Becoming Hers Ch. 04-2

“I can’t hear you.” Karen put a little edge in her voice and stopped playing with his cock.

“Please…” Alex whimpered.

“Please what?”

“Please … don’t stop …” Alex was getting desperate.

“Don’t stop what?”

“Please, don’t stop jerking me off.”

“Just jerking you off?”

Even in the heat of the shower, Alex could feel himself blush. He was happy Karen couldn’t see. “Please don’t stop jerking me off and fingering my ass.” He finally choked out.

“Well, since you asked so nicely, you can show me just how much of a kinky bitch you are.” Alex could hear the devious amusement in her voice. She grabbed the gel again and started working a second in his ass. Alex felt like his poor asshole was being split in two, but the lube helped and Karen tried to be gentle.

“Wow. I am impressed!” Karen said in his ear again. She gave him a moment to get used to her invading digits, while she started working his cock again. Slowly, slowly, she started moving her fingers back and forth.

“Ughhhh.” Alex groaned in pleasure and pain. Karen began working her fingers faster, teasing his prostate with each thrust. Alex desperate for release, went back to trying to hump her hand and got her fingers deeper inside him.

After several minutes, Alex could feel his orgasm approaching. Karen was still jerking his cage, but at a slow pace. She wanted to take her time violating his ass. Alex was doing his utmost to focus on cumming, but it was difficult between the cage pinching his cock and the fingers in his ass.

Karen could tell he was getting close, but waited a few more seconds before stopping. When she took her hands away, Alex gasped in shock.

“But… but…” was all Alex could stammer, devastated. His ass felt empty after her violations.

“But what? Wouldn’t want you to have another accident, would we?” Karen gave him a peck on the cheek and stepped out of the shower.

Alex was devastated. He watched her towel off as his sore cock continued to struggle against the cage. It took several minutes, and some cold water, before he started to soften and the cage stopped hurting.

When he got out of the shower, he found Karen on the bed, playing with herself. “Took you long enough. That was great and all, but I didn’t get to cum.” she told him. Alex happily obliged, giving her an ear shattering orgasm. Afterwards, she had him finger her for a while. She hadn’t been fucked in a while, and it wasn’t fair that he got some and she didn’t!

The next morning Alex went to take his place between her legs. Today had to be the day he’d cum! He had a hard time sleeping, and the slightest thought or brush against Karen would set his cock struggling.

Karen woke to Alex kissing her gently, and a familiar bloated, crampy feeling.

“Ohhh, sorry hon. Bad news.” Karen said as she went into the bathroom to get some pads. “Looks like you’re just going to have to wait a few days.”

Alex felt like he was going to cry. The thought of another week of teasing and chastity had him close to panicking.

“Don’t worry, though. You’ll get all the pussy you can eat when she’s done.” Karen said, cheerfully.

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