Blizzard of (Com)Passion-3

“I’m going to hate it,” Kathleen sighed sometime later, “when this blizzard is over.” Once again, they were side by side on the now well-disheveled bed, each cocooning the other with arms and legs. “Once this weather lets up, we’ll have to go our separate ways.” Looking up to his face, Kathleen kissed him and … Read more

Blizzard of (Com)Passion-2

“You get some good news?” “Well, I know my corporate travel agent is working on a possible room for me with the hotels here. At least that’s something. So hopefully I won’t have to curl up in a waiting lounge chair or a nice, comfy piece of floor. But,” she added, seeing the look of … Read more

Blizzard of (Com)Passion-1

“Now tell me, Robert… is this how you thought you’d be spending your Thanksgiving holiday?” Snuggling as close to him as she could, Kathleen rested her head on his bare chest. Outside the hotel suite, the blizzard that had shut down the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport continued to howl, and occasionally rattled the window. But … Read more

Death of the Salesman.-2

Sara came out looking ravishing. She looked so damn good it wasn’t funny. My dick was still hard by the way and got even harder. I stood up and her old boyfriend chuckled, now I see why he was trying to sit on your lap… The pair burst out laughing and Sara and I embraced … Read more

Death of the Salesman.-1

Sara was a sexy little devil of a girl. She had dark brown hair and sexy dark eyes. She is about 5 foot even, 96 pounds (when she is wearing panties) soaking wet. I knew her from school. I had taught her back at Quantico. She excelled so well in the FBI environment. There wasn’t … Read more

Death By Fucking Ch. 23-2

We have begun to corral asteroids and bring them back to Earth’s proximity for easy harvesting. But except for small permanent stations on the moon and on Mars, mankind is still confined to Earth. Well, we’ve done what we can, Andrew and Donnie and I. It’s our children who are making these advances. Andrew wanted … Read more

Death By Fucking Ch. 23-1

Chapter 23 A Lifetime of Love The Year 50 Donnie’s Story Old. I used to complain that I was getting old. But now I’ve been old seemingly forever. I sometimes feel very tired. Nowadays I often sit remembering. I’ve seen children and grandchildren, things I never expect to see. I have the love of a … Read more

Death By Fucking Ch. 22-2

Our lives were centered on the skin-to-skin contact of my dick and her pussy. Nothing else mattered. Our intensity increased as our motions became more frenzied, wilder, more animalistic. She loves me to fuck her this way. I can feel it. Sometimes she likes my easy going nature to become subservient to my implacable need. … Read more

Death By Fucking Ch. 22-1

© 2004 by Andrew Wiggin Chapter 22: The Quick Years The Year 13 Deirdre’s Story: I had to go into town to pick up something at the drugstore, so I grabbed Emma to go along for the ride. We have a rule in our house: no parent goes anywhere without being accompanied by an eKid. … Read more

Death By Fucking Ch. 21

Chapter 21: Interactive Love Deirdre’s Story Our little girl has changed our lives. Something – hypnotism, magic, psychic brain surgery – has moved our relationship to a place we never knew existed. It’s what I suspected about our children all along. But I never expected it for my husband or my sister or myself. We … Read more