Dear Shannon 07

Dear Shannon Finally, the time is here, for us to be together, for us to be as one, and for us to stop running from feelings which we have stored away for so long, but I can only wonder if this is all a dream, if this is just in my imagination, and if this … Read more

Dear Shannon 06

Dear Shannon, You know it’s been a long time since I have written you, but my inspiration hasn’t really been there, but I have come to realize that my inspiration is you. The days I wake up and you are the first thing I think of, realizing that your smile is there to greet me, … Read more

Dear Shannon 05

I have been thinking about you all day, my ride into work was extremely long this morning, and that just made my mind wander on to you visiting and how I could make it an explosive visit for you. I pictured everything from sex in the back seat of your car, to me bending you … Read more

Dear Shannon 04

Dear Shannon, Right now I am at work, but thinking of you, and no matter what the fact that we haven’t been together in the same room is making me hot for you even more, and unfortunately, I can’t stop thinking about you. My mind has wandered on everything from good to bad and back … Read more

Dear Shannon 03

Dear Shannon, I recently wrote you another letter, and it took me back to the days of “praising the princess” and the enjoyment we both received out of the activity. I am not sure if you remember them, but just in case, sit back, let me borrow your mind, and let’s look back. These praises … Read more

Dear Shannon 02

Please vote for my submissionThis story is true and names have been changed to protect the participants Dear Shannon, I am sitting here thinking about you again, and I realized I haven’t said what’s truly on my mind. You don’t even have to ask to invade my senses, take over my every being, it just … Read more

Dear Shannon 01

Any man can have the woman of his dreams, and can push the imagination to new heights, all you have to do is open your mind. Look at how long I have been doing it. This is a story of fiction and none of this has happened in my past. Dear Shannon, I just thought … Read more

Dear Sexgod #03

Dear Sexgod #3 U R Delicious We’re drinkin that pineapple tequila you brought over before. We’re warm and laughing and talking about nothing in particular, sitting next to each other on your couch with Nirvana playing. You are smiling at me with that devilish look in your eyes that you get right before you do … Read more

Dear Sexgod #02

When the phone rings, I already know it’s you baby, even though I don’t yet have caller I.D. I am happy to talk to you because I wasn’t expecting to do that today! We chat about “everyday” stuff for a few minutes and I tell you that I was just going to get in the … Read more

Dear Sexgod #01

Dear Sexgod- I just had to write and tell you about the great dream I had last night! By the way, thanks for the groovy weekend baby! I came into the house smiling although I was trying to juggle my overnight bag, a twelve pack of beer and my purse. I was smiling because I … Read more