Death of the Party-2

“Good enough for me,” Raven shrugged. She didn’t let odd get to her. When things were fucking odd, it was the good bits. A lack of normality always seemed to precede a rare change for the better. She kissed his bony mouth eagerly, even daring to slip him the tongue. She toyed with his tongue … Read more

Death of the Party-1

AUTHOR’S NOTE: WARNING: This work is DARK. That is, it contains dark elements that may not be to many tastes even to those of my readers who are accustomed to my other works. The most important element of that is the following: This work contains a graphic rape scene. It’s key to the story and … Read more

Arctic Revenge-2

Into the bathroom she ran, turning on the water and pumping as much soap out of the dispenser that she could. Her hands and forearms were scrubbed in the steaming hot water, all the while knowing she would most likely be the prime suspect and yet trying to form an escape plan in her head. … Read more

Arctic Revenge-1

Samantha stepped out of the back door of the building and wrapped the light jacket around her form as the cool breeze whipped down the alley. It was during the few precious dark hours of June in Juneau, Alaska and she was savoring the little bit of darkness she could find between the buildings. Her … Read more

Pie Filling-2

“May we go with IrPne, corporal?” “Who?” “Trooper Caspar, corporal. We introduced ourselves back a few minutes ago.” The group spilt, Alice pointing out the direction of the house and barns, invisible from their present position. She and Bonny, with looks of appeal at Irene, followed her at a distance as she prowled through the … Read more

Pie Filling-1

The weather so far that year had been lousy. The Spring was dry, causing a partial drought, the Summer had been too damn’ hot, causing more than a bit of melanoma in the inveterate sun-bathers, while the farmers who tried to br9ng in much needed crops cursed and nursed the cloudless skies and their crops, … Read more

All Hallow’s Wish-2

“Mariella,” the stranger’s voice boomed through the night air. “Do you profess to those assembled here that you are a virgin, intact and undiscovered by man?” “Yes,” she replied. “And do you give yourself to me on this night of All Hallow’s Eve under the dark moon?” “Yes,” she answered again, the words swimming out … Read more

All Hallow’s Wish-1

Mari could not be lost. She took this track so many times she could follow it with her eyes shut. In fact, she had come home so close to dawn a few times that her eyes had been closed more often than open. The moon had traveled two thumbs widths since she’d left Trent’s home, … Read more

All Hallow’s Eve: The Game-3

Pushing open the door of the restroom, she was inundated with harsh, revealing fluorescent light. She set her styrofoam cup on the counter beside one of three sinks. The bathroom, near as she could tell, was empty. She lifted the phone, tapped it, sent a message to Ron. Sylvie chuckled. Ron’s reply came several heartbeats … Read more

All Hallow’s Eve: The Game-2

Not much of a dare, Sylvie thought. Although, he did say ‘skirt.’ He already knows what I’d be wearing underneath. What’s he up to? She did not bother to text back, feeling a strange sense of urgency. The time on her phone read 9:41. She would indeed have to hurry to get to the ground-floor … Read more