Becoming Hers Ch. 02

Several weeks had passed since Alex had convinced Karen to spice up their sex life with some light denial play. Since then, things had fallen back into their usual rut. They had sex a couple times, and it was better than it had been, but things were clearly regressing. Karen might tease Alex before letting him cum, but he always came and things were generally enjoyable, if not as intense as they were. Alex went back to looking at porn three or four times a week and his interest in Karen waned.

One night, as things things were heating up, Karen suddenly stopped. “Close your eyes,” she said playfully, “I want to try something.” Alex, already naked and ready to go, sighed “sure” as Karen put a shirt over his eyes and hopped off the bed. Alex could hear her go over to the closet and start rummaging around in their “box of things,” as they called it.

The jolt of cold steel on his cock woke Alex from his stupor. It was so unexpected that it took Alex a moment to realize what it was. About a year ago, they had ordered a novelty cock cage off eBay. It was ill-fitting and uncomfortable, but it made for a fun few nights before they forgot about it, like all their other sex toys.

“Shhh. Last time was fun, don’t you remember? Let’s do it again.” Karen whispered as she closed the ring around his balls. The cold metal softened Alex’s cock just enough to get the cage on. It didn’t do much to constrain his erections, but was more than enough to prevent him from getting off.

Karen slipped the lock onto the cage and closed it with a small click. “There now,” she said grabbing his constrained package, “let’s have some fun.” She held onto his confined junk as she moved up to kiss him. As her tongue probed his mouth, she kneaded his balls, making Alex moan slightly. Her other hand went to one of his very sensitive nipples and started playing with it. It was too much for Alex and he started gyrating his hips, trying to hump her hand.

Karen pulled back and looked at him with a mocking expression. “Hey now, I thought this was about my pleasure.” She pinched his nipple hard and laid down on the bed, spreading her legs and looking at him expectantly.

Alex wasted no time kissing her and exploring her body with his hands. He caressed her thighs and legs, taking care to avoid her breasts or pussy. He wanted to take his time getting her warmed up. Karen could feel the the cage on her leg as Alex uselessly humped away. The feeling of the cool metal, and knowing what it meant was getting her wetter and wetter.

Karen put a hand on Alex’s head and pushed down gently. Alex took the hint and started kissing his way down body. First her neck, and then all around her tits. He took his time, gently encircling them with kisses before taking turns sucking on one nipple while massaging the other breast.

Karen was getting more and more turned on and started growing impatient. She grabbed a handful of his hair and forced him further down. Karen kept hold of his hair as he started to go down on her, using it to guide him.

As Alex went down on Karen, she pulled his hair harder, which made his cock strain against the cage more. It wasn’t the pain so much as Karen’s taking control, but a little bit of pain was nice. It wasn’t too long before he was gyrating his own hips, unsubtly humping the bed and moaning into Karen’s pussy.

Karen came loudly all over Alex’s face. Alex backed off and gently kissed around her smooth mound as she came. She ran her fingers through his hair as he brought his face up to hers. She could taste her pussy as they kissed.

The kept kissing as they switched positions and Karen got on top. Her hands roamed over Alex’s body, one hand eventually settling on his caged cock. The holes in the side were big enough for her to touch him, and she couldn’t help but giggle when he jumped at her touch.

“Sorry, it’s just that it gets more sensitive when it’s constrained like this,” Alex said, blushing. Karen laughed and told him she liked it. She kissed him one last time and sat up next to him. Alex reclined with his hands behind his head and his metal-encased cock standing at attention.

“So what do you want to do about that?” He smirked.

“Whatever the hell I want,” was the reply. Karen gave his nipple a quick pinch and laughed when his cock twitched in response. She leaned over to suck on one and bit it gently, listening to his half-moan, half-whimper. They really were very sensitive all the time. It was fun. As she worked on his nipple, his hips started involuntarily humping the air. She wasn’t even sure he noticed how much he was squirming.

That wasn’t her target though, and went to take the head of the cock cage in her mouth. Alex looked down in anticipation as she slowly engulfed the top of the cage. The memories flooded back of the last time, as Alex realized he couldn’t feel a thing. There was some warmth and wetness from her mouth, but nothing else. He watched as his beautiful wife sucked a cock that might as well not be his!

Karen looked up and smirked with the metal cock in her mouth. She kept at it, knowing that Alex couldn’t feel a thing. He’d get flashes here and here of her tongue or mouth, but all that did was frustrate him more. Eventually he grabbed her head and tried to fuck her face, but it was all useless.

“Awww, that’s right, nothing huh?” She said with a mock pouty face. “Maybe a handjob?” She used her hand to work the cage, and it was a bit better. The cage moved up and down, but it was so poorly made that it started chafing. There was no way Alex could cum like this. Karen saw his discomfort and laughed cruelly.

“What about a fuck? Hmm?” Karen said as she straddled his hips. The cage was a bit bigger than his cock, but she was so wet that she was able to work it partway into her pussy. Alex was still humping futilely, hoping to get something out of it. He cock was starting to ache and he was getting desperate. Karen leaned down and whispered in his ear, letting the cage slip out of her in the process.

“You want to cum?” Alex nodded and kept humping the air where her pussy used to be. “Well, I’m having fun and don’t want it to end. What are you going to do about that?”

“I’ll make you cum again afterwards. Please.”

“I don’t know, as soon as you cum, you lose interest. We both know that.” She nibbled his ear and started grinding her pussy against his cage. “I need to know you’ll still want to keep going. What about tomorrow? Or the day after?”

“I will, I will. I promise. Just let me cum.”

“I think we both know that’s not good enough.” She was still rubbing his cock, picking up speed slowly. “Why don’t we try you not cumming again? Last time worked. I bet you could go a week without this time.” Her breath was hot in his ear.

Alex’s head was spinning with need. Her body was heavy on top of his, and he could feel just the tiniest bit of her pussy rubbing his cock. He could feel her wetness through the cage.

“I’ll do it! I’ll do it! Please, I just want to cum!”

“That’s my boy! Now let’s get this cage off of you.” Karen kissed him on the mouth and pulled the key out of seemingly nowhere. In a moment the cage was off. The blood rushed to Alex’s aching cock now that it was finally free. Alex grabbed Karen by the hips and thrust his cock inside her. He was so frustrated that Karen barely had time to catch her breath before she felt his cock twitch inside her and his cum flood her insides. He kept pumping until he was fully drained inside her and his cum started leaking out.

“I guess that’s to be expected.” She laughed. Alex blushed from embarrassment and mumbled an apology. She laughed and kissed him telling him not to worry. She knew it’d be like that after getting him so worked up. Besides, he’d have a week to think about how to make the next one better.

The first couple days were the same as last time, for Alex. It was easiest if he didn’t think about it too hard, so he focused on work and chores around the house. He and Karen spent some time together, but she wasn’t interested on sex either, so it was easy on him.

Wednesday night, Alex couldn’t sleep. He spent a while tossing and turning and normally would’ve gone to look at porn and jerked off. He didn’t want to disappoint Karen, but he also knew she was a deep sleeper. Alex managed to convince himself that he’d go, look at some porn, *not* jerk off, and that he’d be able to sleep easier. Alex wasn’t always the smartest person.

He started looking at the normal stuff, but it wasn’t long until he was looking at some femdom porn. Then, he was looking at a lot of chastity porn. By the time he came across a video of a woman getting eaten out by a lucky sub wearing a chastity device, he couldn’t stop. He figured that she’d never know, and he really needed to get to sleep, after all. Alex cleaned up the mess and went back to Karen, who was sleeping soundly.

The rest of the week was uneventful. Both their jobs kept them busy during the day and exhausted at night. Alex didn’t look at any more porn, and neither of them were interested in sex.

Saturday night rolled around, and it had been a week. Alex was starting to get horny and was really looking forward to that night. Karen, for her part, had also been looking forward to it, dropping subtle, and not so subtle hints that she had something planned for Alex.

After they cleaned up from dinner, Alex gave Karen a longing look. “So … want to spend some time together?” He took her hand and kissed it tenderly. Karen giggled softly, “oh, you’d like that wouldn’t you?” Her hand cupped his face, “lucky for you, I would too.”

They went up to their bedroom and started making out as soon as they reached the bed. Their hands were all over each other and they were barely able to contain themselves as they stripped off their clothes. Karen grabbed Alex’s already-hard cock and looked him in the eyes, “and have you been a good boy?”

“Uh huh,” Alex lied.

“We’ll see about that.” Karen dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth. She wasted no time getting him right to the edge of orgasm, using her hand and jerk him off as she gave him head.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god! I haven’t cum in so long, take it easy!” Alex whimpered. Karen let go of his cock, laughing devilishly.

“Awww, poor little Alex. Do you want to cum?” Karen teased.

“Mmm, of course, but not before you do.” Alex regained his composure and helped her stand up, only to push her back on the bed and kissed her deeply. They were both naked and Alex’s cock was pushing against the entrance of Karen’t pussy. He knew better, though, and started moving down her body, stopping at her wonderful, smooth pussy.

Karen was already sopping wet, so Alex wasted no time diving right in. Skipping the usual foreplay, he felt Karen’s hands on the side of his head as we went down on her with wild abandon. It wasn’t long before her hips were bucking and she was screaming out her orgasm. Alex finished with a long kiss, letting Karen taste herself.

“Ahhh, that was just what I needed. I hadn’t had a chance to masturbate all week!” Karen exhaled. She reached over and gently traced a finger along Alex’s still hard cock. “Let’s see what we can do about this guy.”

Karen climbed on top of Alex and slid his cock into her pussy. Alex let out a low moan as it slid in. “A whole week, huh? I wonder how long you can last.” Karen started fucking his cock as his hands went to her hips to help.

“You said you were a good boy. How was it? Did you find it hard to hold off a whole week?” Karen said sweetly as she continued to fuck him. His cock was rock hard inside her and she felt so wonderfully full from it.

“Mmm hmm.” Alex mumbled, his eyes closed simply enjoying the sensation.

Karen stopped. “What was that? Answer me clearly. Alex’s eyes shot open, “yes! yes it was very hard. Please don’t stop!”

Karen started again, slowly. Alex was getting impatient and started moving his hips in tandem. “No problems, then? No sleepless nights wishing you could jerk off?”

“No, it wasn’t so bad. I was looking forward to tonight.” Alex lied as he picked up the pace fucking her. They were so deep in the moment there’s no way she could tell he was lying.

“Good boy,” she said, giving him a kiss. “Then give me a nice good fucking, but let me know before you cum.”

Alex didn’t need any more encouragement. He raised her hips slightly off of his and started pistoning in and out of Karen’s pussy. Karen moaned in his ear, “fuck me fuck me fuck me”. She added her own thrusts, meeting his hips and feeling his pelvis hitting her sensitive clit.

“I’m going to cum soon,” Alex breathed in her ear. Karen stopped Alex and let his cock fall from her. She slid down and took his cock in her hand. “I thought you could cum in my mouth,” she said, “I know you like it. She said as she reached down to his slick cock. She took his cock in her mouth and started bobbing up and down. Alex could immediately feel his orgasm brewing. She took as much of him as she could into her mouth and relished the taste of her juices mixed with the taste of his cock.

“Ahhh, I’m going to cum!” Alex yelled. Karen could feel his eruption coming, but as soon as Alex reached the point of no return she took her mouth off and stopped touching his cock entirely. Alex’s face was a mixture of surprise and horror as he realized what was happening. He couldn’t stop his cock from dribbling out a stream of cum, his orgasm completely and utterly ruined.

Alex’s mind exploded with the sudden reversal. “Ah!! What the fuck?” He said, bewildered. His cock was rapidly softening, but he had gotten no relief from the half orgasm. He was still horny and reached down to try to get himself hard again.

Karen watched the whole thing while maniacally laughing. “Tisk tisk, lying is a very bad habit, Alex. I know you jerked off.” Alex’s expression fell as Karen continued. “I told you I had a surprise for you tonight, didn’t I?”

“But, but, but” Alex stammered.

“If I can’t trust you, why do you think you should get to cum? We made a deal and you cheated. How can I trust you?”

“I … I … I’ll do better next time, I promise!”

“Oh, you will. There’s one more surprise. Go look in your top dresser drawer.”

Alex walked over and opened the drawer. Inside was a small black box. He took it out and turned it over in his hands, but there were no markings to say what was inside. Still naked, his flaccid cock hanging sadly, Alex opening the box and saw a bright pink … something.

It took Alex a moment to recognize it. He had seen many similar devices on Wednesday night, after all. He reached in and took out the chastity device and looked at Karen. “Seriously?”

“Seriously. You can’t be trusted. I had ordered this a couple weeks ago, sure, but let’s say I had a hunch this might happen.” Karen gave Alex a winning smile. She took it from his hands and sized it up next to his cock. “I think I got the size right. You’re more of a grower than a shower, so we’ll have to see how it fits.” She looked down again and grabbed a tuft of his pubic hair. “This clashes with the pink though. Don’t you think?”


“Sure! It’s been ages since you shaved, but it’s not like you’ve never done it before. Go take a shower and get nice and smooth, then we can try it on!”

Alex wasn’t sure what to do. On the one hand, this was an incredible turn-on. He was still horny from not cumming, and to part of his brain it sounded like a great idea. He couldn’t wear the old cage under his clothes, and Karen had gone through the trouble of getting a new one. On the other hand, what if someone noticed! The idea of wearing this all the time was intimidating. Neither of them were into exhibitionism.

Karen could see the indecision written on Alex’s face. “Come on, it’ll be fun.” She kissed him on the cheek and gave him a tender hug. “It’s been fun so far, and I think you know you want to. I’ve seen the porn you look at, and I look at all the same stuff.” She kissed him lightly on the cheek. That was all Alex needed.

It took a little while to get rid of all the hair, but eventually Alex came out, perfectly smooth. Karen took one look at him and smiled. “Well, that’s been a while, but it’s always so nice to see.” She walked over and pinched one of his nipples. “Let’s see how it fits!”

Alex sat down and tried to put the cage on, but his cock kept getting hard. Karen’s curious stare wasn’t helping. “Oh, haha! I guess the little guy doesn’t want to go in his cage.” Karen laughed. She grabbed Alex’s cock and gave it a few quick pumps. “There’s no way you’re cumming, cheater. I guess I could let you have another little halfsie if you want. Just to get the cage on.”

Alex shied away from this. “No, no, I’ll go in the other room and wait a few minutes.” Alex retreated to the study and thought about other things for a few minutes. Every time he tried to put the cage on, his cock would start getting hard again. Eventually, though, his perseverance was rewarded and he got the cage on. Karen had gotten the size right after all.

Alex walked back into the bedroom, still completely naked except for the bright pink chastity device hanging from his freshly shaven genitals.

“Oh! That’s so cute!” Karen gushed. “Now we can have some real fun.” Karen spread her legs and beckoned him over for one last orgasm before they turned in for the night.

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