A Whore of Hell-2

The deep voice of doom behind her, roared with thunderous laughter, pressing her harder to the battlement. “Yes, scream, call them all out of their holes to watch you beg me to fuck you! What an eager slut you are to beg for an audience to your ruin, you will do well!” Her cheeks redden … Read more

A Whore of Hell-1

The late afternoon sun washed its way through gathering clouds to dimly light the courtyard as a harvest breeze pushed gathering dark clouds towards the castle. Rosamond and the other servants all hurried to assemble in the courtyard. The portcullis creaked and groaned as long rusted chains lifted it for the approaching tramp of armored … Read more

Lena Ch. 04

Chapter 4: The Locker Room Slut In the afternoon of Monday, Lena is guided to the boy’s locker room by her boyfriend Chad as many times before. This has been the routine for Lena nearly everyday Chad takes her to their usual spot for oral sex. Lena feels that now she is comfortable having sex … Read more

An Intruder Watches-3

Jimmy could feel the veins of his cock pulsing in her mouth, which felt like a velvety vise gripping it. He couldn’t hold back anymore and cried out, “I love you Heather!” as he erupted with enough cum to fill up more than one mouth. She tried to swallow all of it, but some leaked … Read more

An Intruder Watches-2

They both meekly got in the huge glass shower enclosure and turned the water on. They both soaped each other up, and Brad gently washed Heather’s long hair. Heather saw her stepfather’s cock start standing up straight at attention. “Heather, I think daddy’s cock loves you as much as he does. You need to clean … Read more

An Intruder Watches-1

Heather had seen several husbands come and go from her mother Priscilla’s life. Priscilla’s problem was she came from a very wealthy family and was absolutely gorgeous, so men were sometimes attracted to her just for her money and her looks. Priscilla was very sociable and had a large circle of friends, which made it … Read more

An Intruder Ordeal/ The Unexpected-3

When she headed for the master bath I said: “Come on, I’ll show you the outdoor shower here, it’s private and I would really like to soap you up.” … And she reached over and took my hand. And I thought to myself: “Sometimes life can be real good.”

An Intruder Ordeal/ The Unexpected-2

She was predictable, easy to read and I took full advantage of teasing her in that way until I finally heard her groan out: “Oh my God! … Come on man just do it!” And I was on my feet. My left four finger were atop her tailbone and as my thumb popped palm deep … Read more

An Intruder Ordeal/ The Unexpected-1

It had been three days since My friend Kay James flew back home to Boston and I was more than happy when she graciously invited Hamari to come up and spend just over a week with her. Even happier when we were able to book Hamari a standby seat on the same flight out. Don’t … Read more

An Intruder Fucked Me

Hank and I enjoy acting out our fantasies. This one was my favourite, I’d wanted to do it for a long time. He left one evening leaving me home alone. I decided I would go and have a shower and get myself ready for bed. I turned the shower off feeling wonderful and warm from … Read more