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“I won’t order you to go, you did more than anyone expected you could,” Glower said softly. “But I got three-hundred people on this ship to look after. You do what you feel is right.” Ajax nodded as his heart sank. There were no alternatives. He put on a mask of indifference and reopened communications … Read more

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“Well, well, sometimes even jackasses get lucky. Do you think that this makes you special?” Nova said as she picked herself up. “Do you want a prize?” “The truth would be nice. What’s your real name, Major” Ajax said as he slowly got to his feet. “Nova sounds like the Regent’s pet name for you.” … Read more

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Wolf 359 Ajax had drunk too much. The sobriety to realize that fact was gone but his body reminded him anyway with a queasiness in his stomach that required more and more concentration to control. To maintain his respect in the Regent’s eyes, Ajax had matched him cup for cup The Regent had set his … Read more

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“Which is?” “They’re going to catch on that it might be me.” There was a longer pause this time. Piers waited, then finally spoke. “I need your help Brian. I mean serious help.” “Talk to Catherine, leave me out of it.” “I already have. She wanted me to ask you to help long before this. … Read more

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The last bit was said in a mocking posh voice that was supposed to sound like Piers. He ignored it.” “Ok, then what?” “So anyway, he looks over the stock, he seems to know what he wants and why he wants it and we sit down and make a list. He says he will order … Read more

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Rosie had been advertising for a gardener on Brian’s dating website. She was an old hand on the site and had managed to persuade several of her “boys” to pay for her lifestyle ever since she arrived at Art College at the age of 17. She wasn’t, she had insisted to her father, a whore: … Read more

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“Miss Hart-Graham, that really is a private matter between you and the newspapers. Presumably you are taking legal advice.” The lawyer shook her head sadly as if bereavement was imminent. Carrie shook her head as if a murder was being contemplated. “Bloody firm won’t have it. They say it’s good for the business.” She laughed … Read more

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“How do you know they are all the same person?” “Good guess-work. Based on the writing style and certain markers. For example, none of these nicknames will reveal themselves in pictures or give any other clues to their identity… and as soon as someone tries to find out, they disappear immediately. Also, their “kinks” are … Read more

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“Brian, I need a favour from you?” Brian ran his fingers over his face, breathless and re-orientating himself. “For heaven’s sake Brian, get the staff to run around, you look like a heart attack on legs” “Fuck off Piers, my only pleasure is the hard work these days.” “Get some blue pills and take one … Read more

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As he spoke Ross waved his hand around the large room with its glass wall onto an expensive view, impeccable furniture and original artwork. Piers looked at him in surprise. Ross wasn’t usually so rude. “I’m sorry Ross; I can see that this is a serious business. I didn’t mean to offend you. What I … Read more