Becoming Hers Pt. 06-1

Becoming Hers

Part 6

The conclusion of the story.

Chapter 27

Things were going well between us. A few months passed and I wonder if we had gotten our threesome out of our system, if not out of our heads. I thought about the experience often, usually at inopportune moments, like when meeting with clients. It was distracting but it did make me feel more passionate and alive, which Sally liked.

We hardly spoke about it after that morning so I was surprised when Sally brought it up one evening.

“I was thinking, but I don’t want you to laugh.” I laughed.

“The last time you said that we ended up in a threesome and made me very jealous.”

“Yes, well it’s not exactly like that.”

“Ok,” I said cautiously, “I won’t laugh.”

“I was thinking a lot about what he said about ‘owning’ you. What did he really mean? So I started searching and I think I figured it out.”

I was certainly curious. I didn’t say anything.

“There are a lot of sites that talk about this. It’s related to the whole hotwife thing.”


“It involves you wearing a device.”

I wasn’t following.

“What do you mean? What kind of device? Where?”

“Actually, it’s a chastity device.”

I coughed in surprise.

“Ummm… what does it look like?”

“There are different models, but the basic is like a wire cage that snaps around your penis. It has a key to open it. There is space to clean it and to use the bathroom but the purpose of it so that you can’t get erect.”

“Why would I want that? That sounds awful. What happens if I get an erection?”

“You can’t really. The cage blocks it and it begins to hurt until it goes down. I get your feeling. According to the sites I read, it focuses male passion. It makes you think of me more and wanting to please me so that I unlock you.”

“Is this something that you want to do?”

“Not if you don’t. But the idea of ‘owning’ you, of being in control, excites me. I don’t exactly know what it would feel like but I imagine that it would make you want me more and I like that idea. I thought you might be turned on by the idea as well.”

I was, possibly. I was certainly intrigued. The physical part of it was less appealing to me than what it could do to me psychologically. I thought about suggesting that she where a device instead (do they even make those anymore?) but I realized that psychologically it would probably be different for both of us.

“I’m thinking about it. I do see your point. Can you show me a picture?”


She go up and went into her closet. She emerged with a box that had already been opened. She handed it to me.

I opened the box and there it was. A wire cage in the shape of a limp dick. It was difficult to figure out how it actually worked. From what I could make out, my balls would go through a thick ring with a tab that fits into the cage itself. When on, the cage is then attached to the ring with a small padlock. It was a relief for me to see that in case of emergency, or if the key was lost, the padlock could easily be cut. I played with it for a few minutes, again. I looked at Sally who seemed afraid that I would be angry or laugh at her. I wanted her to feel good and, more importantly, sexually confident.

“Ok,” I said. “I’ll do it.”

She was both relieved and excited.

“We’ll just try it for a couple of weeks. See how it goes. That’s so exciting, Steven. I love you so much!”

We had great sex that night and slept deeply.

When I woke up, Sally was already out of bed. I could smell the coffee brewing and pancakes cooking — she had decided to make a big breakfast, which she rarely does. And only after these things registered did I realize that I was now wearing the cage, the ring snug and padlock in place. She must have slipped it on before she got out of bed. I got up to go figure out how to pee in this contraption.

Chapter 28

I threw on some shorts and spent a while making sure that the cage wasn’t visible or obvious. Once I was reasonably certain — after all, how would I explain something like that to my kids? — I emerged. The kids were already at the table. Sally had squeezed some fresh orange juice and put a glass at my place along with a steaming cup of freshly-made coffee. I smelled pancakes and bacon. It had been a long time since she made a breakfast like this.

The kids were telling me about the dinosaur show that they had been watching when I saw Sally coming to the table with pancakes. I was taken aback. She was wearing a tight plaid shirt knotted below her breasts, showing her navel on the bottom and an ample amount of cleavage on the top. I don’t think she was wearing a bra. She also had short jean shorts. You could see the bottom of her ass cheeks. Her legs were still long, sleek, and spotless. She leaned over to put the pancakes down and gave me a peek down her blouse. She definitely was not wearing a bra.

“Look, daddy, mommy is dressed like a cowgirl!” Sally must have told them before how to characterize the outfit.

She straightened up, gave me a big smile, and twirled.

“How do I look?”

“You look great!” I said, meaning it, as suddenly I felt a pain in my groin. She was arousing me but my prick was too confined by the cage to grow. I had rarely been so aware of my penis.

She knew exactly what she was doing. She studied my reaction and smiled wider when she saw my sudden grimace.

“Are you okay, Steven?” I took a deep breath and tried to gather my composure.

“Of course. You look terrific and everything looks delicious. Let’s eat!”

I was trying to divert myself to let things subside. She was having fun playing with me, though. She would lean over just a little too much. Lightly touch my thigh as she made a point. Let her breasts graze against my back. Run a hand through my hair. She was not sure exactly what she was doing and the effect it was having on me but she was enjoying it.

I was ready to finish breakfast quickly, turn on the dinosaur show — on loud — and ravish my wife in the bedroom. I didn’t think that was going to be an option but I had to try. I went up behind her as she was pouring more coffee in the kitchen and whispered,

“I have to have you.”

She reached down and gave my cage a squeeze, smiled, and slipped out.

“I like that. Keep feeling that, but not now. Not today. You are still in training.”

Training? What did that mean? She had clearly done some research and I knew that I needed to catch up.

We finished breakfast and prepared to embark on a family activity. In the shower I studied the contraption a bit more. I wiggled it around a little but saw that there really was no way to get it off without first taking the small padlock off. That probably wouldn’t be too hard for me (or an EMT, God forbid that was necessary) but I agreed to let this play out. At least for a while.

At that moment Sally came into the shower, also naked.

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t know you were there!”

That was a patent lie.

“Can I take a look?” She didn’t wait for an answer and kneeled down in front of me. She held my cock and balls in her hand, as if she was weighing them. She gave my balls a tickle and ran a hand down my ass. She stared at my dick as it tried, unsuccessfully, to grow.

“Does it hurt?

“Normally, I don’t think so, although I do feel the weight. When you arouse it, yes!”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to do that,” she said as she ground her ass against it.

“I’m done. I’m getting dressed,” I said as I left the shower. She laughed.

We went out together. I was distracted, wondering if anybody could tell that I was wearing this contraption. Sally had changed into something less obvious, a light sexy summer dress. She wore a gold chain with a small key around her neck. As other men looked at her, which she could sense, she took my arm. I was feeling a strange mixture of pride, lust, insecurity, and humiliation.

And that was only day one.

Chapter 29

The next two weeks were an adjustment. The physical part of it was challenging but fairly straight-forward. I learned to adjust my clothes so as to make sure nothing was visible or that nothing rubbed enough to cause arousal. I changed my sleeping position (I preferred my stomach) to lessen discomfort. I began to use a stall instead of a urinal at work to avoid any possibility of discovery. I made more of an effort to control my sexual thoughts, which when allowed to roam caused me pain. Five days without an orgasm was causing me some further discomfort and making me testy and frustrated, but I tried to hide it. These are all things I could manage, although they took effort and left me very aware of my “situation.”

Psychologically and emotionally things were more difficult. Actually, I felt a riot of conflicting things that I was having trouble processing. My first day at work wearing the cock cage I was completely paranoid. My office was full of people looking for chinks in the armor, places to attack and savagely take down. Over the last several months I had fallen down on the pecking order as a result of my reprioritizing which made me less of a target. Still, though, there were always those below me who wanted to climb up on my back and those above who wanted to grind me down, just for the fun of it. The culture of the office was macho to the extreme and the thought of them knowing that I wore a chastity device was so humiliating as to make me slightly sick. I was worried about being discovered and a casual conversation I had with some co-workers at the coffee machine did not help.

“You see Marissa today?” one co-worker said to another.

“Yeah. Pretty ballsy.” Marissa was one of very few female traders in the firm. She had a medium build and always dressed to impress, usually in mid-thigh length, tight-fitting black skirts and heels, with her nails always perfectly manicured. She exuded confidence, sexual and otherwise, and swore as much as anyone in the office. If there was ever a ballsy woman on any ordinary day, it was Marissa.

“What?” I asked, genuinely puzzled.

“She’s wearing a key around her neck,” someone said to light guffaws.

“Who wants to try first?” another added.

“And get my balls cut off?” another retorted to laughter. I was confused.

“What do you mean?” Somebody looked at me as if I was developmentally disabled.

“Steve, you don’t know what that means? It means that she has her husband in a cock cage. By wearing the key to it, she’s announcing that to the world. It humiliates him and lets us all know that she is free to fuck whoever she wants.” This was not the forum for me to ask follow-up questions, but the conversation sent a shiver down my spine.

Later I saw Marissa. She was going about her normal, frenzied office routine, barking orders into a phone as she texted and was doing something on her computer. She was, indeed, wearing a gold necklace with a small key on it, one that looked like it would fit my lock. It was the same kind of key Sally had been wearing this week. I wonder if she could look at me and know. I turned quickly and walked away, hoping she did not see me staring.

Dealing with my emotions at home was even harder. Sally continued to tease me on and off. After three days I felt that I needed her so badly that I almost pleaded with her to take the cage off. I was pretty sure that this would backfire, though, so instead I began to devote myself to her, to try to anticipate and fill all of her needs so that she would have some pity on me. I could not demand or ask for sex. Sally held the key, metaphorically and literally, to our sex life. Her granting me release would be an act of grace although clearly I had to earn it.

I came home shaken from the coffee-room conversation, a little earlier than usual. Sally’s parents had taken our children out for some quality grandparents-time. They would sleep over at their place. Sally was sitting on the couch reading on her iPad. She was wearing a short black skirt and a white blouse and was a little flustered to see me. I saw the key around her neck and was full of questions that I could not ask.

“How was your day?” she asked.

“The usual.” I decided not to tell her about Marissa. At least not yet.

“How about yours?”

“Busy, tiring. Can you bring me a glass of wine?”

I was happy to oblige.

“I was on my feet all day. Could you massage my feet?”

“Sure.” She had never asked me to do this so I was a little puzzled. I sat down next to her on the coach and took one a foot.

“No, not like that. It’s better if I can stretch out my leg.” I took off my jacket and tie and kneeled in front of her, holding her foot and massaging it. I couldn’t help trying to sneak a peek up her skirt.

“Yes, that’s good. Just like that,” she said as she went back to her iPad, occasionally taking a sip of wine and ignoring me.

I would do anything to please her. She had parted her legs just a little and I could see that she was not wearing any panties. It aroused me and I felt the discomfort between my legs.

“So what did you do today that made you so tired and busy?” I asked, the conversation about Marissa still ringing in my ears.

“Nothing important. Yes, that spot is good.”

Had she fucked another man? Was she talking to him now?

“What do you think of your cage?” she suddenly asked.

“I don’t know,” I responded. “It makes me think of you all the time. I don’t like the frustration, but I guess that’s part of the point.”

“Yes. I see the passion in you, the way you look at and desire me, and that really makes me hot. I would think that you would like to have sex with me now.” My cock tried to jump.

“Yes. Very much.”

“Mmmm…. Massage a bit more up my leg, would you?”

She laid back and sipped her wine as I massaged up her leg. Her legs spread further apart giving me a clear view of her pussy. She looked down at me but said nothing.

I massaged her other leg, moving up her thigh. She moaned softly and closed her eyes.

“Pleasure me.”

I kneeled between her legs and used my two thumbs to massage her pussy. She was moaning softly with her eyes closed. I inserted a finger, and then two, and moved them in and out as I massaged her clit with the thumb of my other hand.

“Yes. Use your tongue.”

I spread her lips and began my assault on her slit with my tongue.

“Make me come three times and you’ll get to have sex with me,” she said, her eyes clear as they looked down on me.

The first time was easy. No more than five minutes after she said that she came to a shuddering orgasm. As she came down from that I started again. This one took longer, perhaps twenty minutes and seemed less intense for her. My mouth was tired and face covered in her juices, my neck hurt a little. I stopped.

“Did I tell you to stop?”

As dove back down, licking and sucking while finger fucking her. I could tell that she was enjoying it since her hips were gyrating against my mouth. As I was eating her out she was on her iPad, tapping something out. I came up for air briefly.

“What are you looking at?” I went back to licking her pussy.

“I’m not looking at anything. Just chatting.”

“With who?

“Miguel. Or should I say, Emil. Don’t stop now, you’re doing such a good job. So close.”

Oh my God. She knew. Was she fucking Emil? What were they chatting about? She knew what I was thinking. She put her hand on my head, pulling my face against her sex.

“Are you surprised that I stay in touch with Emil, who told me, by the way, how you treated him in college? I had no idea; you must have been so humiliated to see him fucking me. You should be ashamed of yourself! He’s been giving me advice. He was just telling me what he would do to me as you were licking me. I’m totally horny now.”

She groaned a few times as she gave my hair a pull and came again.

“Oh Steven. That was lovely. You were always good at this but you’ve gotten so much better since I’ve locked you up.” She giggled.

I was blushing with shame. Humiliated, horny, the cage was killing me. It was my turn now and I was going to take her hard. I was angry. She pushed me away and began to smooth out her clothes, finally draining her wine. Did she forget? I felt stupid and pathetic.

“Now we have sex, right?”

“Ah, I almost forgot. Yes, I did promise that. Go to the bedroom. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

I took all my clothes off and went to the bed. My cage looked ridiculous and it really hurt. It was hard for me to wait.

Sally soon back into the room and I was flabbergasted. She wore a translucent white teddy and a harness around her waist, with a black, strap-on dildo. I didn’t know what to say.

“Emil told me about this and showed me some videos. I really want to try. Are you okay with that, Steven?”

I didn’t know what to say. NO, was my immediate reaction. But the truth was that I was intrigued and also kind of aroused. I thought about the way that Judy had played with my ass and it was very arousing to see Sally take this kind of control. She looked hot as she strode toward me, her cock in her hand bouncing.

“I thought we were going to have sex.”

“Yes, that’s what I said.” Then I realized what she meant.

“No,” I said. “I’m sick of this and want the cage off. I am the one who needs relief.” I was beside myself with lust, anger, and fear.

“Shh… It will be fine. I’ll let you come, I promise. Please.” She had straddled my chest. Her harness must have been crotchless because I felt her slippery pussy against my skin. I let out an involuntary groan and almost didn’t notice that the head of the dildo was by my lips.

“I’ll let you come, I promise,” she repeated. “Now why don’t you just kiss the head? I’ve fantasized about seeing this.” I did. I could feel it vibrating softly and by her reaction, as the dildo pressed back into her pelvis, I realized that she had some kind of vibrator against her clit.

“Yes, I little more. Just put the head in your mouth. Just a little.”

She looked down at me as I did so. She inched up my torso. This was exciting her. My dick was agony.

“That’s right, suck it now like a little bitch. Tell me you want my black cock.”

She popped the dildo out of my mouth, and I told her what she wanted to hear.

“Fuck my mouth with your black cock.”

She stuffed it back in, gagging me slightly. She was moaning from watching me, the vibrator pressed against her clit. I closed my eyes, wondering when this would end. When I opened them, I saw that she had taken her phone and was pointing the camera at me. I panicked and managed to get the dildo out of my mouth.

“What are you doing?”

“I just wanted to share our special moment with Emil, honey.”

I felt broken. I didn’t have to worry about the guys in my office. It was my wife who was going to be my downfall.

She got up and placed the phone on the table so that the camera was still facing us.

“I’m going to fuck your ass now. And I will let you come.” She positioned me on the bed, facing up and applied a generous amount of lube to my ass and her dildo. I felt my resistance melting away, giving way to excitement and love. She unclasped her necklace and opened my cage. My cock sprang to attention, raw and pounding. She slowly put the necklace back on.

She was ready, and so was I.

Chapter 30

In all of our years together, she had never looked at me that way.

Her face was tightly drawn together in concentration and her freckled cheeks were slightly flushed. She wrinkled her short nose slightly — a habit when she gets excited — and with her lips slightly apart she was biting her lower lip. Her straight, light red hair was swaying slightly, casting soft shadows over her face. There was a small flash now and again as the small key that she wore on the short gold chain I had given her caught the light. She wore no make-up which highlighted her dimples.

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