Bliss Of Hair: The Interview

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It was the last day of my work at a small time restaurant. It’s actually a food place that can be placed somewhere between a restaurant and a fast food center. Located at the corner of Hill street and 134 Ave, we used to be busy, always bustling with people and us the workers toiling in the hot kitchen unable to escape the stench from the hot oil and burning meat on the grill. The only relief used to be when we go out into the dining area to deliver the customer’s orders. Gradually, with time the foot traffic entering the door fell next to none. Me and my coworkers started playing with fries at the time of the day, that used be one of our busiest hours. I thought to myself that economy is definitely in the dumps. With the restaurant almost in losses, management decided to Axe few of the employees, I being one of that unfortunate bunch. I started experiencing the recession first hand. Smelling like grease from the kitchen, and with a couple of hundred dollars from, what they call a severance package in the pocket, I reached home on that Friday night. Its time to look for a new job.

That lonely, dull Friday evening I thought of the few friends I made at the restaurant, especially of the clumsy girl with shapely body who used to tease me all day long. She has been the little inspiration to get to work every day. Could never understand how she ended up with her current boyfriend who is a good for nothing. I used to entertain myself all day sneaking peeks through her unbuttoned shirt which provided a glimpse into that inviting cleavage of hers and never missing a chance to look at her south American skin.

Now back to reality, I took a shower with hot steaming water which always gives you the false hope of amnesia, for all things bad. Bad memories never go away, they just keep coming back into our conscience slowly and secretly. To ramp up the mood, I lazily tried to find the inspiration from my memories of that Mexican girl to masturbate. This induction of energy is just like sugar rush leaving you more depressed once it ebbs. With a fresh pair of clothes on, giving you feeling of new life, I watched television for a couple of hours. Could not even remember what I had for dinner. Its the toll of losing a job. With the loss of job and absence of any prospective income in future on mind I slid into sleep unsettlingly.

Early in the morning, with the bright burning sun giving the hope, I went to the nearest seven eleven to buy the weekend paper. Then I realized, that Saturday is already gone and I wasted it sitting in front of TV. Now, I have in front of me the classified section wide open and also the massive task of finding a new job. I started thinking of the last 7 years of my 25 years life. Constantly chased by unpaid bills with my name Terry Jones on them, I bounced between a number of small jobs, never thinking of the big picture. Now to the task at hand, I Thumbed through the classifieds and found a few prospective options. Most of them in restaurants. Resolved to find something else, that would prevent me from smelling like grease at the end of the day, I kept on my pursuit for something different and adventurous.

To my luck and surprise I found few jobs that does not require any specialized skills as if just for me.

One of them is in a hair saloon which seemed quite interesting. “job in a hair saloon that requires no skills” caught my attention. The advertisement is as follows

—————Bliss of Hair———

Looking for Enthusiastic young Men to help in the daily chores of a Hair salon catering to the needs of its ever growing clientèle.

Does not need any special set of skills

Ready to sign a Non disclosure Agreement.

Athletic build is desirable.

Please call at 555-555-5555


The requirement to sign the non disclosure agreement in spite of being an unskilled, low paying position stirred the curiosity in me. The thought of working with lot of women was always in my mind. I almost remained single all my life with the exception of couple of months now and then serving as a sexual support for my pretty coworkers whenever they had break ups. But in these times of economic distress career is important than love life. Rest of the day I drove through the streets of my town just to get my mind off my problems.

On Monday, with the job situation on mind, I called the Salon first thing in the morning. A lady answered the phone, told, her name is Catherine. She seemed to be in her late 30s. Upon learning my name and that I’m calling them regarding the job ad they placed in the paper, she asked me to pay them a visit that afternoon and specifically instructed me to come there on an empty stomach. She started calling me honey from that moment.

I took a refreshing shower, wore a clean light blue shirt and a dark colored pant, drank a glass of orange juice and was on road in one hour. I convinced myself that juice is not solid food hence my stomach is still empty. The salon is in the affluent part of the town. The neighborhood is full of large shady trees, dine out restaurants. I could see stylishly dressed women leisurely walking their dogs, entering and exiting the designer boutiques. Salon’s parking lot is occupied by expensive cars. I delicately entered the salon as if to give the impression that I’m worth the place and let the lady at the reception, Catherine, know that I’m there for the interview or whatever that is they have to do to give me the job. I was right about her age. She let me into a small room and closed the door behind me. This contemporary room is decorated in Minimalistic fashion. This room is dimly lit with slow relaxation music diffused across the room and small bright LEDs accentuating the sensual paintings adorning the walls. This salon is definitely something catering to the needs of people ready to spend a lot.

After a couple of minutes a lady, seemed to be in her early 30s entered the room . She introduced herself as Evelyn Fern.

She is my first incentive to get to work. Although she had a body that can turn heads, she dressed conservatively and professionally enough to give you a friendly hint. But the green outlines of the tattoos that can be seen on the wrists beneath her cuffs and also on the lower neck near the collar spoke of a completely different, adventurous women of strong character. I mistook her for a wage worker until she told me she is the owner of the Salon. From her tone and body language, I understood that she is satisfied with my looks. Then she asked me whether I’m ready to sign the Non disclosure agreement regarding my job responsibilities which I agreed to, without a second thought.

She told me that the only thing thats keeping me from getting the job is a test which they didn’t mention in the ad.

The test that she told me in a professional, nonchalant way is that , I would be clocked on the amount of time I would hold on without ejaculating when I’m stimulated whichever way possible. This blew my mind suddenly and completely. I could never imagine the nature of a job that requires this kind of testing. But th Non disclosure Agreement started making sense to me. The room assigned for the test is a dark room and the only light is from a blue tinged picture projected onto a wall by a projector located at the back of the room. The picture on the wall is of a logo of some technology company which sounds like Toshiba.

After I entered the room the door closed and I could see the pictures projected onto the wall changing like a slide show. This might be the stimulation part of the test. Each picture lingered for 2 secs on the wall enough time to grasp but not to relish. They were initially of scantily dressed women showing their oily cleavages, strong thighs, exercised midriffs involved in their daily activities at beach, home etc. Stimulation increased. Now the images are of women candidly showing their assets none of them explicit but sensuous. I could see milky ice cream, brown creamy chocolate, red frothy juice dripping down across their bodies as if racing to fall to earth. Women buck nude trying to eat whipped cream covered bananas. I could feel the images gradually getting raunchier. The pictures which started as mere silhouettes of the breasts, wet clothes on nude bodies,women kissing women, face contours indicating pleasure in the depths of their bodies are not innocent any more. Now I can see, the women are aggressive, they wanted the orgasms, they are ready to push the hard long cold steel things in their hands through their pleasure centers. These women are ready to let other women pleasure them and they are ready to please others. My mind started racing faster to fill the gaps between the erotic pictures. I could sense something hard under my pants. Its temptation but still controllable. The pictures kept on coming with women in different stages of pleasure.

With my brain racing to create a motion picture out of these static picture I felt something lacking. I could not figure out the missing aspect until the speakers in the room came to life at a volume comfortable to my ear. Those sounds are the moans of pleasure from a woman with her head in a orgasmic space. The effect of the sound has been enhanced by the home theater speakers arranged across the room for a realistic effect. They seem to be generated by someone in the room next to you. They are not mere moans, some are groans from the pain of pleasure, some crying for more ecstasy, some moans to encourage their partners, some sighs to express satisfaction, sound of slurping. I could hear the minutest sounds like the muffled grunts uttered because of the pleasure filled pain granted to them by huge men. The static pictures on the wall and the erogenous sounds in the air conspired to create a carousel in my mind. The exciting sounds split, then doubled, tripled until they seemed to be coming out of hundreds of women, reaching orgasms one after the other. Suddenly the room fell silent bringing the slide show to an end and my brain still processing the last pictures and sounds due to inertia of pleasure.

It seemed like an eternity but looking at my watch brought the reality of 20 minutes that passed.

Slowly the images started moving on the wall with sound. I’m sure its not my imagination. Now its a video on the wall and not the static erotic pictures any more. Without the extra work of filling the gaps between the static pictures in my brain, more energy started gushing down into my semi hard member. Video definitely has more stimulation than pictures.

Now a video started playing on the same wall of two women both of them wearing skirts that could not stretch beyond their unblemished knees. I can notice both of them have muscular tanned thighs. I could feel them controlling something, both of their bodies trembling and they are holding hands. I could see them moving unsettlingly over the chairs, adjusting the skirts. Some thing hinted me that both of them are in pure pleasure and are on the edge of orgasms. The climax of the video revealed them

sitting on huge vibrators and each one competing for the longest time for reaching orgasm.

That stirred my member again. I could feel little ache in it. If it were not for the interview I could have relieved myself of this pleasant agony by now. The videos played one after the other of different duration and different extents of simulation.

The one that stimulated me most was the one where a women with a plump bottom is held to a wall with her face to the wall. She is held to the wall with handcuffs. There is a second woman leaning on her back who is being pleasured by a strong big muscular man. This looks like a threesome where the woman tied to the wall is ignored. I could see the man sucking her soft white breast while his finger played with anything that could pleasure her. The man started licking the womens lower thighs. The handcuffed woman could feel the poking nipples of the other woman. When the man inserted his long strong member into her from the back and gave her pleasure through hard thrusts that rippled through her body the women tied to wall knew the pleasure and ecstasy of the other woman but its not her pleasure, its not her body on fire. She wanted it,Its this yearning and burning for want of pleasure,that stimulated me. She is similar to me. I feel the pleasure of hundreds of women through those images and sounds but I’m forbidden from this gratification myself.

As is nature with us humans I wanted more. But I don’t know what more is?. Now I was blessed with, not individual naked bodies, but videos of hundreds of naked women simultaneously, reaching orgasms and expressing their ecstatic state shamelessly through their face, and moans. I still wanted more, not just to see and hear but my skin wanted to be touched, pinched, bitten. One big video became a grid of 12 simultaneous videos playing different videos with varied compositions threesomes, woman on woman, woman on man, woman masturbating and all the things possible. This feast, full of exotic combinations could not satiate my hungry brain. Finally all the videos came to an end with the Logo of Toshiba again projected on the wall.

The test till now lasted for 30 minutes.

Looking frequently at the watch seemed to give me an escape from this affliction of sensual stimulations. This might be the next step of stimulation. Now I could a woman entering my test room. Feels like my next wish would be granted. She is dark in color, topless with well built muscular body. She held something in her hand which I realized it to be a penis made of silicone when handed over to me. She unzipped my pants with little clumsiness and held my rigid member with her cold hand that gave jolt through my body. I could feel something rushing fast to wards the vent in the inner layers of my member but falling back due to lack of will. With my “about to burst” organ in one hand, she turned away from me, bent down and took support on a bench with other hand.

Now she asked me to raise her skirt until I could see her succulent bottom. Then she instructed me to insert the silicone dick into her and bring her to orgasm. As I pleasured her with this silicone member, her whole body shuddered. I do not even want to think about the hand thats still holding onto my member. Thinking more than 30 seconds about my warm hard member in her cold hand is enough to bring me to the end of the test. She started to complement the motion of the dildo with a rocking motion. Those rocking movements that permeated into me from her slowly started to drive me to the edge of the pleasure, against my will. Now it seemed that I did not exist as a whole body but I’m only a hard member on ecstasy. After a few minutes she put me out of my sweet misery with my juices all over her meaty back. I leaned against her for support after the steamy exhaustion and I was not in a state even to consider the possibility of her orgasm. I could feel the cold soft cushion of her body against my heated body and also cold air on my face which I thought never existed in that room.

After couple of minutes I recovered, from this dream of a test ,cleaned myself in the Mens room and headed back to the Interview room. My Test score which obviously is my time, is clocked at 45mts.

Evelyn entered the room and told me that I passed the test. And as a last mandatory thing she told me to get some tests done at a diagnostic center for drugs and some medical conditions. Then I realized the requirement for empty stomach. She told me that she would call me once the test results are back. I went to the diagnostic center, gave my blood and urine samples and reached home. I lied on the bed recollecting my long day which started as a job interview but ended as something out of a fantasy story.

Two days later I received a call From “Bliss of Hair” salon saying that I am selected for the job but would have to go through a training session before I’m placed in the job. Not sure how the training would go?

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