Bliss is Golden-2

“How adorable, you’re trying to fight it aren’t you? Silly little barbarian, just give in to it. You aren’t going to win.”

One of the Mulier had moved behind her and released her chains, it then moved to help usher the other women out of the room. Leaving Alyssa stood in the middle of the cavernous room with Jenko and the lusting audience. She clenched her fists trying hard to focus her mind but it truly was a losing battle, she had to act quickly. Alyssa lunged forwards, swinging for Jenko’s head. Before she could even get halfway her body exploded in a shock of pain, her muscles tensed and she fell forwards onto the ground. Laughter echoed above her from the lips of her tormentor.

“Its always the same with you all. We gift you a new life as part of the mighty Terrus Empire and this is how you repay us?” he tutted theatrically, “not to mention the fact I’d assume you wouldn’t be so dense as to forget you were wearing your collar.”

Alyssa cursed under her breath, so the metal ring around her neck inflicted pain at his whim. How could she fight back against something like that? Then she felt it and her whole body went tense, his hand between her legs. The sensation was odd, it was perfectly smooth and yet warm like real skin.

“Look at you barbarian, why even fight? Your body wants me, that much is clear. I can feel how wet this tight little pussy is.”

As his fingers slid easily into her a groan of pleasure escaped her lips before she could stop it. She didnt want this bastard anywhere near her but damn he was right, her body was craving it. Just the feel of his fingers sliding into her was ecstacy. Alyssa tried to squirm away from him but his hand on her shoulder held her still. Without a care for her protests he began to move the hand whose fingers were inside of her, finger fucking her right there on the floor in front of all those people. Normally she would have been mortified at it but her brain was being overloaded with bliss. Whether the smoke or Jenko’s skill she swiftly found herself moaning, her toes curling in delight. Every fibre of her body was screaming out for more. Every panted breath drew more of the incense into her, driving the sensations higher. She didn’t know how long she was there for, lost in sensation, moaning and writhing at so little stimulation. The world came into focus again when Jenko slipped his fingers out of her once more. A hand grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up onto her knees. She swayed a little, he brain still trying to get back into gear after the onslaught of sensation. As her vision swam back into focus the sight before her caused a conflicting swirl of emotion to run rampant in her body.

Jenko’s now very hard cock, mere millimetres from her face.

Part of her was horrified and wanted to pull away. That insidious pleasure that was running through her body though was craving to know what he tasted like. She struggled and squirmed in his grip, clamping her mouth shut in the vain hope it would save her from this. She was only too aware of the people watching the, of the fact that the more she fought the more of her dignity she eroded in this impossible battle. Jenko gave an overly theatrical sigh and she tensed, ready for the pain of the collar to fill her body once more. Instead something far worse for her resolve hit her like a runaway void ship. Alyssa’s back arched, her eyes flew wide and her mouth opened in surprise as a wave of overwhelmed her. It wasn’t like what she had felt before the pleasure didn’t arise from any stimulation. It was just dropped into her mind. Even as it ravaged her body she could feel her body crying out for more. Like holographic food it did not satiate, only make one hungry for more. Without warning Jenko thrust his hips forwards sliding his cock into her wide open mouth. For a moment Alyssa gagged. Then, as her tongue brushed the underside of him she whimpered, the false arousal filling her resonating with the sensation.

“There we are. As all of your kind should be, on your knees and eager to please your betters!”

There was no way for Alyssa to retort as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, all she could do was try her hardest not to gag. She could feel her pussy responding automatically to it, her wetness beginning to drip down her thighs. Jenko leisurely began to move his hips back and forth, using her mouth as though it were a sex toy he was using to help him relax.

“Silas you old bastard, you certainly chose well, this little hole is just delightful!”

Alyssa wanted to bite down at the humiliation he was visiting upon her but the sheer girth of him prevented her mouth from closing any. All she could do was kneel there and desperately try to fight the ever mounting arousal her body was betraying her with. It was taking a herculean effort not to reach between her legs and touch her aching pussy. She wouldn’t give him that satisfaction though. She may not be able to stop him from enjoying her but she certainly would never show him her feeling any enjoyment. With a groan of pleasure Jenko increased his pace. Fucking her face as he would have any other hole. Embarrassment flooded into the mix of emotion that Alyssa was already feeling as she felt her drool began to seep out around his cock and run down her chin, plastering her chest.

Each moment, a fresh humiliation.

For the briefest of moments she was relieved as he pulled out of her mouth. A line of her spittle connecting her lips to the tip of his cock. In hindsight she realised that she should have known better. His hand never left her hair as he used it to drag her the length of the room to his throne. She had little choice but to crawl after him on all fours like the lowest of the low. Painfully he pulled her up the steps of the dias and threw her forwards, face first towards the throne itself. Alyssa landed with her upper torso on the seat and the rest of her hanging off it. Her lithe ass fully exposed to the aroused Dux and his audience. She knew what would come next. Her dripping pussy ached for it to happen despite her minds protests. If she resisted he could just use the collar over and over until she was rendered nothing but a blubbering mess. It was better to just give into her body’s needs for now. Give him his show in front of his court.

So Alyssa played the role of the dutiful slave and got onto all fours, ass high and forearms on the seat of the throne.

“Well I’ll be. The whore finally realises just how lucky she is to have Terran born and bred cock filling her up.”

Alyssa buried her face in the seat to stifle any retort. Getting through this would be no issue, she had no doubt she’d enjoy it, the issue would be piecing her mind together again onec the ecstacy had destroyed it. She had no time to contemplate just how she’d manage this, the Dux was clearly not one for a slow build up as he sidled up behind her. Once, twice, thrice he slapped his cock against her clit, each time making her whimper as she teetered on the edge of giving in to her needs. The final push over the edge into mindless bliss came as Jenko lined his cock up and plunged it to the hilt within her in one smooth thrust. Not only did he look far bigger than any other man she’d ever seen by the forest mother he certainly felt it. As he began to move she could have sworn he was going to split her in two. His hands placed firmly on her hips he pounded into her over and over. It was only too clear he had no regard for her enjoyment but that didn’t matter. Alyssa’s eyes were wide and her moans filled the cathedral like space as she plunged deep into the endless abyss of the ecstacy that her body was being subject to.

Within minutes Alyssa had lost the ability to form coherent thoughts.

After the Dux pumped her full of his first load of hot sticky cum she became a drooling mess, sprawled out on the throne, only held up by his hand in her hair.

Hours and further loads of cum of which she had long ago lost count of later Alyssa was simply left where she was. Sights were blurred, sounds were as though she was hearing them from underwater. Her body felt as though every nerve was sparking with pleasure over and over. Her limbs spasmed and twitched as the aftershocks ran there course. The throne room as far as she could tell was empty and dark the braziers extinguished. When a Mulier finally came to drag her off to her new life she could have sworn she heard the sound of a party drifting along the hallways. She ached to join it.

Whether it be to fuck or kill Dux Jenko Verstere she couldn’t quite decide.

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