Becoming Hers Pt. 02-1

She came into my field of vision, on her hands and knees, as I was playing video games slouched on the floor. She planted each of her feet outside of where my legs were and then her knees just above that as she moved in towards me. She grabbed my game controller and kissed me on the lips, her hands holding her weight and her voluptuous titties hanging down, pressing against my chest.

She withdrew after the first kiss and looked me in the eyes smiling, seeking permission perhaps. I just smiled back and pulled her back in. Our mouths opened and our tongues moved with the rhythm of our kisses. 

She withdrew again and apologized for earlier, “sorry I got so aggressive today… we should really talk more about boundaries… I don’t want to overstep or make you feel bad…” 

“Oh, no, it’s okay,” I said, “I mean, that was a little intense… to be honest, but it was kind of exciting…” For the past few months, I had been coaxing her into taking charge during sex, and she had really stepped into that role earlier in the day.  I was still processing the whole thing, wondering if I was ready to actually get what I had been asking for for so long, but my assurances were sincere. I could tell that didn’t make her completely unconcerned. I was happy she cared. 

“Thanks for looking out,” I said, playing with her hair.

I loved watching her smile at me as she came in for another kiss – her breasts pressing deliciously against my chest again. 

“I love you,” she said, pulling back. “I love you too,” I replied, pushing back in. 

With that same air of concern she went on, “I want us to talk more about what you want if we’re going to keep going down this road.” 

“Yeah, of course,” I replied, ” I’m totally into that. We should. You know I love talking about sex with you.” My hands found my way to her ass, squeezing it, and emphasizing my point. 

“Mmm,” she moaned and laughed lightly, nuzzling her nose against my neck. “Yes, baby.”  “Let’s talk about it then.”  

She was looking at me now, clearly expecting to start the conversation.


“Well, what do you wanna talk about then,” I asked. 

“You know, everything,” she said, “I guess, let’s start, how about with you felt about today?”

My hand was still on her ass, and I had started tracing my fingers over her thighs. Her ass cheeks were plump and juicy under the thin fabric of her outfit for being around the house.  I loved how massive and strong her legs and ass were, and how my hand could barely cup her entire buttcheek. 

“I don’t know,” I said, to which she offered in glare in response. “Okay,” I went on, “I mean, I kind of like it when you take it control. Sometimes, I’m taken a little bit off guard lately, but ultimately I think that’s, part of the thrill…” 

“Okay,” she said, “but I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, okay? Let’s just lay out everything you want me to do, and I’m happy to do it. And anything you don’t want me to do too. We have a big day tomorrow with you wanting to spend the whole day licking my pussy.”  The thrill of being able to say that broke through the concern in the form of a smile. She had kind of leaned in on me at that point, her body lying on mine, her hips positioned just over mine.

“Well, I don’t know how much I want to dictate every little thing to do or not to do,” I countered, “the surprise is kind of part of the fun of it. And, even, I don’t know if you doing things I say to take control really would have that same effect, you know? You’re not really taking control at that point” 

“I guess I get what you mean,” she said, “but what about like some outer limits or just a sense of what it is you like about me being in control? You know, like, maybe if you tell me why you like it I can kind of follow the spirit of the thing.” 

I took advantage of the fact that she is no longer pressing her body as closely to mine to cup her press it my hands, send playfully, squeeze them.

“I guess, some thing about you, being really turned on and wanting me to do some thing really turns me on,” I started, “it’s like when you’re asking me to do something you’re trying to get me to do I just feel like you’re so horny and that makes me really horny I guess. And then when I get to do it when you let me do it just for your like I’m being so submissive and that’s just like gives me this feeling like it lights up my whole brain, and it makes me want to do it even more. It’s like when you want me to do some thing, it awakens this need in me to do it for you. And doing it just feels amazing.”

“Oh, my God, “she said giggling a bit here if you really getting into this aren’t you.”

“Don’t make fun of me,” I said, “i’m being vulnerable with you here.”

“Oh no, I’m sorry, “she’s sad, planting a kiss on my cheek, “I just, don’t really expect you to say things like that and it kind of catches me off guard.” “But I love it when you say things like that. “

“I love that you love being so submissive to me, “she said, “it makes me feel so lucky. She had this sultry look in her eyes and a smile that that just kind of lingered at the tips of her lips.

“Honestly, “I responded, “I’m just so glad that I can share these desires with someone. In so many relationships, it has been so hard to even broach the subject. It feels like I’m not supposed to feel this way, but I’m glad that you feel like it and you’re down to try things with me. “

“Oh, my God, “she said, “it’s just crazy that even on top of all of that you also it’s like you’re thanking me for letting you do things like eat my pussy out twice a day. This is something that I should really really be thanking you for, I feel like I’m just kind of selfish sometimes because I will even let you do it. “

I chuckled, “I don’t feel like you’re selfish. I mean who wouldn’t want to have their pussy licked twice a day… And it’s not like something that affects me. You’re not making me do some thing that I don’t want to do. I love it, it’s this weird urge that I have…” I trailed off, clearly thinking.

Her hands were exploring my upper body a little bit at this point, squeezing and trailing. After a moment or two, I started talking again: “I guess tomorrow, I really just want you to act on your impulses, and I can only hope that your impulses are to make me pleasure you in a really submissive way. “

“Mmm, “she was almost moaning, “I would love that. “My hands were squeezing her thighs and ass again.”Are there any things that you wouldn’t want me to do?”

“Oh well, obviously if I say I don’t like something I would want you to stop,” I said. 

Right away she put that worry to rest. “Of course, I wouldn’t want to do anything you don’t want to do, but is there anything specific? Like, was it too much when I slapped you…?” 

There was that worry again. 

“No, well, I don’t think I would like anything painful but the way you did it wasn’t really painful, it was just kind of enough to wake me up,” I laughed, and paused, “I think I kind of like it… I like that you were putting me in my place…” 

She smiled a bit bigger now. “You like me putting you in your place?” She asked in a sexy half whisper. 

I traced my fingers over the bare skin beneath her shorts. She shifted her weight a bit.  I loved feeling her beautiful body move against mine.

“Mmm,” she cooed. Her hips moved against mine a little, and I was sure she could feel that my cock was hardening under my shorts.

“I’m getting hard right now just thinking about it,” I said.  She smiled and kissed me letting the hand that was not caressing my hair play along my side. “Yes, I feel it,” she said, “but don’t stop, I want to hear what else you like.”

“Okay,” I continued, moving my hands up her waist now, “so part of it is that I like it when you’re turned on by me, and another part is kind of being in that position, being submissive to you really turns me on.”

We were both clearly getting turned on at this point. Her hips were moving more rhythmically against mine, and my hands were teasing around her tits.

I kept going: “so, like, I do like licking your pussy…”

“Mmhm,” she moaned, smiling.

“But I love when you make me do it,” I said, “and I don’t know why, it’s like even hotter when it happens the way and at the time that you want it. Like I keep thinking of it as you, ‘using me’ and I don’t know why that turns me on so much.”

“Isn’t that just, like, selfish?” she asked.

“Well, it would be, but like, I’m asking you to do it, you know?” I said.

“Mmhm,” she smiled, again, her hands squeezing on my thighs and legs, her hips now slowly grinding through the fabric against my fully hard cock as we talked.

“I guess I like it when you’re selfish in this role playing kind of realm,” I continued, “because it just gets me even more into that submissive mode.”

“Mmhm,” she said, “and what else makes you feel submissive?”

“I guess I like when you call me names too…” I said.

“Oh, I was gonna ask about that…” she ventured, “cuz I also felt like maybe I had crossed a line there…”

I chucked. “I mean, I was a little surprised, just because no one ever called me those things before, and its not the kind of thing you ever say, I chuckled.

“I can dial it back,” she said.

“No, no,” I responded, “I kind of liked that too… I want you tell me things that make me feel like you’re using me too.”

“Mmm..” she moaned, and then leaned her lips towards my ear, whispering, “what do you want me to call you then?”

“Damn, that’s so sexy babe, ” I said, squeezing her ass.

She pulled back again. “Okay, but tell me,” she said, “like… was it too much when I called you, like… a bitch?” At that point she kind of stopped grinding against me, though our hands kept playing with each others’ bodies.

“Honestly,” I said, “I feel like that is not something I would usually want anyone to call me, but when you did it, it was definitely a turn on.”

“Wow, okay,” she said, “really?”

“Yeah!” I encouraged her, “I feel like you really can’t hurt me with name calling or anything. And I love it when you say things that kind of show me that you’re the boss, you know?”

“Okay,” she said, “or that… like you said… that I’m using you?”

“Yeah,” I said, ” for sure.”

“So, like, it wasn’t too much when I said…” she started, seeming a little embarrassed.

“What?” I asked, “I don’t think you said anything that crossed the line don’t worry.”

“Well, I dont know it seems kind of gross,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“Well, I called you.. my cum bucket.” she said.

“Oh yeah,” I recalled, “man… you got a dirty mouth.”  We both laughed. “But, yeah, that was actually fine too, I guess,” I said, also thinking about it, “that’s another thing about this whole fetish, I do kind of feel really dirty afterwards. Like, if I think about it and I’m not turned on, it seems kind of gross, but in the moment, it’s like the more liquid that’s coming out into my mouth and my face, the more extreme the sensation is for me… I know it’s weird, but when you called me that, it was kind of a turn on too, like it kind of highlighted how you were using me for this nasty thing that I for some reason cannot get enough of.”

She chuckled a bit there too, “yeah, you do kind of like that don’t you? It’s not something to feel weird about, I don’t think… Everyone has their fetishes.” She paused there, smiling again. “Man,” she continued, “how did I get so lucky to be in love with such a submissive little slut like you?”

I laughed too, feeling turned on even by that little bit of dirty talk. “I don’t know babe, but I guess you should just enjoy it,” I replied.

“Yeah, I guess I should, take advantage, huh?” She asked.

“Yes, baby take advantage of me,” I said, turning my head to nibble on her neck. She moaned.

“So, tomorrow…” she started, “you want me to make you eat my pussy whenever I want?”

“Yes, baby, please,” I said, letting go of her neck.

“And, you want me to slap you, but not painfully, and call you names, and surprise you with things?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered, smiling, “the more surprises the better.” I went back to kissing and nibbling on her neck.

“Okay,” she said, “I think I can work with that.” Her hand caressing my head gripped on to my hair, turning my face towards hers. “It’s your last chance to turn back,” she said, looking into my eyes.

“No turning back,” I replied, “I’m all yours, all day.”  We both smiled at each other, and she kissed me deeply. “I can’t wait,” she said, smiling. We stopped talking so much at that point, kissing and letting our hands really feel each other with no limitations. She grabbed my cock over my shorts and moved her hand up and down while still holding my head with her other hand.

I spanked her ass and then moved both hands between her legs just below her pussy, pushing her up against me so I could place my head between the giant globes of her tits for a second.

“You ready to get fucked?” She whispered into my ear.

“Yes, mam,” I whispered back. 

“You can call me mistress,” she whispered.

“Yes, mistress,” I replied.

She smiled, got on her knees to one side of me and took off my shirt, flinging it away.  In fluid motions, she pulled my shorts and underwear off too, right before removing her own. She straddled my throbbing hard cock and grabbed it, placing the tip against the already-wet folds of her waiting pussy.  I felt them embracing just the tip of my cock where she had pulled back the foreskin, exerting delicious pressure and then retreating. She moaned as she moved the tip of my cock back and forth against her pussy, which felt wetter and wetter every time she did.

Then, suddenly, she pressed her bodyweight down further, enveloping my cock a good half of the way in, and pulling back out.  I let out a moan as her tight pussy moved up and then down again, squeezing my cock between her powerful thighs, each time just a little further in until I was fully inside her.

She stood upright, grinding her hips back and forth, making sure her clit rubbed against my body, and playing with her own titties, clearly already in the thick of her heat. I slapped her ass and watched her tits bounce against her hands, feeling incredible pleasure even as my cock was pulled back and forth.  Her hands came down against me as she moved faster, moaning louder as she approached what seemed like a surprisingly fast climax.

“Oh yeah, baby,” she moaned, “mmm, I love your cock.” Her hips thrusted and I slapped her ass again. She moaned louder, and louder, as she kept up the pace her titties bouncing against each other at this point until she let out the final cry of her orgasm, grunting and bending over me as she let it shudder through her body. My cock twitched as her pussy squeezed and convulsed around my cock.

“Ah, fuck,” she said, pulling out suddenly, and leaving my cock with the sudden sensations of release and cold air outside her warm insides. Clearly still reeling, from her orgasm, she shuffled her knees over to either side of my head and smacked her pussy against my mouth, instantly slathering it in sticky fresh pussy juices. She grabbed my hair and grunted as her orgasm continued.

“Open that mouth,” she commanded. “Don’t stick your tongue out, just open your mouth and swallow,” she grunted, “mmhm, that’s a good little bitch, takes mommy’s cum.” Her legs were shuddering and her grip was tight on my hair.  I moaned as her juices dripped into my mouth and I felt her pussy lips convulse a little still from her orgasm. All I could see was her belly button curved over me and her arm gripping my hair in my peripheral vision as she pushed her weight down with abandon. I couldn’t help but stroke my abandoned cock as I took in the sensations.

Finally, she peeled off of me, sitting back on my chest.  “Ah shit, babe,” she said, “was that okay?” 

“Oh, yeah, babe,” I said, “that was so hot.”

She sported another triumphant look on her face and said, “good.”

Before I knew it, she had planted her legs and grabbed my arms. She pulled me up with surprising strength and pushed me back onto the couch.

“It’s your turn,” she said, putting me into position and taking off her shirt. She grabbed both of my legs and pushed them back as I lay against the back of the couch. Then she straddled my cock with my legs back, inserting my cock into her tight pussy lips once again, causing me to cry out from the pleasure. Now she started pumping up and down, making me moan as each thrust and pulled me all the way back inside her cunt. Now she was really fucking me, giving me so much pleasure even as she pumped me into submission.

I couldn’t help but keep moaning as she thrust, thrust and thrust, and her titties bounced so supple into each other. I grabbed on to her thighs as I started feeling my orgasm build, and that there was no way for me to stop it. She certainly was not slowing down.  I told her I was going to cum and she thrust up and down even faster.

“Oh, yeah, baby, give it to me,” she cried, seeming almost as enraptured as me, “cum for me baby, do what I say.”  That made it even harder to resist.  She put one of her hands on my neck and looked straight at me. “Cum baby,” she said again, as her pussy kept devouring my cock, “cum for me now.”  As soon as she said that it was like a switch went off in my brain and I completely let go, moaning intensely and trying to hold her down, as my cock pumped my load deep into her cunt.  She moaned too as she slowed down and let my legs fall to her sides, letting me finish as she dismounted me and moving up so my cum would fall on my stomach. She put her fingers around her cunt lips as it drained out of her and looked at me with complete satisfaction.  At that point, I was completely lost. It felt amazing.

We cleaned up and got ready for bed. Watched a show or two, snuggled, and got ready for our big day.


I think I heard the sounds between dreams. There was the shifting of weight on the bed, the movement of fabric, the flesh against flesh. But it was a drop of liquid on my check that really woke me up.  Without opening my eyes I tried to shift to my side and realized that I was trapped on both sides.  Her legs were already cornering me. I opened my eyes and was staring straight into her pussy.  Her fingers were moving up and down from her opening to her clit, and soon enough another drop of liquid fell towards me, making me close my eyes instinctually.

“Good morning, baby,” I heard her sweet sound of her voice. “Don’t you want to see what I have for you today?” She cooed.  I opened my eyes again and she was looking down at me smiling, bending over a bit so I could see her behind her voluptuous breasts. They were covered by a cute t-shirt, but still a sight to behold.  I was not expecting for this to happen before I even woke up, but I was starting to realize the games had begun.

Her other hand went to my cheek as she kept stroking herself, “Hmm? Do you like what you see baby?” she asked.

I was still orienting myself to the real world, but I ran my hands up her legs towards her ass and opened my mouth to respond, but my words became muffled noise as she almost slammed her pussy down onto my mouth.

“Oh, great” she said, smiling down at me, “I was wondering when you were going to get the hint.”  She moved her hips up towards my nose, smearing her pussy juices up my face and then back down into my mouth.

“Mmm” I moaned, gently, and pushed on her ass approvingly. 

“Hmm” she said, in playful disappointment, pouting her lips in the cutest way. “I don’t think you understood, baby, don’t you know what I want?”

I tried to say something but it was obviously too muffled to hear. 

“Mm mm, I guess you didn’t get the hint after all.” she said, lifting her hips away.  As soon as I tried to respond, I felt a sharp slap on my cheek. “Mm mm,” she said again, “you can’t use your tongue until it has licked my pussy, understood?” I looked up at her not sure how to respond, feeling myself getting hard at this situation.

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