Blissful Ch. 03-3

Prove that you’re the switch you claimed to be. That you’re not just Sasha’s bitch. Or mine! Help us take this pathetic loser’s triple anal cherry, and maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for you. Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, do it! Help us fucking ruin this fucking hole forever!”

“I…” Becky began nervously.

“Or, you can be our anal bitch forever.” Charlotte said casually, “You choose.”

There was a brief pause, then Becky gulped, “Yes, Mistress Charlotte.”

It was pretty awkward, as Becky had never been a natural top, no matter how hard and frequently Alexa had been sodomized back then, even with two cocks at the time, getting three in there was a big ask. Hell, even though she knew the outcome, Alexa prayed that the horse women would fail, and she would be granted that one small mercy. But no, after a lot of effort, that third dick slid through her back door, and into her tailpipe.

Yes, it didn’t get very far that night. Basically, only the head of that dildo sliding in alongside the other two, and they didn’t even move much after that. But it didn’t matter, because in the eyes of the WWE women’s locker room, it was official. Oh God, she had lost a cherry to Becky Lynch, of all people.

One of the most pathetic butt sluts ever, who Alexa had even broken only a few hours ago, had taken something from her which shouldn’t be possible to take. Her triple anal cherry. The perfect reminder from Mistress Charlotte that no matter how many championship she won, or whatever else happened in her career, Alexa Bliss would have always taken three cocks up her ass, courtesy of the four horse women.

Who were of course, rejoicing in that video about their latest accomplishment. Well, mostly it was that loudmouth Mistress Sasha, but that had been more than enough, combined with the extreme stretching of her shit hole, to make Little Lexi The Butt Slut cum. Especially given one particular promise she was made.

“Three cocks! That’s three fucking strap-on cocks up your whore ass! Fuck, what a whore! Mmmmmmmmm, what a nasty little anal ho!” Sasha cackled with delight, “Not even Bayley can take three up her big booty. At least, not yet. Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, I’m sure she’ll get there. But you? Shit, I bet a single cock in your ass won’t be good enough for you from now on.

No, mmmmmmmm, you’ll need at least two. And soon, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, we’ll be able to get all four of the horse women up that loose shit-pipe! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh, Little Lexi The Butt Slut might be taking three cocks now, but soon it will be all four of us! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, you’re going to be our record-breaking booty ho, Lexi! First you, then anyone who crosses us!”

“Fuck yeah, that’s what you’ll be, Alexa.” Charlotte simply chuckled, as she looked poor Little Lexi The Butt Slut right in the eye, before clarifying, “MY record-breaking booty ho.”

Thankfully, the combination of those words, and watching herself stooping so low, wasn’t enough to make the current version of Alexa cum. However, that was an extremely small consolation, given that she still came pretty much at the same time as her old self, with the addition of shoving at least half of that toilet brush up her own ass.

She even let out a similar cry to her old self, as a truly amazing climax echoed through her body. The type which she longed for every day. The type she could only get from being fucked in the ass. Only, of course, the one she was receiving now paled in comparison to what Little Lexi The Butt Slut was receiving. Because while they couldn’t move much, Mistress Charlotte and Mistress Sasha tried, seemingly trying to literally ruin Alexa’s ass in the process.

Given she now had experience on the other side of things, Alexa knew that her former Mistresses might’ve been telling themselves they were doing it for their own satisfaction. But far more than whatever pressure was against their clits, it was no doubt anally defiling another female wrestler into such total submission was the main reason that they could cum too.

That’s certainly how it worked when she had brutalized Becky’s butt. Something that Alexa should be doing right now, to banish these submissive thoughts. Or better yet, call up those bitches Charlotte and Sasha, and tell them in graphic detail how she was going to stretch their asses out with multiple dildos. And she wouldn’t need to manipulate a bottom like Becky to do it.

Sadly, the best that she could do was simply lay there, feeling physically and mentally exhausted, as she slowly came down from her high. What was even more sad, was that she didn’t even removed the toilet brush from her butt. No, she held it firmly in place for a few long minutes, as she watched Little Lexi The Butt Slut live her best life.

Orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm echoing right through the body of her past self, her cum squirting out of her cunt, as her poor little butt hole continued to be obscenely abused. Something that Bayley, or whoever was in control of the camera, made sure she got a very, very close up look at, from her empty pussy, to her overstuffed ass hole, to the blissful look on her face. And the faces of her former Mistresses, for that matter.

Maybe the worst part, was that Alexa had been so very jealous of the horsewomen, for winning title after title, being constantly praised for their work, and made the faces of their division. And most of all of course, Mistress Charlotte, who reigned over the entire division with an iron fist, ruining countless ass holes along the way. But in that horrifying moment, the person she was most jealous of was herself. Her old self. Little Lexi The Butt Slut.

Because if that was the ecstasy she could receive as a free to use butt whore, why should she ever be anything else? Hell, she wanted to keep sodomizing herself, or beg Becky to do it, but it wasn’t enough. She needed Mistress Charlotte, to really put her in her place.

Very slowly, Alexa finally pulled that brush out of her ass, and quickly bought that handle up to her lips so she could suck it clean. Which involved her briefly closing her eyes, and letting out a long loud moan at getting a taste of her own butt for the first time in a while. She then opened her eyes, to see the part of the video that she had initially missed out on, on the account that she had been literally fucked into unconsciousness.

Unsurprisingly, Bayley almost immediately started greedily sucking Mistress Sasha’s strap-on, while Becky cautiously took off the one she was wearing, and cleaned it herself. However, the latter only happened when it became clear that Becky wouldn’t be getting to suck Mistress Charlotte’s cock, as she normally would under these circumstances.

“Sasha, get over here and clean my cock.” Charlotte suddenly ordered.

“What?” Sasha protested, “You can’t be serious?”

“Can’t I?” Charlotte questioned with a raised eyebrow. Then the two tops stared at each other for a few long seconds, and then The Queen sighed, and offered, “What? We both know you want too. So just do it. Mmmmmmm fuck yeah, suck my cock like a good girl, and I’ll let you take Alexa and Bayley home tonight. Or, I could be the one to take you home.”

“Fine.” Sasha grumbled, after a long pause, and then when she received another look, she quickly mumbled, “Yes, Mistress Charlotte.”

What was even more amazing, was that then the so-called Boss actually did it. She wrapped her lips around Mistress Charlotte’s cock, and started cleaning it. Albeit after pausing to savour the flavour. Fuck, Alexa knew that Sasha had bottomed in NXT, and even more so on the main roster, but to actually see it once again awoke her dominant side. Because there was a part of her which longed to bottom, and maybe some day soon, she would fall to a superior woman.

But before that day came, she was more determined than ever to get a piece of Sasha Banks. Oh God, that would be so sweet, after everything that bitch did to her. In fact, why wait? She should go after her now, given that she was fresh from losing a feud with Mistress Charlotte, and allegedly being turned into an anal loving bottom along the way. Or, should she first go after one more easy target, like Becky? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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