Becoming Hers Pt. 01

It wasnt a secret anymore. Jenny not only knew, she really understood, how much I wanted her to use my mouth for her pleasure. After she had pushed the boundaries a bit last time, and she saw I didn’t protest at all – I mean, I had been waiting for her to take charge, I encouraged her – we had a little talk. I told her exactly how much I enjoyed her grinding that slick pussy over my face and mouth, and especially when her delicious cum would drip down my tongue and into my throat. I told her how much I wanted it to happen over and over again, and especially how I wanted it to happen because she decided it would. I don’t know why it took me so long to work up the courage to tell her. Of course, she wanted to hear it. It was what she wanted too.

From then on, she was riding my mouth every other night, and really whenever she felt like it, which, to my delight, was all the time. One day, I told her I wanted us to have an entire day dedicated to licking her pussy. I wanted us to just stay home, have a regular day, but, I wanted her to know she could just take it whenever she wanted, regardless of what we were doing, whether or not I was in the middle of something or mid sentence. I told her I wanted no boundaries for that one day. I would just be hers. Her facial response was something between shock, mischief, and, “I guess I’m not so shocked you want this anymore, but wow, I am happy to be me today.”

She agreed, of course. “Okay,” she said, between mischievous lips, “let’s do it one of these weekends, like on a Saturday… but, let’s wait a bit. You know, I feel like if we did it right now, I might cum once and then be too sensitive to keep going for the rest of the day…” I, myself, couldn’t wait, and was ecstatic that we could do it at all – It had long been a fantasy of mine – But, maybe it was also exciting that the wait was like another tease. “Maybe…” she pondered, “I think, you know, I think I need to practice.” Her eyes came up to meet mine, searching for my reaction. “What do you mean,” I replied, veiling my eagerness. “If we do it, I want to be able to cum a lot. I need to, you know, build my endurance.” Her eyes were still searching mine, probably seeing my lips creeping into a smile.

“Maybe we need to up you licking my pussy to every day…” The sentence was tentative. She knew maybe that was exactly what I wanted to hear, but still clearly felt shy about asking for something like that. “Baby,” I said, “I want that. Please let’s do that.” There was really no veil on my eagerness anymore. She chuckled, her body relaxing into the release.

“Oh my god, babe, why are you so into me?” She laughed again. “Okay, well, can I be bold?”

“Yes, of course,”

“Okay, I think you need to eat my pussy every day, and then as we get closer to the day… I’m going to, you need, um, well, I don’t think I can do it, I’m going need more practice than that…” her stutters still gave away how new this all still was.

“You want to do it more than once a day?”

“I guess just in the lead up?”

“I’m all for it,” I said smiling, “look, let’s try it, maybe a couple times, and then -“

“How about in the morning and before bed?”

“Well, um, yeah! Okay, sure! … I guess, only if you can promise it’s really going to help for our big day.” I almost winked at her there. “But then, in the week leading up to it, maybe we should slow down… Maybe not even do anything for a few days before, so you’re really ravenous once the time comes.”

“Okay,” she said, mulling it over, “I guess that could make it even more fun.”

Her smiles were getting bigger with every exchange. She was clearly excited about this. “I can’t wait to use your little mouth baby,” she cooed. “Oh, I can’t wait either,” I said. We both smiled. “Well, we have the plan, let’s do that, but it’s not like we have to wait…” She said. Before I knew it, her panties were off, and her vagina was mashing against my lips, nose, and wherever else it could reach. She had the first of a series of incredible orgasms. She made a mess all over me, and I loved it.

Our sex life from then on was the best I’ve ever had. She wasn’t only giving me exactly what I had been too scared to ask her for so long, she was also eager to fuck in every kind of position, and to suck me off at all times and in any place. I had never enjoyed fucking her as much as I did in that period of time. Every day, her pussy was so wet and somehow both perfectly open for my cock and tight like a vice around it. And, every day, I latched my lips around it for her to finish in my waiting mouth.

At first, she couldn’t do it twice a day, but after a week or so I started trying to wake her up with my tongue, even after we had just fucked the night before. It worked about every other day for a bit, and then it started feeling like she was expecting it, and greedily accepted every morning after only a couple of weeks.

The week prior to our big day finally came. We decided it was going to be on Saturday, and that we would stop all fucking starting on Wednesday. She was not allowed to play with herself either. She had to save it all for me. I, of course, could not help but relieve my tension. I can’t say I didn’t feel bad about it, especially since, on Thursday, she was already sleepily and semi-consciously trying to pull my head between her legs in between dreams, and looking so disappointed when I reminded her of our deal. “It’s going to be worth it,” I said. “Oh, it’s going to be worth it for me,” she pouted, with an almost kind of angry tone, and turned to face the other way.

On Friday, I picked her up from work and we were facing some really serious traffic. At least I was able to sneak a glance over at her here and there as our mph decreased in the stand still traffic. Her body was perfect. From her beautiful flowing curly hair, falling gracefully over her voluptuous blouse defying titties, so big, but also so malleable, they pushed against the buttons of her shirt, but felt so soft and tender between my hands. Her shirt was tight against her svelte mid-section. If she was any skinnier, she would probably have an eight-pack. And, her beautiful thighs below that, seemed like they must have been so heavy on the seat, but I would give anything to get out of traffic and have their thick weight around my head.

I noticed her legs fidget, a bit. She seemed a bit restless. “everything okay at work?” I asked. “Yeah, all good,” she responded, a bit distracted, looking out the window, and fidgeting. “I just,” she said, “ugh, babe, do we really have to wait until tomorrow?” “Oh, come on” I replied,”It’s only the night!” “Ugh,” she grunted, fidgeting and turning her body away from me. She really had it bad, and it had only been a couple of days. “How long until we get home?” she asked. I looked at the GPS. “Sorry babe, still another thirty minutes, traffic’s bad.”

She fidgeted around for another few minutes, while we just kind of sat in traffic, listening to music, waiting, driving. “Babe, pull over here,” she said, “I gotta go to the bathroom.” “Oh, we’re not that far babe, just wait a little bit.” She fidgeted a bit, and then gave a decisive, “No. Babe, there is a cafe right there. Stop. I need to go. Right now.” She seemed really serious, and I realized that would be a good explanation for all her fidgeting. “Okay,” I said, “I guess we can stop for a second.”

I pulled in to the parking lot and waited for her to get out, but, as she opened the door, she looked at me, “aren’t you coming?” “No, I don’t have to go,” I said, “I’ll wait for you here.” She stopped a moment, mid exiting the car, thinking, “Come.” I smacked my lips, and was about to say something, when I caught a very intense stare from her, “Come inside,” she said, her dagger eyes practically levitating my hands to take off my seatbelt. “Okay…” I said, not really having any more choice in the matter.

When we were out of the car, she came over to me and grabbed my hand and pulled me inside, not only of the establishment, but down, the hallway and into the bathroom with her. “What are you doing?” I said. She locked the door without a word and pushed me against the wall, her hands moving down my body and planting her lips on my own. “Woah, woah,” I said and pushed her away slightly, “I thought this might be what you had in mind, but we said we would wait until tomorrow!” Her hands were grabbing tightly on my ass and her eyes pled for me to change my mind,”come on babe, I can’t take it anymore, we were doing it so often and now not at all, it was too sudden a stop.” I chuckled a bit and pushed off a bit more, “come on babe, we’re in a cafe bathroom, there are going to be people waiting, let’s go home and then we’ll have a lot of fun to have tomorrow.” “Ohh..” she half-moaned, “please just some kisses.” She was pushing against me as I pushed her back. “Okay, you can have a kiss, but then – “

Before I could finish, I was being pushed down with incredible force on my shoulders. I was on my knees and her pants and panties somehow had also arrived on the floor before me. This girl was in heat. “Wait,” I protested, “you said a kiss – ” “Yes, babe,” she said, while grabbing my hair hard, turning my head to the side, and lifting her foot on to the wall so that her pussy lips were parallel to mine, “you’re going to kiss me on the lips, and I want a lot of tongue.” Her desperate demeanor was by now combined with her familiar mischief, and she didn’t miss enough of a beat for me to be able to tell her that’s not what I meant by kisses.

Her pussy lips were already kissing mine, as my muffled protests were lost inside of her. They opened and closed, engulfing my lips, rubbing over them, intertwining with them and smacking against them. And they were wet, somehow maybe more than my own. It was like two days of pre-cum had been waiting to be released. It dripped from her as she rubbed herself up and down on my face, the fluids sometimes splattering up, and quickly flowing down onto my chin, and then onto my shirt and the floor. She gripped my hair tighter and my head between her legs and issued commands, “I said I wanted tongue,” as her pussy smacked against me, her expression clearly demonstrating the frenzy of her mindset.

I obediently stuck out my tongue and her wet smacks became harder, with every one absorbing my tongue into her, which felt almost like she had learned how to suck with her pussy lips. “Don’t move it,” she said, “I’m going to fuck it until I come.” Her hands were now on either side of my face, her hips moving all the way off of me before coming back to smack again, until now much louder than the slight moans she was clearly trying to muffle because she still had some sense that we were in a public place.

“Ah, yeah” I moaned between hip thrusts, “fuck my face baby.” I had gotten past resisting and was now in full bliss. “Yeah, baby,” she was half-whispering, “you fucking lick my pussy whenever I want.” Her precum was still flowing slowly but steadily down my chin. My shirt was not just splattered, it had started really making my shirt wet. Her thrusts kept coming. “Starting tomorrow,” thrust, thrust, thrust, “you’re going to do nothing but lick and eat and be my little cum dumpster,” thrust, thrust, thrust. I moaned into her on that one. She hadn’t said that before, and it was somehow a huge turn on. All I wanted was for her to keep thrusting and cumming on me. I grabbed her by the ass and pulled her toward me so that her legs were on either side of my body and her pussy was directly above me. Her hips kept grinding as I moved my tongue with the speed of desperation, drinking the juices that before would have been slick on my cheeks and nose, a steady delicious stream, that still splattered up so that I had to close my eyes.

“Oh yeah, I love how much you enjoy that baby.” She now had one hand free with the other just on my hair directly below her. I felt the other running on my cheeks and chin and then she pulled away. “Here, you don’t want to miss this,” she said, and pulled my head back, putting her hand in my mouth and dumping a surprising amount of fluid into it. I half moaned in submission, and she did the same thing with the juices that were pooling on her thighs, feeding me the delicious nectar, and then softly smacking my cheek with her hand.

“Get ready for the real meal,” she said, and positioned herself over my mouth again, her legs on either side of me, Her clit went straight into my mouth. “Lick it.” I obeyed and she ground her clit against my tongue hard, her moans much louder now. “Oh yeah, lick it, and open your mouth, lick it and suck everything out, I don’t want you to stop, I don’t want you to pull away.” She humped me faster and faster. I was intoxicated by the smell and the sensations, stroking my own cock through my pants in ecstasy.

“Oh, yeah,” her legs were tensing. The lead up to her orgasm was all too familiar. I opened my eyes to watch the rapture on her face, and the ever more rapid grinding of flesh in my peripheral vision. The fluids came faster as her moans grew louder, “oh, yes, oh, yes” she curled over me, the pleasure clearly running all the way up her spine. “Fuck yeah, get ready for it, get ready to swallow it,” she almost screamed. I couldn’t have known what she meant. “oh, oh, OH, OH”. Her hips pushed tighter against me and her hand nearly pulled my hair off. A sudden and unprecedented stream of liquid started filling my mouth as she convulsed over me, still making sure that I didn’t separate. Some of it felt like it was going into my nose. My eyes watered as I watched the orgasm like electricity over her face and body and my mouth filled up and I remembered to swallow so that I could breath, only for more liquid to take its place. “unnnnnhhhhhhHHHHHHhhhhh” She was squirting straight into my mouth, without warning, and without any opportunity for me to let it go to waste. It felt like minutes, but it must have been ten or fifteen seconds that her cum was gushing straight out of her and straight through my mouth into my throat. When I couldn’t contain it, it spilled out and covered my face, dripping down again, to my shirt that was now fully drenched.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she said as she released my head. I was in awe and shock, and she was coming back into her senses. “oh my god, babe, wow, I’m sorry, ah shit,” her legs convulsed as she tried to juggle the aftershocks of her orgasm and coming to terms with what she had just done. I was so spent and I was not even playing with my cock or sliding my hands over her legs. I just sat on the floor with my hands to my side, my face completely sticky with her fluids.

“Are you okay?” she asked. It took me a second, but I smiled up at her. “Yes, that was great.” “Wow, are you sure,” her legs shook again, she was clearly still feeling it. “Damn babe, you really needed to cum,” I laughed as her legs shook a bit more in front of me. “Don’t worry babe, that was awesome… I love being your cum bucket.” She had placed her hands on the wall to steady herself. “Wow, babe… you’re such a little slut,” she smiled down at me, with that same old mischief. I smiled back. “okay, cum bucket,” I’m going to have to put my clothes back on, here’s a little more for you to clean up.” she grabbed my hair again and smashed my face against her still wet inner thighs. “There you go,” she said, “open up.” I tried my best to aim my mouth at the remaining fluid as she pulled my head up and down her thighs. “Okay, my clit is still a little sensitive,” she said as she pulled my head away, looking straight into my eyes, “so, no tongue, just open up, and suck. I don’t want any cum in my panties.” Then she moved up again with her thighs against my cheeks and planted her pussy lips into my gaping mouth. “Suck” she said, trembling, as I touched her clearly still sensitive folds. I did as she commanded and found there was still fluid to be cleaned. I looked straight up at her as I drank her cum, happy to see her face in rapture, not really looking at me, but enjoying as I feasted on her pleasure.

Soon enough, she stepped back and quickly started putting her clothes back on. “Come on babe, we’ve probably been in here way too long.” I really hope no one has been waiting to come in here. She had her pants on in no time, as I started shifting to get up, noticing my drenched shirt again. “Ah, shit, how am I going to get out of here?” I said. “Don’t worry babe, we’ll get out quick,” she smiled down at me and helped me up. “You don’t want other people to know that you’re my cum bucket?” I chuckled, not really sure if I did. “Don’t worry babe,” she said, “I do.” She had me against the wall and kissed me deeply. She squeezed my ass and then ran her tongue from my chin to my cheek. “And I get to make the decisions.”

I can’t say it wasn’t a little scary for her to take such complete control, but I wanted to be scared. I loved her dominating me and telling me what to do, but especially when I just could not see it coming. So, I let her grab my hand again and lead me out of the bathroom, following her happily even as she said, loudly enough for the cafe to hear, as I walked by them with my drenched shirt, “thanks, baby, you were right, I really did need to cum!!” She chuckled and looked back at me with that loving mischief. I didn’t know whether to be mortified or turned on and I was really starting to wonder what she had in store for me tomorrow.

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