Death of the Party-2

“Good enough for me,” Raven shrugged. She didn’t let odd get to her. When things were fucking odd, it was the good bits. A lack of normality always seemed to precede a rare change for the better. She kissed his bony mouth eagerly, even daring to slip him the tongue. She toyed with his tongue a bit as she wrapped her arms around…

Eh, sure, he had a will-based tongue as well, makes sense. She wrapped her arms around his bony frame as she felt excitement grow. The power of genuine attraction. Her nipples were pointing hard into the fabric of Death’s robes. The aphrodisiac of the truest necrophilia was turning her on like she’d never been turned on before. Scratch, like she’d never let herself be turned on before. Even below, in the sticky mess of her jizz-stained cunt, she felt herself begin to drip with her own juice.

Breaking the kiss she went down to her knees. She flung open the robes. She expected to hear the caws of a thousand ravens, screams of the dead, or the endless silence of night. The standard shish of robes parting and slipping off of a body was disappointing. Still there in the low light was a cock-like object made of what appeared to be white light with no real intensity. A scientific impossibility, but a foot long one that looked positively…nummy.

She licked at it cautiously as if she had no clue what to do with it. Was it really there? Would it explode if she put her mouth on it? The lust and truth carried her on though. She enveloped the head slowly and then began to work her way down it. She circled the head with her tongue like a corkscrew and then let it travel down the shaft with her movement down. When it hit the back of her throat, she worked it all the way back up. She performed it well, like an expert. Expert, pah. She may have not been a virgin, but she was hardly an expert. But then, she had never done it on someone she…yeah, she really did love the bony personified anthropomorphization.

She sucked harder, moving her entire head into it, truly giving it her all. Treating it like it wasn’t just another sick piece of meat to be tolerated. It seemed to shine into her and even though it was the cock of Death, sucking it made her feel alive. She continued for awhile until Death stopped her.

“Shall I enter you now?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I want you to cleanse me. Make me forget the shit that has defined my life, especially what just happened. I want you to help me feel clean.”

“I can do what you wish. I can kill off all trace of the sperm. Is this your wish?”


“Is it not what you wish?”

“I guess in a literal sense, it is.”

“Then I will have sex with you and we shall orgasm together and I will not pull out. You will have to trust me.”

“It’s interesting, but you’re the only person to say that last sentence without making me want to run away as fast as I can.”

Death looked into Raven’s eyes. “It shall be done.”

Raven laid back on the bed. There was a light feeling to the total surrender she was engaging in. A freedom she had not thought possible. She had kept herself with an inner armor stronger than the fires of Hell. For the first time, she was truly letting it down. True it was for the taker of souls, but still… It felt nice.

Death moved over her softly and guided his glowing cock to the entrance of her ravaged cunt. Softly he entered, letting the head move slowly so nothing would tear. The feeling was incredible. Especially as it slid over her g-spot. While not a virgin, she was a virgin to the field of truly enjoyable sex. Sex in which she felt that she was getting her fair share. Right now, with the cock only barely inside her, she felt that way.

She wrapped her legs around the bones of Death’s hips and pulled the rest of his cock into her. At 12 inches it filled her more than any man or vibrator had and it seemed to pulse with power. Wait, no that was just her cunt muscles freaking out over the size of it. They were contracting around the thick base like a thousand velvet hands, caressing it, milking it, begging it to make her real.

They stayed like that for a long minute as she grew acclimated to the size of the intruder and let her cunt muscles deliver pleasure. And she took pleasure as well. The very act of being filled was practically carrying her by itself on the path to orgasm. Who’d have guessed it could have been so?

And yet, it got better. Death began to slowly move his cock, pulling out slowly until he had nearly removed himself and then thrusting deep. It was all so tantalizing as he let the base trace along her clit in the sliding out, and grind against her g-spot in the thrusting in. Her animosity was crumbling. Fuck the world? Maybe. Love and peace.

And then the tempo increased, raising memories of the usual slam and fuck she’d been used to, but it was a completely different animal. It was because it had been preceded by tenderness, had rhythm, and still maintained the same teasing of g-spot and clit. Fuck that, it was just having a real cock in there combined with actually being excited for once. Gods, it felt good. A rushing deep inside, her body tingling with pleasure, and everywhere a rising roar deep within, an unstoppable build to an all-too predicted end. Finally.

Raven exploded as she felt the firehose cock of Death burst deep in her, flooding her out. The flood extended into all her senses, riding her body in pure energy like the unstoppable surge of ocean waves. She came and came and it felt like she wouldn’t stop coming. Fuck, multiple orgasms. The first fucking man to make her have multiple orgasms and it’s not even a man. Irony, what a card. She kept exploding until eventually it faded leaving only a warm sated glow and…what the hell? A feeling of goodwill.

“That was amazing, dear Raven Mallard,” Death said pulling out and flopping back on the bed.

“I know what you mean.”

Time went for a few seconds as things were processed. The “I fucked Death! I fucked DEATH! I FUCKED Death!” was gotten over with and the feeling of surprising cleanliness enjoyed. Raven smiled. She didn’t just feel clean. She felt…special. Like she had hit the peak of her life and realized it.

“Earlier you told me one reason why you are helping me. What was the main reason?”

“The main reason I helped you?”


“You didn’t call it a costume.”


“My robes. You called them an outfit, not a costume. Even unaware, you recognized me. It is rare that someone is able to do that.”

Raven laughed. The absurdity and the joke of life and the strange plays and the way her life had been going these last couple of hours. All of it was being swished around in this laugh. All of it was going together, because she’d caught a glimpse at the cosmic joke.

When she had recovered after some more laughing, some coughing, and a sobering dry heave, she asked him another question, “Whom were you waiting for?”

“The man in the vampire costume. The fall onto the toilet snapped a neck over-torqued by poor maintenance.”

“You said he was fine though.”

“No, I said he could wait. And it’s true. No one else will guide him into the sunless lands.”

Raven opened her mouth and then closed it again.

“And me, what will become of me?”

“You seem to assume you have died.”

“When Death takes a personal interest, you wonder, no matter how you refer to his sharp clothes.”

Death laughed long and hard. Masonry cracked in the building. Drunken spells were broken. Revelries cut short. Everything became sober. Raven didn’t so much as flinch. In fact, she smiled. “I thought so,” she said.

“You are a remarkable woman.”


Death grinned. “I admit I have entertained the notion of offering you the chance of being my consort, my love if you will.”

Raven grinned. “Why the fuck not?”

Death looked at her in genuine surprise. “You do realize what this entails, don’t you? You will cease to be in this world and will live out the next so-many years of your choosing in the sunless lands with me. You will even be handling part of my workload. You will never be able to live as a human in this world again.”

“Thank the gods. Life as a human has been shite and life on this rock has been shite. A clean slate out like this has been what I’ve practically fantasized about.”

“Well then, if you are sure-“

“Damn straight, boney.”

Death pulled his robes on and pulled Raven close.

“Very well. Let’s ride.”

There was the sound of a horse.

Heather remembered that part even though no one else seemed to.

They had called the police after shooing most of the underage drinkers home. Few could believe it.

It had been an accident. A bit of kinky sex in the bathroom going wrong. The brothers were devastated by the appearance of Michael in his vampire cape and his tongue hanging lifelessly out. A broken neck by a toilet seat. How unfair could you get?

And the girl he went up with looked to have gone out the same way, her head was cracked right open on the tile.

It was probably all the urine they said. After the coitus when they were tired as well as drunk, it was hard to find your footing. They’d slipped and porcelain and tile were unforgiving to those who lose their footing.

And so it was solved with a large-scale and touching ceremony to Michael and a small private family-sized service for Raven.

That was fitting after all and everyone got on with their lives best they could.

And what happened at the true end, few could truly tell.

Why Death truly believed in karma, for instance is a closely guarded mystery, but one many can easily suspect. What truly happened to Michael, only Michael, Death, and Raven know. What punishment he now fulfills to balance his personal karma scale is only known to those three minds.

And for Raven well…with two scythes on the job, it leaves a surprisingly large amount of time for fooling around.

And you may get to see one of them some day when all the sand has poured and learn once and for all which way the karma must flow.

And if you thought you got away with it all and were a “winner” through and through, let it be known that Raven has personally requested to visit you.

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