Becoming Hers Pt. 05-1

Becoming Hers

Part 5

The continuation of the story.

Chapter 22

That began a period of revelation. We began to be more playful in bed. What we liked, and didn’t changed over the years and discovering these new sides of each other reinjected some of the passion that we had lost. One night, for example, Sally came to bed in a crotch-less teddy and a wig. She wanted me to slap her ass and treat her like whore, and I did. I took her like I hadn’t in years but what was most surprising was how much that scenario turned her on. Mostly, though, we began to experiment with scenes of her fucking other men. I would insert a butt plug in her and as she straddled me I would tell her how much two men wanted to take her at the same time. Or she would light candles, lay back in bed, and let me watch her as she spread her legs and fucked herself with a dildo until she came. I would jerk off as she told me about a fantasy involving having another man while I watched.

One day I decided to take things a little further, to make them more dangerous. We were lying in bed cuddling after making love. I was stroking her hair. She had asked me (really demanded from me) during our lovemaking that I say, “I want to watch another man fuck you.” It excited us both.

“Would you really want me to watch another man fuck you?” I asked.

“Mmmm…. I’m not sure. It’s hot to think about but also scary.”


“What would it do to our relationship? Also, maybe he’d have some disease or be disgusting. And if it was anyone I ever ran into again I’d be mortified. Where would we find such a guy? Would you like it?”

“I don’t know either. Same as you. It sounds hot but I wonder about whether I could really stand it. Remember the movie Indecent Proposal?” We had seen the movie a few years back, although it was quite a bit older. It was about a millionaire who offered a million dollars to a couple if the wife would sleep with him once. The jealousy afterwards ripped them apart, and the husband never even witnessed them making love.

“What would you think about posting an ad on some online site? Then we have control and we can play around and figure out if we want to take a next step?” I asked.

“That could be fun,” Sally said as she began to nod out. She soon drifted off to sleep.

The next day I went to work as usual but my mind kept wandering back to our conversation. Could I really go through with this? What would an ad look like? I found thinking about it deeply arousing.

That night, after the kids went to sleep, I brought up the topic again with Sally.

“Have you thought about our conversation last night?”

“Yes. A lot.”


“Why don’t do it? Only if you don’t mind, of course.” I could see that this was delicate territory for her. She really was turned on and intrigued by the idea, even if she had some reservations. On the other hand, she didn’t want to hurt me. She would never tell me outright that she wanted to fuck other men. If this was going to happen, I would need to take the lead.

“OK. So we need an ad. And pictures. Why don’t we do the pictures tonight and think more about the ad?”

She agreed and I got my phone. She began to model for me, assuming different poses and wearing different lingerie. We only needed a couple of shots but we had never done this before and the modeling was exciting for us both. Sally was exposing herself in risqué poses to be displayed on the internet so other men could ogle her and decide if they wanted to try to fuck her. We took pictures for about thirty minutes and by the time we were done she was dripping wet and wanted me badly. I didn’t even undress — I just pulled down my pants and took her against the wall, fucking her hard until we both came together. If that was what taking the pictures would do, I wondered if we needed to actually carry this all the way through. Maybe just planning for it would be exciting enough.

The next few nights were busier and we did not have time to write the ad. Friday night, though, we sat down together to work on it with our laptops. We looked around for a while to see what other people wrote. We thought briefly about responding to one of the ads but then decided that having the control of posting the ad, of having men pursue her, would be more fun. We set up a new email account for the purpose. We finally came up with the following:

MWC for M: Professional, married white couple in 30s seek a man to play with the wife. We are not models but we are in good shape and you should be as well. You should be drug and disease free. Discretion is a must. We would talk over the phone first to verify and then meet for a drink. If things click we would go back to our hotel and see what develops. No bi activity. Husband will begin by watching and might join in. We have never done this before and she will decide what we do and at what pace. If interested, please send description, pic, and phone number. Tell us what you would want and if you’ve had experience with this kind of thing.

We attached three pictures of her. In one, she was lying on the bed, face down, wearing a thong. A second was of her standing, from the front below the neck, wearing a sexy but opaque negligee. The third was in a yellow bikini. It was exciting to post it. We went to sleep giddy.

The next morning we were bursting to see the replies but we were too busy with the children. I made pancakes for everyone and then we decided to spend the day at the zoo. As we wandered through the exhibits we exchanged whispered comments.

“How many replies do you think we got?”

“Probably hundreds. You’re so hot.”

She liked that. The kids especially liked the gorillas.

When things had settled down that night we could barely wait to break out the laptop. About twenty-four hours after our posting there were, indeed, over two hundred replies. We settled on four crude screening criteria to use in cutting the replies down to a manageable number. First, any guy who clearly did not read the ad and focused on wanting to fuck me. Second, guys over sixty or who were in some obvious way gross. Third, and related, guys who bragged about their sexual prowess in a way that made us think that he would be more concerned with his own pleasure than Sally’s. Last, guys who sent only close up pictures of their dicks. There were a surprising number of these. What were they thinking?

Weeding out these replies left us with a pool of a little under a hundred viable candidates. We were particularly intrigued in particular by one group of about seven responses of men who said that they did this professionally. The upside of this group was that they were all handsome. Each sent a few pics that included their faces and their naked bodies (but no close ups of dicks!). Their responses were generally articulate and, well, professional. On the downside, we worried especially about diseases and the kind of man who becomes a professional cuckolder.

The more we thought and talked about it, though, the more the idea of hiring a man appealed to us. We were nervous and new — and not even sure that this would develop into anything — and these men could all guide us. We were planning on getting a hotel room and it was a big city, but we still worried about discretion and we were not thinking about an ongoing affair. If we decided to abort at the beginning or in the middle, there was no harm done. After all, we were paying.

As we were focusing on these seven replies one in particular caught Sally’s attention:

My name is Miguel and your ad caught my attention. The pictures are truly stunning! I was Ivy educated and for years worked in finance. A few years ago I quit my job to focus on my true love, sculpture. On the side, I have helped many couples to love each other more deeply, as you both are clearly trying to do. I have done many such sessions, coaching beginners and more experienced couples, but I most enjoy working with beginners. I am disease and drug free (and play safe) and can be anything you need me to be, from a gentle “boyfriend” style lover to a rough Dom. I am 6’1″, 180lbs, muscular and in my 30s. I work out regularly and have good stamina. My fee is reasonable and I would love to hear from you.

The pictures, which obscured his face, showed a muscular, well-built Latino man. Sally found one pose, in a tuxedo, to be particularly sexy. We talked about what she might want: somebody sensitive but also who would be aggressive. This discussion, which made things more concrete than it had been previously, excited us both and before long we had snapped the laptop closed and were on top of each other, fucking hard in the living room as our children slept.

Chapter 23

It took about a week of further talking. Is this really something that we wanted to do? Were we strong enough to survive it? If we did do it, where would our limits be? These discussions usually ended in passionate sex, followed by doubts about whether we actually needed to do it, or could just think and talk about our fantasies. Then we would have the discussion again the next night. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I could see that Sally was really excited by the idea. She was a mother and a wife, not an object of desire. She could still turn heads and I sometimes used to see them turn. But she didn’t feel it anymore. She loved the fact that she used to drive me out of control and now she mostly didn’t. Our recent efforts helped but it was still pretty rare.

On Saturday night we went out for dinner with friends of hers. We really wanted to talk about this but didn’t know how without it becoming too private and awkward. Fortunately, the paper had just run a long feature on polyamory. During a lull in the conversation I raised it.

“Did you see the piece last week in the Times about polyamory?” Of course they didn’t, because they read the Post.

“No, what’s that?”

“Groups of lovers. Like a couple that is open about seeing other people but then one of the partners also falls in love with one of his or her lovers and they create a three-way or more relationship.”

“Isn’t that just swinging?”

“I wondered about that too. I think that a key part of it was the communication. All the partners in one of these relationships was constantly sharing and communicating with the others.”

“Sounds exhausting,” said the wife, Elaine.

“Yeah, but I see the appeal. It does keep things fresh,” said the husband, Bob.

“You would want a relationship like that?” Elaine asked Bob.

“Well no, of course not,” he quickly retreated.

“I wonder how bringing in a third would effect a relationship. Surely you can love more than one person at the same time.” Elaine shot Sally a look.

“It’s hard enough to just love Bob,” Elaine said to chuckles.

“Seriously though,” she continued, “I’m not sure I see it. Swinging I get — maybe it would make things interesting. But relationships are hard work.”

Sally saw an opportunity.

“You think swinging could be interesting?”

“Yeah. We tried it a couple of times.”

We did not expect that. Neither did Bob, it seemed, as he began to choke on something briefly. Elaine had had a couple of glasses of wine and she was open, outrageous, and flirty. I could tell that she wanted to goad Bob a little. She could see the incredulity in our eyes.

“It was a while ago. The first time we went to a swingers’ club in Vegas, before we had kids. It was really weird. Everybody was so normal. We sat talking with a number of nice couples for a while and then one invited us upstairs into one of the rooms. We talked about going “soft,” starting just with our own partners with maybe a little wandering here and there. It was pretty hot. They were an attractive couple and we fed off their passion, which then I think really turned them on. A few extra hands and mouths don’t hurt either,” she giggled.

“The first time?” I asked?

“Yes, the second time was more a threesome with a guy I knew from work. Bob, would you like to tell this story?”

Bob looked truly nauseous. “No, you brought it up. Maybe they don’t want to hear.”

“No, sure they do.

“Bob and I had talked about something like this for a while. One day, really accidentally, I went out after work with some people from the office and this guy was with us. He is in his mid-twenties and quite the stud. So we’re all drinking and eventually I find myself in the corner with this guy and he’s hot and I was buzzed and we kissed. I felt so young again. He asked me to go back with him to his place. I said, I’d have to contact my husband and ask.”

Elaine stopped to have another sip of wine and seemed to smile at the memory.

“He freaked out. I told him not to worry. So I texted Bob saying, ‘Found a hot guy. Can I sleep with him? Can you join us?’ Bob answered in a nanosecond. ‘Where?'”

She laughed. “Anyway, we all met at another bar and talked and then went to his apartment, which was nearby. Without getting into details, it was great. Afterwards, though, we both felt a little awkward. The guy was just a boy toy to me, but it made Bob jealous. Not that he didn’t have a good time while it was happening.”

Bob gave a tight smile.

“So we never tried it again. That was, what, eight years ago?” Bob nodded, clearly relieved that the story was over.

“Would you do it again?” Sally asked.

“I would. The experience was fun and I think that in the end it made us closer.”

We all felt a sexual spark. Was Elaine feeling us out to see if we were interested in playing with them? It was not out of the question. Bob was handsome, with rugged chiseled features and what Elaine lacked in looks (although she was good-looking) she made up for with the way the carried herself. I wondered what Sally was thinking. They had known each other since childhood. We gently steered the conversation back to more neutral territory. Maybe in the future, but now this was a little too much to process. We soon finished dinner and went our separate ways.

“So?” I asked.

“Oh my God! I wanted to ask you that!” I laughed.

“Elaine and Bob seem so straight. I was really surprised.”

“Me too! I wonder if everyone except us have tried this?” She left the question hanging.

“Do you think she was hitting on us?” I asked.

“I wondered that too. It would be really weird though. I think that Elaine was just trying to be outrageous. On the other hand, I have thought of Bob.”

We were quiet for a minute, then she asked,

“What about Elaine?”

“She’s pretty sexy. Would you like to see me fuck her?”

“No! We’ve known each other forever. I don’t know, maybe. It depends on what everybody was doing. I know that I’m getting wet thinking about this.”

“I think you want to try it.”

She was quiet.

“Let’s set up a conversation with Miguel.”

Chapter 24

We emailed Miguel who seemed surprised to hear from us. More than a week had already passed and he figured that we had found someone else. He was a gentleman, though, and said how much he liked our ad and how it would be a great pleasure to “work with” us. We set up a time for a phone conversation.

We bought a new pay-as-you-go cellphone and used it to call him. Sally was the one to speak to him. She was wearing a sleeveless nightgown with straps. As she sat and called, nervously, I stood behind her so I could hear the tenor of his voice, which was deep and rich. They exchanged a few pleasantries and then he took charge of the conversation, although I could only hear her side of the conversation.

“Thank you. I liked your photos too.”

“No, please. Real. Of course they’re real!”

“Thank you.”

“Please, you don’t mean that. I’m older than you think.”

She giggled.

“That’s my husband’s age.”

“No, we’re not unhappy. We just thought that this could be fun, a way to draw closer to each other. Does that make sense?”


“Really? How many? And it’s really done that?”


“Yes, I like that too.”

Her hand was wandering down her thigh and I could see her nipples stiffening. I reached into her nightgown and cupped her breasts, running my fingers lightly over her nipples.

“That sounds great.”

“I am. I am touching it now.” Her hand disappeared under her nightgown.

“He is here, playing with my breasts.”

“I don’t know.”


“Excuse me? Right, when? How about next Friday night?” I had already reserved a hotel room and written down the information for her. Just in case. She gave him the address and told him to meet us at the hotel bar.

“Yes. Me too.”

“Of course. We’ll bring them. Wait, how many?”

“Oh! They come in sizes?”

“OK. Yes. Uhmm… how much should we bring? You know, for your donation?”

“OK. I look forward to meeting you, Miguel.”

She got off the phone and moaned a little as I stroked her. Finally she got up.

“He sounded hot,” I said.


“I couldn’t hear him. What did he say?”

“He just complimented me and then some dirty talk.

“Fuck me, Steven.”

I did. When I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, though, I swear I caught her masturbating.

Over the next week Sally seemed distant. She was clearly fantasizing. I too had fantasies, as well as reservations. If he gave her more sexual pleasure than I did, well, what would that mean? I knew that this was about her, but what would my role be? In truth I knew that this was really about me. Could Miguel rouse in me the passion that had ebbed away? What a strange way to do it.

When Saturday came, we drove our children to my parents in Westchester. Just one night, we told them. We just needed some together time. We then drove to the hotel. We got there early and checked in. We had an hour to get ready.

“How do you prepare for something like this?” I asked.

Sally laughed and stepped into the shower. When she was done I got in.

When I got out of the shower, I saw that she was slipping on a sexy, tight-fitting black sleeveless dress. She had black stockings on and when she shifted in the chair the short dress rode up just enough that I could see snaps that must lead to a garter belt. She was wearing a thin gold necklace that I had bought her and her wedding ring. She fixed her makeup and hair. She wasn’t talking but I could imagine what she was thinking.

I got into a more casual khakis and button down shirt. I hadn’t really thought about dress and so didn’t pack anything nearly as fancy. She slipped on her heels.

“Shall we?”

Chapter 25

We arrived at the bar first and ordered cocktails. We were both nervous and wondered if he would show up. I almost wished he wouldn’t.

Just then he arrived.

He was in a slim gray suit with a tight white shirt open at the collar. You could tell he was in great shape. He wore brown loafers that could have been custom made. His gait was sure as he caught site of us and moved I our direction. I saw his dark curly hair, closely cut, and his fiery dark eyes. He had just a hint of stubble. There was something about him that reminded me….

His name was not Miguel. It was Emil, and he had been my freshman roommate at Harvard.

I thought I would have a panic attack. As I mentioned, our suite had mostly guys from similar upbringings as I had. Emil was a misfit in our suite. He had grown up lower middle-class in Los Angeles. He seemed strange and exotic to us. Mostly we froze him out. We never physically hurt him, but I do remember times when we would be verbally unkind, or laugh at him. He never confronted us but we saw less of him as they year went on as he found other people to hang out with. I hadn’t given him a second thought.

And now there he was, coming straight at us for the sole purpose of fucking my wife.

He was in front of us now, introducing himself as “Miguel.” We shook hands and he gave me a long look but said nothing. We had earlier told him that our names were Larry and Roberta. He must have recognized me but if he did he kept it to himself. We each had a drink and he tried to make some light conversation. He occasionally touched Sally’s shoulder or thigh to make a point. He was no longer the awkward, out of place slightly scrawny kid I knew. He was a sleek, charming Lothario.

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