Blizzard Revisited Again-3

Judy urged me toward the living room and the stairs beyond as Tammy put an arm around me. I was led to slaughter. A Naked woman with an arm around me on one side, at rubinesk brunet in lingerie on the other and a naked blond following. All I could think was “WOW”! What we … Read more

Blizzard Revisited Again-2

Finally it was time to wiggle myself into the too tight jeans. I cursed a bit. Men are supposed to dress comfortably. It’s women who are supposed to squirm and strain into paint tight pants! I guess this swinging thing was turning everything around! Cindy emptied her purse so it could contain her frilly teddy, … Read more

Blizzard Revisited Again-1

March had come like a lion and it was receding like the lamb it was supposed to be. The sun had finally eaten its way through the gray snow clouds and left only an azure sky with pretty puffs of cotton ball cumulous clouds. Here and there, were signs of spring bursting forth. The grass … Read more

Blizzard Revisited

It had been a full month since Cindy and I had crashed a swingers party by accident. A blizzard had forced us to abandon plans to go home and fate had forced us to stop at the big new house. They had obviously been having a party and we were out of options. The party … Read more

Death of a Daughter

Kevin was grateful for the awning that the funeral director had set up even though he had to share it with his former wife. The awning protected him from the pouring rain which only accentuated his feelings of grief and devastation. Fortunately; Kevin didn’t have to sit close to Karen because the area under the … Read more

Pushed Past My Comfort Zone-2

It was a small wedding, with only family and a few close friends, after which we went on a seven-day honeymoon, cruise to the Caribbean. On the second day, I jokingly told Kate we needed to eventually leave the cabin so the steward could at least change the sheets. Everyone greeted us at dinner that … Read more

Pushed Past My Comfort Zone-1

My name is Steve Moore and I’ve been happily married to my wife Kate for almost two years; well I was until last month anyway. This was Kate’s first marriage but it was my second. My first marriage ended when I found my wife, Ann, screwing around with one of my now ex-friends, Kenny. My … Read more

Aradhya’s Encounter-3

She signed a piece of paper and gave it back to the person. She came in with the envelope, her expression a confusion of what it might contain. She opened the envelope and took out the bunch of papers. As she started reading it, her hand started shivering and then the entire bunch fell down … Read more

Aradhya’s Encounter-2

“Please, my pleasure,” said I as I stood up and held the chair out for her. “You’re alone?” she said as she looked around to check. “Yes, I am,” I said. She looked relieved. “Do you come here frequently,” she asked. “Not exactly,” I said. “In fact I have seen this place plenty of times … Read more

Aradhya’s Encounter-1

When I got married, I was 29 and my wife was 19. My name is Sushant and my wife’s Aradhya. I am an average looking guy, 5’11” in height. However, hitting the gym six days a week ensured that I got the muscles. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so muscular, but I’m very … Read more