Her Name Was Alice Pt. 03-2

The instant Bob’s tongue licked her length, Alice came. In her heightened state of arousal, it was enough to tip her over the edge. She pulled Bob’s face hard into her, squeezing her thighs, her tummy rippling, her pussy pulsating, her juices flooding. Her head thrown back, her breath came in short pants. Waves of pure pleasure radiated from her core, electric shocks of sexual wantonness spiked through her nerve ending straight to her brain.

Bob pushed his face hard into Alice’s cunt, licking and lapping, sucking and slurping her tasty, warm juicy cum. Never in his wildest imaginations did he see himself on his knees with his head buried between Alice’s thighs. He felt her writhe under him, her hips bucking, her tasty cum juices filling his mouth. He laved his tongue along her slit, finding the hard little nub of her clitoris, sucking and circling his tongue over and around.

Alice came again, hard. Screaming her release, holding Bob’s head hard on her, she ground her cunt on his face. If she had any thoughts of her husband, it was to curse him for not letting her experience the exquisite pleasures of cunnilingus years ago. She looked at Bob, his face coated in her juices tonguing her pussy, giving her so much more pleasure than she had since the early days of her marriage, if then. She pushed Bob’s head away, unable to take any more of his tongue on her so sensitive clitoris.

Bob settled back on his haunches, his face gleaming with Alice’s juices. Alice had collapsed back on the settee. “Alice? Are you ok?” Bob notice the tears welling up from under her closed eyelids.

Alice couldn’t speak, she could only give Bob a small nod. He climbed beside her and held her, stroking her face. Alice turned to him suddenly, burying her face into his chest, sobbing. Bob was definitely out of his comfort zone now. Had he done something wrong? Had he overstepped the mark somehow? “Alice? Tell me, what’s wrong? Have I done something to upset you?”

Alice’s sobbing had subsided somewhat. “No, Bob, it’s definitely nothing you’ve done wrong, you’ve been more than perfect in every way. You’ve given me more pleasure than my husband ever has, no one has so consummately given me feelings so powerful and mind blowing as you. And I love you for it. But, we can’t, we mustn’t do this again.”

Bob’s initial joy at Alice’s words was shattered by her last statement. “But I don’t understand, Alice. You said it was good for you.”

“Yes, Bob, but we’re both married. I love my husband, despite his shortcomings. We can’t risk meeting like this again” said alice, knowing as she spoke the words she wanted nothing more than having Bob’s face between her thighs again, whatever the consequences.

“I didn’t intend, Bob, to let you do those beautiful things to me, but I did and there’s no altering that fact. You’ll have to be as strong as me in this. We’ll have to stop meeting at the gym as well.” Words that she spoke but didn’t mean.

“I came, Bob, I came so hard. It’s changed everything. We’ve changed. It may possibly be too late to go back to how it was, but we, I, have to try.”

Bob was devastated, but he did understand the truth of what alice had said. It was all his fault, he shouldn’t have pushed her beyond what she was willing to do. His marriage as well, whilst not perfect, wasn’t so bad. We should have just stuck to the knicker fun. He wanted to beg her to keep seeing him, but Alice was obviously decided.

“Ok, Alice, I agree. It is for the best, though it’s not what I want but I’ll help you in this.” Spoken reluctantly, with a stone in place of his heart.

Words Alice didn’t want to hear him say. She wanted him to beg her not to finish with him, to plead to see her again, but he’d agreed to end it with her. She gathered her things and quickly left. Bob watched her as she drove away, not looking back so he didn’t see the tears coursing down her cheeks.

When her car disappeared from sight and he couldn’t hear the engine anymore, Bob closed the door. He stare blankly around the room, stunned by what had happened.

Only half an hour had elapsed since he had his tongue deep in Alice’s pussy. He had felt her cum and drunk her juices and now it was all over. He spotted her knickers discarded on the floor by the settee. Picking them up, he brought them to his face and smelt her sweet taste. He fell to his knees and sobbed his heart out at his loss.

…Thanks for reading,. In Part 4, Bob finds a shocking truth about Elizabeth and Jo. And does he see Alice again?…

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