Death of the Salesman.-1

Sara was a sexy little devil of a girl. She had dark brown hair and sexy dark eyes. She is about 5 foot even, 96 pounds (when she is wearing panties) soaking wet. I knew her from school. I had taught her back at Quantico. She excelled so well in the FBI environment. There wasn’t anything that she couldn’t do. But then back in those days that is how FBI agents got recruited; for performance, intelligence, and skill sets: a four year degree and some snotty references and a doctors note as to why they should be exempt from P.E. during their stay at Quantico just wouldn’t cut it, in fact it still doesn’t. The FBI is hurting because of it too.

We had a wonderful give and take relationship; she’d take my cock and I’d give her hours of sex on end. She didn’t have huge breasts, in fact she didn’t have big breasts at all; but they were perfect for her. A perfect sexy sultry girl next door look she had. I met up with her one day on one of my campuses’; after that we did lots of ‘group work’ together… Until one day she decided she should end our relationship, as open as it was, for some asshole that had convinced her that she should better her life by leaving everything she had going for her in the Agency behind. It was funny to me; she could take care of herself, a real people person.

I didn’t see her for at least 5 years; until one day as fate would have it I was out in Northern California on personal business; I actually worked as the Intermediary between the various different Agencies, the Ranger; the most powerful position on the planet. The guy who investigates the Internal Affairs and kept tabs on the SS and all the other various agencies; I was out in Northern California because of statistical mismatches I kept finding from the NSA, which by the way happens to be funded by the Ranger organization, a sub branch per say, like the United States Marshals. Yea, the ‘blue bird’ programs numbers and my numbers weren’t matching up. I decided to check it out personally. An interesting side note; what is the difference between the NSA and NASA? When you say you work for NSA and your talking about it, you pronounce it like this (phonetically spelled of course): Nhh ehS Aeh. It makes for a double sound if down properly and you actually say NaSA. It is funny to say the least.

And who should I bump into while I was out there? Sara. She looked just as sexy as she always had. A little worn for wear, but still sexy as hell. I was just driving down the street and I saw her sitting with some guy holding a pink slip. There couldn’t have been another girl who looked like her, no way. So I stopped and walked right up. She recognized me immediately, but she seemed hesitant to let her guy friend know I knew her. I knew her that well, so I played her little game.

I struck up conversation with her and the guy; patiently and painstakingly dragging the last five years of her life out of her without seeming too enamored. She didn’t even tell me her boyfriends name; just that they had been together for two years now. They both had gotten fired and were out debating how they were going to deal with the eviction notice her boyfriend was holding. Our conversation was getting real interesting to say the least. I was having fun pushing her buttons, I could tell she was feeling many mixed emotions to say the least.

She was embarrassed that the guy she had originally left me for left her after only a month out in California. But, she was just genuinely pleased to see her oldest trusted fuck buddy; for some reason I bring a level of comfort to my various lovers.

So anyways, I was telling them about my work and how I was alone on this boring business trip. I didn’t know anything about the area and was wondering if they knew of any good places to just relax, unwind, drink, and dance the night away. It was about lunch time and they knew of a quaint little café down the road that wasn’t too expensive. I jumped at the chance of buying them lunch telling them both how boring business travel gets.

She was getting giddy, really excited. I could tell she hadn’t felt that way in a long time. We talked about things that she and I both knew we liked. Her bore friend was almost a third wheel. I think he learned more about what my sexy little lover likes and dislikes in that forty five minute lunch than he had for the two whole years she had been with him. Eventually, I broached the subject. Told him I had noticed the pink slip…

Her eyes darkened to an almost black color. I could tell it would be a touchy subject. I heard a bunch of mess about how he this and that and work just wasn’t working out for him. I started laughing at that. Seeing Sara was that important to me; I asked if he could wake up and show up to a job on time. Gave a short interview and hired the guy on the spot. Even told her I would loan the rent money for them till he got paid. I didn’t care; I just didn’t want her to have to work. I hate when my perfectly pretty little lovers have to work. I laughed at her and said something about it would be a shame for her to get caught up in a sleazy internet porno industry. She almost started to cry; I could tell my baby needed some pampering.

The first part of my inquiries into the regions system was to check out all the locals where the sub controllers and field agents were working. So I had been doing some traveling all over the northern corner of America doing back ground work and cross referencing all my findings with the other two data sources. By coming across Sara I got a fourth data reference; which would be the kicker. I am not poor by any means and can pretty much bankrupt anyone I please; so being a traveling business man wasn’t at all a farce for me by any means.

Finally he asked how long I would be in town; her eyes widened at the question. I just laughed it off and said I’ll be around long enough to get paid 20% out of each pay check till I was paid off. It was worth seeing Sara happy, even if she was embarrassed of her worthless boyfriend. With that we hopped into my leased car and I took them back to their place, which wasn’t as bad looking as I thought it would be. She invited me in with a knowing look in her eye. I accepted, hung around for about an hour chatting with them as she was fawning about the apartment. Had some beer and bonded a little. Finally I told them I had to be going in less than an hour; I think she was disappointed I didn’t just walk in and fuck her silly on their couch. I saw her rubbing her twat in the kitchen area.

So I got out my wallet and handed him the money to pay their landlord, with a little extra just because I was in a generous mood, told him to get some groceries while he was out. He took the money and half drunk handed it to her; th lease was in her name… She had to pay it. So she went to the main office to pay. I talked with her boyfriend awhile. He had kept the little extra grocery cash I had given them. He was already calling his homeboy on his cell phone bragging to his friend about his new job, then said he was going out to buy groceries and used a slang term to tell his friend he’d be stopping buy for some weed too. I just shook my head in disgust.

Sara got back right as he was about to leave, so I decided to stay a few more minutes. She was really jittery when it was just me and her. Sara knew the type of money I spend and the circles I would visit and hang in every once in awhile. Her place was very messy and she looked a little frazzled. She looked like a scared little girl who had just been saved from a devastating disaster. She walked up to me and I hugged her tight, we stayed like that for at least five minutes just holding each other. I sat down on the couch and she crawled into my lap, draping herself onto me. She kept trying to explain what had happened to her and all the crazy misfortunes and how she was almost about to start stripping and what not… She was in need of solid ground to put her feet on. I just held her tight and whispered for her to not worry. I am here now baby, it is going to be all right.

I know she wanted to fuck me, She knew I wanted to fuck her too. I needed to fuck her silly. But I didn’t want to give her emotions too much of a twist in one day. So unfortunately, I had to make the four o’clock appointment and told her so. She had me hard as a nail too. I told her I had twenty minutes before I had to leave and wasn’t going to waste them with her on senseless fucking. She giggled and got off my lap, her blue jeans crotch was soaked, and said well I better not get you messy for your appointment hunny. She slid off of the couch and got me another beer, my second, handed it to me and said aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.

She curled up and cuddled against me on the couch, taking my free hand and placing it on her soaking wet crotch. I told her how much I had missed her and of some of the different things that had happened to me. By the time I had finished the beer she had cum twice, changed clothing, and we all we did was foreplay. I left twenty minutes after I said I would. I ended up being late to the appointment by twenty minutes with a damp spot on my pants from where she had been sitting. It was funny; told the guy to go to hell and I’d do business with his rival if that is what he wanted. He got my point and I closed the deal.

I went back to my hotel room and cleaned up and took a quick shower. I called Sara around seven that night; they were at her apartment celebrating. I could tell she wasn’t happy as she kept snipping at the two male voices in the background. I was going to plan to see her tomorrow but she begged me to come over, she was already cooking. I laughed and said I can’t wait.

It was bout nine o’clock when I got to her place. She had cleaned the whole apartment from top to bottom. It was spick and span. She looked so good in her dark blue jeans and white shirt, nothing fancy. I wanted to pick her up and eat her out on the kitchen counter she was fluttering around. I was introduced to her boyfriends friend who asked if I wanted to smoke with them… They both had pretty good buzz’s going and were still drinking. She rang the dinner bell before I could even respond to his question. It was funny the way she treated them, at least to me because I knew her that well.

Dinner was exquisite. I literally ate everything on the table. She watched as I devoured her special celebration meal. The guys were still drinking beer, but we where drinking on one of the bottles of wine I had brought. It was Thursday night; there was a house party going on. I asked if they were interested in going dancing anywhere. I didn’t even have to ask Sara, but her two drunks were insistent on going to the party. We went and it was what I expected. She was embarrassed by it all, the drunkenness, her boyfriend and his friend, and the general havoc and mayhem by people who just didn’t care about anything around them. We sat and talked in a corner all the rest of the night just catching up.

She kind of knew what I did for a living; I had always helped/guided her in her computer programming classes and what not back in school. She was smart enough to get into the special assignments classes at Quantico where I would troll for bright young agents with promising futures who could hack it at the NSA and separate them from the deviants and other smart agents who were only in Special Assignments to ‘inflitrate the NSA’, if you did good work and were honest it wasn’t an issue though. Only a blithering idiot would lie on background checks and try to get into the most exclusive Agency in the world. Normally they would be screened and be put into special assignments because there is nothing that they can fuck up or corrupt there and the real Special Assignment ‘students’ would start by investigating them. If they couldn’t pass the background check to get on to Quantico with out lying they weren’t ever going to cut it in my NSA anyways.

So we would investigate the people who lied to get them into the organization, basically the Internal Affairs stock market police to see who was using SS connections to influence and corner markets. If you were legal we left you alone; if you were crooked I’d invest with the rival, bust them, and convict the crooks behind the manipulating. Everything was totally legal on my side and was easier for me because I would buy the whole company and arrest the crooked functionaries. It didn’t matter to me if I took a loss or not; I am that rich; I.E. hence it is not insider trading if you can match the amount of money x2 involved with the stock tip. The biggest problem was keeping all the other crooked business men from buying the business and redoing the same scam the other owner had. It is a crazy world to live in to say the least. A little known committee from the house of congress was the approval board for selling such acquired businesses and contracts. Somehow she already knew I was the director for the Agency that was paying for her schooling. We went way back.

By two in the morning she was literally denouncing the actions and behaviors of her boyfriend and his house party friends. All her old memories were coming back; I could tell she missed her old life. I started laughing at her and asked her if she wanted me to get rid of him for her… She giggled and said she did like him; she actually said she felt like a mother to him. Good old kind hearted Sara; I started laughing at her. Then she said, maybe we could figure something out because his friend was always around too and they both were of a lesser maturity level than she could handle. And that while she liked his friend she was tired of his incessant pestering and boorish behavior of trying to get her into the sack with him. We had been holding hands for sometime now. She squeezed and asked me to take get the ‘boys’ and lets get out of here. I laughed at her again.

I went upstairs to find her boyfriend necking with a blond hooters girl in a brown sundress dress; it was apparent to me because I was at that hooters’ in the town 45 minutes away where she was working when I saw her the night before. I was pleased to say the least. I went down stairs got Sara and took her upstairs to see her boyfriend. She was angry and pleased at the same time. She yelled at him about his maturity level as she grabbed both guys and we took off.

I dropped them off. Sara invited me in to have one last drink. I had to carry one of the boys up the stairs, the other barely made it. They both passed out quickly. We finished off the rest of the bottle of wine and I kissed her good night. Our lips lingered and our embrace was tight, her sexy little body melting into mine. She broke the kiss and asked me to stay the night. In the morning she had some things to talk to her boyfriend about. I laughed at her and said of course and held her until she was sleepy; it had been an exciting stressful day for her. I carried her into her bedroom and laid her on the bed next to her passed out boyfriend, on the other side of the bed was his friend.

Sara woke me up in the morning with hot coffee and breakfast. Surprisingly the couch was pretty comfortable. What I later found out was that the locked door to the guest/study room had a bed in it too, but I didn’t want to pry last night. After the boys had gotten up, eaten, and sobered up it got serious. He remembered the blond and how mad she was. She was straight to the point; she liked him as a friend but she just wasn’t going to be his girlfriend anymore. He was very distraught. After they settled that the two could still stay in the apartment and live in their so called study, the extra bedroom, everyone got more relaxed. Sara is such a kind bitch; told her old boyfriend about us and that was that. Their really wasn’t too much bad blood. He started to complain about not getting the blonds number and I laughed. So I took them all out to Hooters that evening. She remembered him and they hit it off immediately. Sara was looking really content, for whatever reason she liked playing mom to the two immature guys.

She was purring in the passenger seat on the ride back to her apartment, with the blond and the two boys following in her car. When we got there they all started showering and changed clothing. He showered first, and then took his friend back to his other place where he had some more clothes. Sara loved long hot showers when she was horny, I don’t blame her personally. Maybe it was to impress me or what, but she was really cleaning herself up quite nicely. I think she wanted me to give her a movie to star in… But that is a different story.

The blond and I were left to sit and wait. Shamelessly enough; as I was surfing porn in the study she joined me. Her hot white sun dress only made her tan look sexier. She sat on the bed behind me and asked me to look at her favorite porn site. I appeased her, it was her on the cover of the site; she had spread her legs and started playing with her tits. Within two minutes her dress was off and she was in my lap and I was sucking her tits in front of the computer. My cock was hard as a rock and she was rubbing her ass against it. I picked her up and stood at the same time. I carried her the yard to the bed and dropped her on it and went to go check on my Sara. She was fingering herself in the shower, she always does. I asked if she needed me for anything and she said she’d come out when she was done and not to disturb her again. I wanted to jump in and help her but I thought it best to just watch and appraise her end goal.

I went back into the study/guest room to one very horny looking curvy beach blond. Her panties were off and her legs were spread wide open. I took off my cloths and went straight to fucking that hot wet twat of hers. I was going to go slow but she was whispering for me to fuck her into oblivion with my big hard cock. So I did. As I entered her she moaned and squealed. All I could think about was Sara masturbating in her shower while this hot and horny slut was bouncing on my dick. I made her cum and turned her over to fuck her doggy style. As I fucked her harder and harder she gained more momentum in her thrusts back against me. I was fucking her so hard we had gone from doggy style to her lying on her stomach as I pounded my dick into her tight wet pussy from behind. Her second orgasm was even bigger. My dick was even harder still.

I laid on her with my dick still inside of her, she was moaning sweetly. After five minutes she recovered from her last orgasm. I picked her up like a rag doll and carried her over to the computer where I sat down and all the while my cock never left her pussy. We looked at porn like that for the next fifteen minutes till we heard the water from the shower stop. I made her put her dress back on and hop back on my dick. She rode me to another orgasm in the chair. Finally she realized I wasn’t going to cum. She went to the other bathroom to clean herself up some and retouch her make up. I didn’t even break a sweat, harmonic motion… LOL. I made her clean my dick off in the guest bathroom.

I went to go check on Sara, she had locked the door to her room. It was funny; she wanted to surprise me. So I sat on the couch next to the well fucked blond and we just waited. Eventually, after about twenty minutes the guys got back smelling of weed of course. She went straight to her new boyfriend and they kissed for a second and went and got cozy on the other side of the couch from me. She was in the middle, it was almost more of a love seat, not as large a normal couch. Her legs were up on the couch and I was staring at her wet panties. His friend was about to try to squeeze onto the couch too. He was an asshole like that, an extroverted introvert; always looking to one up the males around him and degrade the females for chances at tipping the fulcrum in well balanced relationships. I quickly put him in his place by asking if he was gay and if he was trying to sit on my lap. The other two just started laughing.

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