A White Man Plays on Vacation

*Disclaimer: All Characters are over 18 years old.* My eyes slowly opened to the bright sun shining through the floor to ceiling window overlooking the expansive blue water of the pacific ocean. I stretch my arm out sliding my hand over the bright red silk sheets, knowing immediately I’m not in my own bed. My … Read more

A White Man Plays at Poker

I sit at the poker table, all my chips pushed in. I like my hand Kings over Aces. It’s no limit Texas Hold ’em, my pocket Kings tripped up early. I went all in hoping to get everyone to fold, or trap someone with a pair of Aces. However with the next card being another … Read more

Bloated Balls

My new friend Bill’s package was big. His size nearly matched my 16 inch circumference. I tugged my Bull Master Magnum off. He slowly slid off his ASTJ. He joined me on the bed. An dropped his pumped up engorgement on top of mine. He scissored me our greased up scrotums were slightly tacky. I … Read more

Blo and Go with a Dominant Male

This is fantasy, but I really want it to happen. It is my first time with another man, and it is supposed to be a simple blo and go. It starts out with his naked body on the bed, and with his legs spread. I am naked also as I crawl up onto the bed. … Read more

A whore is made

I’ve been fantasizing about a gay experience for ages, so i finally decided to do something about it. I met him through craigslist, explaining that I’ve never been with a man and would like to try it. He said he’d picks me up at mine. I answered the door to him in what he asked … Read more

Death on the Rhine Ch. 16-2

But it wasn’t over. Flash was still as hard as ever. He turned Clint on his back and knelt below him on the divan and pulled Clint’s pelvis into his hips. This time he fucked Clint in vigorous strokes. Joyfully. His eyes locked on Clint’s. Full of pleasure, laughter, and lust. He played with Clint’s … Read more

Death on the Rhine Ch. 16-1

Fritz and Clint Folsom were sitting on a banquette, teasing each other through the folds and openings of their clothes in the dimly lit club and listening to the fat lady sing. This wasn’t the Cologne leather club, Chains, where Fritz was the bouncer, though. As a reward for saving him twice from being fucked … Read more

Death on the Rhine Ch. 15

Folsom awoke to Ralf’s sex-satiated, very satisfied snoring. They were both on their sides in one of the beds in Folsom’s cabin on the MS River God, the American’s well-worked butt nestled into the Australian’s well-exercised groin and his strong arms encircling Folsom. The palm of one of Ralf’s hands was spread on Folsom’s lower … Read more

Death on the Rhine Ch. 14

Folsom gave a muffled scream of terror and pain as the knife struck him. It, surprisingly, was only a glancing slice across his naked thigh. But trussed up as he was, spread-eagled naked and bound on the bed with sexual devices possessing every orifice, he was completely at the mercy of whatever game Sten was … Read more

Death on the Rhine Ch. 13

Ralf took in Folsom’s ejaculate in his mouth and, briefly, rose up Folsom’s body and merged their lips, sharing the saltiness of Folsom’s prodigious manhood. He then moved back down Folsom’s torso with his moist lips, kissing his way back to the very center of Folsom, and licked his cock clean. The two were panting, … Read more