Chronicles of Danny Ch. 02-3

“We humiliate them first.” Danny said with a grin.

Ashley let out a nervous laugh and stopped when Danny didn’t laugh with her. “You’re serious? How do you propose we do that?”

“Oh we’ll think of a way.” Danny said, “You know them more than I do, I’m sure we can plan something.”

Ashley thought about it and Danny was right, she did know most of the sorority and their rituals on campus. After tonight, the thought of delivering the same humiliation to them did sound sweet, a smile spread across her face. “You’re right.” she said, “I don’t think it’d be hard at all.”

Danny bit their lip and curled their legs under the covers. Staring into Ashley’s smiling face made Danny want to lean in and kiss her, but they still didn’t know if Ashley would be open to such a kiss. It seemed silly, especially since they had just seen Ashley naked, but still, Danny wanted to respect her boundaries. “We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” Danny said, “You’ve had a rough night, so you should get some sleep.”

Ashley locked eyes with Danny, her heart heavy with gratitude. Maybe it was something more than gratitude because she felt the urge to cry and laugh at the same time after finding someone who was willing to be there for her. Instead, she held Danny’s hand and gripped it tightly, “Thank you for helping me Danny.”

“Anytime.” Danny said, feeling their heart rise at Ashley reaching out and touching her. All inhibitions gone, Danny leaned forward and kissed Ashley on the forehead and then rolled to the other side to avoid seeing her reaction. Danny didn’t want to risk seeing a look of horror and decided to end the night with a pleasant memory.

Fortunately for Danny, Ashley lay back on the bed staring at the ceiling with an even wider smile on her face. She’d only been kissed by men before. Danny’s kiss perplexed Ashley because at the moment those wet lips smacked against her, Ashley’s sense of levity was even higher. It was a sign to her that this new friend had feelings, but just how strong were they? More importantly, Ashley wondered how strong her feelings reciprocated. At that moment, she felt truly at peace lying in bed with Danny, and didn’t want to leave its safety. She relaxed and closed her eyes, letting her thoughts about this budding relationship with Danny occupy her mind until she fell asleep. Once she was out, she began to dream.

In the dream, Ashley was walking on campus in the middle of the day. Her books were clutched to her chest as she walked amidst a crowd of other students. She heard some of them laughing and didn’t give it much thought until she noticed that a group of girls in front of her were also laughing in her direction. Stopping, Ashley looked around and realized they were laughing at her. She wondered what was so funny until she realized she felt a slight draft against her back and looked down to see that she was in her underwear. They were pink panties with Hello Kitty’s face printed over them. Her scream echoed throughout the whole school as she buckled her legs and used her books to cover herself. The world around her spun as she saw a wall of students pointing at her and laughing. She felt the need to cry until she saw Danny standing in the crowd as well. Feeling more vulnerable half-naked in front of their friend, Ashley’s legs squeezed tighter as she felt her face get warm. Then, Danny stepped through the crowd and walked towards Ashley. As Danny headed her way, Ashley felt her knees shake, feeling a sense of shame in standing in public in an undignified manner. Her shaking stopped as soon as she felt Danny’s hand brush against her shoulder.

“You’re so beautiful.” Danny whispered.

Ashley looked at Danny with surprise, expecting to be laughed at and instead, being met with eyes of desire and want. Her legs straightened as she grew calm just as she saw Danny’s face lean forward and kiss her. Ashley gasped at first, but then closed her eyes as she felt the warmth of Danny’s tongue sliding against hers, forgetting all about the crowd around her as she felt Danny’s arms wrap around her bare shoulders. Ashley dropped her books and slid her hands against Danny’s back and moaned as she felt Danny’s hand slide along her stomach and then down between her legs.

“You’re safe with me now.” Danny whispered and Ashley felt a tingle between her legs as she felt Danny’s hand slide down further into the front of her underwear.

Ashley gasped and opened her eyes, covering her chest and looking around only to realize she was still in Danny’s dorm, wearing clothes. It was still dark out but she saw on the clock that it was six am. She sighed in relief once she knew she wasn’t naked again and then she felt a new sensation. It was located between her legs and it was cold. She shifted her legs to try and get warm but the feeling didn’t go away and then her eyes widened. That cold feeling wasn’t from temperature, it was from being wet. As she became more aware of her senses, she also realized that the area between her legs was warm and felt like it was throbbing. Her initial instinct was to touch herself and then she remembered her dream. She and Danny were about to have sex. It felt so real and yet, she didn’t want to stop. She raised the blanket and saw why she felt wet. At the crotch of her shorts was a large dark stain. She gasped in shock at seeing the stain and realized that she had had a wet dream. She sat up and looked to that Danny was still asleep. Looking down again at her shorts, Ashley stared at the stain in awe of the fact that this physical reaction came from her dream about Danny. A dream that felt so real, Ashley remembered feeling calm and relaxed after Danny embraced her, the same calm that to her surprise, she felt now. Indeed, Ashley still felt the urge to touch herself and upon reviewing the dream where she and Danny were kissing, she wanted to go back to that mental space of feeling wanted by someone.

Lying back down, Ashley closed her eyes and slid her hands down her shorts, feeling the cold damp area where she came and then inserting her finger into her pussy. She thought back again to the dream where she and Danny kissed, with Danny’s arms wrapping around her naked body. The thought of feeling vulnerable and in some ways, submissive towards Danny’s dominating persona made the pleasure in the image that much more sensual for her. She curled her toes at the thought of feeling helpless being exposed in public and thus, being at Danny’s mercy. She inserted a second finger into her pussy and began rubbing it against the inside walls of her labia and against her clitoris.

“Mmmm… are you awake?” Danny asked as they rolled over.

Ashley gasped as she quickly pulled her hands out, licking her fingers to eliminate the evidence of her wet juices. They tasted sweet in her mouth and she felt her pussy lips ache at being interrupted from masturbating. “Yeah I’m awake.” she said as she turned to face Danny who smiled at her.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, really well.” Ashley said with a nervous laugh.

Danny laughed as well in surprise at Ashley’s response. “Okay. That’s good.” They looked at Ashley and tilted their head. “Are you okay? You’re blushing again.”

Ashley curled her legs up and touched her face, feeling the warmth of her red cheeks. Danny was correct, Ashley was blushing because she knew that Danny was only inches away from touching Ashley’s stained shorts. The thought of Danny discovering that Ashley had been masturbating made her feel more embarrassed and yet, she enjoyed being in that awkward spot in Danny’s bed. “Oh yeah, I guess I just blush a lot.”

“It’s cute on you.” Danny said staring into her eyes. “But I should probably walk you to your dorm, I think we slept in kind of late.”

Ashley’s smile faded as she held the covers tighter over herself. “Uhh, can you give me a sec? I umm, just want to get a little more sleep.”

Danny raised an eyebrow at Ashley, wondering why she suddenly curled up more under the covers. Eventually Danny shrugged and said, “Sure. I need to shower first anyway.” Danny hopped out of bed and Ashley stared at Danny’s ass, noticing that the back of the boy briefs had rode up so high, Danny’s ass cheeks were showing. “Woops.” Danny said as they pulled the back out and put on their robe before leaving the dorm.

As soon as Danny was gone, Ashley sighed in relief and closed her eyes, wondering how she was going to leave with Danny while also concealing the evidence from her first erotic dream.

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