Bliss Finds Release?


Their eyes met, Carin took her clit between her teeth and attacked it with her tongue! Bliss lifted her hips off the ground thrusting her cunt, her sex, her clit into Carin’s mouth as she had a glorious gut wrenching orgasm!

Her pussy washed Carin’s face in CUM, squirting her girl juice time and time again, splashing her lover’s face as she came over and over again, her body retching in orgasmic agony.

Carin, her face drenched in girl juice, lifted her face from her friends snatch. She began to slide her goo-covered hands and face up over her body. Carin’s lips kissing tenderly every inch of her body until she was kissing away Bliss’ tears of joy and agony.

Her ordeal was over, she now belonged to herself again, she felt reborn as her body recovered from her orgasmic release. Bliss and Carin held each other there at the edge of the pond, caressing each other as the sun began to set.

“How did you find me? Where did you come from? How did you?” Bliss was full of questions.

“I was worried when he took you away. When he told me he had freed you, I begged him to free me too, and true to his word he released me…I called your Dad, and he told me you would probably come here.” Carin replied as they stood on shaky legs.

“My Dad, you called my Dad…” Bliss exclaimed. “My Dad knows?”

Carin smiled…

“Yes Bliss…” Her Dad responded.

“Peter called me and told me that he had released you, and that he was worried about your state of mind, that he was releasing Carin also, and that she would be in touch.” Her Dad continued as he stepped out of the shadows.

“Now let’s get you two back to the cabin.” He wrapped a blanket around both girls, turned and walked down the path that led to the cabin holstering his .44 Magnum and strapping it securely in place.

Bliss not quite fully understanding as Carin took her hand and they slowly followed her Father back to the cabin.

Once back at the cabin Bliss’ Dad led the girls to bathroom, where he told them to get cleaned up.

He left the young women and secured his pistol.

He then removed the rug covering the entrance to his basement dungeon. He descended the stairs and waited for the girls to finish their shower.

The girls stepped out of the shower refreshed, they called to him, he responded by telling them to get them something to drink and to come to the basement. He had something he wanted to show them. Something indeed.

He faced Bliss, held her face in his hands and kissed her passionately. “I thought I had lost you.” He whispered. He backed her against the wall, and secured her wrists. Carin stood in shock as she watched Bliss’s father shackle his daughter to the wall.

When he turned to her, she dropped to her knees and whispered. “Anything Master.”

Bliss watched as her father lifted Carin to her feet and drew her to him, he kissed her passionately and then whispered some instructions in her ear.

Carin began slithering down his body, kissing her way down his neck, her hands gliding gently over his hairy chest, circling and teasing his nipples, she kissed and nibbled her way down over his flat stomach following his Venus trail to her specified goal.

He looked into Bliss’s eyes as her girlfriend kissed and licked the head of his cock.

He backed Carin up closer to the wall until she sat with her legs spread wide between his daughter’s legs. Bliss gazed down between her legs and watched her father’s huge cock slowly disappear into Carin mouth.

As Carin began to suck and bob he leaned forward and began to kiss Bliss, his tongue parting her lips. His hands were now fondling her breasts, squeezing the soft flesh and circling her firm nipples. Pumping his cock in and out of Carin mouth, fucking her mouth as if it were her pussy.

He reached down behind Carin’s head and pulled her up and slightly forward tilting her head back, his cock sliding from her mouth, her nose and mouth now brushing against Bliss’s pussy, his cock slid over Carin’s chin, across her lips and between Bliss’s pussy lips…

Bliss shivered as she felt her Daddy’s cock slide over her clitoris and between her hot dripping pussy lips…

He continued this motion alternating between Carin’s mouth and Bliss’s pussy!

He felt himself getting closer… His cock throbbing, straining for release…

“Daddy I’m going to CUM” Bliss screamed.

At that moment his balls tighten and his pent up juices burst from the swollen mushroom head of his down Carin’s throat!

He pulled out of her mouth, his second volley splashing against his daughter’s wet labia!

“Oh Daddy! Oh! Yes Daddy I’m going to CUM!”

As she screamed, his huge spurting cock penetrated her… sending her over the edge in orgasmic bliss…

“Oh Yes! Oh Daddy fill me, fill me with your Cock! Oh Fuck Daddy your CUMMING INSIDE ME! OOOOOOOOH! YESSSSSSS! FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK YOUR SLUTTY DAUGHTER!”


He continued to fuck her as she hung on the wall! Slamming his cock into her as she begged him to fuck her harder!

He gave her what she wanted, what he wanted. His cock in her pussy!

Suddenly her body stiffened, her pussy contracting around his cock, her back arching, her eyes rolling back in her head as her pussy squirted and squirted her cum onto him! The orgasmic energy too much for her, she passed out, her body now hanging limp against the chains with her Daddy’s cock deep inside her.

He pulled his still throbbing cock from her cunt, he loosened her bonds and carried her to the bed, where he again restrained her.

Bliss was about to enter training again…

He held Carin in his arms and kissed her passionately, “Thank you baby, now let me take you to our bed where we can have some private fun…”

To Be Continued…

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