Blissful Ch. 04-1

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Alexa Bliss, or Becky Lynch, or Mickie James, any other former or current WWE women. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Mickie James was always excited when she walked into a new locker room. She had done it over and over again, and it was the kind of thing that she lived for. Hell, she just loved everything about professional wrestling.

But, while she had enjoyed her time in TNA and other promotions over the past few years, the WWE had always been her dream, and despite how her time there had ended, the WWE still felt like her home. So of course, the first chance she got, she happily returned to it. And this time, she was maybe even more excited than before. Perhaps she was setting herself up for disappointment? But she just couldn’t help it.

Because while there was no guarantee of winning a title at Wrestlemania, winning that title multiple times, and fighting the best the company had to offer, she hadn’t been promised that last time either. No, she had made that happen. And she would happily settle for just one more big win, before fully devoting herself to what had become even more important to her than wrestling.

Namely, getting fucked up her big fat ass like the shameless anal whore she had become. Ironically, she had found that was her true destiny on her very first day in the WWE, when the mighty Trish Stratus had taken her anal cherry like an hour after meeting her.

Then, despite her success, all of Mickie had spent years being passed around like a piece of meat, both within the WWE and outside of it. And then there was Asuka, Oh God, Asuka, Mickie thought with a dreamy smile on her face. The ass ruining Goddess, who had welcomed Mickie back to the company only a few days ago with what might just be the greatest rectum wrecking she had ever received.

Which was really, really saying something, considering all the amazing butt busters who had gleefully used her fat ass over the years. However, that had been in NXT. This was the main roster, and she tried not to get her hopes up for a similar welcome.

Especially, because at this point, the only way this day could compete with those other times, was if she was anally gang banged by the entire roster. Ideally, girls and boys, of both RAW and Smackdown, the thought of making her slutty little butt hole quiver with delight. Sadly, that wasn’t to be.

Hell, when she walked into the women’s locker room, she barely got a second look for most of the other girls. On the bright side, just like that first time, there was a blonde woman waiting for her. One she recognized as Alexa Bliss. The main difference was there was nothing subtle about Alexa’s approach, given she was already naked except for a strap-on, which she was obviously rubbing lube into.

Alexa had planned on playing it cool, and waiting for Mickie to come to her, but given they weren’t alone she instead quickly jumped up, and approached her prey, while calling out to her, “Hey fuck hole, get over here.”

If this was a guy in a bar, maybe Mickie would have been insulted, but her reaction would probably be the same, namely giggling, “I guess my reputation precedes me, huh?”

“The one about you being a shameless bottom? That you were Trish Stratus’s big booty ho? Then Beth Phoenix’s, and then Michelle McCool’s, and Kelly Kelly’s? That you’re addicted to anal, and that you’ve been butt fucked by like, every woman in the business? Yeah, that shit gets around.” Alexa said, finally closing the distance between them, “Especially how much of an anal slut you were for Asuka, who from what I hear, didn’t even have to beat you. No, mmmmmmmm, she just fucking looked at you, and your natural instincts just kicked in. Yeahhhhhhhh, you turned around, pulled down your pants, bent over and spread your cheeks like the hopeless cock sleeve that you are.”

“It, it wasn’t exactly like that.” Mickie blushed. And then when Alexa gave her a look, she quickly added dreamily, “And it was Asuka! And oh my God, mmmmmmmm, she was everything they say she was, and more. Anyone would bend over for her, if they had any idea what she could do with a strap-on. Or just looked in her eyes. But then, she’s not the only one who’s reputation precedes her… Little Lexi The Butt Slut.”

Alexa’s eyes went wide at having Mickie James, of all people, calling her out like this, and then snapped, “Erm, excuse you, that’s ancient history now. I’m now the second ever Smackdown women’s champion, and a butt busting top.”

“Are you the Alpha?” Mickie asked abruptly, before glancing over at where The Bella Twins were casually talking to each other.

There was a long pause, and a telling blush from Alexa, as she desperately try to think of a comeback, but as she was just too angry to think she just smacked Mickie across the face and snapped, “Bend the fuck over, bottom!”

“Yes, Mistress Alexa.” Mickie replied and obeyed. She then bit her lip for a few long seconds, and then pushed her luck even more, “Ooooooooooh yessssssssssss, I love it! I love being topped by bottoms. It makes me feel like such a whore. Like the ultra bottom I am. So please, Lexi, ruined me. Destroy my big fat ass, and make me your anal bitch. Just like everybody else. Please? I need it. Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, I need to get butt fucked, like, 24/7. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, and maybe if you try really hard, you’ll be a tenth as good as fucking my ass as Asuka was.”

Alexa should spank the fuck out of this insolent bitch for talking to her that way. Or better yet, really punish the shameless anal whore, by not fucking her ass. But no, Alexa needed the practice. And as soon as she heard Mickie James was coming back, she knew she had to get a piece of that ass.

Ideally the whole thing, because just look at it. Had there ever been anything more fuck-able? Oh yes, when Mickie James finally turned around and bent over, it became clear what a prize she was being freely offered. Even if it was one of the most well used in the history of wrestling. She just had to take it. Especially, given she was trying to establish herself as a top.

For a few long minutes, Alexa just stared lustfully at that giant bottom’s giant bottom, before slowly pulling those pants and panties down, and revealing that big booty in all it’s glory. Something that the infamous anal addicted ho should have done herself, but that was okay, because it was just giving Alexa the motivation she needed to really wreck this fat ass.

Which was most likely the reason Mickie was doing it. And giving her so much cheek. Especially given that when the blonde spread those meaty cheeks, she unsurprisingly found that the brunette’s butt hole was already being stretched by a butt-plug, which somehow made that prize look even more enticing.

“Nice of you to be ready for me.” Alexa mumbled softly, while reaching out to toy with the plug.

“Oh, I’m always ready to be butt fucked.” Mickie confessed brightly, and without a hint of shame. Then she pushed her luck even more, “Even if it’s a butt fucking from a fellow bottom.”

“I’m sure you are.” Alexa said dismissively, before smirking, “But unfortunately for you, I’m not ready to give you what you want, yet.”

“Whenever you’re ready, Mistress Alexaaaaaaaa oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, eat me! Eat my slutty butt! Mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkk, fucking rim me! I love being rimmed! Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooodddddddddd!” Mickie gasped in approval, as the butt-plug was abruptly replaced by a tongue.

Before this bitch could give her anymore cheek, Alexa made sure to push that butt-plug into Mickie’s mouth, the shameless bottom quick to tighten her lips around it, so she could suck all of her own ass cream from it. Something she happily did, while gleefully moaning.

Meanwhile, Alexa was falling to her knees, and returning her tongue to that slutty little butt hole. And like before, burying her face deep in between those giant globes. Hell, she didn’t even bother licking at first. No, she just suffocated herself with that big booty. Then, when she started using her tongue again, it was no gentle licking, but a rapid tongue fucking right from the start.

She also spread those cheeks so she could get deeper into the whore hole, and reluctantly pulled away from them, so she could spit into it. Anything to get her saliva as deep as possible into Mickie’s rectum. Not that she needed it. No, Mickie James was everything she was rumoured to be.

However, it was important for Alexa to establish her dominance over her. Especially in front of the Smackdown women’s locker room. After all, she was the champion around here, and should be in charge. And would be, soon enough. Unfortunately, she maybe spent longer than necessary rimming this ass whore. But there was a very good reason for that.

“Need any help there, Lexi?” Nikki asked.

“Yeahhhhhhhh, do you?” Brie eagerly agreed with her sister, “Mmmmmmm, if you’re not going to fuck that ass, we’ll happily do it for you.”

“Oh, I’m going to fuck it.” Alexa reassured, replacing her tongue with three fingers which she shoved straight up that slutty little shit hole, “I’m just punishing this bitch for talking back to me. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, punishing her, with a nice long rim job. Which is torture, for a loose anal whore like this piece of meat. Besides, mmmmmmmm, she has one tasty little butt. In fact, maybe I should just spend the night eating it? What do you think, Mickie? Do you want to spend the night having your butt hole soothingly licked, after what Asuka did to it?”

“NO! No, no, noooooooooo, please Mistress Alexa, fuck me!” Mickie whimpered pathetically, once she spat out the plug, “I’m sorry! I’m so, so sorry for talking back to you. I just wanted you to fuck me hard. Oh please, won’t someone fuck my ass? Please? I need it!”

“Who would you rather fuck you?” Alexa pushed, while adding a forth finger into Mickie’s butt, “Me, or The Bella Bottoms?”

“You, you, YOU!” Mickie promised, hoping that The Bellas would punish her for it later, even if in that moment, it was true. She really did want to see what Alexa could do, “Please, I want to be butt fucked by Alexa Bliss.”

“Oooooooooh, good girl.” Alexa chuckled wickedly, pulling her fingers out and sucking them clean briefly, before straightening up and pressing the tip of her dick against Mickie’s back door, “For that, you get rewarded…”

Mickie was itching to spread her cheeks like the well-trained anal addicted bottom that she was, and maybe even properly beg for a big dick up her ass, but instead of giving her permission for that, Alexa just shoved her cock straight into her slutty little shit-pipe, and thus, winning Mickie’s heart forever.

Yes, the strap-on was only about half the way in after that first thrust, but there was barely a pause before Alexa delivered a few more equally hard thrusts, burying the rest of that dildo all the way into Mickie’s bowels in a matter of seconds. Something which would be excruciating for almost everyone else, but for an anal whore of Mickie’s calibre, it was pure bliss. Pun unintended.

Only a select few had been this ruthless with her, and most had been in the middle of anal sex, after pausing to feed someone her ass cream. Admittedly, Mickie had been proudly boasting about how loose and sloppy her ass hole was for years, and had intentionally antagonized Alexa to get brutal treatment like this.

However, it was still a shock to the system to actually get it. And it was clearly a shock to their audience, who for the first time since Mickie walked in, was giving what was happening to her their undivided attention. Which of course, only enhanced her twisted enjoyment. Which was really saying a lot, considering how she loved getting her ass filled with dick.

It was extremely rare for her to feel this level of pain from being anally penetrated, but for the first time in an extremely long time, Mickie James cried out with a mixture of pain and pleasure, instead of just pure pleasure. Of course, she was such a shameless anal whore, that actually feeling pain like this, combined with the brutal butt stuffing, was almost enough to make her cum.

Maybe especially as she was given a few long seconds, maybe even a full minute to savour that feeling. Then came more verbal humiliation, which only further made her love Alexa Bliss, who again, was supposed to be a bottom like her, making it even more impressive.

“Fuck, what a loose and sloppy bitch hole.” Alexa laughed with delight, before arguably saying too much, “I mean, God, people used to say that about my ass, but I could never take it like that. At least not while crying out in pure pleasure, like you just did. Yeahhhhhhhh, not even Little Lexi The Butt Slut was this much of an anal addicted bottom. Hell, I don’t think even Bayley compares to you. Fucking Bayley! Ooooooooooooh fuck yeah Mickie, you’re like the biggest butt ho ever. And I’m going to prove it. Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, that’s it, bitch. Moan for me. Mmmmmmmm fuck, moan while I’m fucking yor big fat ass, like the shameless little slut you are! Little Mickie The Butt Slut! Ah fuck! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!”

Honestly, Mickie barely heard even a word of that, as she was too busy savouring the feeling of having her tailpipe fully stuffed with dick. Then things got even better for her, when Alexa finally started pumping her hips back and forth, and thus causing the dildo to start sliding in and out of her shit hole. Which meant of course, that the ass fucking had officially started.

That Mickie was getting butt fucked by Little Lexi The Butt Slut. And she was doing a good job, too. Yes, not quite as good as Mistress Asuka, but good. So very, very good, to the point that she thought she might actually cum from it. Although for better or for worse, she was denied.

Becky Lynch wasn’t sure she’d ever been so jealous. It was so unfair. She hadn’t been bummed in hours, and her shit hole had almost fully closed, and she hated having a closed and empty shitter. And that was her Dom, damn it! And she had to kneel beside her, while she was fully equipped with a big yummy strap-on, wishing it was intended for her.

But no, it was intended for Mickie James, one of the best pieces of ass around. And a shameless anal whore. And Mickie wasn’t even properly grateful for it, showing Mistress Alexa a ridiculous amount of cheek. Didn’t she know she was dealing with a superior woman? Because Becky knew.

Her, and especially her bum hole, had been reminded of that over and over again. Hell, her arse was the first to know the joy of having Alexa Bliss inside it, and she had been honestly hoping to spend longer as the tiny Goddess’s one and only anal bitch. And she certainly hoped that her Mistress would just toss Mickie aside after using her, like the free to use fuck toy she was famous for being, and concentrate on her needy little arse hole instead.

But, without needing to be told, Becky knew that Mistress Alexa would almost certainly want to increase her collection of anal sluts. And she had to admit, she was enjoying watching the show. Especially as she suspected she would be part of it soon, even if it wasn’t in the way that she hoped.

“Hey Becky, get over here, and suck my dick.” Alexa ordered, after abruptly pulling her dick out of Mickie’s butt.

“Yes, Mistress Alexa.” Becky replied and obeyed, like the well-trained ATM loving bottom she was.

While she would much rather be bending over next to Mickie and spreading her cheeks so that Mistress Alexa could go back and forth between their slutty little bum holes, Becky loved to go arse to mouth, so she was truly grateful for this opportunity. Something which she shamelessly proved by letting out a long loud moan, as soon as that twisted flavour hit her taste buds.

She also savoured that tasty treat for a few long seconds, getting every drop of Mickie’s butt cream in the process. Then she started bobbing her head up and down, taking more each time, until she was deep throating the entire length, Becky moaning loudly and happily the whole time.

In turn, this of course led to more encouragement from Alexa, “Oooooooooh yesssssssssss, that’s it, Becky. Suck my fucking cock. Mmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, suck it, cock sucker. Get every drop of Mickie’s butt cream. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, you like that, huh? Tasting a butt almost as slutty as yours? Well, actually you’re both pretty loose and sloppy back there. But considering that Mickie is one of the most infamous bottoms ever, who has been spreading her cheeks for years, what does that really say about you, huh? Mmmmmmmm yeah, what does it say about you, you deep throating whore? Oh yes, get every drop. Every fucking drop, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, suck it!”

As always, Becky’s submissive little heart fluttered to hear a Dom praising her like that. Admittedly, there was part of her that wished that that she was still hearing this from Charlotte Flair, as her first top would always be special to her. Also, they just seem to have a connection. But Mistress Alexa had quickly proven herself a great butt wrecking top.

And being topped by a former bottom was truly exquisite humiliation. Especially when she was doing it in public like this. It also helped that Mistress Alexa then went back and forth between Mickie’s arse and Becky’s mouth. Which again wasn’t her preference, but the broken bottom would take what she could get.

Mickie was the exact same way, and there was actually a big part of her which definitely enjoyed every second of this particular act. Hell, she lived for it, and never wanted it to end. To be left bending over in the women’s locker room, where her co-workers could see, her ass available to use whenever, and however, her current top wanted.

And right now, that current top was intent to switch back and forth between Mickie’s slutty little butt hole, and Becky’s eager little mouth. Hell, it was always thrilling to have a girl tasting her ass. A new one, and one of the best workers of this generation, no less. Proving that while something had changed, other things were the same as when she had been in the WWE last.

Of course, greedily she wanted to be the focus of the attention, and more importantly, have that cock inside her ass the whole time. God, Mickie hated having an empty bottom. At least it was gaping open right now, reminding her of what a shameless anal addicted slut she was. But it was a poor substitute for actually getting fucked in the ass.

And while she prided herself on being a well-trained bottom, there was only so much anyone could take of this heavenly torture, before they would ultimately beg for more. Something to her credit, she didn’t do for a very long time. After all, she had a reputation to uphold. And more importantly, wanted to make a good impression.

Because there was no guarantee that Mistress Alexa would be her Mistress moving forward. Partly because in Mickie’s experience, Doms came and went, as they were constantly breaking each other. And while this was a good butt fucking, so far she wasn’t convinced Alexa Bliss could avoid being broken.

Especially given the way some of the other tops were looking at her. But Mickie also had to admit that she would love to be passed around, like a piece of meat, like in the good old days, eventually being fucked by every girl in the company, regardless of what they identified as. Something she tried not to think about too much initially, as it only pushed her closer to climax.

Of course, eventually she allowed herself to think about it, at the same time she began shamelessly begging to cum, “Fuck me! Oh please, Mistress Alexa, pound me hard! Slam fuck my butt hole as hard as you can! Make me cum like the anal whore I am! Please? I fucking need it! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, I need to be butt fucked hard and deep 24/7. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, pound me like Trish, Beth, mmmmmmmmm, and all the other hot blondes who’ve had this ass! And make me your bitch, just like all of them. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, put me in my fucking place! AH FUCK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD!”

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