Chronicles of Danny Ch. 01

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Chronicles of Danny

Chapter 1

It was the first time in days that they finally felt like they belonged. Their overbearing parents had forced them to enroll in an all women college and they did not identify as a woman at all. Nor did they identify as a man, they simply just didn’t identify as either or. For Danny, short for Danielle, gender roles were too confining and not representative of who they were as a person. If anything, Danny identified as genderqueer which they felt was a more fluid label and thus, allowed them more freedom to be themselves. What made things worse, was that Danny didn’t dress like many of the women on campus either. The popular style for most women seemed to be skirts at various lengths with blouses or college sweaters, their long locks either tied back or hanging over their bosoms. Danny on the other hand, preferred to wear trousers and a button up shirt that was untucked. Being so thin, Danny could fit into skinny jeans easily, and never felt the need to bind their breasts down because they were rather small, not flat chested, but small enough that Danny was comfortable with. Instead of long hair, Danny’s auburn hair was trimmed short in a pixie cut. Indeed, on the first day Danny felt out of place, jokingly wondering if they would be kicked out of campus for their seemingly boyish demeanor, which was really wishful thinking on Danny’s part. The only good thing they felt about Wellesley University was the fact that there were so many women on campus. While Danny didn’t identify with a specific orientation, they were mainly attracted to women and believed that if they couldn’t feel at home in this historically conservative college designed to help women become teachers, business owners and lawyers, Danny could at least get a kick out of all the eye candy. Especially when Danny saw Ashley for the first time.

It was in fitness class that Danny first saw her. They all met in the gymnasium in their non-workout attire. Danny was leaning against the wall, talking with their new friend Natasha, a psychology major who was also in her early twenties like Danny. Natasha had shoulder length jet black hair that was straight and had a curvy body concealed under jeans and a t-shirt, in contrast to Danny’s thin body type. What hit it off for both of them was that they both felt similarly alienated from the others except for Natasha, who was one of the few women of color in a school predominantly full of Caucasian women.

“Ugh, I hate Phys-Ed.” Natasha said.

‘I don’t know, better than boring ass economics class. I’m a tech major, why do I need to know economics?”

“Want to trade?” Natasha joked.

Before Danny could answer, the doors opened and in walked the most gorgeous woman they had ever seen. She seemed to be about average height and wore black pants and a pink button up dress shirt. Her blonde hair extended to the middle of her back and her pouty red lips were colored in red. Most stunning to Danny was the woman’s eyes, they were bright blue, so much so they practically glowed.

“Wow.” Danny muttered and then laughed nervously.

“What?’ Natasha asked and then looked in Danny’s direction. “Oh her. Yeah isn’t she hot? Her name is Ashley.”

“You know her?” Danny asked, hoping their new friend had lots of dirt to dish out on their crush.

“Sort of. She’s in one of my psychology classes. She’s in that sorority, with a bunch of other girls but she seems to be the nicest. At least she actually said ‘hi’ to me in class.”

“Oh man, I think this school just stopped sucking so much.”

Natasha rolled her eyes and laughed. “Well admire her from a far, she’s got that girl-next-door look and is in a traditionally conservative college, she’s probably the furthest from being queer as you can get.”

“Oh crap here she comes!” Danny said, turning their head a bit to make it seem less obvious that they had been staring.

“Hi Natasha!” Ashley said with a wave.

“Hey! So you’re in this lame class too?” Natasha asked.

“Yeah, my sorority sisters are in it so I thought I’d take it too.” Ashley said as she pointed to three women standing on the other side of the gym. The woman on the far left was dressed in athletic pants and a jacket with the university colors and was the tallest of the group, her dark blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. The woman in the center had tanned skin and blonde hair that was straightened, she wore a grey vest over a white button up shirt and grey skirt that seemed a little short. Lastly, the woman on the left had ruby red lips and a yellow summer dress with her hair tied in a bun. They looked in Ashley’s direction, the woman in the center saw Danny and seemed to make a face.

“Ashley, this is my friend Danny.” Natasha said to break the silence.

Smiling, Danny extended their hand as Ashley smiled and extended hers. “Hi nice to meet you.” She said.

“Hi, I’m Danny.” Danny said.

“Uh, yep I know.” Ashley said with a giggle.

“Oh yea right.” Danny laughed nervously.

Ashley turned her head towards her sorority sisters and then looked back. “I should go, I think my sorority sisters want me to stay with them. Nice meeting you!”

Danny watched as Ashley walked off, staring at her buttocks shifting left and right under her black pants, despite having a slender figure, her behind seemed to have a slightly more curvy shape in contrast to the rest of her body.

“Hi I’m Danny?” Natasha repeated.

“Ugh, shut up.” Danny said as they covered their face. “I can’t believe I did that.”

“You are such a dork.” Natasha said as she shook her head. “Come on, the instructor’s starting class.


A week had gone by and Danny was still thinking about Ashley. Occasionally, Danny would say hi to her in fitness, usually if Danny was passing her on the track or if they showed up early enough before other students showed up. In the locker room, Danny would try to look for Ashley but couldn’t find her and assumed that she must have a different locker far away from theirs. At lunch time, Natasha would make fun of Danny for staring at Ashley if she happened to be sitting with her sorority in the dining hall.

“Why don’t you talk to her?” Natasha asked. “She already said hi to you so she knows you a little bit.”

“I wouldn’t know what to say.” Danny said, “Besides, she’s guarded by her sorority sisters who seem like a real open bunch.”

“Ugh don’t get me started with them.” Natasha said. “The blonde one who dresses in those business suits, her name is Kara and she is such a snooty bitch. She says the most insensitive and racist shit in my politics class.”

“That makes it even worse.” Danny said. “What about the other two, the ones that are always with her?”

“The one who always wears the sports gear is Cammy, she’s like the athletic one. She’s on the volleyball team, I hear she’s really competitive. This girl I talk to who’s also on the team says she’s kind of controlling. The Taylor Swift looking chick is Madison. She seems nice, but kind of ditzy in a housewife kind of way, she never shuts up about her boyfriend. In psychology class she’s always like ‘oh my boyfriend does this, my boyfriend does that!'” then Natasha stuck her fingers in her mouth and made the noise of a gun going off.

Danny laughed. “And Ashley’s still the coolest?” they asked after settling down.

“Yup, she talks to me before class starts. She’s cool and you should totally say hiiiiii.” Natasha cooed.

“Knock it off.” Danny said, “Who am I kidding? She’s probably only likes guys.”

“Well aren’t you close?’ Natasha asked.

“Not close enough.”


That night, Danny returned to their dorm to study, but first, they took a shower. After finishing, Danny put on shorts and a tank top and sat on their bed. Opening the Economics textbook, Danny dreaded what was going to be an excruciating hour of studying for a subject they hated. Truthfully, they didn’t like any of their classes except for fitness class.

Ashley, Danny thought. The other day at fitness class was the hardest to concentrate. They were all running around the track and Ashley was wearing a pair of shorts that were shorter than what she normally wore. As she passed Danny, Danny couldn’t help but stare at her round ass, her cheeks bouncing so much so it was almost as if her thighs moved as well. Setting the book down, Danny slid under the covers of the bed and closed their eyes, focusing on Ashley’s ass under the shorts. At first, Danny only imagined Ashley’s ass running, and then Danny started imagining Ashley’s shorts starting to slip from her running. Inch by inch, the shorts would slide down her hips, until Danny could see the back of Ashley’s underwear. What type of underwear would she wear? A thong? bikini? No a thong, so no panty lines would show and then in the dream, Ashley’s thong would be exposed. Shifting their legs slightly, Danny placed their thumbs into the waistband of their shorts and slid them down around their ankles and ran their fingers against their pussy. As Danny began massaging their pussy, they continued imagining Ashley’s ass bouncing around the track. Then, Danny imagined touching it, their fingers caressing her smooth checks around her thong. By this point, Danny was inserting two fingers into their pussy, juices beginning to flow out as the fingers thrusted in and out. “Ohhhh.” Danny muttered as their legs buckled. They were imagining raising their hand and slapping hard on Ashley’s ass. ‘Ooooohh.” Danny muttered as they bit their lip. Then they heard a CLICK! “SHIT!” Danny muttered as they moved their hands above the covers and grabbed the textbook as their roommate, Morgan, entered the room.

“What the hell are you doing?” Morgan asked. She wore a green top over a black skirt and had shoulder length brown hair. Around her neck was a golden cross as Morgan was Mormon.

“Nothing. I’m just a little cold” Danny said with a nervous laugh.

“But it’s like 80 outside.” Morgan said in an annoyed voice as she raised an eyebrow at Danny.

“Uh, yeah, I just took a shower so I’m chilly from that.” Danny said, shifting their legs under the covers as their shorts were still around their ankles.

“Why are you blushing?” Morgan asked.

“Because…my face got hot from the shower.” Danny said with a nervous smile.

Morgan continued staring with her hands on her hips, finally she shook her head as she went to her bed and said, “Whatever.”

After the first week, Danny had no success in making friends with Morgan. On the first day, Morgan took one look at Danny and gave a look of disgust. She curtly said, “Hi, I’m Morgan” and said nothing else to Danny as she unpacked her things. Now she had just walked in on Danny masturbating and Danny could not help but feel mortified.

Oh crap does she know? Does she even know what masturbation is? Isn’t her religion against this kind of thing? Ugh, I’m so horny too, I was about to cum!

“I’m tired, so can you not study and just go to sleep?” Morgan asked.

“Sure no problem.” Danny said quickly, relieved that Morgan’s interrogation was over. As soon as Morgan turned off the lights, Danny pulled their shorts up and turned on their side to go to sleep, red lips on their pussy aching between their legs as they tried going to sleep and not fantasize about Ashley.


The next day, Danny walked to fitness class, almost in a powerwalking manner due to their speed in getting there. They were fantasizing about what kind of shorts Ashley would be wearing today. Danny dressed in their gym clothes, which was shorts and a Sleater-Kinney t-shirt and then walked towards the door to the exit of the locker. Before they could get there, Kara ,Cammy and Madison walked in front of them.

“Look who it is.” Kara said.

“You mean it?’ Cammy joked.

“Exactly, it.” Kara returned.

“Uh, hi guys.” Danny said. Their temples started to burn as the anxiety began to grow, they had been confronted like this many times and knew what to expect. “What’s up?”

“Are you like, one of those tranny people?” Madison asked, her tone inflecting upward as she asked.

Danny almost laughed at the stupidity of the question. “No…I’m uh, genderqueer, I just don’t identify with labels.”

“Oh of course.” Kara said sarcastically, “Look at you being so open and liberal by being undefined by labels. Do you dykes honestly think it’s the shit to change names all the time?”

Danny’s nervous smile faded at Kara’s comment. “Sorry I can’t fit into neat little boxed label for your brain to understand.”

“Did she just call me stupid?” Kara asked to her friends.

“I think so.” Cammy said, reaching her arm out to grab Danny’s arm but just as she did, the door opened and the gym instructor entered.

“C’mon ladies, class is starting.”

Cammy lowered her hand and Kara said, “You better watch it, IT, we are the heads of the top sorority in this school and we’ll make your life hell if you piss us off.”

Kara turned towards the door and the other two followed. Danny waited until they were out of the locker room until leaving to go to the gym. When they finally entered, they walked to where Natasha was standing.

“What took you so long?” Natasha asked.

“Let’s just say I met the three furies today.” They said as they nodded to Kara and the others. “Where’s Ashley?” Danny asked as they looked around when they noticed she wasn’t there.

“I don’t know, maybe she’s sick?”

The gym was large and currently had two wide volleyball nets set up. The gym teacher, Ms. Whittaker, wore a track suit and carried out two volleyballs under each arm. “Today we’re going to play volleyball, in part to help some of the students who are on the volleyball team prepare for their first game. Let’s break up into teams, count off in 4’s.” She pointed to each student as they said “1” and then another said “2” and so on. Once everyone counted off the coach said, ‘Okay, 1’s and 3’s you are on one side, 2’s and 4’s you are on the other. Ladies I assume you all know the rules so please play fair.”

Danny was a 2 and walked to the net on the furthest side and waited to see who their teammates were. They were pleased that Natasha was on their team but then was less than thrilled when Kara and Madison were also on their team standing behind them. On the opposite side were other women and Cammy.

“Oh great.” Danny muttered.

“Just play, this will all be over soon.” Natasha said.

Cammy had the volleyball first and threw it up to serve. Danny, who prided themselves in being athletic as well, ran to bump the ball up and set up one of their teammates from behind to hit it. The ball flew into the air, and then dropped to the ground as Kara and Madison stood back and did nothing. The other girl on the team thought the two sorority sisters would have gotten it and looked at them with confusion when they didn’t budge.

“Yes!” Cammy shouted at scoring the point.

Danny looked at Kara with annoyance until Natasha pulled them aside and said, “Just let it go. They’re only doing it to get a rise out of you. Just set the ball and I’ll try to help.”

Danny nodded and tried to focus back into the game. Cammy threw the ball up again and served it, harder this time than before. It flew towards the back and Danny, knowing that their teammates would not intervene, ran to the back to bump it towards the net as Natasha leapt into the air to hit the ball over the net.

“It’s mine!” Cammy shouted as she ran to the front, leaping into the air and spiking the ball into Natasha’s chest.

“GOD DAMMIT!” Natasha cursed as it hit her. She looked at Cammy who smiled at her as she arrogantly turned away.

“Hey, are you two going to help at all?” Danny asked as they returned to the front.

“Sorry, I thought you had it.” Kara said with a shrug.

Danny shook their head as they waited for the next serve. Cammy served it hard again. “I got it.” Natasha shouted as she ran to bump the ball up. Cammy anticipated Danny was going to hit it so she ran forward again. However, Danny was too quick and leapt high into the air and spiking the ball hard just in time to hit Cammy in the face. She stumbled back as the women around them gasped, including Kara and Madison as Cammy rubbed her face.

“Motherfucker!” she shouted. “I’m going to kick your ass for that!”

“It was an accident.” Natasha said. “Let your teammates help you and you might not get hit next time.”

Cammy looked at Natasha and said, “Oh really? Girrrlfriend.” She mockingly said in a ghetto like tone. “Fine, we’re still beating you anyway.”

Danny was about to step under the net to deal with Cammy but Natasha pulled them back. “Just let it go. You got her this time, so enjoy it.”

“But did you hear how she spoke to you?” Danny whispered.

“Let her. She’s the one who comes off as a racist bitch. It’s not like the rest of her team supports her.”

Danny sighed and nodded as they prepared for the next serve. Cammy was eyeing both of them and said, “Okay dykes, better get ready for this one!” She lifted the ball and Danny was getting ready to go for it, until Kara ran behind them, grabbed the sides of their shorts and pulled them down around their ankles, exposing a pair of boy briefs with the Batman symbol printed on the back.

“What the fuck!?” Danny shouted as they turned around at the laughing Kara and Madison.

“Oh my god. Look, it thinks it’s a little boy!” Kara said as she pointed. Natasha’s mouth had dropped while some of the other girls around the net started to giggle.

“Wow, her ass is like, non-existent!” Madison said.

Danny’s face got warm as their face turned pink, their arms folding over their crotch and butt to cover their underwear. Indeed, Danny’s thin frame did not include a curvy ass, it was pretty small. Normally they’d joke about it but in the current situation in which it was exposed to everybody, it was mortifying to hear them commenting on it.

“Nice Batman underroos dyke.” Cammy said as she served the ball hard, causing it to bounce off of Danny’s head. The impact was so hard Danny fell forward, tripping on their shorts. They landed on their stomach, with their ass extended upward. Now Kara, Cammy and Madison were laughing even louder while Natasha bent down to help Danny up.

“Way to be mature!” Natasha said, “What is this high school?”

As Danny stood up, they heard the doors to the gym open and then they heard a gasp. Looking up, Danny saw Ashley, her eyes wide with shock and her hand over her mouth as she stared at Danny in perhaps one of their most embarrassing pairs of underwear.

“Ashley!” Danny said as their legs buckled.

“Hey Ashley, get a look at IT’s panties.” Kara said. Ashley didn’t respond, she continued having her hand over her mouth.

The thought of their school crush laughing at them in their underwear caused tears to develop in Danny’s eyes. They finally bent down to pull their shorts up and once they were, they ran towards the door, getting one last glimpse of the shocked Ashley before pushing through the doors. Once inside the locker, Danny sat on the bench and cried, they had been humiliated in front of the whole class and the worst was that Ashley saw them. Normally, such scathing comments were something Danny could ignore, as they were used to them in high school. But the thought of being exposed in front of someone they had feelings for made the humiliation ten times worse. It was as if a side of Danny had been exposed to Ashley, and their rivals, that could never be taken back. At this point Danny no longer wanted to stay at the school and wanted desperately to leave. After all, how could she bare to enter fitness class again after todays’ awful embarrassing incident?

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