Chronicles of Danny Ch. 02-1

After getting feedback, I didn’t realize that the “they” pronouns to refer to Danny would confuse others and that makes perfect sense that it would. Since this is the preferred language that most Genderqueer folk use to refer to themselves, I’ve tried to keep that language for Danny but have also tried to be more specific when referring to Danny or Ashley so hopefully it will be less confusing. I also tweaked this chapter to make Danny and Ashley’s romance less rushed and more gradual, giving Ashley a better rationale for becoming interested in Danny. So hope you all enjoy the new version!


The next day, Danny skipped class and stayed in their dorm. Danny couldn’t bear to face anybody, or worse, risk running into Ashley after she’d seen Danny’s Batman underwear. Why did I decide to wear those that day? Because no one expects to get pantsed in front of the woman they have a crush over that’s why! Danny was just starting to feel better by the evening, until Morgan showed up and quietly muttered the Batman theme song from the old Adam West show. Danny just buried their head under the covers and tried not to cry.

The day after that, Natasha finally convinced Danny to come out of hiding and join her for lunch.

“Did anybody say anything?” Danny asked.

“Just the Three Furies.” Natasha said, “They bragged about it in gym class and a few girls were laughing but the gym teacher scolded them. I mean it was a half-assed scolding but that’s what you get when Kara’s mom is vice president of the school.”

“Are you serious?” Danny asked. “Ugh, I should just transfer now. Did…Ashley laugh?”

“I didn’t notice.” Natasha said.

“I can’t even think about showing up in class today.” Danny said as they sat down with their food.

“Just let it go.” Natasha said, “It’s September, they’ll forget about it after a while. Hey, today we’re doing fencing, so maybe you’ll get lucky and get the chance to stab one of the furies.”

Danny laughed with Natasha at the thought of impaling Cammy, or Kara, saying, “Yeah right. “I’d probably get sued or expelled. Then again, maybe it is a good idea.”

As Danny and Natasha laughed, not realizing that Ashley was approaching them. Danny noticed Natasha’s smile fade as she looked up and then Danny turned around, almost jumping when Ashley was standing a few inches away. “..Ashley!” they blurted. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Ashley said timidly. “I just wanted to say…” Ashley’s cheeks grew a little flush as she hesitated to speak. “I’m sorry for what Kara did to you.”

At that moment, Danny’s heart almost dropped in their chest at the gesture of compassion. Up until now, Danny had thought Ashley had covered her mouth to conceal her laughter, but now it didn’t seem to be the case. “Oh…that’s okay. I mean, it’s not okay, but thanks” Danny said with a smile.

Ashley returned the smile and then looked behind her before saying, “I should go. See you in fitness today!”

Danny watched as Ashley walked to her table and then rested their head on the table. “God! She is so fucking cute!”

“And you were worried she was all evil and snooty.” Natasha teased. “And she’s all nice and Disney princess-ish.”

The two finished eating and then walked together to fitness class. Ms. Whittaker waited outside the lockers and handed all of the women a pair of white fencing pants and a fencing jacket. Once the women were dressed they all waited in line in the gym.

“Man these things are kind of big.” Danny said as they rearranged their trousers.

“That’s because your waist is the size of a q tip.” Natasha said. “But you’re right, I think these are kind of a few sizes too large.”

“Worried we’re going to see your Batman panties again?” Danny heard Kara ask as she walked by.

Danny scowled at her and shot back, “I didn’t realize you had a fetish for it Kara.”

Kara didn’t respond. Then Danny looked up and saw Ashley enter the room. She had her blonde locks tied in a ponytail and was buttoning up her jacket. She caught Danny looking at her and smiled. Danny returned one as well.

“All right ladies.” Ms. Whittaker said, “We’re going to start off learning some basic techniques and then with the time we have left, we’ll do some sparring.”

Everyone was handed fencing swords and Ms. Whittaker showed them basic techniques such as parrying, blocking and thrusting. After she taught some techniques, she had the women break off in pairs and practice with each other. Natasha and Danny practiced together and laughed as they tried moves, some correctly and others not. After about fifteen minutes, Ms. Whittaker then broke them up and said. “All right ladies, I think you’re ready to practice dueling.”

Danny looked around and caught eyes with the Three Furies, as they had nicknamed them, Kara looked at Danny with hateful eyes. At that moment, Danny was hoping to be paired up with Kara. Instead what happened was Ms. Whittaker said, “Okay, let’s have Danielle and Ashley start.”

Danny was dumbstruck, they looked at Ashley, who was also a bit surprised, and then both of them stepped in the center, surrounded by the two rows of their classmates. Danny caught Ashley’s eye and smiled nervously. “Ugh, hey.”

“Hey.” She said with a nervous giggle herself.

“Okay ladies, hold your swords up.” Ms. Whittaker said. “Remember, try sticking to what you learned. I don’t want you to hit each other I want you to try knocking the sword out of the other persons’ hand.”

Who thinks this is a great idea to have students with no fencing experience dueling? Danny wondered. Both students held their swords up and bowed before standing in dueling positions. They circled as their swords crossed. Danny’s eyes shifted, as if uncertain as what to do and Ashley was just as reticent about it.

“Come on, try what you learned.” Ms. Whittaker egged on.

Danny was the first to try a thrust. Ashley stepped back and deflected it. Danny smiled and so did Ashley. She tried thrusting herself and Danny deflected it as well. Danny then tried to flick their wrist to the left against Ashley’s sword but she held onto it strong enough so as not to drop it. Then Ashley tried to slash at Danny’s sword but Danny stepped back to deflect it downward.

“This is boring.” Danny heard Kara mutter.

“Go Danny!” Natasha shouted.

With Natasha cheering them on, Danny had a burst of enthusiasm and saw Ashley try for another slash and Danny went to thrust, however, Ashley saw it coming and managed to block Danny’s sword and pivoted her arm in a way that brought Danny’s sword down, causing Danny to stumble forward.

“Oh sorry are you okay?’ Ashley asked, lowering her sword.

“Yeah Ashley!” Kara shouted, “Show IT a lesson.”

The name Kara shouted burned Danny inside. “It” was the worst name anyone could call anyone because it was so invalidating to one’s identity. At that moment, Danny didn’t hear Ashley asking if they were okay, instead all Danny thought of, was Kara. Without thinking, Danny instinctively slashed their sword to the right as they stood to their feet. It wasn’t a great slash, more like a clumsy swing in frustration. However, it was close enough to where it seemed to strike Ashley and everyone in the gym gasped. Ashley did as well as she stepped back. Danny realized what they did and froze, worried that they had hurt Ashley.

Fortunately, Ashley had not been injured by the sword, the waistband to her trousers however, were. Almost as if in slow motion, Danny saw Ashley’s pants slowly descend into a pool of fabric around her ankles, exposing a white pair of cotton panties with red hearts on them. Ashley felt the draft hit her legs and heard the loud gasps around her. As she looked down her mouth dropped and lip started to quiver as she realized what had happened. Looking around, she saw the shocked faces of her classmates and the sense of vulnerability started to hit her as she felt her face get warm.

Danny’s jaw was also open, they dropped their sword as Ashley looked up at Danny with a quivering lip.

“Ashley…I.. I’m so sorry.” Danny said.

Slowly, Ashley’s hands went to cover her panties as her thighs squeezed together. Her face was glowing red and tears were starting to develop. Her legs rubbed against each other as they shifted in an attempt to cover more of her embarrassing underwear, even though she was surrounded by all sides.

“Oh no. Ashley it was an accident!” Danny said as they tried to console Ashley.

Shaking her head, Ashley bent down to pull her pants up and ran to the doors, crying softly as she ran. Danny didn’t even pay attention to the reactions of the others and didn’t hear what Ms. Whittaker was saying as they tried to keep up with Ashley. Danny was in the halls and saw the locker room door shut and they froze. Anxiety and guilt flowed through Danny’s head as they thought about whether or not to enter.

Shit!Shit!Shit!Shit!Shit!Shit!Shit! I find one girl on campus who I really like and I embarrassed her in front of the whole class! How the hell did I do that anyway? Ugh, the look on her face, she was crying. Stupid stupid idiot!

From the outside, Danny could hear Ashley’s crying. With their head down and eyes shut, Danny placed their hand on the door handle and pulled it open. Ashley’s soft whimpers could be heard as Danny walked in, and they slowly walked into the locker, peeking around the corner.

Ashley was in front of her locker, pants removed from her legs and she was finished unbuttoning her jacket. She wore a matching white bra with red hearts and Danny was in awe of Ashley’s body. Her stomach wasn’t toned but it was fit, her legs, which seemed rather skinny contrasted with the curve of her round apple shaped bottom. With her bra exposed, Danny guessed Ashley’s breasts to be a C cup, fitting for her average frame. Following her long legs down, Danny could see white socks sticking out of her shoes, giving Ashley an over all girly appearance. Seeing her in this particular state of undress gave Danny the impression of a timid and currently vulnerable woman that matched the kind personality she presented to Danny. This only increased Danny’s desire for her, making the guilt of humiliating her in front of the others burn that much more. In staring at Ashley, Danny didn’t realize that they were in complete view and when Ashley turned and saw Danny staring at her, her eyes widened and she screamed as she held the jacket against her chest, pulling the bottom of it to try and conceal her underwear.

“Get out!” she screamed.

Danny ran and ducked behind another row on the other side of Ashley’s, saying, “Sorry! Sorry!”

“Just leave please!” she said between cries.

“Ashley, I’m so sorry.” Danny said, “I didn’t mean to do that.”

“I’ve never been so humiliated in my life!” she said as she sat down, clutching the jacket against her underwear clad body. “Everybody saw me in my underwear!”

“I didn’t mean to honest!” Danny continued. “I never wanted to put you through anything that awful.”

“Well you did!” Ashley said. “Do you have any idea what it’s like to be standing there with your pants down in front of a room full of strangers?”

Danny was silent as they thought back to that awful day, standing in front of Ashley with their Batman underwear exposed. “Yes…I do.” Danny said sadly.

Ashley looked up and it was like an “aha moment” as she remembered walking in on Danny. “Oh..yeah.” she muttered.

Danny’s eyes closed and then out of nowhere, began snickering. Danny finally realized that both of them had seen each other with their pants down and for whatever reason, it was very comical. Ashley could be heard laughing as well as she wiped the tears from her face.

“I guess you got payback.” Ashley said as she relaxed.

“Well… not really.” Danny said as they leaned their head against the locker. “You’re not the one who pulled my pants down.”

Ashley frowned and rested her chin on her knee. “Yeah. I’m sorry Kara and the others are so mean to you. I don’t know why they hate you like that.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” Danny said. “I’m just something they don’t understand. Sometimes being mean is the only way they can handle it.”

“But they’re mean to everyone.” Ashley said, “They just say nasty things and they haze the other girls in the sorority. It’s just horrible.”

“Why do you hang out with them?” Danny asked.

Ashley didn’t answer immediately. It was almost like she hadn’t thought of the idea herself. “I don’t know.” She finally said. “I didn’t really have friends when I moved out here. I’m from a small town in Maryland so this is all new to me. I just wanted to be liked and I thought a sorority would be a good way to make friends. Then on pledge night, they made us run on campus in our bikinis for initiation and I started regretting my decision.”

Danny felt even more compassion for Ashley as she told her story. Turning towards Ashley’s locker, Danny asked, “Don’t you have anyone you can confide in though?”

“No.” Ashley said, “I’m only friends with Kara and the others because I’m afraid of them. But really, I’m afraid of saying or doing something that will piss them off.”

At this point, Danny stood just near the edge of the locker, trying not to peak around the locker. Seeing Ashley in her underwear aroused Danny, who noticed feeling a wet sensation in their underwear brushing against their nether regions. The lust in Danny tempted them to look again but they didn’t want to ruin the moment. “Isn’t it hard to be around people who can’t let you be who you are?”

What Danny didn’t realize was that Ashley was close to crying again as she realized that Danny was right. “Yeah.” She said quietly. “But I don’t have anyone else.”

Danny had their hand against the locker so desperate to turn around, but they needed to get permission. “You know..” Danny started, “I know what it’s like to be in a place that makes it hard to be yourself. I’d be willing to be friends you know if you wanted, if you’d be willing to forgive me for exposing you like that.”

There was no answer. Shit did I just blow it? Then they felt a tap on their shoulder and turned to see Ashley’s head peaking around the corner, gesturing for them to walk around. Danny followed Ashley and sat down next to Ashley who was still in her underwear.

“I think I can forgive you, since I saw you in your underwear first.” Danny smiled and almost blushed themselves. “I thought they were cute.” Ashley said.

Danny looked at Ashley’s body again and said, “Well…I did think your panties are pretty cute.” Ashley blushed again as she looked down. Danny slowly moved their hand towards Ashley and asked, “So are we cool?”

Smiling back, Ashley gripped Danny’s and said, “Yeah…”

They locked eyes together and Danny felt a warmer tingling sensation in their chest and between their legs. They wanted so badly to kiss Ashley and Danny swore they could see her leaning forward. Just as Danny was about to lean in, they heard the locker door open and Ms. Whittaker’s voice, “Ladies, are you both okay?”

Both of them gasped, Ashley held her jacket up to her chest again to cover herself. “Yes. Ms. Whittaker.” They both called out and Ashley quickly got dressed to return to class.


The two returned to class and got a minor scolding from Ms. Whittaker, although she knew it was an accident. After class, Ashley and Danny said goodbye and Danny told Natasha the whole thing.

“No way.” She said after Danny was finished. “You sure she leaned towards you?”

“I swear.” Danny said, “Even if she didn’t, why would she have me sit down next to her?”

“I don’t know.” Natasha said, “That’s cool that she’s not like the Three Furies though.”

“Definitely.” Danny said smiling so wide they practically laughed., “God I’m so in love now.”

“You lucked out, not every day you get to see your crush in their panties.” Natasha joked.

“I’d give anything to see her in them again.” Danny said.


Danny was up bright and early the next day, hoping to bump into Ashley again. Unfortunately, they hadn’t seen Ashley at all until it was around lunch time. Danny walked into the dining hall and saw Natasha sitting down.

“Any luck?” she asked as Danny joined her.

“No.” Danny said in a disappointed tone. “I’d have thought she’d try looking for me.”

“Sorry honey.” Natasha said as she pointed behind Danny. “Don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Danny turned and saw the Three Furies sitting at another table with the rest of the sorority. They also saw Ashley in the distance carrying her tray of food. Danny sighed as it seemed like Ashley was going to sit with the sorority, until they saw Kara say something to Ashley that made the others laugh, but Ashley seemed angry and walked right past the table.

“What was that about?” Danny asked.

“No idea.” Natasha said, “Wait here she comes!”

Danny quickly turned their head and tried to act like they were eating, until Ashley was standing in front of them.

“Oh hey Ashley.” Danny said, acting like they had just turned around which made Natasha cover her face.

“Hey.” She said in a sad tone, “Can I sit with you two?”

“Sure.” Danny said as they moved to let Ashley sit down. “Is everything okay?”

Ashley shook her head and let out a frustrated growl. “No. Ever since yesterday the girls in the sorority have been making fun of me and what happened.”

Natasha and Danny frowned. “Let me guess.” Natasha said, “It was the three fur-OW!” she said as Danny stomped on her foot.

“What she meant was, it was those three, Kara, Cammy and Madison right?” Danny asked.

Ashley nodded. “They made fun of me for wearing ‘girly panties'”

“Oh Ashley I’m so sorry.” Danny said.

“You should be.” Natasha said, “You’re the one who did it- OW!” she said as Danny elbowed her. “It’s true though.”

“You’re better than them anyway.” Danny said. “You can sit with us, we’re the cool ones in this school anyhow.”

“Right.” Natasha said as she rolled her eyes. “that’s why our table has a massive number of three.”

They all laughed and Ashley smiled at Danny. “Thanks. I think I’ll feel better being friends with you two anyhow.”

“What are you going to do about the sorority?” Natasha asked.

Ashley waved her hand as if it were nothing. “Oh I’ll probably stay. I just have to continue doing public events and stuff but I doubt I’ll hang out with them regularly like I used to. They can’t do anything about it anyhow.”

Little did Ashley know was that the women at the sorority watched her walk past them and saw her sitting with Danny and Natasha. They stared at them all for the duration of the lunch period.


After lunch, Ashley said goodbye to Danny and Natasha and returned to her dorm. Despite being in a sour mood earlier from being made fun of by Kara and her friends, she felt better after becoming better friends with Danny and Natasha. It made her giggle at the thought of what led her and Danny’s friendship, both of them having seen the other in their underwear. She figured that since that boundary had been removed between both of them, it made it easier to feel comfortable around Danny. Furthermore, Danny’s words about the difficulty in being themselves made Ashley feel safer, something she did not feel when she joined the sorority.

Before studying she decided to check her e-mail and saw a new message from Kara. The message was to all of the sorority members and it said that there was going to be an impromptu sorority meeting tonight at the house regarding some last minute business.

“Ugh, like I don’t have enough things to do already.” Ashley said. She went to her dresser and changed into her sorority t-shirt and a pair of black pants. When it was evening, she left her dorm to go to the sorority house. She wondered why the lights were out and peered in to see if anyone was home. When she didn’t see anyone, she opened the door and stepped into the dark house lit only from moonlight outside.

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