A White Tiger and The Wolf Ch. 01

Chapter 1: Early Childhood Kay’s life started off badly and continued that way until she was grown and left home. Her parents were always fighting, and there never seemed to be much happiness in their relationship. When she was a little girl, she remembered her dad taking her and her brother, Paul, to a few … Read more

A White Mom and Two Males-3

I slowly removed my finger from her ass hole and let my cock deflate. We both were dripping with perspiration and panting. When she finally pushed back from me she said, “Jake that was awesome. So much more so than I was anticipating. My God, Mike’s dad never got me off like that. How did … Read more

A White Mom and Two Males-2

If I was a white guy, I would have been pink hearing that. She looked at me, smiled and said, “It’s okay Jake. I understand. I’m a mom. Moms are supposed to have understanding.” “Good night Maggie and thanks.” “Good night Jake, sleep well,” accompanied with a wink. “What was that all about mom?” “Oh … Read more

A White Mom and Two Males-1

A little bio before I start the story. My name is Jake. I am thirty-three years old, an architect and Black, living in the Chicago area. My wife is Caucasian, thirty years old and a beautician. We have two sons ages three and six. My story is about some of my college life in San … Read more

A White MILF’s Sweet Revenge

For over two decades, Janice Collier-Rhone faithfully shared a house and a marriage bed with her husband Jay Rhone. When they met in college, Janice was five feet eleven inches tall, blonde-haired, alabaster-skinned and slender, the picture of American beauty. Jay Rhone, the tall, burly and handsome African-American college football player, was drawn to her … Read more

A White Man’s Burdens

No one knows what it’s like to be me. My name is Matthew Marquis. I’m a big white guy of Jewish origin who hails from the incredibly tough and resilient town of Stoughton, in the state of Massachusetts. I was raised by my absentee father and my guilt-inducing Jewish Mama. I finally escaped from my … Read more

A White Man Who Love Black Guys

I held onto Dwayne Henderson’s narrow hips as I worked my dick into his asshole. Lord I love Black male ass. Dwayne grunted as I penetrated him. I picked up the tall, good-looking young Black man while walking through the Carleton University campus in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. He was a very … Read more

A White Man Plays on Vacation

*Disclaimer: All Characters are over 18 years old.* My eyes slowly opened to the bright sun shining through the floor to ceiling window overlooking the expansive blue water of the pacific ocean. I stretch my arm out sliding my hand over the bright red silk sheets, knowing immediately I’m not in my own bed. My … Read more

A White Man Plays at Poker

I sit at the poker table, all my chips pushed in. I like my hand Kings over Aces. It’s no limit Texas Hold ’em, my pocket Kings tripped up early. I went all in hoping to get everyone to fold, or trap someone with a pair of Aces. However with the next card being another … Read more

A Whore for the King Pt. 09-2

Things were not proceeding as Harold had planned. He’d imagined that Sarah would be unutterably happy, that she would take the ring gladly, and that they would fall into bed, where they would frolic all afternoon. “Dear, I have thought deeply on this,” Harold said. “There is no legal or moral principle barring you from … Read more