Her Name Was Alice Pt. 04

Bob was in a daze for the next week. When Elizabeth and Jo returned on Monday, if they noticed his desolate mood they didn’t comment. They kept out of his way, mainly in their shared bedroom from which they emerged, whispering and giggling. Bob didn’t notice, so caught up with his own thoughts of Alice. He so much wanted to call her to see how she was, but was respectful of her wish that they should not see each other again. Little did he know that Alice hoped and prayed he would phone and each time her mobile rang her heart leapt only to come crashing down when it wasn’t him calling.

Alice couldn’t get thoughts of Bob out of her mind. The fun she’d had sending him her soiled knickers, getting squishy wondering what he was doing with them. And after all, it was just fun, what was the harm in that? But letting Bob touch her and lick her, eat her out, my God, she was flooding just recalling the beautiful sensations that he had given her. It seemed that she was in a constant state of arousal, that Bob had awoken feelings in her that had been long dormant.

Whatever she was doing she had to stop, go to the bedroom or bathroom and remove her knickers, smelling her fragrant juices and tasting them as Bob once did. Legs wide, she would pleasure herself over and over imagining Bobs tongue in place of her fingers, trying to recapture the exquisite feelings her had given her.

One time, she was scraping carrots at the sink, dropped the knife and ran to the bathroom with a large carrot and pushed it hard into her liquid, squishy pussy, squeezing her legs around it, tummy flipping, juices flowing, slapping her clit as she came hard. And nightly, her fingers delved deep inside her molten depths as her husband slept beside her and sobbed herself to sleep.

In the morning, Alice came to a decision. She would get in touch with Bob. She reasoned that what they were doing was fun, they both enjoyed it and it wasn’t hurting anybody. The fact that they were both married was pushed to the furtherest corner of her mind, dwarfed to a minor insignificance compared to the flowy, flippy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She ran her hand down, lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers tight into herself, relishing the roughness against her moist pussy. Decision made, Alice was a happier person. Knowing that she would see her Bob once again, feel his tongue probing her depths, laving her sex, lapping her sweet juices, giving her such mind blowing orgasms. And she would not push him away again. Yes, she would definitely phone him tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, Bob had decided he had to shake himself out of his dismal mood. Alice was gone and he must get over her. His knicker fetish, kept in check by Alice’s regular posts was once more reasserting itself. He went to his room and took the old Samsonite case from his wardrobe. Spreading the six clip lock boxes on his bed, he opened them and laid Alice’s knickers on the counterpane. He selected the first one she had sent, but the smells were faded, stale and grey. He tried the others but they were just the same, with barely a hint of the fresh, musky feminine scents of Alice. Disappointed, Bob replaced them in their boxes and back into the bottom of his wardrobe.

Having raided the laundry basket in the past, finding a pair of Elizabeth’s knickers with a pleasing smell to him was a rare occurrence. She changed them twice daily and there was hardly anything tasty on them. However, needs must so he went to the bathroom and looked in the basket. His eyes widened with what he saw. At least six pairs of Elizabeth’s seldom seen Victoria’s Secret knickers and several other pairs which could only belong to Jo, his daughter. Bob selected a pair belonging to his wife and lifted them to his face inhaling deeply. A pungent tangy aroma of wee, overlaid by the fulsome scent of pussy juice invaded his nasal passages. He couldn’t believe these were Elizabeth’s knickers. He tried other pairs, they too were all pleasingly fragrant and tasty on his tongue.

His gaze settled on the slightly smaller knickers that were Jo’s, expensive looking silky pairs in pale pastel colours, except one pair which was a dark crimson colour. He slowly reached for this pair, but what was he doing? She was his daughter and he shouldn’t be lusting after the scent of her soiled knickers. But his hand was already on them, stained and damp with maybe a hint of warmth? His reservations vanished instantly. She would never know, would she? Raising them to his face, turning them inside out, his tongue licked the heavily stained gusset. Such a wonderful infusion of tastes and smells, fresh, feminine, peachy flavours assaulted his senses. He shoved the gusset into his mouth, sucking the heavenly concoction of his daughters bodily fluids. His cock lurched. Quickly stripping, he pulled the knickers up over his torso, straining to get them over his hips. His hardening penis was pushed down, barely being contained by the tight gusset. Taking two of his wife’s knickers and, after dressing, he hurried back to his room to enjoy the fruits of his rummage in the laundry basket.

While Bob was thus occupied, mother and daughter were equally enjoying themselves, locked in a steamy, tongue tussling clinch. The scent of their recent passion filled the air, hands were thrust down each other knickers digging deep into their sopping pussies.

“Oh god that feels so wonderful, but please Jo, I want you to eat me again” Elizabeth begged.

Jo grinned, she knew exactly what her mother liked but wanted her to beg again. She moved down her mothers body, teasingly laying a kiss on her moist furry mons before proceeding down her left leg showering this in kisses and then sucking each of her ten toes.

“Please, Jo, don’t be a tease,” Elizabeth pleaded.

“What is it you want, Mother?” Jo teasingly asked.

“You know what I want, Jo.” Elizabeth panted, stomach flipping, pussy flowing.

“But I want you to say it, Mother.”

All part of the same game played between them. “I want your tongue deep inside me, sucking my juices, licking my hard little clitty till I cum over you. Then I want you to do it all again.”

“Okay, Mother, you have been particularly good today. Here I come. Hope you’re ready for me.”

Jo kissed her way up her mother’s right leg. When Elizabeth felt her daughters warm breath on her neglected pussy, she nearly screamed. “Fuck, Jo, eat me, eat me now!” She screeched.

At this precise moment, Bob, having satiated himself, and whether by good luck or misfortune, was passing their bedroom door. He heard Elizabeth scream her profanity and the words that followed, but it took time for his brain to absorb the meaning of what he had heard. He pressed his ear to the door straining to hear Elizabeth panting and mewling, coupled with lapping and slurping sounds and Jo’s sighs of contentment.

Years of denied suspicions now had a firm foundation. Why Elizabeth spent a lot of time at Jo’s, or her at our house. Why Elizabeth moved into Jo’s old room and shared with her when she stayed. Whilst he did have these vague notions that something was going on between them, it wasn’t particularly bothersome to him. After all, he had his own little pleasures which maybe counterbalanced her peccadillo, albeit a whopping great peccadillo it was. But incest? Should I be shocked? Strangely, though, he wasn’t. In fact, his cock had hardened in his pants at the thought of Elizabeth and Jo indulging in lesbian sex. Or maybe it was just incest, or perhaps lesbian incest. He didn’t know, or care. A smile crossed his face as he thought about how he could use this new found information. And his smile increased when it gave him an ideal opportunity to phone Alice to tell her. He would phone her in the morning.

When Elizabeth and Jo had climbed down from their sexual peak, already scaled many times that morning, they cuddled on the bed and got to talking about Bob.

“Do you think Dad has any clue what’s going on with us?” Said Jo. “We are getting less careful and are taking far more chances than ever just lately. And you were rather noisy a while ago.”

Elizabeth chuckled, “That old fart? I doubt if we did it in front of him he’d notice. Don’t worry, Darling, I’m more concerned what he’s up to. He’s been acting very strangely this past week.”

“You don’t think that’s about us, then?

“No, Jo. Even if he did find out, I can handle him. Let’s not bother with dinner tonight and stay here. We’ve both of us eaten plenty anyway.” Elizabeth said laughingly.

“Mmm, you know I love to fall asleep in your arms with our juices and smells still on us. But won’t Dad come up?”

“He won’t even miss us. Now spin around, Darling, and let’s have more delicious dessert.”

The following morning, Alice, still determined in her resolve to call Bob, went to the gym to make the call from there. On the drive over, she rehearsed what she wanted to say, but it all seemed a little stilted. Sod it, she thought no script, speak straight from the heart and tell him I have a pair of fresh, juicy knickers for him, only trouble is I’m wearing them and they’re getting squishier by the minute. And by the way, once you’ve got them off me, I want you to fuck me with your tongue. That should do it, she thought. Sod beating about the bush. If things go as I want them to, Bob will be doing the beating about in my bush, she though, grinning and adding another squirt of her ambrosial juices into her knickers.

Bob woke early, he had a call to make to Alice telling her all and asking her how best to deal with his wife and daughter. He hoped she would be excited at the idea and would jump at the chance to help him. Elizabeth and Jo were already up when he went down. He was now acutely aware that their conversations stopped when he was around and he could hear them sniggering behind his back. Their gowns were loosely tied, barely covering their breasts and lots of leg was on show. Right, Bob thought, flaunting themselves as if they didn’t care if I knew about their sexual activities. He realised now that he had been blinkered in the past and if he’d only used his eyes, this was how they usually came down in the mornings.

“I’m going out.” He said, “be a couple of hours. Play nicely while I’m gone, won’t you?” He added that last bit to give them something to think about.

When the door slammed and Jo watched to ensure his car had disappeared from view, she turned to her mother, “What did he mean by that ‘Play nicely’? I think he does know something.”

“No! it’s not possible, he’s too caught up in his own little world to know what were doing.” Replied Elizabeth. Even so, she felt a twinge of concern. Wouldn’t do for the straight laced ladies at her bridge club to get wind. She wouldn’t put it past Bob to announce it on Facebook or Twitter if he did know what they were up to.

Bob drove a short way down the road and pulled over. Whipping out his phone he dialled Alice’s number. She answered on the third ring.

“Bob? Is that you?” She recognised his number. “I was about to call you” Alice said excitedly. “I’m on my way to the gym and was going to call from there.”

“I’ll see you there in ten minutes, Alice, I have something to tell you.”

Alice’s heart leapt. He rang me! He wants to see me again! Her tummy flipped and her juices flowed, more fragrant nectar soaking into her knickers.

They arrived almost together and managed to find parking places next to each other. Bob opened his passenger side door and Alice slipped into the seat. They looked at each other for the longest moment.

Bob realised how very beautiful Alice was, with her flushed cheeks glowing. Her hands were clasped twisting nervously in her lap. In that moment, he knew he loved her more than anything in the world.

“Well,” said Bob, “you were going to call me?”

“Yes I was, but you first, you wanted to tell me something?” Countered Alice.

“Okay. It’s about Elizabeth and Jo. They’re having an affair.” Bob blurted.

Alice laughed. “They can’t have an affair, they’re mother and daughter, tell me a bit more.”

Bob blushed, “I heard them yesterday, Elizabeth screaming for Jo to eat her out and then panting and slurping noises, and they come down in the mornings with their tits practically hanging out.” He gabbled.

“Slow down, Bob, take a breath” Alice was strangely excited by this turn of events. She thought back to her school days playing in the toilets with her best friend. “My God, it sounds like you’re saying they’re having an incestual relationship” she tried to inject some concern for Bob in her voice not knowing yet how he felt about it.

“Incestual relationship, affair, call it what you will, they were at it like rutting rabbits”

“How do you feel about it, Bob?”

“I was a little shocked at first, mainly because I realised they must have been doing it for a long time. But I’m not upset. Actually, it’s a bit of a turn on. I got quite hard listening at the door.”

He opened up to Alice about finding their heavily soiled knickers in the laundry basket. Redolent with their musky flavoursome odours. How he had taken some to his room and used them. He hesitated when he told her he had smelt and tasted his daughters knickers and how delightfully fragrant they were and the fact he’d worn them also. He thought she would be shocked by this, but her eyes widened and a big grin creased her face.

“What was it like, your daughters knickers, I mean? Were you turned on?”

“Alice, It was so bad of me but so good at the same time. The sheer illicitness was a turn on in itself. And they did taste and smell wonderful.”

Alice was squirming in her seat. Her juices were in full flood so turned on by what Bob was telling her.

“What do you want to do about it, Bob? Confront them or what?”

“I’m not sure, Alice. That’s why I wanted to tell you and see if you could suggest something.”

“Mmm, I’m sure we can come up with something between us. Tell me first how important your relationship is with Elizabeth. If what I’m thinking works, it could just mean an end to that.”

“I think, Alice, it’s long past ended already. I’ve realised we’ve just been staying together or at least under the same roof out of habit. Nothing left to salvage now.”

Alice was excited to hear Bob say this, quite why, she didn’t know. She felt her own marriage was still good though lacking a lot in the bedroom department. She compared her hubby to Bob, her mind instantly back to a little over a week ago when he had his face buried between her legs. She groaned and squeezed her thighs together bunching her skirt in her hands. She remembered why she wanted to phone Bob. His exciting news, though, was it the only reason he wanted to contact her? Was he still going to be the gentleman and respect her wishes? Fuck it, she had to know.

“Bob, the last time we saw one another, it ended rather badly, yes?”

“A bit of an understatement, Alice, but, yes it did.”

“Do you still respect my wishes?”

“I do, Alice, I don’t want to cause you any hurt.”

“What if I said I don’t want you to respect them anymore?”

“What do you mean, Alice?”

“Give me your hand, Bob.”

Taking Bob’s hand, Alice placed it under her skirt onto her sopping crotch. Bob felt her coarse hairs pressing through the material of her knickers. The heat of her sex and the wetness too and his heart beat faster, his mouth instantly dried.

“What are you doing, Alice?”

“Disrespect me, Bob,” replied Alice softly.

For a second, time stood still for Bob. He looked at Alice and in her hazel eyes he saw the need, the want in her. She was back in his life and he was ecstatic.

Bob slid his hand down under the waistband of Alice’s knickers and down, over her hairy mound and up inside her engorged slippery pussy lips.

He found her wet slit and ran his fingers gently along the crease, pealing her fleshy lips open and sliding down into the hot liquid depths of her.

Alice gasped as Bob’s hand found her cunt, the centre of her being, the squishy, flowy centre of her. His fingers spread her wide, moving over her clitoris and down, spreading her labia open, sliding up inside her, to the opening of her.

Bob somehow contorted his body and Alice could feel her orgasm building as a finger of Bob’s other hand probed deep inside her virgin bottom. She was amazed and delighted that considering this was most likely the second time he had touched a woman in her most intimate parts, not counting Elizabeth, that he was so accomplished and seemingly knowing of her body and what turned her on most.

His hands moved gently but with increasing speed, fondling her, probing her, teasing her most intimate parts and expertly enticing them into wonderful turmoil. He leaned into her, and kissed her, sliding his tongue deep inside her mouth, probing her there, and moaning his pleasure as she responded to the passionate kiss with her own tongue and lips.

Her pleasure swamped her. Alice had never been so aroused, so powerless in his hands. Her tummy pulsed, her pussy quivered, she felt she wanted to pee.

She came. Her orgasm was so intense it seemed she would die. The spasms were almost painful and she pressed into him, crying out again and again. She was trembling and she could not breath, only cum and cum and cum.

Alice’s orgasm swept over her, huge and dark and moist and hot.

Her vision blurred and she fell into warm darkness

“Alice, Alice, are you okay?” Bob’s concerned voice seemed a million miles away.

Alice slowly came down from the mountainous heights Bob had taken her to. Her tummy was still pulsating, her pussy quivering, her juices still flooding.

“Hold me, Bob, just hold me please.” Alice whispered.


Hope you enjoyed. In Part 5, Alice asserts her dominant streak.

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