Chronicles of Cambridge-2

“Taste your cum, Carol” I told her. My face was covered and she began eagerly licking her cum from my face as I slid easily in and out of her, making her catch her breath each time. “Oh fuck me Dave. Fuck me hard. Make your cock cum in my cunt. I want to feel … Read more

Chronicles of Cambridge-1

The names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. I’ve always been fascinated by sex. It’s been a prominent feature throughout most of my adult and teenage life. I’m a reasonably good-looking guy. I don’t work out or keep particularly fit, but you couldn’t tell. I’m David. I’m slim, well proportioned and don’t look my … Read more

Blizzard Conditions-2

With that he kissed her again, savouring the sweetness of her lips. His mouth moved to her neck, tongue swirling and getting a soft moan in response. He began moving lower, lips finding her breasts, tongue tracing the swell of them before his face buried in the deep cleavage. He continued his downward journey kissing … Read more

Blizzard Conditions-1

Note to Readers: The story is fictional and all subjects are well over 18. A big thanks to my friend and inspiration, Miss Veronica, for her editing and encouragement. I appreciate any feedback you might have. Thanks for reading. CanadianM Blizzard Conditions Rick gripped the steering wheel tight as he tried to see the road … Read more

Death of My Friend

What have I done? Let me back up to the beginning. I met Bea and John several years ago when I moved into my condo. We immediately hit it off and I spent almost as much time in their place as I did mine. They have been there for everything, my breakup with my last … Read more