushed her hands into his underpants up through the leg holes and grasped his cock. So warm, smooth yet bumpy, hard yet soft. Her juices were in full flood now, soaking into the counterpane beneath her. She felt a naughty thrill at her juices staining Elizabeth’s bedding and could feel that Bob was equally turned on.

“Lie down, Bob, here,” she instructed, patting the bed next to her.

Bob did as he was told. Alice sat up and pushed his underpants down to his knees, freeing his cock. My goodness, she thought, much bigger than Terry’s. She again held it, circling a finger and thumb around but they could bare touch. She rubbed the silky skin up and down over the hard core. She delighted in hearing Bob grunt and feeling him squirm under her.

“I need to get more comfortable. Just a second, Bob.”

Kneeling, Alice bought her legs astride his chest, facing his legs. She squirmed back settling her knicker clad bottom over Bob’s face.

“Ahh! that’s much better. Are you okay, Bob?”

Bob could only mumble his acquiescence, his face covered by her ample bottom, his nose buried in the crack between her cheeks. His mouth wide, he breathed in Alice’s wonderful pungent, tangy scent, a hint of pee overlaying the more earthy, sweaty aroma of her bottom. He sucked the flavourful juice filled material of her knickers, the taste buds on his tongue identifying the various scents that combine to make the whole.

Alice was reaching for Bob’s twitching cock but paused, letting the wonderful sensations caused by Bob wash over her. She wriggled her bottom on his face hearing a grunt of delight. Now leaning forward, she at last took hold of his cock, watching a bead of precum gather on the head. Just before gravity caused it to spill over, she caught it on a finger and brought it to her face. Like a tiny lens, she could see in miniature upside down aspects of the room around her. Then she put her finger in her mouth and with closed eyes, tasted Bob’s salty essence.

Bob was in heaven, with his face buried under Alice’s bottom, smelling and tasting her, he could not think of a better place to be. He felt Alice touch his cock again, he raised his knees and parted his legs as best he could with his trousers and underpants still on, inviting Alice to feel for his balls again. His own hands rested on her warm thighs before reaching down under her arms and hefting the weight of her breasts which swung back and forth with her movements. Her nipples were large, protruding at least half an inch, and rubbery hard. One in each hand he stroked them from her armpits to these nipples and over again and again.

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