Death of Mr. Big

Vicki threw back the covers from the bed to admire Matt’s naked body. She slapped his ass hard.

“Get up, lazy bones,” she demanded playfully.

She climbed on top of him straddling his back. Leaning down she stroked the back of his neck with her tongue. He softly moaned into his pillow. She tickled his sides and he writhed in pleasure turning over to face her.

“I’m up now, baby,” he grinned like a cheeky child.

She felt his hard-on between the cheeks of her ass. Leaning over slightly, she began moving her pussy up and down the length of his dick rubbing her clit with a vengeance. This made her really wet and usually she came fast and hard.

“Slow down, honey,” Matt said softly, “Don’t come yet. Do what you did last night. I wanna watch again…please baby,” he begged.

Vicki loved masturbating. She had become very good at it recently too. When she was younger she had always felt like a dirty little girl. Now it gave her a feeling of empowerment to be able to make herself come.

Matt had been away for a few weeks touring with his band. Vicki missed him so much. She missed his scent, his hand touching her breasts, his hot breath on her neck, but most of all she missed his dick; and she was horny. So she had decided to buy herself a vibrator; “Mr Big” was it’s name.

She liked Matt watching her playing with her body. She especially loved watching herself. She actually looked like a different person when she was turned on. Her face softened and her eyes swam. She was completely at one with herself and her body.

Matt urged her on, “Do it, baby, do it.”

Vicki lay on her back and began slowly moving her hands down her torso. She stroked her breasts then moved down to her pussy. She gently massaged her clit. She sat up and moved to the edge of the bed, in front of the mirror. She looked at herself directly in the eye spreading her legs apart as far as they would go. Her tongue licked her lips as her finger entered her cunt. She stood slightly and gyrated her hips. Her finger moved in and out. She was panting now; giddy with pleasure.

She grabbed at her tits and squeezed her nipples hard. Her head fell to one side as she continued to finger herself. In, out, in out; softly moaning.

“My little porn star,” Matt teased stroking his dick. “That’s some ass you have, girl.”

“Hang on, babe,” Vicki said breathlessly.

Leaning across she opened her undie drawer. Vicki rummaged through her knickers; one hand still fondling her clit, as she placed the other hand on “Mr Big”. She hoped the batteries hadn’t run out; it had gotten quite a work out while Matt was away!

She got down on all fours. Her ass facing Matt.

“Hmm nice view,” he commented admiringly.

She turned “Mr Big” on and it began to softly vroom. She placed it in her mouth to moisten it with her saliva then positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. She quivered as she made it enter her with one thrust.

“Ohhh…my,” she groaned.

She moved so she could see the tool going in and out of her cunt. She loved the look of her pussy as it swelled and dripped its juice.

“Does that thing feel as good as me, honey?” Matt asked. His macho pride starting to hurt now.

“Oh yes babe…yes,” Vicki teased. Thrusting “Mr Big” even harder.

She slowly brought the sopping tool out of her with a slurp and placed it on her clit massaging with a circular motion. She was lying on her back now moaning in rapturous delight, unaware of her surroundings, lost in the rhythm.

Matt however, growing impatient, pulled the vibrator from her hand and threw it across the room. With one quick move his cock was pumping Vicki frantically. She groaned raising her legs to wrap them around his back.

“Fuck me hard babe…oh…fuck me,” she demanded breathlessly.

“You still think that plastic shit feels better than me, Vic?” he goaded.

“No…ohhhh…you’re the best,” Vicki moaned. Then yelled, “Harder…harder!!”

Matt was near orgasm. “You nearly there, babe?” He whispered in Vicki’s ear. “A little longer…just…ah…ohhh,” was all she could get out before she came. Her body shuddering with each pulsating beat of her pussy.

Matt’s body surged forward as his sweet hot cum entered Vicki’s wet welcoming cunt.

“Oh…god,” he panted.

They lay on the floor, in the recovery position, waiting for their breathing to return to normal.

The soft vroom of the vibrator, laying abandoned in the corner of the room, could still be heard. Matt stood up located the offending object and violently threw it out the opened bedroom window.

Mr Big, (“8 inches of probing sensations with veins perfect for deep thrusting penetration”) went hurtling through the air, and came crashing to the ground. The shaft broke open spurting it’s mechanical contents all over the road. “Mr Big” was dead.

Later that evening Vicki stared excitedly at the shiny new box on the table in front of her. She glanced over at Matt who was snoring contentedly in front of the tele. She opened the packaging and there in front of her, all 9 1/2 inches of it, was “Mr Big Mark II.”

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