Becoming Hers Pt. 02-2

Smack. She did it again. “Oh baby, you don’t want to keep me waiting do you?” She asked.

I figured she wanted me to stick out my tongue, but instead of bringing her hips back down she grabbed my hair and turned my head to the side.

“You know what,” she said, “I’m not going to wait for when you feel like licking my pussy. I can make myself cum all by myself.”

I instantly then felt her warm dripping pussy smear against the side of my face. 

“Mmm,” she moaned, “I guess I can go ahead and take advantage then to get you nice and coated in my cum, just like you like it.” 

Her pussy smeared all the way up to my hair and then back down to my chin. She really did have enough cum to cover my face and she moaned as her clit rubbed against me. 

“Mm, you love that don’t you baby?” She asked as she moved her hips against my face.

“Mmm…” I started answering, but then she raised her hips up again and turned my face towards her again. Smack. “What did I say?? No talking.” It seemed unfair, but I knew better than to worsen my predicament.  She smiled satisfied when I didn’t respond. “I know what’s wrong,” she said, “you just want it so bad already huh? Poor thing. Here, let me give you an appetizer. Open your mouth.”

I did as I was told and she gripped my neck softly with her hand, leaned over and spit straight into my mouth. “Close,” she said, and I obeyed, “swallow.”

“There you go,” she said cheerfully, still with her hand around my neck, “now lie still for mommy.”

She then turned my head in the other direction and started smearing her cum up and down my other cheek, moaning, each time with more vigor. “Ah, yes, take that cum, just like the little pussy slut that you are,” she said as she completely covered my face in her juices, “mmhm, I love seeing that wet little face of yours.” 

It really was turning me on too, and I had started jerking my cock under the blankets.

“Now’s your chance to redeem yourself, baby,” she said and turned my face towards her again, “you know what mommy wants right?” I opened my mouth, this time without intending to say anything, not that she would have let me. As soon as I did, her hips were right back on my mouth and my tongue was out at her disposal.

“There you go, baby,” she cooed, “that’s it, lick it right out of me.” Every time I lapped my tongue up and down against her opening more of her juices trickled down into my throat. And it helped that she was now thrusting her hips back and forth.  My brain started tingling with pleasure as one of my hands pushed her ass and the other stroked my cock.

She pushed her hips all the way up to my nose and then back down, and then all the way up to my forehead, making me close my eyes.

Every time she groaned it felt like my cock got a little bit harder. Her pussy was back at my mouth and I nuzzled my face into it, moving it from side to side, letting more of her juices coat the outside of my mouth. Her cunt kept grinding as she grunted, her hand pulling on my hair.

“That’s right baby, get in there and eat your breakfast.  You’re only going to get to eat pussy a few times today, so you better drink up.” 

I moaned into her pussy, still stroking my cock.

“Oh, who am I kidding,” she chuckled, “you’re not going to be able to handle all the pussy you’re going to eat today,” she said, “but you’ll just have to keep licking and giving me pleasure, my little cum bucket.” Her hips started thrusting more forcefully. “Oh, yeah,” she moaned, her pleasure clearly starting to build, and mine along with it, “you’re going to be my little bitch today, aren’t you?” she asked. I moaned affirmatively as her clit collided with my tongue. “You’re going to lick up all my cum?” I moaned yes. “You’re going to shut and lick my pussy whenever I want you to?” I moaned again of course. “Yes you are, my little bitch,” she grunted, her clit hitting my nose, “suck that cum out of my pussy,” she ordered.

I kept licking and sealed my lips against hers, lapping up every drop and not letting any fall out, moving my head from side to side for good measure. She greeted the gesture with the deepest moan, clearly loving it and thrusted in shorter lengths so I could keep her in my mouth at all times.

“Ah, fuck yeah,” she said. I stroked my dick faster and spanked her ass. Her legs tightened against my head and her pussy juices dripped down. She was clearly almost there. My muffled moans and hers filled the room as she gripped my hair tighter, quickening the pace of her hips.

“Oh, yeah, baby, drink that up, baby, mmm, yeah, don’t stop, don’t stop, ah, fuck, yes, baby, oh, oh,” she almost yelled at a higher pitch with each word,”oh yeah my greedy little pussy licker, fuck, oh, yes, OH, OH, ah shit, AHhhhhhh.”  Her pussy gushed even more liquid in my mouth as she selfishly let her entire weight fall on top of my face, her legs convulsing, and her hips thrusting erratically.

I stopped licking and she let her hips slide up to the rest of my face, making sure that I was as wet as she was.

“Ah, shit,” she said. She stood back up a little and grabbed my chin, opening my mouth, and placing her pussy back where it was. “Okay, be a good cum bucket,” she said, and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips as the last bits of cum fell out of her. With a few moans or two, she released the last bits of her first orgasm of the day.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” she said, “that was awesome.”  She pulled her hair back a bit and moved her ass back to my chest.  “Are you okay?” she asked.

I looked around and said, “can I speak now?”

She laughed, “yes, of course, you fulfilled your duties.”

I laughed too, “Yeah, babe I’m great.

“Great.” she said, smiling.

She got off of me and put on some sexy lace panties that were next to us on the bed, and then some booty shorts on top of that.  She looked magnificent in the short cut tshirt and booty shorts.

“Okay, I’m going to make breakfast,” she said, “real breakfast.” She chuckled at that. “I want you to come to the kitchen in your boxers, okay? And I don’t want you to wash your face… understood?”

“As you wish, mistress.” I said.

She chuckled again, “I could get used to you calling me that.” She smiled at me, and left the room.

I was still hard because I hadn’t cum, and I could definitely smell her musk potently all over my face, but I figured it was kind of a turn on to walk around half-naked, marked by my mistress. 

By the time I got to the kitchen, it smelled magnificently of bacon, sausage and eggs. I came up and gave her a hug from behind as she tended to the stove. We talked about how delicious everything smelled and she put it all into two plates. She turned around and kissed me. “You sure smell… sexy…” she said, taunting me. We laughed.

To my surprise, she then put one of the plates in the microwave and one on the table.  “What gives?” I asked.

“Oh,” she said, as if surprised I asked, “I’m going to eat first.” She just said it all so matter of factly, and I didn’t protest, figuring it must be part of the game.

“So…,” I started to ask as she sat down to eat.

“Get under the table,” she said, unemphatically, looking at the fork she picked up.

I looked at her, and she turned and smiled at me.  I was surprised this was happening again so soon, but I guess that was exactly what I signed up for.

“Yes, mistress.” I said, smiling.

I started walking over and she put her fork down. “Oh wait,” she said, “I forgot about something. Just wait right here.”

She left the room and I decided to sit and wait to see what she had up her sleeve. She came back with an unmarked box and a sheepish expression.

“So, this is something we haven’t really talked about, but I wanted to see if I could surprise you with something interesting…” she said, “something, a little kinkier? maybe?”

I was intrigued, and loved that she was still so polite with her suggestions.

“Okay,” I said, “what is it?”

“Well take a look inside,” she responded, handing me the box.

It was easy to open, and what was inside was not very ambiguous.  I pulled it out and looked at her, not altogether sure, but not all that hesitant about it. 

“A leash?” I asked.

“Yeah, so, umm, I don’t know, I figured maybe, you’d, uh, you know, it’s like a role playing thing, kind of like the whole dominant submissive thing? Maybe, uh, maybe you could wear it?” She stumbled over her words.

I grinned. “You don’t have to be so sheepish about it. This seems interesting.”

“You like the idea?” She asked.

“Yeah, I think so.” I said, “Let me see how it feels.” I started unlatching it to put it on, but she stopped me.

“Wait, wait. Can I put it on?” She said smiling.

“Sure,” I said, handing it over to her. 

“Okay, but let’s get back into this sexy role playing mode,” she said, “I want you to get on your knees.”

“Oh man, babe, you really thought this out!” I said.

“Yeah… I guess I did. Come on, I want to see if it turns you on.” She said.

I got up out of the chair and got on my knees in front of her.  It was so hot looking up at her from that perspective. Her thick thighs, her round ass and wonderful titties all in view.

She unlatched the collar and leaned down to put it on me, giving me a sexy view of her cleavage.  She tightened it not too snug, but enough that it wouldn’t come off easily.

“Alright, you like that baby?” She asked, grabbing the leash part.

“I guess so,” I said, still mesmerized by the sight of her.

She tugged on the leash and I felt a pull at my neck. 

“You like it?” she asked again, more sternly, we were clearly back in the game. 

“Yes, mistress.” I said.

“Good.” she replied, “now come over here, my food is getting cold. She tugged at the leash again and made me fall onto my hands and knees, jerking softly until i crawled over to where she sat down at the table.  She moved the leash around the table leg and then tugged from underneath, coaxing, “come on boy.” I obliged, gettting underneath the table where she was waiting to greet me with two wide open legs.

“I’m going to eat now,” I heard her say from above the table, “and you are going to get me ready for my next orgasm.”

She tugged at the leash again and I got closer. “Understood?” she asked. I didn’t respond, I just got to work, licking and biting the inside of her thighs.  “That’s a good boy,” she said.

I could hear that she had started eating, as her fork clinked against the plate. 

I was at it for a minute or two when she asked if I was hungry.  “Yes, mistress,” I replied.

She pushed her seat back a little and she offered me a piece of sausage. When I went to grab it with my hand, she pulled it away.

“Ah ah ah,” she said, “give me your mouth.” And she tugged on my leash.

Once I got closer she pushed the sausage against my lips and into my mouth.  I let out a muffled half protest and she pulled it away.

“Bite.” she said.  I bit off a chunk and it was delicious.

She then pushed the other chunk into my mouth and let me eat it. Then she tugged again on my leash and pushed her fingers against my lips, and I let her put them in my mouth.

“Clean it up,” she said, moving her fingers in and out of my mouth, “that’s right.” She pushed the fingers in a bit further than I expected her to, but not too much to make me gag. “Good boy,” she said, and moved her chair back to its original position.

“Take off my shorts,” she said, “shorts only.”

I did that and started kissing and licking her legs again, as she presumably went back to eating her breakfast. I made sure to inch towards her panties ever so slowly to build the anticipation.

Soon enough, she was yanking my leash again, pulling me in so that my mouth and nose were up against the lace of her panties.  I nuzzled my nose against them and gave her soft kisses. She pulled them aside to reveal her wet-again pussy waiting for me. 

“Take off your boxers,” she said. I took them off and was now completely naked under the table, wearing nothing but a leash, with my face pressed against her pussy.

At that point she grabbed my hair and pulled me away. 

“You haven’t fully gotten me ready yet,” she said, “I want you to stroke your cock and beg for it.”

I happily did as I was told. With my face inches away from her delicious folds, I started jerking my cock, which was already half-erect.  “Please, mistress, let me lick your pussy,” I asked, to which she didn’t respond.

“Please, I want to eat it so bad,” I said, feeling myself getting harder as I saw the wet morsel before me.

She didn’t respond, but I could see drops of cum starting to form. 

“Let me drink up your cum baby, use me please,” I said, her grip on my hair tightened, and I stroked my dick harder.

“Please, mistress, I just want eat your cum,” I begged.

She clearly wanted that too because she pulled me straight in, letting me savour that delicious treat she had made me beg for. My cock got even harder with the taste and smell now on my lips and nose, but she pulled away again and made me take off her panties before proceeding.

Once they were off, I went back to my feast, stroking my cock in pure pleasure. She bucked her hips against my face and the cum flowed all over me. She somehow managed to grind steadily from that position clearly getting just as excited as before.  I started moaning audibly into her as I kept stroking my cock and she must have recognized my tone.

“Stop stroking your cock,” she commanded forcefully.  I felt both agony and pleasure obeying her commands, as she kept riding my face.

“You want to be a good boy, right?” she asked.

“Mm hm,” I got out as she ground on my mouth, now pulling me in by my leash again.

“Well, a good boy waits to cum until his master does doesn’t he?”

“Mm mm hm,” I half moaned half affirmed, her thrusting was getting faster. I could hear her moans picking up.

“You’re going to stroke your cock and you’re going to come when I tell you, aren’t you my little bitch?”

“Yes, yes,” I tried to say as her clit smashed against my face.

“Ah, fuck,” she moaned, “ah yeah, stroke your cock.”

I immediately complied, overwhelmed with sensation.

“You better not come yet,” she exclaimed, “ah, yeah, fuck, mm, show me you’re my good little bitch, show me you will only cum with your master.”

I moaned louder, struggling to lick with how much pleasure I was feeling, letting her just fuck my face. She could hear in my moans I was struggling not to cum.

“Are you gonna cum just from licking my pussy, from me using you like the little sex toy that you are?”

I couldn’t get out any words but she knew the answer. I couldn’t help but stroke my cock faster and from the way she was thrusting I was hoping she was getting close too.

“Unh,” she groaned, “fuck, fuck, Unnhh, yesss, fucking take that my little doggy, drink up your master’s cum.” The pull on my leash felt tighter.

Both of our moans quickened, we were both going to cum.  “Unnh, unnh,” she squealed, “uh fuck baby, i’m gonna cum, cum for mommy, baby, ah, fuck, ah yeah, my dirty little bitch,” thankful that I wasn’t going to come too soon, I stroked my cock even harder, feeling my orgasm building, and my entire cock tingling from its base to its tip. I  opened my mouth wide as she mashed against it and stroked feeling that my cum about to spurt out. “Ah, ah, UnNNhh, ohhh, yeahhh” she grunted, as I moaned almost as loudly into her. I felt my orgasm spilling straight onto the floor, completely overcome with pleasure as she dropped her load directly into my mouth. “Ooonhhh fuck yeahhh,” she said, as I panted, almost shaking as the orgasm ripped through my body.  

I sucked on her pussy as she came down, drawing out as much as I could, until she pulled back from the table and looked at me.

“Wow, babe,” she said, “that was so kinky and so hot… I can’t believe you came just from licking my pussy.”

I was just as astonished, and even more so because that may have been one of the best orgasms of my life.  As I started to get up to clean up and have my real breakfast, I couldn’t believe how much pleasure that had given me, or that the day had only just begun.

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