Chronicles of Danny Ch. 02-2

“Hello?” she called. “Is anyone here?”

There was no answer. She figured she might have been early and decided to wait for them in the study where they always met. She opened the door to the study and noticed it was pitch black, the curtains were drawn and the lights were out.

“Come in.” a voice said.

Ashley hesitated at first, but then she stepped in and as soon as she did, the door slammed shut and she felt herself being pushed further into the darkness.

“Hey!” she said, “What is this?”

She felt hands grabbing onto her shirt, pulling so hard she could hear it ripping. She screamed, ” STOP IT!” She tried holding onto her shirt but eventually it was just scraps of cloth as it was ripped completely from her body. Then she felt hands on either side of her hips dig into her pants and pull them down to her ankles. “LET ME GO!!” she screamed as she felt arms lock under her armpits as they lifted her up and pulled her pants from off of her feet. Once the pant legs were removed from over her shoes, she was pushed forward and then the lights went up.

Surrounding Ashley was the entire sorority and all of them started laughing and saying, ‘Ooooo’ as Ashley stood there in her matching blue bra and panties with daisies on them. She screamed as her legs buckled and wrapped her arms around her body.

“Flowers?” she heard Kara ask.

“Ugh, that’s so tacky!” she heard Madison say.

“Maybe you should go back to pre-school instead of college.” Cammy added.

With her body still covered and face getting warmer by the minute, Ashley turned around and saw the Three Furies standing before her. “What is this?” she asked, trying hard not to let her embarrassment show as she could hear the girls around her. So many judgmental eyes looking at her half naked body.

“Her ass looks a little bigger than I thought.”

“Who bought her panties her mom?”

“Punishment.” Kara said. “We’re officially stripping you of your membership in this sorority.”

“For what?” Ashley asked angrily.

“Snubbing us for that Dyke.” Cammy said. “When you join this sorority, we expect loyalty and it was obvious at lunch who you decided to align yourself with.”

Ashley’s eyebrow was raised. “Are you serious?!” she shouted. “I was just making friends on campus. Aren’t I allowed to do that?”

“Not when it’s the enemy.” Kara said. “That dyke or whatever IT likes to call itself crossed both Cammy and IT is officially an enemy of this sorority which means no one is allowed to fraternize with it.”

“THEIR name is Danny.” Ashley said, uncovering herself in the heat of her anger. “And THEY proved to be a better friend then you all did. All you ever did was laugh at me when I was humiliated!”

The Three Furies grinned. “And we’re laughing now because your choice of underwear is rather embarrassing to look at. Hearts, daisies, what’s next, my little pony?”

Ashley’s face reddened as her hands returned to covering her panties, the dig was painful because she did own a pair of My Little Pony underwear. This whole situation was making her regret her choice of underwear since she was running into the habit of showing it to others.

“We do expect members to have SOME sense of style you know.” Madison added.

“Fine.” Ashley said, “I accept being kicked out of this sorority. Can I go?”

“Oh no.” Kara said. “You must be punished before we banish you.”

Before Ashley could react, she felt two arms grabs hers and force them behind her back. On her left was a woman with black hair tied back, pale white skin and ruby red lips, it was Brianne, a psychology major and to her right was a buxom blonde girl with hot pink lipstick. Her name was Taryn and she sang for choir. “Let me go!” Ashley shouted.

“Sorry Ash.” Brianne said, “You got to be taught a lesson.

Cammy approached Ashley from behind, grabbed the sides of her panties and yanked them down and pulled them off of her feet.

“EEEKK!” she screamed as she tried squeezing her legs together. This was an error as it allowed Cammy to grab her legs and held them so tight it immobilized them. “Let me go!” Ashley shouted, even though her legs were bound, she could feel them shaking as she felt the new sensation of her exposed vagina and buttocks being shown to the students around her.

“Oooo look ladies.” Cammy said as she ran her hand against Ashley’s blonde strip of pubic hair. “The curtains match the drapes!” they all laughed and Ashley closed her eyes to fight back more tears as the humiliation got worse.

Kara then walked up to Ashley and gazed at her slightly tanned buttocks that was exposed to her. “Nice firm ass.” She said as she squeezed it. “Madison, the paddle.” She said as she held her hand out. Madison presented Kara with a paddle with a long flat board, it almost looked like a cricket bat.

“STOP PLEASE!” Ashley screamed as she tried kicking her legs free. As she felt Cammy’s hand push her torso forward, she felt her ass stick out. “This isn’t right!” she said as she felt her knees shake from the anticipation of what was to come.

“No. Betraying us isn’t right.” Kara said as she reared the paddle back and swung hard on Ashley’s ass, causing her to scream in pain. The tremors shot through her ass cheeks, causing them to ripple after Kara removed the paddle to make another swing. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! She continued spanking Ashley until her ass was just as red as her face. Her toes curled in response to the stinging pain that swelled on her behind. It was bad enough she felt like a little girl in her panties, but now that she was being spanked in the most submissive of positions, she felt even more childish.

Kara continued hitting Ashley until she was exhausted from the pain. “Get her bra off.” She said.

Brianne and Taryn unhooked Ashley’s bra, she was too weak to fight them off as they removed it, letting her C cup breasts fall and jiggle as they were freed. Tears were dropping below Ashley’s face as she wrapped her arms around her breasts and hunched forward to shield the front of her naked body. “Please, stop this and let me go!” she begged as she looked up at Kara who stared down at her with a wicked smile.

“Aw. She’s embarrassed again.” Kara said which caused the other sorority members to laugh and heckle her. “I think we should let her go shouldn’t we?”

“YEAH!” they all cheered.

Ashley felt Cammy and Taryn’s arms lift her up. “Wait!” she said looking around, “I need clothes!”

“No you don’t.” Kara said, “You don’t want to be seen in that tacky underwear anyway.”

“Stop!” Ashley said, kicking her feet. “Don’t make me go out there naked!”

“Get ready to do some running girly.” Cammy said as she and Taryn dragged Ashley out of the study. Madison opened the door and then Ashley felt a hard force push against her back. She almost stumbled forward from the force and squealed as she stood outside in nothing but her shoes.

She ran back to the door and banged on it furiously. “LET ME IN! LET ME IN PLEASE!!” She stopped screaming when she heard voices in the distance and realized that campus was still populated by students. Covering her breasts and crotch with both hands, she ducked behind the side of the house and tried to think of what to do. The cold air of the night started to affect Ashley as she felt goosebumps form around her body. The dryness in the air made the pain in her ass hurt even more. She also felt her nipples getting hard. She had to get home without being seen, just the thought of other girls staring at her naked body mortified her. Her dorm was three buildings away and she had the darkness to rely on in covering the parts of her body her hands couldn’t.

The next house was several feet away, looking around, she saw that no one was in sight. She ran as fast as she could to duck behind the building. Leaning her head back, she panted heavily as the anxiety of being naked in public was making it hard for her to focus. The next building would be harder to hide behind, as it was across from an open pathway lit by a lamp and some bushes. Again, she scoped the area to make sure no one was there. She saw some students walking in the far distance but not close to pay attention to the bushes. Breathing deeply, Ashley counted one, two and on three she ran as fast as she could to the bushes, diving to her knees as she hid under them. The movement was so abrupt it caused them to rustle. Sure enough, several seconds later she could hear the talk of the two students as they walked closer to the bushes.

“…NO!” one woman said, “Her pants fell down in front of everyone?”

“Yeah. And she wore panties with hearts on them, ugh how embarrassing!”

Ashley’s face grew red as she heard them gossiping over her undergarments but was smart enough to wait for their voices to grow distant before looking up from the bushes at the building that was closer to her. Partially anxious from the fear of being exposed, Ashley didn’t bother to scope the area to see if no one was around. She dashed towards the building, practically hurling herself against the wall as she ducked behind it. Her breasts heaved up and down as her breathing got heavier. She took a moment to relax as she saw the building to her room in the distance. She was relieved to see home so close. It was only a matter of seconds before she would be in the sanctity of her room with clothes and she could end this awful and humiliating night. The thought of it reminded her of the pain in her ass from the spanking she got, it was starting to tingle and she rubbed it slightly.

“Ashley is that you?” she heard.

Ashley froze, hands on her ass as she turned to look behind her. It was Danny standing outside in a robe, holding a baseball bat. Ashley squealed and wrapped her arms around her breasts and raised one leg to cover her crotch as she turned her body to the side. “DON”T LOOK AT ME!” she said.

“Oh my goodness, what happened to you?” Danny asked, dropping the bat and walking to Ashley.

“Don’t’ touch me!” she said, starting to cry softly.

Danny obeyed by stopping but let their hands hover around Ashley’s body. Despite feeling sympathy, Danny also couldn’t help but admire looking at Ashley’s naked form. Covered in sweat, her body shined under the moonlight and with her head hanging low in shame, Ashley’s hair hung over the side of her head, reminding Danny of the previous arousing image of Ashley timidly standing in the locker in her underwear the day before. “Well let me at least take you inside and get you dressed.” Danny said.

Ashley’s eyes were shut and her face was red again. Despite her hard work, she failed at remaining unhidden and now Danny, her newest friend got to see her naked. “No!” she said, “I don’t want anyone else to see me.”

“No one’s going to see you.” Danny said looking around, “Most of the girls are asleep and my roommate is gone visiting her parents. I just heard you outside and thought you were someone trying to break in. Come on, just follow me.”

Sighing, Ashley finally nodded and stepped away from the building.

Danny grabbed onto the belt of their robe and unraveled it, pulling the robe apart to reveal Danny in just a tank top and men’s whitey tighties.

Ashley’s mouth opened in surprise at seeing Danny expose themselves, “Wh-what are you doing?” she asked as she looked around, “There’s still people out here!”

“It’s okay.” Danny said, wrapping the robe around Ashley before winking at her. “I think you need it more than I do. Besides, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”

Ashley clutched the robe with both hands as she felt the chill around her fade, letting a small smile creep across her face at Danny’s joke. Indeed, this wasn’t anything new and Danny’s sacrifice of the robe reminded Ashley that she was in safe company now.

“Come on.” Danny said, leading Ashley around the building and inside the dormitory.

Ashley was stunned as she watched Danny open the door and walk in non-nonchalantly without any pants. What if students were still awake? Fortunately, as Ashley stepped inside, she realized that the main lobby of the dorm was deserted, but still projected her own exhibitionist fears onto Danny.

“My room’s upstairs, let’s go.” Danny said as they walked towards a flight of stairs. Ashley followed and as she did, she noticed that Danny’s taut buttocks was now in front of her face, the curves around the bottom of Danny’s boy-briefs bouncing as Danny climbed each step. Had Danny turned around, it would have been obvious that Ashley was staring at their ass, something of which she didn’t realize.

Once on the second floor, Danny nodded to Ashley to reassure her no one was around and then led her to a room that had a door already open. “Here it is, come on in.” Danny whispered as they opened the door wider.

Ashley ran in and as soon as she heard the door close, she let out a sigh and cupped her hand to her mouth to repress the urge to cry again. Danny could see that the horrifying experience was catching up to Ashley again and sat her on the bed. “Tell me what happened.” Danny said as they sat down next to Ashley.

“T-the sorority.” Ashley stuttered. “They s-said I betrayed them by being friends with you. So they stripped me of my clothes and…spanked me.” She cried again as Danny rubbed her back. “Then they threw me outside naked.”

“Oh baby.” Danny said as they hugged Ashley. “You’re better than them anyway hon.” Danny just held Ashley as she began to cry softly, resting her head on Danny’s shoulder. Danny continued whispering to Ashley, gently rubbing her back.

“Shh…It’s okay’re safe with me.”

Ashley started to feel ridiculous bawling in front of Danny, but when Danny assured her that she was safe, she felt comfortable letting out her anger and sorrow at being humiliated. When she calmed down, Ashley quietly asked, “C-can I stay with you tonight? I don’t want to go back outside.” after all, she still was naked, and her senses were on edge, feeling the soft cotton of Danny’s robe.

“Of course.” Danny said, looking to Morgan’s bed and then biting their lip. “Erm….I’d let you sleep on Morgan’s bed but she’s…really fickle. She would probably notice a ruffle in the sheets and give me hell. So. would you mind sleeping in my bed? I can sleep on the floor.”

“Oh no, you can sleep on the bed with me.”

Ashley said, not wanting to impose on Danny’s hospitality. “I don’t mind, it’ll be like a slumber party.” she said, smiling for the first time.

Danny’s face beamed with joy, they had secretly hoped Ashley would invite them to sleep with her, but didn’t want to assume. Now Ashley was granting Danny permission to share space under the covers and Danny felt a warm tingle inside, starting from the heart and spreading through the rest of their body. “Awesome.” Danny said. “You can sleep in my robe if you want, or I can get some PJ’s for you, I might have some clothes for you.

“Oh…sure if you don’t mind.” Ashley said, feeling guilty that Danny was going through so much trouble to make her feel comfortable.

“Not at all.” Danny said, walking to the dresser and opening a drawer. “Hope you don’t mind tank tops and shorts.” Danny pulled out a white tank top and a pair of grey shorts with a white draw string.

“That should do fine.” Ashley said as she stood up from the bed. She took the clothes from Danny and then unraveled the robe, stopping when she saw Danny turning around. She smiled at Danny’s attempt at being polite in honoring her privacy. Thinking back to Danny’s comment about her cute underwear made Ashley long for that type of boost to her self-esteem. Perhaps it was also because her dignity had been tarnished earlier. Whatever the reason, she needed to feel good about herself again, something Danny was good at doing. “Danny, it’s okay, you’ve already seen me naked once.” she said as she let the robe drop from around her shoulders.

As Ashley felt it slide off her skin, she gasped as the feeling of being exposed returned to her. She saw Danny turn around and gaze at her breasts. She let out a small laugh as her cheeks turned red. This time however, the embarrassment wasn’t from shame, but rather, from flattery at seeing Danny gaze at her. It was a gaze that, up until now, Ashley had only seen men direct at her. Boyfriends would watch as she dressed herself after having sex while strange men would stare in awe of her body at the beach. The gazes always made her a little self-conscious, but it was Danny’s gaze that was the first to make Ashley blush. Perhaps it was because it was expected for men to oggle her body that Ashley was never affected by them, but when Danny stared at her, with a look of envy and desire, that look truly made her feel special. It was a look that she needed at this moment.

It took all of Danny’s will to not rush over to Ashley and embrace her, pressing their lips against hers and tasting her. Danny watched as she bent down to slide the shorts up one long leg and then the other. She turned around, as if to present her ass to Danny? It was hard to tell, but Danny didn’t mind as they admired how the skimpy pair of shorts almost rode up Ashley’s ass. Just as Ashley was finished putting the tank top on, she turned around and Danny’s smile grew even wider. The tank top was a bit snug for Ashley’s chest, so much so that her midriff was exposed. Despite seeing Ashley nude already, Danny found this particular image of her just as arousing, the tight clothes accentuating her curves. “You look so hot, if you don’t mind me saying so.” Danny said, biting their lip to hold back from gushing too much.

“Thank you.” Ashley said, “You look…good as well.” She said it as a way to return the compliment out of politeness, but now that she had the chance to look at Danny, she realized just how good they looked to her. It was the second time Ashley got to see Danny in their underwear, and the first time she had gotten to see someone so androgynous in boy’s clothing. But Danny made it look good, so good she was envious, not envy in a way where she wanted to wear the same clothes, but envious in a way that she wanted this gorgeous person to be hers. Ashley felt a warm sensation in her chest, realizing that she had never felt like this before.

She also didn’t realize that she was still staring at Danny, who smiled and asked,

“Is..there something else you wanted to say?”

Ashley shook her head to snap back into focus and bit her lip as she lowered her eyes, “Umm. Sorry, I guess I’m tired. I should probably get some sleep.”

“Yeah, let’s do that.” Danny said, pulling the covers to let Ashley slide under them first.

As Ashley got comfortable under the covers, she held them up to let Danny in and then lay back on one side of the pillow she shared with Danny. As she was ready to call it a night she realized that tomorrow was still a school day and she covered her face with her hands, groaning.

“What’s wrong?” Danny asked turning to face her.

“How am I going to face everyone tomorrow?” Ashley asked, “At least one sorority member is in all of my classes. I just know they’re going to make fun of me and tell everyone else.” she winced and felt a lump in her throat again, “I should just drop out of school now.”

Danny reached and grabbed Ashley’s hand, “Hey hey.” they said, “You won’t be alone with this. I’ll be here and I won’t let them get to you.” Ashley raised an eyebrow at Danny, “And how can you stop them Danny? I mean, I’m glad you want to be there for me but, it’s just the two of us. How can we last throughout the semester without getting humiliated by them?”

Danny rolled back on to the bed and sighed. “That’s a good point.” They said as they curled their lip.

The room was silent for several minutes and Ashley turned to face the wall of the dorm, thinking that she had stumped Danny. Then she heard Danny gasp and say, “I got it!”

“What is it?” Ashley asked.

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