Bliss from the Past-2

I woke about around 13 o’clock, or 1 o’clock pm, to the feeling of my naked body against the sheets. My parents were downstairs so I got up, put on some leggings and a jumper and walked downstairs. I talked with them and Alex made sure to tell me about the movie in full detail over some premier league football. After about an hour, the doorbell rang and I immediately tensed up. My mum was about to open it when all of a sudden I got up, and ran in front of her to open the door. I felt kind of bad for pushing my mum but I didn’t know what to say. “I got it,” is all that left my mouth. I could tell my mum was a little mad because she muttered something in Russian that was barely audible and walked away. “So, how was your sisters party,” I asked Bella in lack of any other thought in my head.

“It was fun. Short and to the point, but overall fun. I gave her the jacket,” she replied with a bit of nervous energy in her voice that she was clearly trying to conceal.

“Did she like the jacket?”

“Of course she liked it. She’s still wearing it even though she was inside.” We both laughed and I took her upstairs. When she saw the Xbox, her eyes widened like she just saw a celebrity. “I knew you were a gamer,” she said with that hint of ecstasy back in her voice.

“Yeah, anything wrong with that,” I asked.

“No…no… It’s just I’m also a gamer,” she smiled as she pulled out a controller.

“Wow, what else are you hiding from me?” I was laughing.

“Oh, nothing much. Just a few other things.” She was starting to walk towards me.

“Really, what are they?” My desire for her starting to overwhelm me. I also got closer to her, with the most seductive smile I could give off.

“Just some simple ones. I’m sixteen, seventeen in two months and I’m in love.”

“Really, with who?” I asked with some disappointment but I still kept my smile as we stood face to face in hope of getting to her.

“I’m not going to tell you, but, like you, they’re not American.” This kind of was starting to turn me on. As we stood there face to face, I felt a connection. I don’t know if it was mentally or physically but I felt something. She backed off and sat down on the couch, her face completely flushed. I blushed and couldn’t help but to sit down next to her. I turned on the Xbox and we played, talked and overall had fun for the next couple hours. It was around 19 o’clock, or 7 o’clock in the afternoon. We were in the middle of quick scoping (that’s what it’s called right) and she just put down her controller and looked at me. I just paused and looked back. The desire was to strong and thoughts were just going through my head. How will it feel like, have I gone completely mad, and the most important to me, am I gay?

She opened her mouth to say something but I couldn’t hear. I just sat there, staring into her eyes, breathless. “What,” I finally managed to say.

“I asked if you had anything that you wanted me to know about you. I want to know more about you.” It had never occurred to me that I had basically old her nothing about me other than my name and where I was from.

“Well, for one I’m 17. My birthday was last week. My favourite colour is blue, or pink, depends really and I have a…” I didn’t want to tell her about my dead brother Michael because it still kind of stung my heart. She apparently noticed and backed off from the matter. When she saw my sadness, she came and grabbed me, pulled me close to her and just held me. I felt safe, concealed from the world and like she was going to stand with me forever. “Thank you,” I said finally, “I needed that.”

“You lost a family member too.” She had a sad tone in her voice as she said it. “My dad, he… committed suicide. He was stressed…couldn’t take it…even with the pills.” She was starting to cry. “One night…he came home, sad, kept repeating he’d do it. We didn’t know what. Later that night…when he took his pills…and swallowed a whole half bottle of them. Died on spot. I was only eight.” I was actually starting to cry for her story too. Her tears just started to flow.

“My brother…he was on his way home with his girlfriend…for dinner. The table was all set when my dad got a call from the Hospital. We went to the hospital and saw Natalie, Michael’s girlfriend, sitting next to my dead brother. We only saw him for a total of twenty minutes before the doctor called came in and called the official…time of death.” I felt my heart sink as I thought about that dreadful night that started with that bloody call. “This was only four years ago.” We both just sat there sad, held in each other’s arms. Her arms were comforting, made all the pain go away fairly quick.

“I should probably go-,” said Bella with tears running down her cheeks as I cut her off.

“Don’t go.” I exclaimed. “Don’t. Go.” We lay in the comfort of each other’s arms for about three minutes when she leaned and kissed my forehead. I felt a shock go through my body all the way down to between my thighs. I couldn’t help myself, I leaned to her and kissed her right on the lips with all the deep passion inside me. My eyes closed as our lips touched but hers remained open. They stood like that for a bit until they finally gave in. The kiss was long, the feeling of her warms most lips on mine drove me mad, but the energy I lost from all the passion got to me first. When I backed away, she was still eyes closed and searching for my lips. I wanted to give them to her, but my lack of energy didn’t allow me to. I leaned into her shoulder and fell asleep.


That next morning, I woke up in my bed with Bella next to me. She was stroking my hair, softly but with a passion. Wake up, sleepyhead,” she said as I was fighting my eyes from closing again. “Your dad and sister were kind enough to bring us to your bed.” I could tell she just woke up because she was trying to fight off a bit of morning sickness.

“It’s true, and let me tell you right now, both of you ain’t that light.” I heard a small voice next to me that was trying to make an insult but I just couldn’t care at the moment. It turned toward it and Natasha was right there staring at us as if she were waiting for us to wake up. I finally pulled myself up and looked at her. I grabbed her and we had one those sisterly tickle fights that we have sometimes. “McKayla,” she could stop laughing, “Stop…please…I give, I give.” I let go of her and just left on the ground as a pool of laughter. Bella couldn’t stop laughing herself.

I was about up when Bella grabbed me from behind. “Now,” she yelled at Natasha, laughing. Natasha got up immediately and just took no mercy. Both came down on me at the same time. “Come on, Natasha I have her pinned.” I was dying. I was laughing so much that my core felt as if it was on fire. After about two minutes, I was done.

“Stop…I’m done, I’ve learned…” I was yelled out in ecstasy. I couldn’t stop laughing.

“No, McKayla. This is payback. Finally after such a long time, I get revenge,” yelled Natasha mischievously over my laughter. Another three minutes passed and Bella let go of me. I was dead, on the floor trying to regain my breath and sense of stability back. I finally was able to get up off the floor and sit on my bed.

“Mate, my core is killing me. I feel like I just did over one million crunches,” I said still trying to regain control of my laughter. Natasha just smiled in triumph and walked away.

“You know what else gives you a good work out,” said Bella with a naughty and seductive look.

“What,” I said with a mischievous smile as I drew in closer. She leaned into me and we shared an insanely good kiss. I felt like I was in heaven on earth. It took me away from all my worries. Our hands explored each other’s body and this time there was no stopping us. Except maybe Alex. He walked in and I couldn’t help but smile and hug him. He seemed happy with that because he left without a word and closing the door behind him. Once the door was closed, my lips met with Bella’s almost instantaneously. Her hands started to explore more of my body now. She hovered over my breast and looked into my eyes for what looked like permission to touch them. I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to.

When her hand touched my breasts, my nipples just hardened immediately. She smiled as she went over my now erect nipples. I decided to go crazy a little bit and took of my jumper. I had nothing underneath that so my breasts were just levitating in the air. She put her hands back on them and I let out a soft moan when I felt the soft warmth. I was going mad. She wrapped her mouth around my nipple and I screamed. She stopped. “What are you doing, we were just getting started.” She smiled mischievously and went back to doing what she was doing before. Her hands continued to explore my body until she came to the inside of my thighs.

“Ooh, you’re already soaking wet you little slut.” She hesitated a little bit. “Are you sure you me to do this?”

“What kind of bloody question is that?” I was starting to get disappointed.

“McKayla, if you don’t want this, I’m going to end up violating you and I don’t think I can stop now.” I heard the front door close and then the car leave. I brought myself up to her ear.

“Go ahead,” I half whispered, half purred. This was her invitation to do what she pleased with me.

I felt a finger go down my leggings and rub my swollen labia. A shock went through my whole body. I screamed uncontrollably and this time, Bella didn’t stop. Pleasure took control of my whole body and I arched my back to give her a better angle. I started to buck my lips to meet with her finger. “I’m cumin’… I’M, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Waves of pleasure came over me as I released a screaming orgasm and my juices came out of my sex. The room went spiralling and I passed out.

It was only a few seconds but Bella was able to tell. “Hmmmm, looks like I got a fainter and screamer with me. Now isn’t this my lucky day?” I was breathing extremely heavy and couldn’t possibly go more. Or so I thought. “McKayla, don’t you get too calmed down, because we were only just getting started. The rest of that after, it was orgasm after orgasm from the both of us. It was the best time I had in my life.


The next three months were the best time of our lives. It always varied from just cuddling in bed to waking-the-whole-neighbourhood kind of orgasm with occasionally being caught by my sister. A month and a half has gone by in our relationship so I decided to come out in front of my parents.

They had both said something in their native tongues, but they both lay along the lines of, “You’re FUCKING what?”

“Mum, dad. I’m a lesbian.”

“Jesus Christ. Your sister said something about it but we didn’t believe her. Now that you’re telling us- Oh. My. God.” My mum was changing from shocked, to angry, to sad, and then to shocked again.

Ultimately, my parents were supportive, but not without my dad yelling ‘bloody murder’ at least three times. Later I found out that my sister was telling them about all the times she caught me and Bella. That bloody cheating twat! It all turned out good in the end so I didn’t have to kill Natasha afterwards. I wanted to be there for when Bella told her parents but apparently she’s been ‘out’ since she was my sister’s age. I went gay for her.

The next month and a half or so were the best years in my current life. We had good school lives. We had an amazing sex life and were just ready for anything. Well everything except for moving. Bella had to move all the way to their old house in Minnesota. To keep ourselves from committing suicide, we broke up in the hope to meet each other again in the future. This was probably the second worst day of my life. There was never a day I stopped thinking about her.


For the rest of secondary and all of college, I was single. That didn’t mean I had people after me, no. I just wanted that perfect girl back in my life. I graduated law school and became a very good detective. I was able to solve every case with the occasion of a slip up every now and then. I still liked my job though. One night, I went out with some of my female co-workers and old friends from college. We went out to a club that was close the centre of Downtown. When we arrived, they gave me a bit of a problem because I wasn’t 21 yet but they let me go in, with one exception. I would let them go out with my hawt co-worker. I just said I’ll look into it and just walked in. I met up with my girlfriends and that when I saw her. “Hold on, I’ll be right back,” I said as I was already walking away.

“Don’t take too long,” they called back.

AS I got closer, my excitement sky rocketed. There stood an average height girl, about 5’8″ looking back at me. Her blue eyes staring back at my big dark brown eyes. Her jet-black hair flowing in the same pattern going just under her shoulders as I remembered. Her medium sized chest, driving me insane like it used. The pale skin tone. Once again I was paralysed. She ran up to me and we kissed. The deep, passionate feeling we got while we were in secondary. “McKayla, I’ve missed you soooo much,” Bella cried, but not in sadness, but tears of joy.

“Bella, I knew you’d come back to me. I hadn’t dated or hooked up with anyone because they didn’t feel right they weren’t… they weren’t-.” My voice trailed off. I didn’t know how to fill that sentence up exactly.

“They weren’t you,” Bella said completing my sentence. “Come on, let’s go catch up on time.

We went back to my apartment and “caught up”. That night brought me back to a simpler time. Three years ago I was back in secondary, fucking this amazing girl, with by family breathing down my neck. Now, I was a successful detective at age 20, had a life of my own, and still fucking and amazing girl. That night was filled with a lot of screaming orgasms that would fill the night with our screams of pleasure. I both ended up fainting in each other’s arms and going to sleep.

The next burning was like a blur. The situation I was in felt so foreign, yet so natural. I woke in my bed facing the daylight come through the window feeling a slight wind on my bare shoulder. It took me by surprise, considering the fact that I lived on the 20th floor of my apartment complex. It felt really nice though, especially when I realised another warm feeling brushing my side and another cupping my breast. It was as if I woke up from a dream that had become reality. The rhythmic breath of another person sleeping with me. I turned towards her and saw my beautiful angel, Bella still sleeping after a night of uncaged sex with me. This is where we reach present time.


Thank you for reading the first of three or four part series. This is my first thing outside of book and quantum physics essays that I have written. Stay tuned for the next part.

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