Blissful Ch. 05-3

“Please fuck me, oh God, mmmmmmm, fuck my ass.” Alexa moaned dreamily, telling herself that she was just selling it, and she didn’t really mean it, even as she pleaded with increasing desperation, “Double fuck my slutty little ass hole. Oh please, Mistress Sasha, stretch my bitch hole with two cocks. You’re right. ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, you’re soooooooooo fucking right about me.

I’m just a double anal loving whore, who craves taking two girl cocks up her lezzie ass 24/7. Please, mmmmmmmm, I want you and Mistress Naomi inside my bottom at the same time. Lexi The Butt Slut needs two real women to remind her what her butt is for. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, remind me that I’m your double anal whore!”

“Yeahhhhhhhhh, that’s what you are, Lexi. That’s exactly what you are.” Sasha cackled with delight, “Naomi, get on your back, so this bitch can ride you. Oooooooooooh yesssssssss, ride your big dick with her slutty little bitch hole. Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, and more importantly, spread those cheeks, so I can get deep into that butt whore’s whore butt.”

“You didn’t say the magic word.” Naomi joked, before her friend gave her a look, which had her shrugging and obeying, “Whatever.”

“Yes, Mistress Sasha.” Alexa whimpered and obeyed without hesitation.

Poor Alexa tried to tell herself she was still just selling it when she literally cried at the feeling of having an empty ass, as for once a cock was taken out of it, and not immediately replaced by another. Mostly because she was feeling overwhelmed, it took her a few long seconds to actually move.

Although it was impossible to claim she was just playing a role when she lined up the head of that rectum wrecker with her gaping slut hole, and then literally slammed her butt downwards, making every inch of that dick shoot up her booty in one hard thrust. Or the fact that after a few long seconds of savouring that feeling, she started eagerly bouncing up and down, anally riding Naomi of all people, just like she’d been ordered too.

The truth was, there was always going to be part of her which was Lexi The Butt Slut. Always going to be a part of her which was addicted to getting her ass fucked. But surely, that would just make her eventual ascension that much more impressive? And when she was the Alpha female of the entire WWE, she would anally ride whoever she wanted, even in the middle of the locker room, and she would still hold the crown.

Now that would be true power, the likes of which the WWE had never known. And she had to keep believing that was her future, because very soon, she wouldn’t be able to think anything at all. Or worse, would only be able to think submissive thoughts. Especially as Lexi The Butt Slut got the double stuffing she so desperately wanted.

“”Mmmmmmmmm, nice work, Lexi The Butt Slut.” Sasha chuckled wickedly, “Now, stay still for a minute, while I get into that big fat white booty of yours. Or should I say, mine? Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, that shit hole is my fucking fuck hole! Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, the slutty little butt of Lexi The Butt Slut is my fucking property! And it always will be, ha ha ha ha!”

“Yes, Mistress Sasha.” Alexa again whimpered and obeyed without hesitation.

“Ooooooooooh, fuck yeah, that’s it. Give me that ass.” Sasha began chuckling wickedly, before becoming annoyed at the lack of action of her friend, “Well? Spread the cheeks?”

“Magic word?” Naomi insisted this time.

“Please!” Sasha stopped, “Now do it.”

“Just looking for some appreciation, that’s all.” Naomi grumbled, before finally doing as she was told.

Sasha could have done without her so-called best friend undermining her, especially in front of the Smackdown’s women’s locker room. However, it was only a very small moment of weakness, and was completely overshadowed by her pressing the tip of her cock against another girl’s butt hole and pushing forwards, so she could anally violate her.

That was always something which proved that she was the rightful Alpha female everyone knew she was, maybe especially in this case, when the head of her cock was invading an ass hole which was already stretching for a strap-on. Oh yes, Sasha Banks was once again double ass fucking another female wrestler, making her feel right back on track.

It would’ve been better if it had been someone respectable, especially that cunt Charlotte, who definitely had this coming. Oh yes, sooner or later, Sasha would get her revenge on her rival, and make sure that the so-called Queen got it 10 times worse than she had. Although in the meantime, this was quite the little treat.

After all, this was one of her favourite ever fuck holes, and while Lexi was hardly a threat, she was now a former champion, meaning that this was almost an achievement. But what was far more of an achievement, was the fact that the shameless anal whore cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, instead of just pure pain, as her ass hole stretched right now to take that second dick.

For a brief moment, Sasha savoured this achievement, and considered taunting her prey again. However, she decided to save that for the next big milestone, namely when Lexi The Butt Slut took every inch of two big strap-on dildos up her slutty little bubble butt. Besides, she was very much focused on just how widely that supposedly forbidden hole was stretching right now, and how beautiful it looked wrapped around two cocks at the same time.

Which then looked even more beautiful, as Sasha slowly but surely pushed inch after inch of her dick into the most frequently used fuck hole, of this frequently used fuck hole. And getting the wonderful sounds of mostly pleasure in the process.

Which in turn, had Sasha cackling with sadistic delight. Fuck, it was so easy to forget just what a massive ass whore she was dealing with. Well, seemingly every female superstar within the WWE was. But Lexi The Butt Slut really was something special. Oh yes, this was simply one of the biggest bottoms in the history of the WWE. And definitely what she needed after her recent dealings with Charlotte.

Oh God, just the thought of her name had Sasha’s poor little butt hole quivering with fear, and just maybe other things she didn’t want to even acknowledge. Luckily this was a wonderful distraction from those kind of thoughts, especially because Naomi was spreading those butt cheeks, meaning she got the perfect view of inch after inch of that second dick disappearing into the bottomless pit which was Lexi The Butt Slut’s whore ass.

Alexa had tried so hard, and yet here she was, being double butt fucked, yet again. Back in NXT this was seemingly how every night ended for her, with the other female wrestlers unable to get enough of her big booty. Especially not Charlotte and Sasha, who had been practically obsessed with keeping her shit hole a forever loose fuck hole. And now Sasha was making sure she was loose back there again.

Of course the worst part was that there was a big part of her which was enjoying it. Something very obvious to everyone who was watching, given the happy sounds that she was making. Also, just how easily she took it. Oh God, it took longer than it did at the end of her run in NXT, but the result was the same. Namely thighs coming to rest against butt cheeks, announcing every inch of two big dicks were buried deep within her butt.

Something which of course, Sasha just had to draw attention too, “And, that’s it! Mmmmmmmm, that’s two big dicks, right in your pathetic little ass. Mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk yesssssssss, two big black cocks, all the way up your lily white bitch ass. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, you love that shit, don’t you? Being the creamy filling in our Oreo cookie? Huh? Ooooooooooh fuck yeah, you do.

But for Lexi The Butt Slut, nothing is really good enough to satisfy her insatiable booty, except double anal. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, take this double fucking, right up your whore ass! Oh yes, and moan while doing it. That’s it, make sure everyone here, including the other pitiful bottoms to bottoms, Becky and Mickie, know just how much you love it. How much you need it. That you will never be anything except Lexi The Butt Slut.”

Poor Alexa couldn’t even think of offering up a come back. No, she needed to concentrate on surviving this with her mind intact. Or at least, in a state where she could repair it. Which had somehow happened before, which was at least some comfort. Although she was beginning to question how she came back from this in the first place, given that she whimpered, cried out, and even moaned in mostly pleasure from getting her ass double stuffed.

It was even worse when Sasha started pulling her hips back and forth, and thus causing the dildo to pump in and out of Alexa’s poor little ass hole. Another female wrestler, officially starting to sodomize her, and thus perhaps proving she really was inferior to these women. Yes, even fucking Naomi, which more than anything else, put poor little Lexi The Butt Slut in her place.

Her rectum then very quickly relaxed, meaning that she felt nothing but pure pleasure. Pure, overwhelming pleasure, which made her want to beg to cum almost immediately. And maybe even, break. Oh God, in that moment, Lexi The Butt Slut wanted to reclaim the position which always made her happiest.

Or more accurately, had given her the most powerful orgasms, and the joy of being relentlessly sodomized by superior women. Once again become Sasha Banks’s favourite anal bitch. Maybe even more than Bayley, given she was still in NXT. But no, Alexa needed to find a way to beg to cum, without breaking. She just had to, or otherwise, all her hard work would be for nothing.

“You’re right. Oh God, I tried so hard, but I’ll never be anything but Lexi The Butt Slut.” Alexa literally cried, trying to tell herself they were just words, but she couldn’t be sure in that moment, “You broke me… Mistress Sasha. You, and Mistress Charlotte, broke my ass in. It’s open for business, and thanks to you, it always will be. Even to other bottoms, like Mistress Naomi.

Oh please, Mistress Naomi, fuck me. Ooooooooooh yessssssssssss, fuck me, fuck my ass. Fuck Little Lexi The Butt Slut’s little bitch booty, and make her cum! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, make me cum, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME HARDER, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!”

It was probably unintentional, but Naomi actually did her a huge favour, by thrusting upwards into Alexa’s slutty little ass, and instantly triggering a powerful climax. Yes, everything that had come before, and her own words had a lot to do with that. But it was mostly Naomi. Which meant that she had just cum incredibly hard for one of the biggest bottoms in the history of the WWE.

Which just might be enough to break her, if not now, then in the coming days, weeks and months, as she remembered this overwhelmingly humiliating experience. But in a weird way, it could’ve been worse, which was the last coherent thought Alexa had for quite a while, as she was bombarded with mind-melting orgasms.

Naomi knew she was going to get an ear full about this later. Hell, Sasha might never forgive her for this mistake, given they had been so close to breaking Alexa Bliss, and turning her back into mindless little Lexi The Butt Slut, who was just happy to be here, getting her perfect little butt fucked. But that was the thing, it wasn’t a mistake.

No, Naomi had chosen to show this infamous bottom mercy. After all, they were in the exact same boat. No one really took them seriously, and it was really impressive what Lexi had managed to achieve, and Naomi was curious to see whether she could achieve it again. And she really, really wanted to be sodomized by maybe the biggest bottom in the history of NXT. Oh yes, that would truly be an amazing rush.

There was also part of her which wanted Alexa to completely break, and then claim her for herself. Oh yes, forget being a champion, actually having a bitch of her own would be a lifetime achievement for Naomi. Especially if it was a bitch the calibre of Lexi The Butt Slut. And the very best case scenario, was for then Lexi The Butt Slut to turn the tables on her.

Oh yes, that would truly be the ultimate humiliation. Just imagine the orgasms? Although Naomi had a pretty hard time imagining anything was better than what her defeated opponent was now experiencing. Something that she had the best seat in the house for, and was loving every second of it.

Honestly, Naomi had no idea just how many times she had been double ass fucked. Definitely more times than she had lost matches, which sadly, was really saying something. Occasionally it would be alongside some other butt slut getting the same treatment, and even more rarely it would be like this. With her face to face with the bottom in question, able to see the look on her face, and in her eyes.

It was nothing short of blissful, pun intended. And with that, she was reminded why she could never fully commit to being a top. Oh yes, she just loved bottoming too much for that. Especially the orgasms which came with it. Although at the same time, she had to admit this was a lot of fun, especially now she could thrust upwards into that whore hole.

The combination of that rare feeling of power, the other end of the dildo rubbing her clit, and the sheer joy of this experience, made sure that Naomi came several times during this part of the process. More impressively, Sasha obviously came too, and yet was able to keep the brutal anal pounding going. That always impressed Naomi, who at this point was just lying back, and enjoying the experience.

Although she was also thinking back to when she had been in Alexa’s position, and she couldn’t help wondering if Sasha was doing the same right now? Although if she was, it was probably pushing her to destroy Lexi The Butt Slut’s slutty little butt even faster, harder and longer. Of course eventually, even the best tops had to stop, and The Boss was definitely no exception.

Although, Sasha had plenty of experience rejuvenating herself with the next part of the routine, namely smacking that big booty the second she yanked her dick out of it, and yelling, “Well? What are you waiting for? You of all people know the drill by now. Oooooooooh yesssssssss, show us, and your adoring fans, what we’ve done to your bitch hole.”

“Yes, Mistress Sasha.” Alexa whimpered softly and quickly obeyed, simply out of instinct.

Alexa was relieved to find that she still hated giving that response. However, at the same time, if it had been anyone except Sasha asking, the result might’ve been different. Well, her or Charlotte. Oh yes, it was ironic, but her hatred for the women who had originally turned her into a shameless bottom had just about saved Alexa from once again becoming Lexi The Butt Slut.

Although this was no time to celebrate, as it still felt like that was very much a possibility, if Naomi ordered her to come back with her to her hotel room. Especially as Sasha was pretty much guaranteed to be there, meaning there would be no chance to turn the tables back to what they should be.

Thankfully, Alexa was still in with a chance, as while she would be lying if she said there wasn’t a certain thrill to bending over in the centre of the room and spreading her cheeks, mostly she hated the feeling of exposing her gaping ass hole. Like most of this experience, she was both horny and angry, which gave her back some much needed strength.

And maybe, just maybe, now she had done what she had to, she could get out of this mess with her mind intact? Even if it meant sacrificing a few pawns along the way? Fuck, who was she kidding? She would do anything, if she could only save herself. Luckily, after a few long minutes of being displayed like a trophy, she was given the chance.

“So Lexi, ready to accept your true purpose in life again?” Sasha finally asked.

“Never.” Alexa said defiantly, even if her current position undermined her.

“Awww, they’re so cute when they’re defiant.” Sasha laughed, “But sure, go ahead Lexi. Make things harder for yourself. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, make this as hard as possible on yourself, because you will just make things more fun for me. In the meantime, why don’t you suck some more cock, then we can get out of here?”

“Or, you could make Becky and Mickie do it?” Alexa offered, quickly adding, “I’ve tasted my butt a lot tonight. Why not let someone else have a turn?”

“Oh yes, please Mistress Sasha, Mistress Naomi, give me the privilege of tasting that booty?” Mickie pleaded without hesitation.

“Me too.” Becky responded likewise soon after, even going so far as to add, “Please Mistress Sasha, Mistress Naomi, let me taste Lexi’s slutty butt?”

“Well, I suppose…” Sasha shrugged.

“And why don’t you take them back with you tonight?” Alexa quickly added, “In fact, you can take them as yours, permanently, if you’ll leave me alone for the rest of the night.”

“Deal!” Naomi agreed excitedly.

“Hey! Wait!” Sasha protested, before arguing, “That’s a bad deal. Becky and Mickie are pretty much free to use fuck holes. Owning them does nothing for us.”

“Nothing for you, maybe.” Naomi argued, “But Alexa was my first bottom, remember? And as much as I want that big booty of hers all night long, two for the price of one? That’s a no-brainer. Mmmmmmmm, especially as it means I get three fat assed white hos in a single night. And just think, we can double stuff them all night long, and they’ll thank us for it. Unlike ungrateful little Lexi here.”

“But…” Sasha began.

“Are you saying you need Naomi’s help to break me?” Alexa challenged, “And this will be your last chance to try?”

There was a brief pause, then Sasha nodded, “Well played, Lexi. But we both know it’s just a matter of time. And don’t think you’re getting off that easy. No, you’re going to come with us, and watch your bitches bottom to me and my girl Naomi all night long. Oooooooooh yessssssssss, beginning with… Becky, Mickie, suck these BBCs. Make Lexi wish she was in your place.”

“Yes, Mistress Sasha. Thank you, Mistress Sasha.”

Mickie and Becky more or less replied and obeyed at the same time, scrambling to crawl over to the strap-on wearing women, and starting to suck their cocks. Seemingly figuring that Becky would go for her old friend’s dick, Mickie instead headed straight for Naomi. Although maybe that was because it would be more humiliating to suck the cock of an anal loving sub?

Either way, in pretty much the same time the two broken bottoms wrapped their lips around those ass flavoured dildos, and started loudly moaning happily from the taste. They then started bobbing their heads up and down, slowly but surely taking every inch into their mouths and down their throats, like the well-trained cock cleaners they were.

Poor Alexa tried to avoid the temptation, but it was no use. She just had to strain her neck to watch her first ever bitches gleefully deep throat her tormentors. The fact that she had been able to trade a couple of pieces of ass for her freedom really had shown just how far she’d come. Not something that could have worked at the beginning of the night, as Naomi and especially Sasha had been determined to get a piece of her.

But now? Now she only had to worry about being tempted to bend over willingly. Sadly not completely impossible, but Alexa was as sure as she could be she could resist. It was certainly her best shot, and if she could survive it, she be even more determined to reclaim her bitches. Or better yet, get some new ones? Lots of them, but Sasha most of all. Or at least, her little friend.

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