Bliss Of Hair: The Interview

Thanks to Editor ryanblack1212 for his feedback It was the last day of my work at a small time restaurant. It’s actually a food place that can be placed somewhere between a restaurant and a fast food center. Located at the corner of Hill street and 134 Ave, we used to be busy, always bustling … Read more

Lena at School

On a rainy Friday morning, Lena walked down the hall awkwardly trying to keep her legs as parted as possible without expelling it. It being the remote controlled egg Liam made her put in her this morning. He promised to randomly turn it in on, throughout the day, when he was bored in the office. … Read more

Push Me Closer To The Edge, My Animal-2

“Are you ok?” I jumped up and grabbed my laptop, setting it on my desk to type the quick message: “I want to meet. Tell me when it’s possible.” I knew he was there; waiting, contemplating his answer to not only protect me, but to protect himself. “You said one day it will be. Tell … Read more

Push Me Closer To The Edge, My Animal-1

He outdid himself this time. What the hell was he thinking? This was definitely the craziest gift I’d ever received. Still, it didn’t stop the wide smile and throbbing between my legs while I envisioned my semi-mysterious secret admirer. In the wee hours of this cold, mid-January morning—three-fourteen a.m. to be exact—most people around my … Read more