Death is a Beautiful Blonde Pt. 01

The lights on Derby Boulevard shone bright, illuminating the busy city street. It was nearly eleven-thirty on a Saturday night and the place was jumping from the night clubs, the jazz joints and the late night cafes. The air was filled with noise; the music from the clubs, the laughter from the girls, and the shuffle of busy footsteps of the passersby. It was a typical night in a bright city I hated. The rotten, stinking city I inhabited, day in and day out, the city that chewed me up and spit me back out again.

I stared out the windshield of my car, watching the circus of laughter and light while some doll was going to town on my cock. I took a long drag from my cigarette and closed my eyes. The doll’s mouth was warm and soft as she slid gently up and down my stiff rod. I placed a gentle hand on the back of her head, guiding her steadily as she bobbed up and down. She moaned a faint whimper of delight, but she didn’t stop. She knew she had more work to do.

I didn’t know who she was and I didn’t fucking care. Just another two-bit broad I caught looking to con me out of my wallet back at the diner. She thought she could easily slip a hand for my cash, taking me for another sucker, and I’d be none the wiser. I grabbed her wrist and shot her a look. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to create a scene for the girl; but I didn’t let her go and by the wrist I took her outside.

She gave me some story, took me for someone else, she says. I told her I’d seen this show before and if I had a right mind I’d call her in, have the boys take her downtown. But after some talk we came to an agreement to satisfy both parties.

So there I sat, the dizzy dame slurping on my dick like her life depended on it. It wasn’t going to take long, the doll knew what she was doing. She’d probably made this deal before with some other chump. What did I care? It wasn’t for me to worry about, instead I just threw my head back, closed my eyes and began to pump her mouth full of seed.

She was a talented dame, I’ll tell you that. As I shot my dick milk into her face, her tongue continued to swirl around my flesh sword. I let out a soft moan as she swallowed my load, her lips still tightly pressed around me. I felt her moist tongue caressing my shaft. I thanked her with another burst of fresh ejaculate. She placed a firm hand on my dick and began to pump it feverishly, her mouth sucking harder to get every drop out of me. I think this girl liked it. I blew one more giant wad into her throat and relaxed.

I sat there for a moment, spent. I bit into my cigarette and let out a sigh of satisfaction. It had been too long since my last nut. The girl giggled as she nursed on me a bit longer.

I shook my head. “Hey, doll,” I said to her. “I appreciate what you’ve done for me, but I’m going to have to ask that you get out now.”

She released my dick from her mouth, and began to clean herself up. “Can’t a girl powder her nose first?”

These broads were all alike. I put my dick back into my pants, fastened back up and took another drag.

She looked over at me. “So are we all settled up then?”

I nodded. “Yeah, we’re settled up fine, baby.”

“Oh good,” she replied. “Then maybe I’ll see you around sometime.” She opened the car door and got out.

I watched her walk down the boulevard, blending in seamlessly with the late night crowd. Dizzy dame.


The traffic was jammed up all along Derby Boulevard. It had been ten minutes since I kicked the girl out of my car and I’d barely made it a quarter of a mile further. The only thing different was that it had started to rain. It was almost midnight and the night clubs were ready to close. People were making a run for their cars, dodging between the vehicles in the road. A stupid move if you ask me what with the rain coming down. I could hardly see the car ahead of me let alone the nimble jerks racing between the fenders.

There was a loud crack of thunder and a flash of lightening. Just then something caught my eye. What was it? Had I hit someone? I hadn’t felt anything hit my car. There was another flash of lightening and that was when I first spotted her.

She was incredible. She was a tall, beautiful woman with shining blonde hair and legs I wanted to reach out and touch. She was dressed in a short, shimmering white dress that danced with her breasts as she ran up the boulevard.

I sat there gaping when I noticed she was looking right at me. I quickly focused, tightened my grip on the steering wheel, and watched as she made her way directly to my car. She clutched her purse over her head with one hand, and the other reached for the door handle on the passenger side. Quickly, and before I could say a word, she jumped into my car.

“Drive, Mr. Barkley, drive!” She said anxiously.

I stared at her. She was stunning. A perfect woman: voluptuous, fresh, wet and out of breath. Her enormous breasts heaved from beneath her wet dress.

“Mr. Barkley, I said drive!” She cried.

How did she know my name? Suddenly, the car behind me laid on its horn. I immediately pulled myself back and looked forward. The traffic had begun to move. I accelerated and started down the boulevard again. Slowly, I looked back at the girl.

“Hey lady, who are you?” I asked.

“Oh Mr. Barkley, we don’t have time for that now,” she replied. “We have to get out of here quickly. Turn left onto Manhattan and keep going.”

“Where to?” I asked.

“Away from here!” She replied anxiously. “Take me to Helmsley Mansion and we can talk there.”

Quickly I jerked my head to get a good look at her. She said Helmsley Mansion. Could it really be her?

She turned to look out the passenger side window. Somebody must have been after her. Who wouldn’t be, a beautiful girl like that?

“Helmsley Mansion? So…Is that where you live?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yes.”

“I see. You live up there all alone in that great big place, or is there a guy in the picture?”

She sighed. “My husband. I live there with my….husband.”

I shot her a look. “Why the long pause?”

She shook her head. “Why do you care? Why do you want to know? What’s with all these questions?”

“Look, lady,” I replied. “I don’t know who you are, but when a dame I don’t know jumps into my car and demands to go to Helmsley Mansion, I want to know who she is, and why we’re going there.” I paused. “And I wouldn’t mind knowing who’s chasing her.”

She was still. “What do you mean? No one is chasing me!”

I nodded casually. “Ok, fine,” I replied. “You say no one is chasing you, so no one is chasing you. I tell you what, though, Helmsley Mansion is a bit out of my way so how about I drop you off on the next corner….”

“Oh Mr. Barkley, stop it!” She cried. “Yes, someone is after me. I’m so scared, please, can’t you take me home?”

“Look lady, you need to start talking. I’ve got a pretty good idea of who you are, but first I want to know how you know my name?”

She sniffled. “I read your name on my husband’s arrest warrant a year ago. I saw you at his trial, I know who you are.”

“So you are Mimi Helmsley.”

“Yes,” she admitted. “I am. And you’re Bam Barkley. Detective Bam Barkley. You put my husband in prison.”

“First of all, I’m no detective. Not anymore, you hear? And second, your husband was a no-good, lying…” I started.

“I know,” she interrupted. “Believe me, I know. I knew everything from the beginning. ‘Public Enemy Number One’ was what the papers called him. ‘The Crime Kingpin of…'”

“Yeah, yeah I know who he was. But I want to know who are you running from just now?”

She paused. “I don’t know,” she said, shaking her head. “I honestly don’t know. Someone who worked for my husband, I suppose, but who it is exactly I can’t say. But I know what he wants. He wants to kill me!”

We drove along the coast, up the windy roads toward Helmsley Mansion. It was an enormous, gothic looking monster overlooking the valley. The rain hadn’t ceased and had it not been for the lights shining from inside the windows of the house, we wouldn’t have found it.

“Please, Mr. Barkley, come inside with me,” she asked as we pulled up into the driveway.

It was half past midnight but I didn’t have anything pressing so I parked the car and we made a run through the downpour to the front door.

When we entered the foyer, I realized just how massive the Helmsley place really was. “Do you always leave all the lights on when you leave?”

“I do now,” she said, placing her purse down on a side table. “I find myself unable to stay inside this house for long, so I go out. But I can’t stand coming home to a dark house.”

I took off my hat. “Anybody home?”

“No. This is the servant’s day off. She won’t be back until morning.” She explained. “Here, let me take your hat. Can I make you a drink?”

“Yeah, I’ll take a drink,” I replied. “And you can drop the Mr. Barkley business. Just call me Bam.”

She gave me a look. “All right, Bam.” I watched her walk over to the bar in the library. Her hips swiveled as she walked. I stared up and down her body; how I’d love to grab her, hold her in my arms and pump her until dawn.

She looked up at me as she poured the drinks. Her smokey, gorgeous eyes, pleading but maybe just a bit dangerous at the same time. I could only imagine the entreating, hungry eyes she gave the fellas as she swallowed their dicks.

“You look at me so strangely, Bam.” She said as she handed me my drink. “It’s all right, I don’t mind. I must thank you for being so good to bring me home.” She took a sip from her glass, her eyes still on me.

I took a drink. “So what’s the deal, Mrs. Helmsley? Are you going to be all right by yourself for the night?”

She laughed. “Mrs. Helmsley? Please, call me Mimi. And, Bam, you’re not going to leave me all alone in this house are you? Not after tonight, not after that man was chasing me.”

“Was there really somebody after you?” I asked.

“Well, yes, of course there was,” she replied. “You don’t think I made all that up, do you? What reason would I have?”

I took another long drink. “I don’t know. I didn’t see anybody after you. I didn’t see any other cars following us in town or on the drive up here. We pull in, you got the house all lit up for company. And baby, you don’t look too shaken up, if you ask me.”

“Bam, please,” she begged. “You must believe me. It’s my husband, he’s trying to kill me. He’s found a way to contract someone to come after me. I don’t know who it is, but I need your help. Bam, please. Don’t leave me alone.”

She ran toward me and buried herself into my chest. I couldn’t resist, I finished my drink, dropped the glass on the nearby table and held her close. She was small and soft, smelling of fresh lilac and honey. My head was swimming from the booze and her sweet perfume.

“Oh, Bam,” she pleaded. “Please stay with me, if only for tonight.”

My hands moved across her body and down toward her ass. I grabbed it firmly with my hands and squeezed.

“Oh yes, Bam,” she quivered.

I felt her hand moving down toward the front of my pants. Slowly and softly she began to rub my hardening tool.

“Oh baby,” I let out a small sigh.

“Oh Bam,” she whispered. “Stay with me. Keep me safe.”

She looked up at me and I stared into those big, dangerous eyes of hers. I knew she was trouble, something inside of me was warning me to back off and get out of there, but I couldn’t resist. The smell of her perfume, her breasts pressed against me, and her hand touching me in my most tender of places, I couldn’t walk away.

She lowered herself on her knees before me and undid my belt buckle and pants. That was it, I wasn’t going back now. I was all hers. She was a forward broad, the type of woman who knew what she wanted, and when she saw it she took it. In my experience, you don’t turn down a blowjob from a woman like that. This was a hot ticket, and I needed it.

Carefully she pulled my pants down and freed my manhood. I was fully erect, my cock unsheathed and ready for her to satisfy. She leaned in closer, placed a gentle hand on my dick and delicately took me inside her mouth. I let out a soft moan of pleasure as I felt the warm wetness of her mouth. She wasted no time and began to suck on my penis. The early tinges of pleasure began to mount inside my rod as her mouth slid up and down, the moisture increasing like a beautiful morning dew. She spit on her hand and began to jack me off as she suckled on the ever-growing mushroom head of my dick.

Just like I had thought, she was a pro cocksucker. The kind of girl who loved to suck on a man. She knew exactly what she was doing and wasn’t wasting any time. She delighted in playing with a man’s most intimate of parts. She wasn’t just sucking dick, she was making love to it. She wanted me, she craved my cock, my musk, my masculinity. And like any other man in the world would do the same, if that’s what she wanted, then I was sure going to give it to her.

She pulled my dick from out of her mouth and began to tickle the head with soft, gentle flicks from her moist, pink tongue. She was incredible. Two or three cute little flicks, and then she’d swirl the mushroom head with her tongue. A couple more flicks, and then a swirl. My dick head was turning purple from her teasing. Another few licks, a sensuous swirl and then a grand slam when she then deep throated my entire dick, balls deep. I grabbed her blonde hair and held her head down there for a few moments, her throat stuffed with my sausage. I thrusted, pushing myself deeper down her throat. She gave my thighs a gentle squeeze to let me know she couldn’t take anymore. I released her head and she came off my dick, gasping for air.

She looked up at me with her big, beautiful blue eyes. How I wanted to nut all over that soft, precious face of hers, to see my cream dripping from those pink, pouty lips. I moved over to the sofa and took a seat. She slinked over to me and moved forward between my legs. She took hold of my firm dick with one hand, ran her tongue along the side of it, and lightly slapped the side of her face with it. She giggled and made baby eyes to me, “It’s so big, Sam.”

I gave her a smirk. “Suck it, baby,” I ordered.

Like a good girl, she went down on my dick and got to work. The suction she was giving was incredible. She placed both hands on my dick and moved with a synchronized rhythm that would have made angels weep. Concentrating her mouth on my dick head, she sucked me into an ecstasy I had never known. She cradled my balls, her mouth and hands working tirelessly to milk me, to siphon my seed. This was a hungry girl whose appetite for dick seemed insatiable.

I wanted to fuck her so bad my head was about to explode. The only problem was that my dick was probably going to go off in about two more strokes.

“Baby, I’m going to cum,” I sighed.

She moaned with pleasure. “Give me your cum, baby. I want to taste it.”

Jesus, she was amazing.

More than happy to oblige, I lay back and enjoyed the ride. Her soft, little hand pumped my shaft as she nursed on my thick, fleshy pacifier. The explosion was beginning in my balls. I could feel the surge of ejaculate breaking through. “Here it comes, baby.”

Her lips tightened around my cock as she continued to suck. My head began to spin as my dick swelled. The floodgates had burst open and the first blast of my baby batter came shooting out of me. Her mouth immediately got warmer as my gunk began to fill her up. She was unwavering; she sucked and stroked my johnson without missing a beat. Her mouth seemed to get softer, more gentle. I fired again, another load of sperm into her hatch. I could see her eyes watering. Still she sucked. I nut again. The seal of her lips was beginning to give; I could see the thick, white goo emerging from the corners of her mouth.

“One more, baby, ” I whispered. “Just one more.”

And I shot another wad into the pool of hot cum I had already created inside her pretty little mouth. She held me and my hot mess inside her mouth. She moaned, savoring my flavor. I could feel her tongue swirling around the trouser gravy, massaging the underside of my dick. This girl wanted to be loved so much. I placed a gentle hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes. I didn’t say anything, our eyes communicated everything. I’d do anything for this girl.

She swallowed my thick load and released my dick from her mouth.

“Thank you, Bam.”

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