Death in the Shell Ch. 08-2

But the real motivation behind their attendance to that party and why they allowed the press to take some pictures, is because they wanted to let her NYPSD family know that she was still alive and wasn’t depressed about being away from her old job. As far as Eve was concerned, if the press wanted to let the public to think that she was being a ‘trophy’ wife, let them. After all, the truth was stranger than fiction.

“I bet you were happy about being outside in the public, weren’t you Ace?”

“Actually I was more surprised at how you interacted with the public,” Roarke retorted. “Normally you feel uncomfortable interacting with people who aren’t cops.”

“I was keeping up with the OP, Roarke, I had to blend in and mingle to keep some of the heat off.”

“Darling Eve,” Roarke chuckled with a kiss on her forehead. “It’s not like anybody was going to ever find out about The Ghost Organization.”

“Normal people wouldn’t, but I couldn’t count with just ten fingers, the murderous fanatics I ran into who still believed that the Urban Wars never stopped, or that the Government would make those freaks get cybernetic enhancements when they didn’t want to.”

Eve then positioned herself on her husbands lap, the fabric of her tank skimming against Roarke’s chest, to feel the comfort of his heart beating against hers. “But above all else, I wanted to let them know that I’m still alive and that I didn’t go crazy.”

“You know what I once said to you while we were dating,” Roarke asked before giving Eve a soft kiss. “After you asked me why I chose you?”

“I remember weeping over the thought of losing you,” Eve remembered exactly what he was talking about. “But maybe you could refresh me.”

“Your courage, your absolute dedication to balancing scales, that restless mind, and that sweet corner of your heart that pushes you to care so much about so many. Your friends especially.”

Eve nodded in agreement while Roarke repeated that speech he gave her that night in his office, in a voice soft as Irish silk. “I do miss them, Roarke, but I know I can’t go back not until all of this is over.”

“You will be back, my Darling Eve, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that they will also take you back.”

Eve didn’t realize that Roarke was programming the TV to display crashing waves on a sandy white beach, but when she did hear it, it melted her heart at Roarke’s setup for a tender night.

“For right now, Darling Eve,” Roarke carried her to the king sized mattress of their bedroom. “Let’s focus on us tonight and let me take care of you.”

“I love you, Roarke.”

“I love you, too, Aghra.”

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