Chronicles of Chris Ch. 10-2

“Hey!” She said with a smirk, “It’s gonna be difficult to fuck with me naked and you not!”

I grinned, “I’m just enjoying the view.”

Remarkably, she blushed.

I started removing my dungarees and she came over to help. She slapped my hands away as I tried to undo my belt.

“Stop it,” she hissed, “I’ve just decided I want to undress you. Sometimes, I just like to play with my new toys.”

She pushed me to a sitting position on the bed and knelt in front of me. As I watched her unlace my boots, I got a nice look down her cleavage. (Whether a woman is naked or not, I love cleavage. I love the way their breasts meet and rub together, it gives a sense of mystery to the rest of the breasts. It just thrills me.) Marianne looked up at me and caught me ogling her boobs; she shook her head and grinned. After she got my boots and socks off she went to work on my shirt. She was still on her knees in front of me, but now she was upright instead of bent over and her boobs were brushing the tops of my legs. Even though my pants were between us, I could feel the soft, supple firmness of her boobs and my dick twitched in response. As she slid my shirt off my shoulders, she rose a little and the weight of her boobs rested in my lap and on my cock. She obviously felt the hardness through my pants, looked up at me, and with a wicked grin, shook those marvelous melons over my cock. I moaned and thrust my hips into the big pillows. She grinned again and shook her head.

Marianne was obviously enjoying herself. She pushed the shirt all the way off and as she did, started kissing my chest, working her way to my nipple. First, she sucked it in and then swirled her tongue around it. It tickled a little and I tried to squirm away. She smacked my chest, told me to sit still, and started working on the other nipple. The ticklish sensation morphed into something different and I was squirming was from excitement. Still kneeling, she tugged on my pants, bidding me to stand up. Immediately, she undid my belt, pushed my pants and skivvies to the floor and then picked up each of my legs and slipped the pants off. I stood naked in front of her and my rock hard dick was millimeters from her lush, full red lips. My hips started rocking and Marianne moved her head back, looked up with a cocked eyebrow, and then pushed me back onto the bed.

She climbed up onto me and scooted up to sit on my chest. “Ok, cowboy, let’s see what you’ve got!”

She slipped the rest of the way up until her pussy was hovering over my face. “Are you ready?” She asked in her raspy voice.

I answered by taking a small swipe with my tongue alongside her pussy, not touching anything but the very edge of her lips, causing her to shudder. She squirmed and tried to force herself down harder but I anticipated her and held her firmly in place. I could tell that she was accustomed to being in control, but I wanted to control this. I wanted her to be overwhelmed by what I knew how to do and begging for more.

My tongue skittered along the edges of her pink flesh. She continued to try to push herself down and I held her off. I could see the wetness beginning to build as her desire rose. I allowed my tongue to trace deeper into her folds as they opened as though they were the delicate petals of a rose. Whimpers and groans came down to me as I gently lapped at the growing wetness. My tongue was working deeper and deeper as Marianne squirmed and wriggled above me. I slipped from her warm folds and flicked the tip of my tongue over the clit that was peeking through the dark hair. As my tongue wound through the hair and around the protruding nub, I realized that this was the biggest clit that I had encountered. I moved my head up, took the bud between my lips, and sucked.

“Ooooooh Gawwwwd!” Marianne shrieked. “Omygodohmygodohmygod!”

I laughed a little to myself as everything she said came out as one word. I took the opportunity to reverse our positions on the bed. She was now splayed on the bed with a glazed look on her face and I was on my knees between her legs.

I dipped my head back to her pussy and sucked on the sensitive bud. Now that I had it between my lips, I started to flick it again with my tongue. She resumed squirming almost immediately and I slipped my hands down under her butt. Twisting my left hand around, I slipped my thumb into her soaking pussy and pressed as deeply as I could and pressed the forefinger from my right hand into her little anus. I nipped her clit with my teeth as I pressed my finger deeper into her bottom and I twisted my thumb in her drooling cunt.

“Ooooooh Gawwwwd!” Marianne moaned, “Ooooooh Gawwwwd, I’mmmmm commming!”

Her hips bucked off the bed and suddenly my hand was coated in thick, slippery goo. Her stomach rippled as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Her legs were tense as she lifted herself off the bed, and then suddenly relaxed as the orgasm waned and her body was spent. Her entire body sagged back to the bed as I continued to kiss and lick the still pulsing petals of her fully engorged pussy. She started weakly pushing at my head.

“Stop,” she whispered, “stop, I’ve had enough…for now.”

She giggled then, “But, I’ll be back…, get up here and kiss me.” I planted one last kiss on her pussy, which made her jump a little, before sliding up to kiss her on the mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned through the kiss before pushing me away, “you do know what you’re doing, don’t you?”

I kissed the valley between her firm, smooth breasts and murmured, “I had a good teacher.”

She giggled, “I’ll say that you did, who was she?”

“I never kiss and tell.” I said seriously. “I never will.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked, leaning up on one elbow.

“My first was someone who could have been hurt very badly by me blabbing what we had done.” I explained quietly. “She was very special to me and I realized that if she deserved that kind of consideration, then any woman who allowed me the privilege of making love to her deserved the same consideration. So, I never kiss and tell.”

Marianne lay back down. “How old are you?”

“Eighteen, why?” I smiled.

She smiled, “Come here and kiss me.” I slid back up and did just that. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and may have drawn blood. Finally, she released me.

She laughed at the expression on my face. “I’m not a lesbian or anything, but I love the taste of my pussy in a guy’s mouth.”

“Okaaaay.” I said slowly.

She laughed again. “I find it a little weird that as an eighteen year old that you’re not bragging about any and all of your conquests, but I also find it kinda sweet. I assume that I’m included in the ‘never kiss and tell’, right?”

I laughed, “Yeah, but with a little bit of a qualification.”

She frowned, “A qualification? How so?”

“You sucked me off in front of my roommates.” I smiled. “I will have to answer questions about that when I get back, you know.”

She started laughing, the full hearty laugh from earlier. It made me smile. “Touché! That’s a valid point. Just be good, Ok?”

I grinned and said in my best old pervert’s voice, “I’m always good, little girl.”

“There’s something wrong with you.” She said with a smirk. “You know that, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” was all I said before finding her nipple with my lips.

“Unnggh,” Marianne moaned as I sucked as much of her boob into my mouth as I could.

I was lying beside her and she started tugging on my shoulders. “Ok, cowboy, let’s see if you’re as good with your dick as you are with your mouth.”

I slipped between her legs and my dick found her drooling opening with unerring accuracy. As I plumbed her depths, I felt her legs come up around my hips, her heels digging in.

“Come on, Peters! Fuck me, fuck me hard! Fuck me deep! Fuck me ’til I scream!” She was muttering in my ear.

She was hot, wet and moving her hips hard back at me. This girl could fuck! Her heels were spurring me on as we went at one another. The only sounds that were audible were my grunts from effort, her groans, and chirps every time our pelvises slammed together and the wet slurping and slapping of our bodies. I became grateful for the sit-ups in basic as we went on and on. This was not the tender lovemaking I had enjoyed with Mrs. P, Joni, Sara or even Teddi. This was fucking, plain and simple; this was animal mating. The funny thing was, even though I had thoroughly enjoyed all the tenderness from my earlier experiences, I found this to be a huuuge turn-on. There was no love, there was just physical pleasure and Marianne was giving as good as she got. I started hearing a ringing in my ears as my body started tensing toward orgasm. The glow started in my belly and warmed my balls and cock. It felt like my cock was literally going to explode. It felt bigger than it had ever felt before, and just seemed to be continuing to grow. Marianne screamed and grabbed my hips and I could feel her orgasm start, triggering my own. Her legs locked around my hips, freezing my movement with my cock buried deep inside of her. I released torrent after torrent of come deep into her boiling, blazing cunt. In return, I felt my balls and legs being bathed with something hot, wet and gooey. Finally spent, I collapsed onto her.

I lay there breathing deeply, trying to recover and she started laughing. “Ok, Big Boy, I’m convinced. You fuck every bit as well as you eat pussy. Now, get your worn out ass offa me.”

I slid off, lying on my side next to her. After lying there for a few minutes, I had my breath back and was considering round two. Reaching up, I palmed the tit nearest to me and tweaked the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She jumped and turned her head to look at me.

“Haven’t had enough?” She smirked.

“Gee, I don’t know.” I answered, grinning. “Now that I have my breath back, I’m thinking that we could do that again. Whaddya think?”

Marianne reached down and grabbed my rapidly hardening dick. “Hmmm, I think I could find something to do with this.”

She pushed me over onto my back, threw her leg over me and sat up on me, straddling me and forcing my dick back onto my belly. Positioning her pussy over my cock, she slid over the length of it until I thought she would allow it to pop into that hot wet cavern. I was wrong. She was actually intent on keeping it out of her pussy. She would rock on it until it would threaten to break free and then she would slide back down. It felt sensational. Her clit was riding along the bottom of my dick and she was squeaking and squealing the entire time. She was getting wetter and wetter and there was a swamp at our slippery sexes. Suddenly she started shaking, shimmying and moaning that she was going to come and the she collapsed onto my chest.

She lay there for a moment breathing raggedly, not saying anything. Her breath calmed and without a word, sat up and turned around impaling herself on my throbbing cock, backwards. (I learned later that this was called reverse cowgirl. In my relative naïveté I had never even heard of this position before and I thought it was fucking fantastic.) She started rocking her hips and when she got almost to the end of her stroke, my dick would pop out of her pussy, the hardened tip just catching on her pelvic bone. It hurt a little, but also sent a pleasurable spark through my cock. She had done this before because as she reversed her stroke my the tip would catch on the same spot before plunging back inside her warm pussy.

She repeated her strokes about a half a dozen times before gasping, “Newbie, rub my asshole!”

My fingers found her little hole and with as sloppy as we were down there, were soon slipping and sliding around. From the little whimpers and cries from Marianne it sounded like I was doing what she wanted and liked. Then, by accident, my finger slid into her as she stroked back. She froze and I started pulling out.

“No,” she said with a strangled voice, “leave it.”

I slowly pushed it back in and wriggled it around. Her little butthole clamped around it as I felt her entire body tense up as yet another orgasm washed over her. She sat frozen as her orgasm consumed her and then, with shaky little movements, she started fucking me again. I straightened my finger and just let her ride me. Soon, she regained her rhythm and was fucking me with great intensity. The little sparks returned and I was really getting into the alternating pain and pleasure of the awkward bending of my dick. Marianne started moaning and whimpering again and I grinned as I wondered if wriggling my finger would make her come again.

I bent my finger and wriggled it around and suddenly she cried, “Oh my God, I’m commmiiinnngggg!”

This time she flopped forward and collapsed on top of me. She lay there for a few minutes before rousing herself. She crawled around until she was beside me and lay down, throwing her arm over me. I amused myself by watching her boobs hang, sway and wiggle beneath her as she moved. (I have always loved the way big boobs hang and sway when a woman is on her hands and knees.)

“Look, Peters,” she mumbled, “I’m worn out. I know you didn’t come, so if you need to, climb aboard and do what you want. Just don’t expect much from me.”

Normally, I would have just let this go and just lay there, but this was the first time I was having sex in over three months and I really, really needed one more. Besides, the thought that a naked woman had just said ‘do what you want’ was too much to pass up. I leaned into her and kissed her while I pushed her onto her back. Then I sat back on my heels and looked at her. I didn’t touch her for a minute while I admired the curves and smooth skin.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. “What the fuck are you doing, now Newbie?”

“Like I said earlier,” I replied with a smirk, “admiring the view.”

She closed her eyes and smiled, “Weirdo.”

I scooted closer to her so that my dick was touching her boob. My dick was still wet and I rubbed the tip around on her nipple, enjoying the feeling. She opened one eye and looked at me, shook her head and closed it again. I let my dick slip down and lifted her boob up so that I could slide into the warm pocket between her boob and chest. I rocked my hips a couple of times, fucking her tit before I backed out. I glanced up at Marianne’s face. She had opened her eyes and was watching me explore and play with her body. She had the same little smile of amusement. She seemed to understand that she could trust me not to do anything to hurt her; that I was just playing. I leaned down and kissed her briefly before rolling her gently onto her front side. She just allowed me to do it.

I kissed all over her back and she hummed contentedly. I got to her butt and she giggled when I kissed all over her cheeks. The only time she tensed was when I pulled her legs apart and crawled between them. I leaned down, kissed her back, and murmured for her not to worry, I wasn’t thinking about that. Then, she relaxed. I grabbed a pillow and slipped it under her hips so that her butt was a little elevated. I spread her legs a little further, slipped down, and slid my dick into her pussy.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, “that feels nice.”

After all the urgent body slapping, almost desperate sex from earlier, I wanted something gentler. I smoothly fucked Marianne from behind, rocking in and out. Our earlier couplings had left her very wet and this was a slow, comfortable session of fucking. Even though she said she was worn out, I was determined to make her come one last time. I don’t know how long we were like this but it may have been one of the longest uninterrupted sessions of pure fucking in my life. I stroked her hair; I stroked her back and her butt.

Every four or five strokes, I slipped my dick out of her and slid between her soft cheeks, A couple of strokes and I would slide smoothly back into her pussy. I wanted her to be relaxed and comfortable. I liked the smooth warmth of her skin. I just kept it up, slowly and gently, until, finally, I felt Marianne’s cunt starting to pull at my dick. I could feel the beginning tiny pulses that grew until her well-trained cunt muscles started grasping me tightly. The combination of the gentle touching and the stimulation on my dick had finally brought me to the edge. While I was stroking her butt, I let my fingers trail into the crack and found her little crinkle. I stroked in small circles before pushing in and wiggling around.

“Oooohhhh, Chrisssss,” Marianne moaned, using my first name for the first time, “I’m commmminnnngggg.”

When she finally came, I quit fighting my own orgasm and came with her, holding myself as deeply as I could inside her. I lay down on her, trying not to just collapse. I kissed her shoulder and her neck, trying to be a little tender. Marianne was having none of it. Evidently, tender time was over.

She bucked me off. “You gonna spend the night?”

I shrugged. “I don’t have duty tomorrow, how about you?”

“Nope, I’m off too.” She said. “So, stay.”

She wriggled around a little and got under the sheet. She pulled the pillow out from under her hips and stuck it under her head.

She said, “Look, the only way this works in this little bed is for you to spoon me, come on.”

A little shocked, I lay down. She grabbed my arm and pulled it up under her boobs. Then, in a move that belied the brusqueness of her attitude, and startled me, she entwined her fingers with mine. I lay there for a little while, shell-shocked. Her attitude about sex was very straightforward, no romance, no love, but then she would do something like holding hands. I was more than a little confused. Finally, I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, she was gone. There were a couple of girls sitting next to the bed looking at me.

“Hey, he’s awake.” A very large black girl said.

“Yeah he is.” The tiny Asian girl beside her said.

“Hey, Paula, Rachael,” the Asian girl called out, “He’s awake.”

Two average sized brunettes rushed into the room. “Hey, who’re you?” One of them asked.

“Where did that slut find you?” The other one giggled as the rest of them rolled their eyes.

“Slut, what slut?” I asked, stupefied. I was waking up slowly.

They all started laughing. The black girl said, “Marianne. As if you didn’t know what we were talking about. You’re not in luuuuuuuv are you?”

The other three started laughing. I was getting the idea that this was some kind of hazing ritual for Marianne’s conquests. Well, more than one could play this game.

“No,” I said, “but I’m very definitely in lust. So which one of you is next? Marianne said I could have my choice. You know, I’ve never been with an Asian girl, how about you; little one?” I reached out as if to grab her.

I couldn’t help myself; I started laughing as the tiny girl started scrambling backwards out of my reach.

Indignantly, she said, “She did not! Marianne would never tell one of her rotating dicks that!”

The other girls started snickering as soon as I started laughing. I picked up the sheet and looked under it. “I can’t believe she told you that my dick rotates. She was supposed to keep that between us.”

The other three were laughing so hard there were tears rolling down their cheeks.

“Now that the secret is out of the bag, do you want to see it?” I started an exaggerated motion of pulling the sheet down and she shrieked and bolted from the room. I looked at the other three and as they calmed down, they just sat there expectantly.

“Well?” The black girl said. “We want to see this rotating dick.”

I laughed and threw back the sheet. “You know very well that it doesn’t rotate, but it has other uses.”

All three remained as I stood up and my dick started to awaken. “Ladies, I assume you’ve seen what you wanted, so unless you want me to wait until he’s fully at attention, I’m gonna get dressed.”

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