Chapter 1. Sharing details with my wife

“Did you have fun, baby?” Kim asked as I walked in the door from my latest trip to a local porn theater.

“Yeah. I did,” I grinned, remembering what had taken place in the theater.

“How many guys today?” she asked, coming up to me, grinning as she reached for my cock, squeezing it through my thin white shorts.

“Who was counting?” I teased.

“Many?” she asked, rubbing my cock slowly now.

“Maybe four or five,” I said softly, noting the stiffness of her nipples under her tank top. Kim has gorgeous, C-cup tits… full, round… and amazingly gorgeous for a woman her age. We found each other late in life, and we’re both “senior citizens,” but also both very fit and extremely devoted to each other, and sex. Lots of sex.

“Did you… you know… suck any of them?” she asked as I began fondling her tits.

“Yeah. I did,” I murmured as I kissed her neck.

“Come on,” she said, grabbing my hand, then turning to lead me into our bedroom. “I want to hear everything.” So I let her take the lead as we walked down the hall and into our bedroom.

We undressed quickly, and while I selected and began playing a theater porn video, Kim reached into the drawer next to our bed and selected one of the fake cocks she leaves there, along with her Shabari lube. We crawled into bed, naked, and began kissing, our hands all over each other, mine on her breasts, hers on my cock and balls. Even though I’d come in the theater I knew she would easily be able to get me aroused enough for what she wanted to do with me.

“So tell me. Did you take the panties I gave you with you?” she asked. Before I’d left for the theater Kim told me to wait a minute. She’d gone into our bedroom closet and returned with a pair of her soiled panties from the dirty clothes hamper, sniffing them, then wrinkling up her face as she handed them to me. “Here… take these with you. They’re pretty rank. Your buddies may enjoy sniffing and licking them.”

I took the panties, then held them up to my nose, inhaling the fragrance of her pussy as she smiled at me. “I’m sure the men there will appreciate these, baby,” I said, feeling my cock growing. I wasn’t wearing underwear, and when Kim has seen my growing cock she had quickly dropped to her knees in front of me and reached up under the worn, skimpy jersey shorts to grasp my dick.

“Show this to everyone today, darling, and come home and tell me all about what you do today, okay?” she said.

I had told her I would, and now I was about to do just that.

“I played with myself on the way to the theater,” I began, as Kim poured a little of the lube on her pussy.

“Did you get hard in the car?” she asked softly.

“A little, yeah,” I said.

“Did you have your cock out? Did anyone see it?” she continued, rubbing her pussy now, becoming more aroused.

“I think so. At one point a van pulled up next to me and I saw a woman looking down at me just as the light changed, so I don’t know if she saw my cock or not.”

On screen a guy was undressed his wife in the theater, and men were beginning to surround the couple. Kim glanced at the screen momentarily, rubbing her furry cunt in the familiar circular motion I love so.

“When I got to the theater I was kind of hard when I walked into the lobby to buy a ticket,” I said.

“Was your cock hanging down below your shorts, baby?” she asked, slowly rubbing her cunt.

“Yeah. A little,” I said.

“Did the guy see it?” she asked.

“No. The woman was there again today, but SHE saw it,” I said.

“God!” Kim hissed, rubbing a little faster. “What’d she say?”

“Not much. She just stared at the crown of my cock a little, the part of my cock handing down out of the shorts, then just took my money, handed me a ticket, and said, ‘Have fun in there.’ I told her I would, and she just smiled a little.

“Then what happened?” she asked, as I began to masturbate with her.

“I stood at the top of the aisle to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. On screen a woman was sucking a cock while another guy was fucking her, and as my eyes grew accustomed to the dim light I looked over and saw a guy standing maybe five feet away from me, leaning against the back wall. He was grinning at me as another guy knelt on the floor in front of the guy standing, and the guy on his knees was sucking the other guy’s cock.”

“Oh God!” Kim moaned. “Did you wish it was you, baby? Which one would you rather have been… the guy sucking the cock or the guy getting his cock sucked?” she asked.

“Either, honey,” I smiled.

“God!” she moaned again, rubbing her pussy faster now. “Then what? Tell me!”

“I walked down the aisle a ways and took a seat a few off the aisle, and as soon as I sat down I raised up and pulled my shorts down to my knees, then started jerking off,” I said.

“Did you use your jerkoff lube?” she asked. She knows I like to coat my cock with my special masturbation.

“Not at first. I just squeezed my cock while I watched the film a little, until I started getting hard. Then I took out the little jar of my “fake cum,” the Vaseline and baby oil mixture. I took off the lid and reached into the lube and got a gob of it, then put the lid back on and put it back in my pocket. Then I began coating my cock with it.”

“Were you making those squishing noises like you told me about, baby?” Kim asked, her cheeks flushed, clearly aroused now.

“Not yet. But as I began playing with myself and started getting harder I started making more noise.” I’d explained to Kim once about how when I’m excited and my heart is pounding in my chest over what I was about to do I would jerk off so it made a lot of rhythmic noise, clearly signaling to anyone anywhere near me that there was a guy sitting here loudly playing with his cock.

“God, baby,” Kim moaned, rubbing herself faster, her furry mound jiggling up and down as her fingers massaged her wet cunt.

“Then I heard someone coming,” I said.

“God you must have been so fucking hot, baby,” she gasped. “Like you said, sitting there with your NAKED cock out, playing with it while hearing someone coming down the aisle, someone who was going to be able to see what you were doing.”

“I was, babe,” I said. “Like I told you, for perverts like me, a lot of he thrill comes from not knowing who it will be. Will it be a hot dude, with a great body, someone good looking, or will it be a fat slob… a young guy, or old guy like me. And as I’ve told you, the fun comes from knowing it won’t matter. Whoever it is I’m going to let them see my cock, no matter what. And then, when the guy hears what I’m doing and stops to look down at me-.”

“You take your hand away and aim your hard, naked cock at him, don’t you, baby. You WANT him to see your dick, all greasy and hard, don’t you, you fucking deviate,” Kim gushed, rubbing faster now.

“Yeah. I do want whoever it is to see my cock,” I said, jerking off faster myself. Then I took out the jar of lube from my bedside table and coated my cock just as I’d done in the theater.

“Show me how you did it today. I want to hear the kind of noises you were making,” Kim breathed.

“I did it like this,” I said, stroking my cock now, squeezing it, working the lube with my hand to create the distinctive, loud jerking off noises I’d perfected over the years, loud, squishing noises that I knew would be heard several rows away, AND, of course, by the person coming down the aisle.

“Oh FUCK, baby… I’m close to coming now. Did he hear you, the guy you heard coming toward you? Please tell me he did!” Kim gasped, her nipples rock her, squishing noises of her own almost as loud as my own by then.

“Oh yeah. He heard me alright. And as I hoped he would, he stopped at the entrance of my row and looked down at me.”

“You showed your cock to him, didn’t you, you fucking pervert!” Kim gushed.

“Yeah. I did, Kim. I squeezed my balls and used my thumb and forefinger so my entire hard cock could point at the guy. Then I jiggled it a little to make sure he could see it.”

“Oh fuck, baby. What did he do?”

“He moved into my row and sat next to me,” I said, remembering how excited it was. The guy was okay looking. Maybe in his 40s, a little chubby, but not real fat. He looked at my cock again then, and I said, ‘Use me however you want’ and he reached over and touched my dick. I moaned and told him I wanted to touch him, too, so he unzipped is cock and took it out.”

“What did it look like? Was he big?” Kim asked, close to coming now.

“It was nice, babe. It was just starting to get hard, but it was pretty big and had a nice large mushroom head on it.”

“Just the kind you like, right?”

“Yeah. And when I touched it he groaned and squeezed me harder. I told him I liked his cock, and he said he liked mine, too.”

“‘Will you suck it for me?'” he asked, and I said I might. Then I took out the panties you gave me to take with me, and said, ‘Here… sniff and taste these. They’re my wife’s panties and she wore them all night so they’d be nice and rank for you.”

“God!” Kim groaned. “Did he take them?”

“Of course, baby. And he sniffed them and then started licking the crotch. That’s when I went down on him. I slid to the floor and told him to lift up so I could get his shorts off. He did, and I pulled them and his briefs off. His cock was hard then, and I held it up and licked his balls, baby. He was breathing hard and sniffing your panties and licking them, and it made me hot to know he was smelling my wife’s cunt scent, so I licked his cock up to the crown, jerking it off then, as I slid my lips down over his cock.”

“Oh FUCK, Kenny. You started SUCKING HIS COCK! RIGHT THERE IN THE THEATER!” Kim groaned, and I knew she was close to coming, so I started talking faster.

“I did, baby… and then I went down on him, taking as much of his cock as I could into my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum lube, and it was sweet, and he was moaning and sucking your panties, and I said, ‘give them to me. I want you to come in them for my wife.’ So he gave them back to me and I kept sucking his cock and he kept groaning and getting harder, so I took your panties and wrapped them around his cock, then sucked him again, feeling his balls. I knew he was close to coming already, so I took the middle finger on my left hand and smeared some of my jerkoff lube from my hand onto the finger, then went back down on him again, sucking his cock with your panties wrapped around it, and I slowly began feeling for his asshole.”

“Oh God, yeah!” the guy moaned, so I slid my finger slowly into his ass while I was sucking his cock until he said he was going to come.

“‘Do it in my wife’s panties,'” I told him. Then I sucked him again until I felt him lift up off the seat and I knew he was coming, so I made sure the crotch of your panties was over the head of his cock and he did it… he started spurting cum into your panties, baby.”

“Oh FUCKKKKKKKK MEEEE!” Kim screeched, coming herself then. I quickly moved my face over her pussy and began licking and sucking her swollen clit while her body went into her usual jumping and jerking routine as she came. I wish every one of you could see how great it looks to watch her coming when she’s naked like that, or wearing just black stockings. It is sooo fucking hot to see, ESPECIALLY when she’s begging me to come on her face.

But I didn’t want to come yet. She’s very multiorgasmic, and I knew I could get her to come again, so I quickly crawled out of bed and went to the closet and got the shorts I’d worn to the theater and took out the little baggie I’d put her panties in after the guy came in them. Then I took them back to the bedroom with me and took them out of the baggie. They were still warm and wet.

“I have a present for you, babe,” I said, showing her the panties.

“Those are the ones he came in?” she asked, playing with her pussy again.

“Yeah. And he came a LOT, too, babe,” I said.

“Are they still wet, baby?” she asked, excited.

“Yeah. They are,” I said.

“Let me see them,” she said, and I handed the wet, fragrant panties to her. She felt the wetness in them, then held them up and inhaled their slutty aroma.

“Feel it? His cum?” I asked.

“God yes!” she exclaimed.

“Suck them, Kim,” I said, my voice low, husky, excited.

“You do it first,” she said, holding the panties for me, so I crawled over next to her and opened my mouth. She trembled once, then fed the wet panties into my mouth.

“Oh my God, Ken!” she moaned.

“Now you do it,” I said. She looked at me a moment, then at the panties, then back at me again. “Come in them for me, baby. On top of his cum,” she whispered, her eyes filled with lust.

“Put them in your mouth and I’ll come on them for you,” I said, kneeling next to her face.

“Okay,” she said softly, looking at my cock as I began masturbating right next to her face. Then she looked at the panties, then back at me, and then she put them in her mouth and began sucking them.

“Fucking slut… sucking some guy’s cum out of your panties. What a slut you are,” I said, playing with her mind. She loves it when I call her the nastiest names I can.

Then she began rubbing her pussy again, while holding her scummy panties with her other hand. “I am a slut, darling. You made me like this. Fucker! Bastard!”

“Fucking cunt pig slut wife!” I said. “You’d like him to come on your face, wouldn’t you, whore!”

“Yes! But not just him. I’d want every guy in that theater to come on my face. AND IN MY CUNT. Only rule… NO rubbers! Just unprotected cocks. Okay?” she mumbled, still sucking the panties.

“Want a faceful now, slut?”

“Yes, you cocksucker. Come on your slut wife’s face with all these other men,” she moaned. “Give it to me!” And so I did.

I held my cock right over her face as I felt my orgasm coming. She had lay back on the bed by then, and my balls were over her mouth. “Lick them!” I demanded, and she did, with her panties still in her mouth.

“GIVE IT TO ME, YOU FUCKER! COME ON MY FACE! I’M COMINGGGG!” she cried out, her fingers splashing wetness all over us then, her squirt hot, wet, and noisy as her fingers dug into her pussy as she fucked herself. And I came. My cum splashed out onto her face and her panties, and when the first gob of cum hit her she came for me again, this time much harder than she had before, her body jumping and jerking around on the bed in spasms as more and more of my hot cum rained down onto her lips and cheeks.

“Yessssss!!” I wailed. Then she took the panties from her mouth and wrapped them around my spurting cock, holding them there as I continued to come. Finally, when I was finished coming she held the panties away from my cock and examined them, as though she was trying to find the parts of them that held the most cum. Then she looked at me and put the wettest part of the panties back in her mouth and sucked them… and came again, her eyes clouded over, wide open, staring at nothing as her body shook and trembled. For a moment she stopped breathing, still rubbing her cunt, building up to one final powerful orgasm…and then it hit her, slammed into her, and she literally screamed and chewed on the panties, her body twitching and jerking again, like I’ve seen some of those women doing on those Sybian machines. And then she let the panties fall from her mouth, closed her eyes, and dozed off.

I got a warm wash cloth from the bathroom and came back to her, gently wiping up my cum from her face as she slept, grinning, pleased and excited in the knowledge of what a wonderful wife I have. One day soon I hope to get her to join me in the porn theater, or at least in a glory hole booth. When? Who knows. Maybe never, but then again, I just might finally be able to convince her to join me. Meanwhile I’ll continue to go to both, and will continue to share the details with my hot wife. It’s really not a bad way to live at all…


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