Her Name Was Alice Pt. 03-1

Bob had just checked for the postman for the third time that morning. It had been nearly three weeks since his arrangement with Alice and he hoped that the pantie post would arrive with an sixth fragrant gift from her.

“Robert, can I speak to you for a moment?”

“Of course, Elizabeth. What is it?”

Bob had been so careful, so he thought, with Alice’s knickers, so it was not possible Elizabeth suspected anything. Nevertheless, his guilty conscience pricked.

“Jo is coming back on Monday for a few weeks. You know their kitchen is being replaced and she can’t really stay there with all the mess. The work can start earlier than she expected So she just has to see the contractors to ensure they know what she wants. I said it would be ok.”

Now Jo was our daughter, a fairly normal teenager up to the age of eighteen when she somehow changed. She became obstreperous with me, very mouthy and sometimes quite nasty. I had no idea why. I tried my best to get along with her at first but in the end, it was too much hard work so just let her get on with it.

She got on quite well with Elizabeth though, which was odd as I was invariably the one she came to when she had fallen over, the one who read her bedtimes stories and tucked her in, took her to school and picked her up, whereas her mother seemed not to really notice her.

Jo married two years ago to a computer geek somewhere in the City. No kids as yet. A quite peace descended on our house much to my relief. It was about this time Elizabeth decided she would move into Jo’s old room.

“I suppose that’s ok, will Clive be coming?

Clive is Jo’s husband. At 34, twelve years older than Jo. Jo stays at our house frequently when Clive is working away although Elizabeth stays with her as well. The last time I’d seen them together was at a barbecue at their house. Elizabeth and Jo soon got into a huddle on a bench at the far end of the garden, leaving myself and Clive to play a game of not making eye contact. He toyed with the barbecue and I studied the flowers. I didn’t like him, never had. His only saving grace in my eyes was that he had married Jo, thus relieving me of sitting through more breakfasts with her sneering at me.

We didn’t have anything in common, I knew next to nothing about computers, apart from how to switch one on and I doubted he would be interested in anything I had to say. I suppose I could have regaled him at length about the delights of pantyism – is that even a word? That might have just started a conversation.

“No, he’s still away working up North, so it’ll just be Jo.”

“I suppose she’ll want her room back?” I asked, really knowing she would be in with Elizabeth in the big double bed in her old room.

“No, Robert, you’re quiet safe, Jo will share with me as usual.”

Relief flooded through me. Jo had only just gone back to Guildford after staying here for nearly a month. Though it was a slim chance, wouldn’t want Elizabeth finding any of Alice’s knickers under a pillow.

The familiar squeak of the letterbox heralded a delivery. Would it come today? I’d been fooled before when what sounded like a whole trees worth of mail had crashed onto the floor turned out to be just a flyer for a pizza company. But yes, there was Alice’s familiar brown A5 envelope sitting amongst the rest of the mail.

I eagerly grabbed it. “Amazon again, is it? You’re getting a lot from them just lately.” said Elizabeth.

“Yes, Elizabeth, they’re some special edition stamps being released every few days and I’ve ordered the whole series.” I lied, thinking fast.

“You boys and your stamp albums, I thought you might have outgrown that by now but I see you’ve started it up again.”

I didn’t comment, not wanting to dig myself a deeper hole. Luckily Elizabeth had wandered into the kitchen.

Making my way upstairs, I held the envelope to my nose. Was there a faint scent of Alice or was it my imagination? Locking my door which I’ve taken to doing lately although Elizabeth has never wanted to come in, I quickly opened the envelope and held it again to my nose. Alices delicious musky scents filled my nostrils. Closing the envelope around my nose I inhaled deeply. Such an infusion of different smells assailed my nostrils. I was expert now at detecting the subtle scents that combined to make the whole. Like a fine wine connoisseur, I could identify the earthy, astringent aroma of wee and the heady fruitiness of Alice’s pussy juice.

They were pale lavender, what I suppose would be called hipsters. Material cotton. I love cotton knickers, they soak up so much more and hence I find them more flavoursome.

They were still damp to the touch. I held them to my face, my nose buried in the crotch inhaling Alice’s latest gift. I laid my tongue in the centre where the smells were concentrated. Each pair, and I had a collection of six now, had slightly different smells and tastes, I suppose reflecting Alice’s diet. I had purchased small clip-lok boxes and five pairs were safely tucked away in these, the more to keep their scents for longer.

My self indulgent hedonism was suddenly interrupted with Elizabeth calling me. Reluctantly stowing the knickers away in a new box and labelling it with the date, I put it with the others in an old Samsonite case in the bottom of my wardrobe.

Elizabeth was at the bottom of the stairs, dressed as I’d never seen her before. A short above the knee grey skirt and a white blouse with chiffon scarf around her neck. Though I say it myself, she looked good, better than I’d seen her in a long time. I even detected a hint of that Obsession perfume I’d bought for her a few birthdays ago. I had told Alice that she was skinny and I suppose compared to her, she was. But standing in front of me was a woman it seemed I hadn’t seen in a long time. The tight skirt accentuated her taut bum and her breasts looked firm with just a hint of cleavage showing.

“I’ve decided to go and pick Jo up, so I’m going to drive to Guildford now, spend the weekend there and come back on Monday. Ok?” Not a question, a statement.

I waved Elizabeth off and quickly ran back upstairs. Getting Alice’s latest gift from the case, I placed it on my bed and undressed. My mouth was dry, as always with a new gift. I had just opened the box when my mobile rang. Damn, I thought, it’s probably Elizabeth forgotten something and on her way back.

“Hello, Elizabeth,” I said, “what have you forgotten?”

“Bob? It’s me, Alice , can you talk?”

My heart did a somersault. “Alice! Hi. Yes I can talk, Elizabeth’s away.”

” I just wanted to let you know my course has finished a bit early so I’m coming home tonight. If you want, I can see you at the gym tomorrow? I have something for you.”

“Of course I’d love to see you, Alice, but,” I said thinking fast, “Elizabeth won’t be back until Monday. How do you feel about coming here?”

“I don’t know about that, Bob, Might it not be a bit risky for you?”

“Don’t worry about anything, Alice , we’re quite secluded here. No one will take any notice.”

Alice’s stomach flipped. It would be better than the gym for talking, and she did have a nice gift for him. A very nice gift. Thinking about her present she clenched her thighs feeling her knickers moisten.

“Ok, Bob, if you’re sure it’s safe. I’ll be there as early as I can. How have you been getting on with my little packages?”

“Alice , they were wonderful. I loved every one. I can let you have them back tomorrow, do you want me to wash them?”

“No, don’t you dare! I want to see exactly what you’ve been doing with them and how mucky you’ve made them. I’ve loved the thought of you wearing them and smelling me on them. That’s why the ones I’ve been sending have been extra juicy.”

After she hung up, Alice felt a thrill run through her. She’d always had a thing for panties ever since the third year at secondary school when she and her best friend would go into the toilets, play about with themselves, getting their knickers very juicy. They would then sniff and taste each other’s different smells and wear each other’s knickers. She did worry she might be a lesbian but it wasn’t long before she found what boys had between their legs and worried no more about her sapphist feelings. But she never forgot about her love of knickers.

Bob was so excited at the thought of seeing Alice. Did anything need doing to the house? No, Elizabeth saw to that. His bedroom though, needed some attention. He opened the windows to air it out and changed his bedding. He sprayed some aerosol around also. He replaced her latest gift back in the case to keep it ‘fresh’, he would show Alice tomorrow what he does with them. He dressed and leaving his door open for the air to blow through, he saw the door to Elizabeth’s room open. Bob automatically made to close it when he thought he’d look in her knicker drawer. If he wasn’t going to pleasure himself with Alice’s knickers, maybe he could this time find something to tempt him.

Bob slid the drawer open, damn, all all good knickers were gone. She must have taken them for the weekend with Jo, he realised. But why so many? She had at least ten very nice sexy ones. Ah well, just have to wait until Alice comes tomorrow.

He was up early the next day, showered and shaved and put a good shirt on. He couldn’t settle, pacing up and down the living room, constantly glancing out of the window for any sign of Alice.

Alice was up and out early, wearing her casual gym clothes as that was her cover story for her husband. Bob’s gift was secreted in the bottom of her Adidas gym bag. She was wearing pale blue cotton briefs which were already quite damp from the illicitness of what she was doing. She did think about a squirt of Femfresh but decided against it. She knew today she would do what she had only thought about at the gym. That she would take her knickers off in front of Bob and give them to him. She would watch him as he smelt her natural body smells, she would splay her legs for him to see her so squishie pussy.

She squirmed in her seat, trying to concentrate on driving but conscious of the flowy, flippy feeling in her stomach and knowing her knickers were now more than just damp and her juices had soaked though her short gym skirt as well.

Bob was at the window as he saw Alice’s Audi sweep into his drive. He was at the door before she had switched off. He watched as she swung her right leg out of the car, his breath caught in his throat as he glimpsed a flash of her knickers. He could swear they were damp in the crotch.

Alice saw Bob waiting at the door, her mischievous side decided to give him a show. She hitched her already short gym skirt higher revealing her soaked knickers. She revelled in the feeling of them clinging to her skin and she could smell her own excitement. Swinging her legs out onto the gravelled drive, she splayed her legs, giving eric an excellent view of her darkly stained knickers. She pretended to struggle a bit getting out, sliding to the edge of the seat, her skirt sliding even higher.

Bob could hardly believe what he was seeing. Alice had stepped from her car, her skirt folded high showing her knickers almost in their entirety. She smiled and waved, opening the boot and bending to retrieve her gym bag showing Bob her ample bum encased in her darkly soaked cotton knickers. He noticed also the damp stain on her gym skirt.

Alice’s tummy flipped at the illicitness of the way she was behaving. She had never done anything before remotely like this. Somehow, Bob’s obsession with her knickers had reignited her almost dormant fixation. She knew her smouldering desires were getting stronger by the day, but she didn’t care or allow herself to consider the consequences. Tomorrow would be time enough for that.

She walked the few yards to where Bob was standing in the doorway. She held his eyes and was smiling. Bob smiled back, he knew now that Alice was not playing games, that she was as excited as him with their knicker naughtiness. He held out his arms, gave her a proper hug and this time he initiated the kiss on her cheeks.

“Bob, you look good, you’ve shaved,” said Alice, running her hand over his chin. “I like a nice clean shaven man.”

“And you look wonderful, Alice , you’ve done something to your hair. It looks nice.”

Alice was pleased he had noticed. She had made an effort for him. “Ah, thank you, Bob, err, shall we go in?”

They were still on the doorstep. “Of course, I’m sorry, Alice , please come in.”

Alice was ushered into the large, sunny lounge. She glanced around and immediately spotted a framed photo of Bob and Elizabeth. “So this is Elizabeth? She’s not skinny, Bob, she has quite a nice figure.”

“I only meant she was skinny compared to you, not that you’re fat, I was only comparing her bum to yours.” Said Bob.

“Oh yes, you do like my big bum, don’t you, Bob?” Said Alice, pirouetting round and flicking up her gym skirt and patting her ample bum cheeks.

“You know I love it, Alice “

“Would you like to touch it, Bob?”

“Touch it, Alice?” Bob said breathlessly.

“Yes, Bob, would you like to touch my big bum? I have my knickers on, would you like to touch my knickers?”

“Oh God, Alice. That would be the most wonderful thing in the world if you would be so kind.”

Alice chuckled. “I will make it even more wonderful, Bob. Kneel behind me and kiss my bum. I want you to kiss it.”

Bob couldn’t answer, his mouth suddenly dry. Instead, he fell to his knees and reached out grasping both her cheeks and kneading the pliant flesh. Alice moved backwards into his hands, looking over her shoulder. Her ample backside was inches from Bob’s face and she saw him lean close and bury his face between her cheeks. Just what Alice had hoped he would do. Her tummy flipped and her pussy flowed, she could feel his warm breath caressing her skin. Reaching behind, her fingers twisted in his hair pulling him closer.

“Alice , you smell so good, much better than just knickers.” Bob wanted to pull her cheeks wide and get even closer to the source of her tangy scent.

“Bob, it could be even better for you. Let me turn round.”

Alice, still holding Bob’s head turned until she was now facing him with Bob staring open mouthed at her darkly stained knickers covering her fleshy pussy. Her heat and piquant pussy smells wrapped round him. Slowly, as if in a dream, Bob moved his face forward, inhaling deeply through his nostrils. Almost of its own volition, his tongue poked, dragging along the soaked juice filled material, tasting Alice’s fresh, warm secretions.

Alice could feel the pressure of Bob’s tongue. Her mouth was dry, her pulse raced. Her stomach was fluttering, her juices flowing. She bent slightly opening her thighs to give Bob better access. Her hands held his face close. Thoughts of her husband, at home, thinking she was at the gym flashed through her mind. Was she going much further than she had intended? Was she allowing Bob to do things she had only imagined they would do?

She had never been unfaithful nor did she intend to be, but then, what does being unfaithful mean? A clandestine meeting that hubbie doesn’t know about, could that be considered as being unfaithful? Or an illicit kiss, albeit a peck on the cheek? Maybe flashing her knickers at Bob? Though that was a bit of fun even as the act caused her tummy to flip. If these were to be considered unfaithful acts then she was unfaithful already.

As Bob was causing Alice’s tummy to tremble and her pussy to pulsate, she put thoughts of unfaithfulness or otherwise to the back of her mind. After all, it is only a stricture society has decided upon, since Moses and the Ten Commandments. ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’. Well, so long as I drawn the line at full on penetrative sex, I am not being adulterous therefore not unfaithful. This was how Alice dealt with the question in her own mind.

“Bob, would you like me to take my knickers off?”

“Oh, Alice,” said Bob, leaning back and looking up at her, “I would love you to do that.”

Bob squatted back on his haunches, as Alice bent to remove her trainers. Then he watched mesmerised as she slowly and sexily peeled her knickers over her hips. She wriggled them down to her ankles, slipped one foot out then flicked them in Bob’s direction. He deftly caught them, his eyes never leaving the hem of her gym skirt which was barely covering her as at the same time bringing the knickers up to his nose.

Alice backed up to Bob’s settee and sat on the edge. Raising the hem of her short skirt, Bob could see contained in the vee of her thighs where they met the crease of her tummy, a triangle of dark pubic hairs curled together in a central stripe as if pointing the way to hidden delights.

Bob, still on his knees shuffled closer. Alice hadn’t intended anything more than removing her knickers and letting Bob have a peek at her hairy pussy. The wrongfulness though was as exciting as watching Bob’s open mouthed expression as he looked at her ravenously, and without much thought Alice splayed her legs wide giving Bob sight of her pussy lips, engorged with her arousal.

Bob, leaned closer, his head now between Alice’s knees. He looked up at her, “Alice, I want to touch you, may I?” He said breathlessly.

Alice was sure now that some invisible line had been crossed; she wanted to feel his hands on her naked pussy as much as Bob wanted to feel her. She looked at him, his eyes flicking between her cunt and her face, waiting for her answer. Her juices were in full flood, soaking the edge of the settee. Since her marriage, no other man than her husband had seen her naked bottom and now she was going to let Bob not just look at it but touch it.

Her fingers parted her thick pubic bush and held her deeply pink pussy lips apart. Her inner flesh glistened with her juices. Bob could see them seeping down over her thighs, “yes, Bob, you can touch me now.” Alice whispered.

Bob’s trembling fingers gently stroked Alice’s slick pussy lips. Not since the very early days of his marriage to Elizabeth has she allowed him to closely look at her down there. In fact all sexual contact had completely ceased since she had moved into Jo’s room. Bob was surprised at the heat being generated by Alice’s pussy and how smooth the lips were. He could smell her fresh feminine scents.

He touched her inner coral pink lips, fingers trailing over the smooth bumps and ridges, loving the sight of her juices bubbling forth.

Alice was biting her lower lip lest she scream at the delicious feeling Bob’s fingers were generating. Her juices were in full flow now, her thighs trembled, her tummy flipped. The quick peek that was all she was going to allow Bob had morphed into him bringing her close to orgasm.

Bob glanced up, “Alice, may I taste you?”

No! No! I definitely mustn’t let him, thought Alice, I’ve let it go too far already and if I allow that I don’t know where this will all finish. But another quiet voice in her mind said if you don’t let him, then you’ll never know what it would be like to have a man lick you, bury his face between your legs. Eat you. She though again of her husband, he ‘didn’t do that’. Never had. Her resolve crumbled, now she wanted this more than anything else, to feel Bob’s tongue digging inside her, lapping at her, drinking her. “Yes, Bob, you can taste me.”

Alice put her hands on Bob’s head as he moved his face slowly forward. She could see his nostrils quiver as he sniffed her fragrance. Her hands were to push Bob away should she decide it was all too much for her, but instead she found herself pulling him closer.

Bob’s fingers, bolder now, parted Alice’s puffy labia. He studied her for a while, his eyes taking in every minute detail, every hill and valley of her inner sex. He felt Alice’s insistent hands on his head urging him closer. His tongue tentatively lapped at her briefly, tasting her, savouring her slightly salty, flavoursome juices. His tongue lapped again, this time along the whole length of her, digging deep inside.

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