Blizzards are for Lovers-2

“Ahhh!” A loud moan escaped from her lips. Kai intensified her ministrations. Ally’s breathing quickened: faster, faster, faster… Ally’s hips uncontrollably lifted off the bed as Kai hammered her pussy with frenzied thrusts. “Oh my, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Ohhh! Ahhh! she cried out. She felt everything liquid discharge from her pussy and hardly recognized … Read more

Blizzards are for Lovers-1

Blizzards are for Lovers Boom, Boom, Boom, the sound of two dozen bouncing basketballs echoed from the gym into the Community Center lobby. Ally worked part-time at the front desk: checking membership IDs and updating the online calendar. It was frustrating working Saturday nights, knowing her friends were out partying. To make things worse, the … Read more

Blizzard of Passion Pt. 02

Blizzard of Passion, the second day This is a continuation of Blizzard of passion, so I suggest reading the other part first. As always feedback or email contact is welcome. Emily woke to an empty bed, a hangover and a brief moment of thought that she had just had the wildest dream of her life, … Read more

Blizzard of Passion-2

Claire felt a tingling everywhere as Emily began heading lower. Claire knew where she was going and what was going to happen when she got there. She wanted this to happen so badly. She could feel her body tensing, shaking from the erotic touch of another woman’s lips. Then Emily’s finger moved over the folds … Read more

Blizzard of Passion-1

Blizzard…..of passion. Part one. This is a story that has rattled around in my head for a long time, being a day dream and fantasy. It has lots of lead up and story before anything sexual, but that’s how the story goes so enjoy. As always please comment, or email me and talk to me … Read more

Bliss from the Past-2

I woke about around 13 o’clock, or 1 o’clock pm, to the feeling of my naked body against the sheets. My parents were downstairs so I got up, put on some leggings and a jumper and walked downstairs. I talked with them and Alex made sure to tell me about the movie in full detail … Read more

Bliss from the Past-1

This story is completely for the shear entertainment of. I’m no professional, in fact most of my English essays were bad. Nonetheless, I came out of my comfort zone to make this story that has slowly developed in my head as I go. I got inspiration from the modern feel of romance and I guess … Read more

Lena Ch. 09

Chapter 9 – The Grateful Slave Laying naked on her front on the bare mattress bed, Lena’s hands and feet are tied by leather straps to the bed posts, preventing her to move. With the bullet vibrators in her pussy and asshole at a low setting, Lena is frustrated by the constant arousal and the … Read more

Lena Ch. 05-2

“I know.” says Klaus. “But she’s not what I want, Chad.” “Wait, what are you saying?” ask the confused Chad. “Klaus is gay, dumb ass.” Isabel states. “What?” Lena utters as her mouth drops. “Wait a fucken minute,” growls Chad. “If you’re gay why did you tell me you wanted to fuck Lena?” “I want … Read more

Lena Ch. 05-1

Chapter 5: The Novice Lesbian Clinching to the pillow on her bed, Lena lies naked on her front as Chad plows his hard cock in her ass. Lena’s pussy gets moist as the mix of pleasure and pain from the anal penetration excites her. She pushes her hand under her stomach to search for her … Read more