A Whore With No Name Ch. 03-3

“Hearin,” she said. “I think I’ll go today if he can accommodate. I want to see this man for myself.” “Yes, Sun-young!” she yelped with excitement. “I hope you like him, oh my gosh, I really hope – wait, I have to call the office, then I’ll ask him about it and, and, and you … Read more

A Whore With No Name Ch. 03-2

“Find out,” Sun-young ordered. She demonstrated, flattening Hearin’s hand against her stomach and dragging it downward slowly, very slowly. When she took away her hand at last, Hearin went even slower, letting her fingers dip beneath the hem of her boss’s red lace panties. She inhaled sharply when her fingertips touched Sun-young’s landing strip, and … Read more

A Whore With No Name Ch. 03-1

(Hey everyone! PR here. Thank you all for your patience with this series. Your reward is… this will be a two-parter! Hooray! Special thanks to RootoftheStory for editing this and sharing a sexy hiatus with me. Don’t forget, I’m a big slut for comments and feedback, positive or critical. Let me know what you think!) … Read more

A Whore With No Name Ch. 02-2

Sean clamped his hands onto her hips, holding her still. She began to gyrate instead of bouncing, feeling as his cock revolved within her, touching and pressing every part of her. Billie released the tightness in her legs, letting them spread and drop her as low as she could go, inviting Sean as deep as … Read more

A Whore With No Name Ch. 02-1

(Hey everyone! PR here. Thank you all for the love and critique on the first chapter. Special thanks to RootoftheStory for proofreading this chapter and providing excellent writing advice! Go check out his stories, he’s very quickly becoming my favorite Literotica author. Enjoy, and make sure to comment!) A Whore With No Name Chapter Two: … Read more

A Whore With No Name Ch. 01-2

Emma heard the sounds of climax come from Sean’s room. In a panic, she set the phone back down and dashed across the den to hide behind her reading chair. A moment later, Sean came out, naked and padding toward the kitchen counter to grab his phone. She could barely see him, with only the … Read more

A Whore With No Name Ch. 01-1

(Hi everyone! PR here. Thanks for reading more of my stuff. I’m sure if you’ve seen my page you can tell I’m very unfocused when it comes to erotica. I hope to finish this one all the way through the five chapters I have planned, but thankfully it’s a little more episodic so if I … Read more

Blizzard Ch. 29-2

“What?” “It’s here!” Alex grabbed my hand and dragged me as Max and Sam grabbed my shoulders; together, the three of them steered me into the living room. Sitting in the middle of the room was a beautiful fluffy black armchair. “I didn’t order that,” I frowned. “It’s our gift to you,” Max said. “Somewhere … Read more

Blizzard Ch. 29-1

“You made it!” I opened the front door of my house to find my brother on the step. A handsome big guy stood at Doug’s side and lifted a bottle of whiskey with a ribbon on it. “Gene, this is Hank,” Doug said. “And of course I made it. You bought a fucking house.” “Well, … Read more

Blizzard Ch. 28-2

“No… No…” Winter shook her head and shivered. Tears froze in her eyelashes. Guy from Three put his leather jacket over her shoulders. “Yes. Yes.” The voice echoed on an army of smirks. Eight redheaded girls were sprinkled throughout the gathered crowd. I saw Carmine and Gretchen… or was that Gretchen and Carmine? Or maybe … Read more