Her Name Was Alice Pt. 02

When Bob arrived home, he called out for his wife, Elizabeth. Relief flooded through him when he found her note in the kitchen. She would be out with her friends till late and not to wait up.

On previous occasions when he knew his wife would be out he had always followed the same routine. It wasn’t great but he made the best of things.

He knew Elizabeth would be out for ages, he had time to play.

He went upstairs still clutching Alice’s dirty knickers almost reverently in his hand and quietly opened his wife’s bedroom door.

It was a ritual he was well accustomed to. He walked silently across the carpeted floor and opened the bottom draw of her bedside table and withdrew Elizabeth’s underwear and placed them on the bed.

Elizabeth had always worn pretty underwear and there were reds and blacks and pinks.

It was always the same. His wife’s underwear was so pretty and clean and so boring. On previous occasions he had made the best of it, but today was much more exciting.

He went to his bedroom, his heart thrumming, his mouth so dry. He quickly pulled Alice’s knickers from his pocket. Almost reverently, he placed them on the bed and stripped off his clothes, not taking his eyes off Alice’s gift to him. He lay down, his excitement evident. Gently picking them up he wrapped them over his nose and mouth and breathed deeply, drawing in the fragrant aromas infused in them. He moved them over his face and found stronger smells in the crotch where Alice’s sweat from her exertions in the gym, combined with the scent of her squishie juices and perhaps, even a measure of her wee mixed in, blended.

In his wildest dreams, in the many lonely nights he held and rubbed himself with images of sweaty, dirty knickers suffusing his mind, he had never come close the reality of this moment. He laid his tongue along the gusset where the smells were strongest. Tangy flavours coated his taste buds, his mind divided the tastes into sweat, pussy juice and wee. He took the damp material into his mouth and sucked hard, trying not to dilute the flavours with his saliva.

Bob held himself and slowly stroked his hardness, playing over in his mind the events at the gym. He remembered Alice’s bum cheeks bouncing as she worked out on the cross trainer. Saw the sweat patches staining the tight pale blue Lycra bottoms she was wearing. Darkening the material between her bum cheeks. He remembered now he could see the outline of her knickers underneath – the very knickers now draped over his face.

Whilst he was reasonably content with his marriage, he and Elizabeth in the main did their own things. She had her circle of friends and he his. They had slept in separate rooms for some years now and Bob preferred that. He was thought of as an ok sort of guy but a bit quiet. Of course, no one knew of his predilection for women’s underwear. Especially dirty underwear. Until now, that is.

Bob removed the knickers from his face and slipped them on. They were a snug fit even given Alice’s ample proportions. He pulled them high, the gusset tight between his legs, thrilling in the now cool dampness, knowing it’s origin and relishing that fact that they had recently been covering Alice’s sweaty, squishie nether regions. He rubbed himself through the material, he could smell her scent still, or maybe it was imprinted in his brain.

He came heavily, containing his discharge in the knickers, rubbing it into them, mixing with Alice’s juices. This gave him a thrill, a feeling of closeness to her. He wondered what she was doing now? Was she thinking of him at all? And what was today about for her?

Was it just some fun for her? Or did she get a buzz out of it as well? The fact she gave him her knickers meant something, didn’t it? Yes, it must have done, after all, she said she’d see me. We’re going to get together, bump into each other.

He got up and dressed himself, keeping Alice’s knickers on. He loved the damp material clinging to him, keeping him in an excited state. He tried to do some chores, fix a leaky tap, make a bit of lunch but it was no good. His thoughts were permanently on the events of the day.

He knew there was no going back to his lonely fumbles at night, he’d tasted his future and it it was good. But he knew the initial thrill of Alice’s warm, juicy knickers would not last for ever. Her fragrance would fade with time, replaced by his own masculine scents. He would always treasure them, of course, never wash them

and only use them on special occasions. But he would need to find a fresh source, or rather a dirty, sweaty source. But where?

He resolved that in the morning, he would go to the gym and hope to see Alice. She would, I hope, help me. He remembered she only went about three times a week, and if she didn’t turn up, he would phone her.

Decision made, Bob went to bed, still with Alice’s knickers on, dry and stiff with his cum. He rubbed himself off, cumming hard into the knickers again.

In the morning, he went to the gym at his usual time. He normally changed there, but he still wore Alice’s knickers and didn’t want to run the risk of being seen in the changing room. He eagerly looked for Alice, his disappointment all to evident when she didn’t turn up. He did a few desultory workouts but his heart wasn’t really in it.

Not wanting to phone from home, he plucked up courage and rang Alice from the gym pay phone. He noticed it was a mobile number. After a few rings, it answered.


“Alice? Is that you? It’s Bob”

“Bob? Oh, hi. Just a minute.”

The phone muted and Bob listened to silence.

“Hello, Bob. Sorry about that. What a surprise to hear from you. Did you like my little gift?”

“Alice, I liked it very much. Thank you.”

“Did you like my sweaty bums smells and everything?”

“Yes Alice, I liked them very much. I err.. I’m wearing them now.”

“Ooh, Bob, you naughty boy, wearing my dirty, sweaty knickers. Tell me what you did with them when you got home.”

“I smelt them at the gym, first, Alice, then when I got home smelt and tasted them.”

“And what did I smell and taste like. Nice and juicy and cummy?”

“They were still warm, Alice, and damp from your sweaty bum. I loved the taste and smell of you on them.”

“I’m so pleased, Bob that you liked them. Talking to you now I’m getting a little squishie, in my nice clean knickers.”

In Bobs mind, he imagined Alice splaying her legs for him and seeing the fresh stain of her juice. His cock lurched in his or rather, her knickers. “That’s why I’m calling, Alice. When will you be at the gym next?”

“Oh, Bob. It won’t be a while yet. When I got home I had a message to call work. There was a last minute space on a course I’ve been waiting for but I had to go straight away? At least a month. Why?”

Bob tried to hide his disappointment. “I was wondering if perhaps you would be able to let me have another pair of your knickers. Your smell and tastes are fading and I’m afraid I wanked myself in them twice last night.” Did I just say wanked?

“Bob, baby. I thought you might have done that. It makes me very happy that I can please you. Now let me think. The best I can come up with right now is I send you my dirty, soiled knickers say twice a week. I’ll wear them for three or four nights so they are nice and sweaty, smelly and crusty with my secretions. Would that be ok for you?”

Bob was overjoyed. Alice seemed to enjoy knicker games as much as him.

“Thank you Alice. Have you got a pen? I’ll give you my address. I’m always sending for stuff from Amazon so it won’t be a problem when they arrive.”

“I understand, Bob. I’ll put them in a plain brown envelope and type the address. I’ll send the pair I have on tomorrow so that my sweaty pussy smells will be stronger.”

Alice felt a thrill of excitement at the illicitness of what they were doing. She was pleased Bob had phoned, thinking she would not see him again. Her stomach flipped, adding an extra squirt of her juice to her already damp, sweaty knickers.

Bob was euphoric, he was in a daze of happiness now he could rely on a regular supply of stinky underwear. He would be reluctant however to give them up, wanting to use them over and over. Wanking in them; he was comfortable with using that word now; and wearing them constantly. Rubbing them over his skin relishing in the feel of the different materials.

But he would have to come to some arrangement with Alice, about getting her knickers back to her. It would be problematic to wash them at home so maybe she would take them back in their dirty cum stained state to do with what she will. He secretly hoped that she would wear them.

Or I could maybe buy new knickers for her to make sweaty and stinky with her bodily juices. The thought of shopping for ladies knickers sent a thrill through him. He had often sat outside Starbucks with a coffee, looking at the models in Victoria’s Secret, imagining the ladies trying different knickers on. His mind was awash with ideas, after years of an unfulfilled marriage, he felt so alive again.


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