Becoming Hers Ch. 04-1

Alex had finally cum, but he still had a lot of pent up sexual energy. The next morning, he let Karen know by waking her up with kisses and grinding his still-caged cock against her leg.

“Mmm. Looking for more?” Her hand sleepily found its way to his cock. He didn’t say anything, but kept kissing and caressing her.

Karen luxuriated as Alex used his mouth to make love to her pussy. She ran her hands through his hair as he brought her to a wonderful climax. Afterwards, she grabbed the key from her nightstand and unlocked his cock. She needed a good fuck.

Alex was smart enough to ask permission to cum, and Karen let him empty his balls in her. It released a bit more frustration, but it took all weekend, and a lot of fucking, for him to get it out of his system. Karen left him unlocked and was rewarded with him constantly hounding her for sex. She happily obliged — they hadn’t fucked like this since college.

Alas, all good things come to an end. By Sunday night, Alex was completely spent. When Karen handed him his cage, he put it on with no hesitation. They both slept well.

When Karen came home Monday night, Alex wasn’t waiting to greet her. Instead, she found him in the living room playing video games. She wasn’t in the mood for an orgasm, but his absence annoyed her. She mentioned that she had gotten used to last week’s greetings, but didn’t make too big a deal of it.

The next night was the same. Alex was so engrossed in his video games that he didn’t know Karen was home until she walked in front of the TV. She was irritated, and let Alex know that if he ever wanted to cum again, he’d better be there tomorrow.

Karen walked in the door Wednesday night to the sound of Alex hurrying from the living room to the door.

“Hi! Hi! I’m here! Let me take your coat.” he called. Karen sighed, handed him her coat, and walked into the kitchen.

“What’s with you this week? Last week you were so gung-ho about taking care of me so you could get off.”

“I don’t know… it’s just not as urgent this week.”

“Not as urgent?” She asked, incredulous. “Your cock is locked in a cage and I have the only key.”

“Yeah… I guess last week it was coming off the ruined orgasm. That, and a lot more edging which really ramped up my libido. This week I’m coming off a weekend of great sex.”

“Mmm, it was a great weekend, but you need to fix this. I want you there tomorrow.” Karen smirked and led him upstairs.

She made Alex strip while she watched. Wearing only his pink chastity cage, Alex was embarrassed and aroused by Karen’s hungry gaze. His straining cock pulled the cage away from his body as Karen made him play with his nipples and stroke the cage.

Karen slipped a hand into her pants as she watched Alex perform. She made him turn around and show his ass as she played with herself. He was blushing so much that she could see it on his whole body, which turned her on all the more. She knew it was embarrassing, but his cock straining against the cage gave away how much he liked it. Karen brought herself to a quick orgasm and got up.

“You’re getting pretty stubbly down there, aren’t you?” Karen asked. She grabbed Alex’s balls to inspect, kneading a bit to keep him aroused.

“Yeah… I keep forgetting to ask you for the key so I can shave.”

“You should keep them smooth.” Karen said, annoyed at how lazy he was. Alex shrugged, irritating her even more.

Karen unlocked Alex and worked his cock to full attention. She laid him down on the bed and started jerking him off. It took a bit, but soon Alex was right on the edge. She let him come down, but soon had him right back.

“Is this the edging you wanted?” She said, smiling at his discomfort. She started licking his balls, taking them in her mouth one at a time.

“Wanted might be a strong word…” Alex smirked back.

Karen fumed at the challenge. She took his cock in her mouth in one swift motion and started blowing him. She used her hand to jerk him off, twisting her wrist in a way she knew drove him crazy. Alex tried to hold on, but it was seconds before he reached down to pull her head off.

“Whoa there! You know that gets me off in a hurry.” He worked to catch his breath.

“Who said this was supposed to be easy? You know the rules, and the hell if you’re getting off tonight.” Karen went right back to working his cock. Alex had to immediately pull her off again.

“Yeah, but it’s no fun if I don’t stand a chance. Take it easy now.” Alex was right on the verge of losing control, but it was different from last time. Sure, he wanted to cum, but this was going so quickly that the desperation hadn’t built up. He was more clear headed than when Karen took her time building it up.

“Stop. Pulling. Me. Away.” was all Karen said. For being submissive, Alex had an awful lot of attitude tonight. She went back to blowing him, and took it more slowly this time. He wanted buildup? Fine. She’d draw this out and leave him a quivering mess.

Alex put his hands behind his head and tried to relax. He knew Karen was annoyed and he wasn’t going to cum, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy himself. He did what he could to hold back, and he appreciated Karen being more gentle.

Unfortunately, he was so relaxed that he stopped paying attention to how close he was. Before he realized it, he lost control and started cumming in Karen’s mouth.

Karen was pissed. When she jerked her head back, Alex was torn between the burn of a ruined orgasm and the dread of having messed up. Karen spat out the cum and glared at him.

“Are you serious? You’re the one who wanted this, but you cum a few times and now it’s over? Uh uh, no way.” Karen scooped up some of the spilled cum. “Eat it.”

Alex knew the look on her face and knew better than to argue. He opened his mouth and cleaned her finger. The slightly mineral taste stuck in the back of his throat as Karen scooped up more for him to clean. Karen smeared the last of it on his upper lip so the smell lingered.

“That’s a start.” She said. Watching him eat his cum, and his sudden meekness, sated her anger… and turned her on a bit. She grabbed his pubic hair and yanked. “But this is a problem. Go shave.” Alex went to shave. When he came back nice and smooth, Karen locked him back up.

“It’s going to be a long, long time until either of us see this again.”

Alex was concerned. Karen was clearly angry with him, and he’d have to try harder over the next few days to make her happy again. As he rolled over and tried to sleep, feeling the cage on his cock, he couldn’t avoid the smell of the cum on his face.

The next night, Alex was downstairs and waiting for Karen. She grabbed his crotch and pulled him in for a kiss, her tongue probing his mouth.

“That’s more like it. I was worried you’d forget.” She purred in his ear, reaching into his pants to grab his balls. “You don’t want to forget.”

“I got you a present.” Karen said as handed him a bag and walked to the sofa. Alex followed her, finding a bottle of massage oil in the bag. He dropped to his knees to remove her shoes.

“Clean them before you start. You wouldn’t want to work in the sweat and dirt from the day.” she said. He feet were only a little sweaty, and the taste made his cock stir. He inhaled deeply and relished the flavor.

“Take off your clothes. I want to see my cock,” Karen demanded, putting emphasis on “my.”

Alex complied and returned to cleaning her feet with his mouth. As he sucked on her toes, she massaged his package with her free foot. When her feet were clean, he used the lavender scented oil to massage them. He worked out all the knots from the work day and the commute home. It was at least twenty minutes before Karen was satisfied. Before she let him up, Karen smeared some of the oil on his chastity cage. Then she turned around so Alex could kiss her ass and thank her.

Alex went to bed that night with a faintly lavender scented, and deeply frustrated, cock.

Alex was waiting for her again the next night, Friday, and spent the entire weekend locked up. He had half-hoped that she would let him out, but knew it was unlikely. Instead, they went about their normal weekend with the exception that Karen started each morning with Alex’s head between her thighs. She was getting more comfortable demanding oral sex, and Alex was more than happy to comply.

Sunday, after Karen’s morning orgasm, they were cuddling in bed when Alex remarked, “You’re getting pretty stubbly down there, aren’t you?” He teased, using her words from before.

“Oh, you don’t like it? You’re lucky I even let you down there after the stunt you pulled.” Karen looked more annoyed than Alex had expected. “I’ve been thinking, and shaving is for little bitches like you, not me.” She roughly patted his smooth balls for emphasis. “I’m going to grow it out, so you can worship a woman’s pussy.”

“I.. uh… I didn’t mean it like that.” Alex stammered.

“What, you don’t like my pussy hairy?”

“No! I mean, yes! I mean, I like her however you want her.” Alex did his best to look contrite.

“Yes, you do, and you’re going to be tasting her a lot before you ever see your cock again.”

Monday night, Alex was waiting in his usual spot for Karen to come home. It had been 5 days since he last saw his cock. He wasn’t as horny as the thought he’d be, and never seeing his cock was having a strange effect. He didn’t think about his own satisfaction as much, and instead looked forward to Karen coming home. He wanted to be able to pamper her and make her feel good after a long day of work. “That’s weird,” he thought. “What’s getting into me?”

Karen didn’t return his hug when she got home. Instead, she pushed him back and glared at him. “Clothes off. Now.”

Alex knew Karen well enough to know she wasn’t actually angry, but he also knew her well enough not to push her into becoming angry. He took off his clothes and smiled, wearing nothing but the hot pink cage. Karen grabbed him by the cage and led him to the living room, also smiling.

“So, you don’t like my hairy pussy?” Karen said as she sat on the sofa. Alex stood.

“You know that’s not what I said. I was just…”

“I know what you said,” Karen interrupted. “You like me smooth, like a submissive little girl.” She teased.

“Hey, I didn’t…” Alex started.

“Stop. If you don’t want my pussy, you don’t have to have it.” Karen interrupted again. “On your knees. Spread your legs, I want to see your pathetic cock dangling.”

Alex did as he was told and waited as Karen went upstairs. She came back shortly, wearing just her bra and panties and carrying her favorite vibrator along with a pair of handcuffs. She locked his hands behind his back and sat down in front of him.

“I don’t need you. I let you go down on me because I like it. Today, you can watch.” Karen sat on the couch and spread her legs. She ran her hands all up and down her body, cupping her tits and playing with her nipples, giving Alex a good show. He could see a faint wet spot on her panties where her excitement showed. She must’ve been thinking about this on her commute home.

When she was ready, Karen slid off her panties, and leaned forward to put them in Alex’s mouth. When Alex opened his mouth to received them, she laughed and tossed them to the side.

“Awww, did you want some? There might be some hair on those, and you wouldn’t want that.”

“Come on, you don’t need to…”

“If you ever want to touch my pussy again, stop whining.” Karen snapped. She went back to playing with herself. Spreading her lips wide, she gave Alex a full view of her sex. She laughed at the pathetic longing on his face, getting more and more excited at how much he wanted it and how much his cock twitched and fought against its confines.

Karen turned on the vibrator and started teasing herself. She slowly ran it up and down her labia, stopping to gently teasing her clit. Every so often, she’d suck on it, moaning in exaggerated bliss. “I like how she tastes when she’s all natural. Too bad you don’t,” she sighed and settled the vibrator on her clit. Alex struggled a little against the handcuffs, but even he he were free it’s not like he could touch his cock.

When Karen came, she came loudly and dramatically. She put on a good show for Alex, rubbing her hands all over her body and shaking. After she had calmed down, she put on her panties and stood over Alex.

“Now, what do you have to say?” Karen asked, looking down at him.

“I’m sorry” Alex stared at the ground in front of him.

“Sorry for what? And look at me when you apologize.” She lifted his head to look up at her.

“I’m sorry I asked about your pubic hair.”


“And I love your pussy, especially when she’s hairy.” Alex kept his eyes on her this time.

“Damn right you do. Why do you love it?”

“I love it because it makes you look, smell, and taste like a strong, beautiful woman.”

“And don’t forget it.” Karen turned around to let him kiss each ass cheek and thank her.

The rest of the week was uneventful. Alex was always at the door when Karen came home and he gave her a foot massage, ate her out, or both as her mood dictated. One night she was so tired he got a kiss at the door and that was it for the night. He contented himself knowing at least she got what she wanted.

By Saturday, Alex hadn’t seen his cock in a week and a half and was starting to get desperate. He worried Karen might still be annoyed, but hoped that if he was good enough this weekend, she might let him cum. After a a wakeup orgasm followed by a leisurely breakfast, Karen went to the gym while Alex stayed at home.

A couple hours later, Alex heard the door open and went to greet Karen.

“Hey there, I need a hand with something,” she said as she kissed him and took his hand. He followed her up to the bedroom, noticing that she was still in her workout clothes. It was odd because she usually showered at the gym.

In the bedroom, had him kneel at the foot of the bed and remove her shoes.

“Smell them. I want to know if they stink after I work out.” Karen said. Her socks were slightly damp from the sweat, but Alex took an exaggerated sniff, pressing his nose to her foot.

“Not at all, hon. Sweaty, but not stinky.” To prove it, nuzzled his face against the bottom of her sweaty socks and kissed them. He could feel his cock stir and start to strain against the cage. Karen delighted at the way it made him fidget.

“Aww, poor little guy want to get out?” She cooed as she rubbed him with her other foot. “Take off my socks and clean my feet.”

Alex took her socks off and started licking her feet. The sweat from the workout gave them more of the salty and sweet flavor he was starting to enjoy. Karen relaxed on the bed as Alex sucked on her toes one by one, running his tongue between them to ensure he cleaned everything. When she was satisfied, she pulled her feet away and sat up.

“Now, for the real test. I want you to take a little taste test. Take off your clothes and lie down.”

Karen knelt straddling Alex’s head so that her pantied crotch was inches from his nose, her ass filling his field of vision. He could feel the heat and humidity radiating from her sweaty body.

She didn’t do anything at first, but simply let him breathe in her scent. The smell was stronger than usual, and it was intoxicating. Alex strained to get closer and bumped his nose against her pussy. Karen laughed as she leaned back to press Alex’s head to the floor. Alex breathed deeply and stuck out his tongue to taste her through the fabric.

“Not yet” Karen said and leaned forward to smack Alex’s swollen sack. Not hard enough to cause pain, but enough to get his attention. “Take your time and enjoy.” Alex stopped licking and breathed deeply as she put more weight on his face.

Satisfied, Karen pulled her panties to the side, but kept herself just out of reach. Alex, delirious with need, tried to reach up and pull her onto him, but Karen moved her legs so his arms were pinned to the floor.

“Awwww. So, you like it?”

“Uh, huh! I do. Please can I taste?” Alex begged.

“I don’t know. Are you okay with how hairy she is?” Karen teased. She swatted at the cage like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

“Yes! Yes, you know I love you like this. Please let me taste you!” Alex begged again.

“Hmm… okay!” Karen leaned back and put her full weight on Alex’s head. He licked and sucked at her pussy with wild abandon. The taste was as good as the smell, with Karen’s growing hair trapping more sweat and pussy juice than usual.

Alex was so focused he didn’t realize that he couldn’t breathe. Nothing mattered but tasting more of her. He had completely forgotten the desperate needs of his cock and didn’t even notice when he started moaning with pleasure.

“Mmm.. oh my. You do like it don’t you, you filthy little slut?”

“Mmmhmmm” was all Alex could manage. His arms were still pinned to his side and Karen was alternating between smothering his face and keeping her pussy just out of reach, laughing at him the whole time. She let this go on for several minutes, until she was ready to shower.

“Whew! That’s nice. Thanks for cleaning down there, but I need to shower. Wait here.” Karen stood up and collected her panties and socks. “Open” she told Alex as she put her panties in his mouth. Then she laid her socks on his face so they covered his eyes and nose. Alex’s cock had been fighting the cage the entire time, and the taste and smell made sure it wouldn’t stop.

Karen took her time getting a drink of water and checking some things on her phone before she turned on the shower. When the water was hot, she took the socks and panties off Alex.

“You can help me finish cleaning up in the shower.” Karen said. When he got up, he tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away, saying, “ew, gross. Wash your face first.”

In the shower, he washed her all over, kissing as he went. When he had finished and Karen had rinsed off, she grabbed the body wash.

“Here, let me help you.” She didn’t bother washing him, but squirted shower gel on his painfully caged cock. To Alex’s amazement, the soap let the cage slide back and forth, and he was actually being jerked off! Karen saw the look on his face and gave his nipple a long, hard pinch before kissing him. Her tongue invading his mouth as she worked the cage.

“Ohhh, feels good does it? You’ve been so good lately. He’s not coming out for a while yet, but do you think you could cum like this?”

“I’m.. I’m not sure. It feels good, though. Really good.”

“Mmmm. Let’s see what we can do.” Karen purred in his ear. She gave his nipple another hard pinch and had him turn around. One hand continued jerking his cage while other the snaked up to knead his chest and play with his nipples.

“Ohhhh yes… that feels so good.” Alex moaned as he leaned back into her.

“And what do you say?” Karen whispered in his ear, her body slick against his.

“Thank… thank you so much. Please. Don’t stop.” Alex was breathless, trying to focus on his building orgasm. The cage made it uncomfortable, but he was so desperate that he could think of nothing else.

“Oh, I missed a spot,” she said. One hand kept pumping Alex’s cock as she reached for the shower gel. He was so focused on cumming that he wasn’t at all ready when he felt cool gel and then a finger at his backdoor. He started with surprise, but the needs of his cock were too much to ignore.

As Karen gently worked her finger in, Alex moaned and pushed back a little. It was uncomfortable at first, but with his desperation and increasingly submissive mindset it felt … kind of good.

“I wasn’t sure you’d like that, but I guess I was right. You are a kinky little bitch.” Karen said as she worked her finger deeper. Alex pushed back, arching his back to help.

“Wow, you really like this, don’t you?” Karen teased. Alex was silent.

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