Becoming Herself

I am an online dominatrix – but not just any sort of domme. I take boys and turn them into cock sucking, silk wearing, cross-dressing femboy sluts. This story is about one such slut that I am proud to have call me Mistress. Of course, names have been changed to protect him or her as … Read more

Death of Peace of Mind-2

They stayed like that for a few minutes before that bath was full. Claire turned off the water and stood up. Arryn was mesmerized by the sight of Claire’s naked body. She was perfect. Claire took the sponge and soaked it in the water, then started to wash Arryn’s body. “Can I ask you something?” … Read more

Death of Peace of Mind-1

It took quite some time to finish the story since I had barely any time to write with everything going on in my life right now. But, here it is. I did my best to explore the chemistry between Arryn and Claire, so I hope you enjoy! === In her dream, Arryn sat on the … Read more

Arctic Heat Ch. 03-2

Matt sat himself upright, using a hand to push his hard dick downwards so it was parallel to the floor. Lowering my head I allowed the rough texture of my tongue to comb the upper side of the glans and down the length several times before he ordered me onto all fours. My eyes became … Read more

Arctic Heat Ch. 03-1

Although the beautiful Alex captured my gaze, it was Matt who walked silently over the carpeted floor, before placing an arm around my waist, and pulling me so close I could feel his erection against my leg. His lips crept toward my own, generating an audible sigh from them as we touched. With my eyes … Read more

Arctic Heat Ch. 02

With care, I moved swiftly across the room, my eyes not leaving the two men for a moment. “Felicity,” the cute one with short fair hair said, sweeping his off-centre parting from his sapphire blue eyes with his hand, and extending the other, which I took, and shook, noting how smooth and soft his palm … Read more

Arctic Heat Ch. 01

Considering it was only mid-November, and winter was not due to fully arrive for another month, the relentless blast of the wind, driving down from the arctic, over most of northern Europe, was unseasonably brutal. Overhead the colossal mass of impenetrable charcoal-grey cloud was, according to the weather forecasters, engulfing the entire country. Three weeks … Read more


Relaxing house style music played in the background as I prepared dinner. I wasn’t a world renowned chef, but I did know my way around a kitchen. Currently, I had the penne pasta boiling, the chocolate cake baking, the freshly made salad mixed, the white wine chilling, and the well-seasoned marinara sauce cooking. Everything was … Read more